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Methodist Episcopal Church. 

^ 1 1 






* ■ • I ■'« 


- — 1 

■ ■*■ ■ Mil , A 

Copyright Z878, by 

New York. 



The General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, or 
the thirtieth day of May, 1876, adopted the following report: — 

The CJommittee on the Revision of the Hymn Book have carefully 
considered the various papers referred to them, and respectfully re- 
port to the General Conference that they are unanimously of the 
opinion that a thorough revision of the Hymn Book now in use Is 
Imperatively demanded. We theicfore recommend— 

1. That the Board of Bishops be requested to appoint, as soon as 
practicable, a Ck)mmlttee of fifteen, to whom shall be committed the 
work of revision. 

2. That this Committee be selected with reference to convenience of 
location for division into three sections for working purposes. 

8. That when the work of preparatory revision shall be completed 
by the several sections, the whole Committee shall be duly notified, 
and the work of each section shall be revised ; and that no hymn now 
In use shall be excluded without a vote of two thirds of the Com- 
mittee for Its rejection, and that no hymn not now In the collection 
^1^ shall be admitted without a vote of two thirds of the Committee In 
QO Its favor. 

OQ 4. That when the Committee have completed their work, they shall 
J*J submit their report to the Bishops for their approval, and the Bishops 
0> approving, they are authorized to commend it to the Church. 

5. That after the Committee aforesaid shall have completed their 
revision of the Hymn Book, and their work has been approved by the 
Bishops as provided for In item 4, they shall have power to prepare a 
suitable Hymn and Tune Book for the use of the Church. 

6. No compensation shall be paid to tlie CoTKCcAXXftfe ««s^Q^^^'sa.N&ft 
revisaJ, except for actual expenses incurrcfOi. 



In accordance with the foregoing resolution, the Bishops 
appointed the following persons as 

Tub Committee op Revision. 

Central iSection.— James M. Buckley, Erastus Wentworth, Richam 
Wheatley, John N. Brown. Charles E. Hendrickson. 

East&m iSection.— Daniel A.Whedon, William Rice, Calvin S. Har- 
rington, George Prentice, Charles F. Allen. 

Western Section.-— Francis D. Hemenway, Arthur Edwards, William 
Hunter, Jeremiah H. Bayllss, Qharles H. Payne. 


To the Committee appointed to revise the Hymn Book :— 

Dear Brethren— The Bishops, at their late meeting In Cleveland, 
Ohio, very thoroughly examined the result of the labors of the Com- 
mittee appointed under authority of the last General Conference, to 
revise the Hymn Book of the Methodist Episcopal Church. 

1. They went through the entire list of the hymns In the book now 
In use which the Committee has excluded. 

2. They thoughtfully considered every revision made In the text of 
the hymns which the Committee has retained. 

8. They read through carefully, and In many cases repeatedly, ev- 
ery new hymn which the Committee has Introduced Into the Revised 
Hymn Book. 

After the Committee had made a few changes which the Bishops 
suggested, the following resolution was unanimously adopted, 
namely :— 

Resolved, That we have thoroughly examined, with great satisfac- 
tion, the work of the Committee appointed to revise the Hymn Book. 
We tender to the members of that Committee our thanks ; and believe 
the gratitude of the Church Is due these brethren for the labor they 
have expended, and the wisdom, taste, and good judgment they have 
shown In preparing this most excellent book. 

Bj order, and on behalf, of the Board of Bishops, 

William L. Harris^ Secretary, 

J^tnr YoKK, June tS, 1877. 


Ik. ^ 





Under thQ direction of the General Conference 
of 1876 this revised edition of our excellent 
Hymn Book has been prepared. The action of 
the General Conference, the names of the Com- 
mittee selected by the Bishops, and the judg- 
ment of the Bishops as expressed to the Com- 
mittee, are herewith presented. You will note 
the great care which has marked every part of 
the work, whether in rejecting any of the hymns 
formerly used, or in changing their phraseology, 
or in the selection of those which are new. 
Though perfection is not claimed, yet we be- 
lieve the present Hymn Book will be considered 
a great improvement on the preceding one. 

We most cordially commend it to you as one 
of the choicest selections of evangelical hymns 
ever published; and we trust that it will increase 
the interest of public worship, give a higher 
inspiration to social and family %eY\\c.^'e»,^Ti.^^^ 
In private meditation and d^^o\AO\i. K^ ^ "^ 


published by the authority of the Church, and 
to meet the wants of the Church, and as the 
profits will be devoted to religious purposes, we 
do the more earnestly commend it to your 
liberal patronage. 

We exhort you, dear brethren, to "sing with 
the spirit" and "with the understanding also," 
"making melody in your heart to the Lord." 

Your affectionate pastors in Christ, 

January 12, 1878. 



WORSHIP. Hynuu. 

Genxbal Hyioto. 1-71 

Sabbath 72-92 

mobionq and evenino 98-117 


Seiko Ain> ATTRiBurBS 118-158 

Pbovidencz 154r>180 


Ikcabnation and Bibth 181-195 

LirE AND Chabacteb 196-203 

ScFFEBiNOS AND Death 204-224 

Besubrection, Pbiesthood and Beign 225-261 


THE SCRIPTURES.... 288-801 


LoBT Condition 802-811 

Pbovisions of the Gospel 812-334 

"Wabning and Inviting 835-876 

Bepentance 877-417 


Justification, Kegenebation, Adoption 418-455 

Conseceation 456-475 

Entiee Sanotification and Christian Growth 476-545 

Unfaithfulness and Backsliding Lamented 546-562 

Chbistian Activity 563-609 

Tbial, Suffebing, and SuBMiaaiou .'^iSSi-^;^* 




General Hymns *I 6^719 

Fellowship and Unitt 780-807 

TheMinistby 808-825 

Ordinanoes — 

Baptism : 326-832 

The Lord's Supper 833-855 

Chuboh Work — 

Erection of Churches 856-87 1 

Children and Youth 872-889 

Charities and Eeforms 890-907 

Missions 908-944 


Watoh Night and New Year ', 945-956 

Brevity and Uncertainty of Life 957-966 

Death and Resurrection 967-1012 

Judgment and Retribution 1013-1029 

Heaven 1030-1079 


The Seasons 1080-1088 

National Occasions 1089-1105 

Marrla-ge 1106-1107 

Mariners 1108-1115 

[Last Hymns of C. Wesley] 1116-1117 




Of Subjects 223-231 

Qf First Lines of Hymns 232-240 



-a CM. 

EtuUamt praiu to tht Redeemer. 

f\ FOR • thonuuid tongnet, to ling 
^^ My sreat Rede«mer't praise ; 
The gu>ne« of my Gk>d and King, 
The triumph! of hit grace I 

9 My gracious Master and my God, 

Assist me to proclaim. 
To spread through all the earth abroad, 

The honors oi thy name. 

3 Jeeos 1 the name that charms oor fears, 
That bids our sorrows cease ; 

'TIS music in the sinner's ears, 
'Til life and health, and peace. 

4 He breaks the power of canceled sin, 
He sets the prisoner free ; 

His blood can make the foulest clean ; 

His blood arailed for me. 
h He speaks, and, listening to his voice, 

New life the deisd reoeiTe ; 
The mournful, broken hearts rejoice ; 

The humble poor believe. 
C Hear him, ye deaf; his praise, ye dumb, 

Your loosened tongues employ ; 
Ye blind, 1>ehold your Saviour come ; 

And leap, ye lame, for joy. 


^ Wor$kiping the Lamb. ^' ^• 

COME, let us join our cheerful songs 
With angels round the throne; 
Ten thousand thousand are their tongues, 
But all their joys are one. 

t " Worthy the Lamb that died,'' they cry, 

*<To be exalted thus I" 
** Worthy the Lamb ! " our hearts reply, 

** For he was slain for us." 

9 Jesus is worthy to receive 

Honor and power divine ; 
And blessings more than we can give, 

Be, Lord, forever thine. 
4 The whole creation join In one. 

To bless the sacred name 
Of him that sits upon the throne. 

And to adore the Lamb. 


^ Tke uniwnal King. ^- ^' 

^OME, sound his praise abroad, 
^^ And hymns of glory sing : 
JellOTsfa Is the sovereign Qod, 
TU n^/rewai King. ^ , 

9 He formed the deeps unknown | 
He gave the seas tneir bound ; 

The watery worlds are all his own, 
And all the solid ground. 

3 Come, worship at his throne, 
Come, bow before the Lord ; 

We are his works, and not our own ; 
He formed us by his word. 

4 To-day attend his voice, 
Nor dare provoke his rod ; 

Come, like the people of hit choice. 
And own your gracious Ood. 


4 S. M. 

Song of Mote* and tht Lamb. 

A WAKE, and sing the song 
■^^ Of Moies and the Lamb ; 
Wake, every heart and every tongue, 
To praise the Saviour's name. 

2 Sing of bis d^ing love ; 
Sing of his rising power; 

Sim^ how he intercedes above 
For those whose sins he bore. 

3 Sing on your heavenly way, 
Ye ransomed sinners, sing; 

Sing on, rejoicing everv day 
In Christ, the eternal King. 

4 Soon shall we hear bim say, 

" Ye blessed children, come I " 
Sootn will be call us hence away, 
To our eternal home. 

5 There shall each raptured tongue 
His endless praise proclaim ; 

And sweeter voices tune the song 
Of Moses and the Lamb. 


Pratte and thanksgiving. 

STAND up, and bless the Lord, 
Ye people of his choice ; 
Stand up, and bless the Lord your Qod, 
With neart, and soul, and voice. 

2 Though high above all praise. 
Above ail blessing high, 

Who would not fear his holy name. 
And laud, and magnify t 

3 O for the Uv\n% fLvisA 

To lowiVv o\« \Vq%, wm wjxJ»a>»«.V»k 

Thai ^^!^m^t^"laii ^.' 
wflch bin « Mill ti will : 

Tbi wl^tr amofart IhL. 
Tte *dk uj III w™« 1 

Tllr Air* •'iwAX Jan. 

TbM dod a'iuiU. by 111 ndiinl I 
nj liBlil, Iky I«"", Ibr riHjwj. 

I^ftjirMd Ike WUIuJib nuDd. 


9 The Lord, ye know, is Ood Indeed, 
Withont oor nid he did ns make ; 

We are hie flock, he doth q« feed. 
And for his sheep he doth os take. 

S O enter then his gates with praise. 
Approach with joy his courts unto : 

Praise, laud, and Dleu his name always. 
For it is seemly so to do. 

4 For why ! the Lord our God Is good. 

His mercy is forever sure ; 
His truth at all times flnnly stood, 

And shall from age to age endure. 



Praim to tk4 Saviour. 

L. M. 

JESUS, thou OTerlasting King, 
*' Accept the tribute which we bring ; 
Accept thy well-deserred renown, 
And wear our praises as thy crown. 

9 Let every act of worship be 
Like our espousals, Lord, to thee : 
Like the blest hour, when from above 
We first received the pledge of love. 

S The gladness of that happy day, 
Ojany it ever, ever stay I 
Nor let our faith forsake its hold. 
Nor hope decline, nor love grow cold. 

4 Let every moment, as it flies, 
Increase thy praise, improve our joys. 
Till we are raised to sing thy name. 
At the great supper of the Lamb. 


1 •>* -n • < . . L. M. 

T»« protpentf of the tattUt. 

O RENDER thanks to God above, 
^^ The fountain of eternal love. 
Whose mercy firm througli ages past 
Hath stood, and shall forever last. 

5 Who can his mighty deeds ezpreu, 
Not only vast, but numberless t 
What mortal eloquence can raise 
His tribute of immortal praise ! 

3 Extend to me that favor, liord. 
Thou to thy chosen dost afford ; 
When thou returu'st to set them free, 
Let thy salvation visit me. 

4 O may I worthy prove to see 
Thy saints in full prosperity. 
That I the joyful choir may join. 
And count thy people's triumph mine ! 


14 L. M. 

Welcome to the King of glory. 
T IFT up your heads, ye mighty gates ! 
■■-' Behold, the King of glorj- wafts ; 
The King of kings is drawing near. 
The Saviour of the world is here. 

5 The Lord is just, a helper tried ( 
Mercy is ever at his side ; 

His kingly crown is holiness } 
m» attpttr, jpltj is distreM. 

Z O blest the land, the city blest. 
Where Christ the ruler is confessed 1 
O happy hearts and happy homes 
To whom this King of triumph romes I 

4 Fling wide the portals of your heart | 
Make ft a temple, set apart 
From earth Iv use for heaven's employ. 
Adorned witn prayer, and love, andjoy. 

6 Redeemer, come ! I open wide 
My heart to thee : here, Lord, abide I 
Let me thy inner presence feei, 
Thy grace and love in me reveal ! 

6 So come, my Sovereign ! enter in. 
Let new and nobler life begin ; 
Thy Holy Spirit guide us on, 
Until the glorious crown be won ! 


IS II. M. 

Longingi for the houte of Ood. 
T ORD of the worlds above, 
•■-' How pleasant and how fair 
The dwellings of thy love, 
Thine earthly temples, are I 
To thine al>ode my heart aspires. 
With warm desires to see my God. 

9 O happy souls that pray 

Where God appoints to hear I 
O happy men to at pay 
Their constant service there! 
They praise thee still ; and happy thev 
That love the way to Zion's hill. 

8 They go from strength to strength. 

Through this dark vale of tears. 
Till each arrives at length, 
Till each in heaven appears : 
O glorious seat ! thou, God, our King, 
Shalt thither bring our willing feet. 


'^^ The univertal King. "• ^'• 
VOUNG men and maidens, raise 
-■■ Your tuneful voices high ; 
- Old men and children, praise 
The Lord of earth and sky ; 
Him Three in One, and One in Three, 
Extol to all eternity. 

3 The universal King 

Let all the world proclaim ; 
Let every creature. sing 
His attributes and name ; 
Him Three in One, and One in Three, 
Extol to all eternity. 

3 In his great name alone 
All excellences meet. 

Who sits upon the throne. 
And shall forever sit ; 
Him Three in One, and One in Three, 
Extol to all eternity. 

4 Glory to God belongs; 
Glory to God be given. 

Above the noblest songs 
Of all in earth and heaven ; 
Him Three in One^ and Qua ^ TVtw^^ 


t Hifruud Uurlob*; hs balli 

1 Tl.i«L1^>^^liM« l^'^^J^iT'' 


RlillMulKpUilinidiD t!>-, 


Tune our lip* M iln^ (£y prt^. 


23 7. 

Cemdnding profff mmd tAankt^ng. 
"MOW m»y He who from the d«ul 
•*^ BrooiEht the Shepherd of the iheep, 
Jetnt Christ, oar Kinfr and Head, 
All oar Mols in tafety keep. 

S Mav he teach as to fulfill 
What is pleasinfc in hit si^ht ; 

Make ot perfect in his will, 
And preserve os day and night. 

3 To that great Redeemer's praise, 
Who the eoTenant sealed with blood. 

Let oar hearts and Toices raise 
Load thanksgivings to oar Ood. 


S4 7. 

SainU and angeU prauinf God. 

SONGS of praise the anftels sang, 
Heaven with halleluiahs rang. 
When Jehovah's work bearun. 
When he spake and it was done. 

S Songs of praise awoke the mom. 
When the Prince of peace was bom : 
Songs of praise arose, when he 
Captive led captivity. 

8 Saints t>ek>w, with heart and voice. 
Still in songs of praise rejoice ; 
L«iming here, by faith and love, 
Songs of praise to sing above. 

4 Borne upon their latest breath. 
Songs of praise shall conquer death ; 
Then amid eternal joy. 

Songs of praise their powers employ. 


2Sy „ 

Let all the peopU praitt Him. ' ' 
'TfHANK and praise Jehovah's name ; 
-^ For his mercies, firm and sure, 
From eternity the same, 
To eternity endure. 

5 Let the ransomed thas rejoice. 
Gathered out of every land. 

As the people of liis choice. 
Plucked from the destroyer's hand. 

3 Let the elders praice the Ix>rd, 
Him let ail the people praise. 

When they meet with one accord, 
In his courts on holy days. 

4 Praise him, ye who know his love ; 
Praise him from the depths beiieatli : 

Praise him in the heights above ; 
Praise your Maker, all that breathe. 

5 For his trath and mercy stand, 
Past, and present, and to be. 

Like the years of his right hand. 
Like his own eternity. 


PraUe and praptr. 

GLORY be to God on high, 
Ood, whose glory fills the sky! 
Peace on earth to man fonri^en, 
Mmu, the weIJ-behv«d of Heaven. 


9 Sovereign Father, heavenly King, 
Thee we now presume to sing ; 
Thee with thankful hearts we prove 
God of power, and God of love. 

8 Christ our Lord and Ood we own, 
Christ, the Father's only Son, 
Lamb of God for sinners slain, 
Saviour of offending man. 

4 Bow thine ear. In merry bow. 
Hear, the world's atonement, thou ! 
Jesus, in thy name we pray, 
Take, O take our sins away. 


^"^ PraiM tkt Lmd. ''• 

IDRAISE the Lord, his glories show, 
-'■ Saints within his courts below. 
Angels round his throne nlwve. 
All that see and share his love. 

2 Earth to heaven, and heaven to earth. 
Tell his wonders, sing his worth ; 

Age to age, and shore to shore, 
Praise Lim, praise him, evermore ! 

3 Praise the I^rd, his merries trace ; 
Praise his providence and grace ; 
All that he for man hath done ; 

All he sends us through his Son. 

4 Strings and voices, hands and hearts. 
In the concert bear your parts ; 

All that breathe, your Lord a4lore. 
Praise him, praise* him, evermore I 


^® The heavenly Guest. ^' ^'• 
/^OME, let us who in Christ believe, 
^ Our common Saviour praise : 
To him with jovful voices give 

The glory of his grace. 
3 He now stands knocking at the door 

Of every sinner's heart : 
The worst need keep him out no more, 

Nor force him to depart. 

3 Through grace we hearken to thy voice. 
Yield to be saved froui sin ; 

In sure and certain hope rejoice, 
That thou wilt enter in. 

4 Come quickly in, thou heavenly Guest, 
Nor ever hence remove : 

But sup with us, and let the feast 
Be everlasting love. 


'"•" Jile$nng on wf>r$hif>ert. ^' ^'• 
/^NCK more we come before our God ; 
^^ Once more his blessing ask : 
O may not duty seem a load. 

Nor worship prove a task. 
2 Father, thy quickening Sf)irlt send 

From heaven, in Jesus' name. 
And bid our waiting minds attend. 

And put our souls in frame. 

8 Mav we receive the word we hear, 

Eacli in an honest h«aT\\ 
And ^eep l\i« ^twiVov* Vkwhqm <^w*n 

And n«T«c 'wN,\^ W 'OKCV. 


4 To seek thee, all onr hearts dispose ; 

To each thy blessings suit ; 
And let the seed thy servant sows 

Produce abundant fruit. 


^^ Erpeeting the bhuing. C. M. 

SEE, Jesus, thy disciples see, 
The promised blessintr give ; 
Met in thy name, we look to thee, 

Elxpecting to receive. 
9 Thee we expect, our faithful Lord, 

Who in thy name are joined ; 
We wait, according to thy word. 

Thee in the midst to find. 
8 With us thou art assembled here. 

But O thyself reveal ; 
Son of the living God, appear! 

Let us thy presence feel. 
4 Breathe on us, Lord, in this our day. 

And these dry bones shall live; 
Speak peace into our hearts, and say, 

"The Holy Ghost receive." 


^^ Infivitt grace. ^- ^'• 

INFINITE excellence is thine, 
Thou glorious Prince of grace ! 
Thy uncreated beauties shine 

Vi^ith never-fading rays. 
2 Sinners, from earth's remotest end. 

Come bending at thy feet ; 
To thee their pravers and songs ascend, 

In thee their wishes meet. 
8 Millions of hapny spirits live 

On thy exhaustiess store ; 
From thee they all their bliss receive, 

And still thou givest more. 

4 Thou art their triumph and their joy; 
They find their all in thee ; 

Thy glories will their tongues employ 
Through all eternity. 


33^ ^ ^ ,^ C.M. 

The great and eptetual door. 

J'eSUS. thou all-redeeming Lord, 
Thy blessing we implore ; 
Open the door to preach thy word, 
The great, eflTectuai door. 

5 Gather the outcasts in, and save 
From sin and Satan's power : 

And let them now acceptance have, 

And know their gracious hour. 
8 Lover of souls I thou know'st to prize 

What thou hast bought so dear : 
Come, then, and in thy people's eyes 

With all thy wounds appear. 
4 The hardness of our hearts remove, 

Thou who for all hast died ; 
Show us the tokens of thv love. 

Thy feet, thy hands, ttiy side. 

6 Ready thou art the blood to apply, 
And prove the record true ; alt thy ttoiiitds to sinners cry, 
^'Isumtrhd thla for you." 

ckxnLMa wkslky. 


33 CM. 

Gorf, the onljf object of worthij>. 
GOD, onr strength, to thee our song 
With grateful hearts we raise ; 
To thee, and thee alone, belong 
All worship, love, and praise. 

2 In trouble's dark and stormy hour 
Thine ear hath heard our prayer; 

And graciously thine arm ot power 
Hath saved us from despair. 

3 And thou, O ever gracious Lord, 
Wilt keep thy promise still. 

If, meekly beafkening to thy word, 
We seek to do thy will. 

4 Led by the light thy grace imparts, 
Ne'er mav we bow the knee 

To idols, which our wayward hearts 
Set up instead of thee. 

5 So shall thy choicest gifts, O Lord, 
Thy faithful people bless; 

For them shall earth its stores afford. 
And heaven its happiness. 


3^* Vying with the angelt. C. M. 

A THOUSAND oracles divine 
Their coniuion beams unite, 
That sinners may with angels join, 
To worship God aright. 

2 Triumphant host 1 they never cease 
To laud and magnify 

The Triune God of holiness, 
Whose glory fills the sky. 

3 By faith the upper choir we meet. 
And challenge tnem to sing 

Jehovah on bis shining seat, 
Our Maker and our King. 

4 But God made flesh is wholly ours. 
And asks our noblest strain ; 

The Father of celestial powers, 
The Friend of earthbom man ! 


3S Grace, pardon, and life. ^' *^' 
TT'ATHER of heaven, w^hose love profound 
'^ A ransom for our souls hath found, 
Before thy throne we sinners bend; 
To us thy pardoning love extend. 

i Almighty Son, incarnate Word, 
Our Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, Lord, 
Before tny throne we sinners bend; 
To us thy saving grac^ extend. 

.1 Eternal Spirit, bv whose breath 
The soul is raised from sin and death, -' 
Before thy throne we sinners bend ; 
To us thy quickeuing power extend. 

4 Jehovah ! Father, Spirit, Son, 
Mysterious Godhead ! Three in One ! 
Before thy throne we sinners bend ; 
Grace, piurdou, life, to us extend. 



3€% L. M. 

True uwrAip tterj-wkere aeeepttd. 
THOU to whom, in ancient time. 
The lyre of Hebrew bards was ttrong, 
Whom kings adored in song sublime, 
And prophets praised with glowing 

S Not now on Zion's height alone 
The favored worshiper may dwell, 

Nor where, at sultry noon, toy Son 
Sftt weary by the patriarch's well. 

S From eve^ place below the skies, 
The g[rateinl song, the fervent prayer, 

The incense of the neart, may rise 
To heaven, and find acceptance there. 

4 O Thou to whom, in- ancient time, 
The holy prophet's harp was strung, 

To thee at last in every clime. 
Shall temples rise and praise lie sung. 
JOHH rotsroNT. 

^"^ TrembUnff aspiration, ^ ^- 

/^ THOU, whom ail thy saints adore, 
^-^ We now with all thy saints agree, 
And bow our inmost souls 1>efore 
Thy glorious, awful Majesty. 

5 We come, great Ood, to seek thy face, 
And for thy lovine-kindness wait; 

And O how dreadful is this place! 

'Tis God's own house, 'tis heaven's gate. 

8 Tremble our hearts to find thee nigh ; 

To thee our trembline hearts aspire ; 
And lo! we see descend from high 

The pillar and the flame of fire. 

4 Still let it on the assembly stay. 
And all the house with glory nil ; 

To Canaan's bounds point out the way. 
And lead us to thy holy hUl. 

6 There let us all with Jesus stand, 
And join the general Church above, 

And take our seats at thy right hand, 
And sing thine everlasting love. 



L. M. 

Solemn adoration. 
INTERNAL Power, whose high abode 
-^ Becomes the g^ndeur of a God, 
Infinite lengths beyond the bounds 
Where stars revolve their little rounds t 

8 Thee while the fir«t archangel sings, 
He hides his face behind his wings, 
And rank! of shinine tbrones around 
Fall worshiping, and spread the ground. 

8 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do ! 
We would adore our Maker too ; 
From sin and dust to thee we cry, 
The Great, the Holy, and the High. 

4 Earth, from afar, hath heard thy fame, 
And worms have learned to liiip thy nauie : 
But O ! the glories of thy mind 
Leave aJJ our tearing thoughts behind. 


5 God is in heaven, and men below : 
Be short our tunes ; our words be few : 
A solemn reverence checks our songs. 
And pnise sits silent on our tongues. 


^^ Living bread. L. M. 

'T^HY presence, gracious (^d, afford ; 
-'■ Prepare us to receive thy word : 
Now let thy voice engage our ear, 
And faith be mixed with what we hear. 
S Distracting thoughts and cares remove, 
And fix our hearts and hopes above: 
With food divine may we be fed. 
And satisfied with living bread. 

3 To us the sacred word apply 
With sovereign power and energy; 
And may we, in thy faith and fear, 
Reduce to practice what we huar. 

4 Father, in us thy Son reveal ; 
Teach us to know and do thy will : 
Thy saving power and love dinplay, 
And guide us to the realms of day. 


^^ God revealed to faith. ^- ^'• 
OT here, as to the prophet's eye, 
The Lord upon his throne appears ; 
Nor seraphim responsive cry, 
" Holy I thrice uoly I " in our ears : 

2 Yet God is present in this place. 
Veiled in serener majestv ; 

So full of glory, truth, and grace. 
That faith alone such light ran see. 

3 Nor. as he in the temple taught, 

Is Cnrist within these walls revealed, 
When blind, and deaf, and dumb were 
Lepers and lame, and all were healed : 

4 Yet here, when two or three shall meet. 
Or thronging multitudes are found, 

All may sit down at Jesus' feet, 
And near from him the joyful sound. 

5 Send forth the seraphim. O Lord, 

To touch thy servants' lips with fire; 
Saviour, eive them thy faithful word ; 
Come, Holy Ghost, their hearts inspire. 


"^^ Glory begun below. ^- ^• 

y^OME, ye that love the Lord, 
^^ And let your joys be known ; 
Join in a song with sweet accord, 
While ye surround his throne. 

2 Let those refuse to sing 
Who never knew our God, 

But servants of the heavenly King 
May speak their joys abroad. 

3 The God that rules on high. 
That all the earth surveys. 

That rides upon the storm}- sky. 
And calms the roaring seas; 

4 This awful God is ours. 
Our Father and our Love ; 

He w\U send dovitiVv^VwaNttcX"^ ^v««tv 
To carrv u* a\>ox«. 


-CdHiSl fnll m iirLiLr inns^ 

lAtHEB. In whKKi >t II'*, 


Q THOU, 9a<liio>, Bnilliv, Friwd, 

^ Ar>l »r> b°> drsdM I. £l. ^ 

Th4 GMTttwTA cnLfDl fMrruH all ; 

-^ Odf hsHli U Hdamn vivi of pniat 
Tte Lord W borih Do kSc °I kbgi 1 

9 ThU ■* (kl<«I^D«l ftll DlttOBI 

O Ool, Itt pHpU pnjH U 
L*t All lb* wpl0 1"^ i 

Olul tbt ■umBoii lo obiy. 


Thus may we nbide in union 
With each other and the T^rd; 

And possess, in sweet communion, 
Joys whlcn earth cannot afford. 


S4r 8.7,4. 

Htavenly joff aniiciptUed. 

TN thy name, O Lord, assembling, 

•*■ We, thy people, now draw near : 

Teach as to rejoice with trembling; 

Speak, and let thy servanti hear : 

Hear with meekness, 
Hear thy word with godly fear. 

9 While our days on earth are lengthened, 
May we give them. Lord, to thee : 

Cheered by iiope, and daily strengthened, 
May we ran, nor weary be, 

Till thy glory 
Without clond in hearen we see. 

3 There, in worship purer, sweeter, 

All thy people shall adore ; 
Sharing then in rapture greater 

Than they could conceive before : 
Full enjoyment. 

Fall and pure, for evermore. 


S5 8,7,4. 

For a hltuing on th« roord. 

/^OME, thou soul-transforming Spirit, 
^^ Bless the sower and the seed ; 
Let each heart thy grace inherit ; 

Raise the weak, the hungry feed ; 
From the gospel 

Now supply thy people's need. 

9 O may all enjoy the blessing 
Which thy word 's designed to give ; 

Let us all, tny love possessing, 
Joyfully the truth receive, 

And forever 
To thy praise and glory live. 




/«at<M'« vtnon. 
TDOUND the Lord, in 
•*-*' Cherubhn and serapliim 
Filled his temple, and repeated 
Each to each the alternate hymn : 

9 " Lord, thy glory fills the heaven | 
Earth is with its fullness stored ; 

Unto thee be glory given. 
Holy, holy,lioly Lord." 

3 Heaven is still with glory ringing ; 
Earth takes up the angels' cry, 

**Holy, holy, holy," singing, 
" Lord of nosts. Lord Giod most high." 

4 With his seraph train before him. 
With his holy Church below, 

Thus unite we to adore him : 
Bid we thus our anthem flow : 

5 " Lord, thy glory fills tb« heaven ; 
Earth is with its* fullness stored ; 

' Exhortatum to praiw God. ®» ''• 
TI>RAISE the Lord ! ye heavens, adore him; 
-*- Praise him, angels, in the hei^t; 
Sun and moon, r^oice before him ; 
Praise him, all ye stars of lights 

9 Praise the Lord, for he hath ipoknt ; 

Worlds his mignty voice obeyed ; 
Laws which never snail be broicen. 

For their guidance he hath made. 

3 Praise the Lord, for he Is glorious ; 
Never shall his promise ful ; 

God hath made his saints victorious ; 
Sin and death shall not prevail. 

4 Praise the Gk>d of our salvation ; 
Hosts on high, his power proclaim; 

Heaven and earth, and all creation, 
Laud and magnify his name. 



CTato tbee be glory glvet 
Holy, holy, holy Lord. 





Glory to tk» Lamb. 

HARK I the notes of angels, singing, 
" Glory, glory to the Lamb I'*^ 
All in heaven their tribute bringing. 
Raising high the Saviour's name. 

9 Ye for whom his life was given. 

Sacred themes to you belong: 
Come, assist the choir of heaven ; 

Join the everlaatii^ aong. 

3 See ! the angelic hosts have crowned him, 
Jesus fills the throne on high ; 

Countless myriads, hovering round him. 
With his praises rend the sky. 

4 Filled with holy emulation. 
Let us vie with those above : 

Sweet the theme, a free salvation. 
Fruit of everlasting love. 

5 Endless life in him posseuing. 
Let us praise his precious name ; 

Glory, honor, power, and blessing, 
Be lorever to the Lamb. 


T ORD, dismiss us with thy blessing, 
■*-^ Bid us now depart in peace ; 
Still on heavenly manna reeding, 

Let our faith and love increase : 
Fill each breast with consolation ; 

Up to thee our hearts we raise : 
When we reach our blluful station, 

Then we '11 give thee nobler praise. 


OO C. M. 

Conftanon, prayer ^ and praitt. 
T ORD, when we bend before thy thron*,^ 
'^ And our confessions pour, 
O may we feel the sins we own. 
Ana hate what we deplore. 

9 Our contrite spirits pitying see ; 

True penitence Impart ; 
And lei a ^eaWng T«y from thee 

B6am peM« into «acYi ^«m1. 


iacIoM our wanta in prmyer, 
r wills resign ; 
m{^t oar lx>soin share 
»t wholly thine. 

with heart and voice, we strire 
1 hymnt to raise, 
le within ns live, 
- souls with praise. 

ly glories while we dwell, 
8 we '11 review : 
rine transporteo, tell — 
art Father too ! 


w gutdanee, and rett. 
ly mercy-seat, O Lord, 
hy servants stand, 
lowledee of thy word, 
.ce of thy hand. 

imal truths, we pray, 
ly in each heart ; 
e safe and narrow way 
may depart. 

thy word remove the seal, 
hiiulen store; 
■ead, O may we feel 
lore and more. 

see the Saviour's love 
■om every page ; 
though tsof joys above 
t souls engage. 

thy word our footsteps guides, 
le truly blest; 
ive where love provides 
iting rest. 


C. M. 
hefudietion on the truth. 
Y whom the seed is given, 
n the harvest blest ; 
I, like manna showered from 

In onr breast ; 

t from the passing feet, 
lerers of the air, 
lun's intenser beat, 
B of worldly care. 

aried deep, or thinly strown, 
by grace supply : 
earthly furrows sown 
a in the sky. 

... _. C. M. 

e giortet of our Ktng. 

that love the Saviour's name, 

to make it known, 

p of your hearts proclaim, 

jefore his throne. 

nr Lord, your Master, crowned 
ies all divine ; 
wondering nations ronnd 
( tbo$e glories shine. 

3 When, in hit earthly coarts, we view 
The glories of oar Kins, 

We long to love as angels do, 
And wish ilk* th«n to ting. 

4 And shall we long and wish ia Taint 
Lord, teach our songs to rise : 

Thy love can animate the strain, 
And bid It rsach the skies. 

AHHB ansLs. 

^4 -««.>„. C.M. 

7%« 2>6«tf« 0/ «0 furtums. 

/^OME. thou Desire of all thy saInU, 
^^ Our nnmble strains attend, 
While, with onr praises and complaints. 
Low at thy feet we bend. 

8 How should our soags, like those above* 

With warm devotion rise I 
How should onr souls, on wings of love, 

Mount upward to the skies I 

3 Come, Lord, thy love alone can raise 
In us the heavenly flame ; 

Then shall our lips resound thy praise. 
Our hearts adore thy name. 

4 Now, Saviour, let thy glory thine. 
And fill thy dwellings here. 

Till life, and love, and joy divine, 
A heaven on earth appear. 

5 Then shall our hearts, enrapinted, say, 
" Come, great Redeemer, come. 

And bring the bright, the glorious day, 
That calls thy children home." 



C M. 

Invoking dviine blemingt. 
T\7ITHIN thy hoose, O Lord oar God, 
^^ In mi^esty appear ; 
Make this a place of thine abode. 
And shed thy blattingt here. 

9 As we thv mer ey- eeat t ummn d, 

Thy Spirit, Lord, impart ; 
And let thy gospel's joyfal loond. 

With power reach every heart. 

3 Here let the blind their sight obtain ; 
Here give the monmer rest ; 

Let Jesus here triumphant reign. 
Enthroned in every breast. 

4 Here let the voice of sacred joy 
And fervent prayer arise. 

Till higher strains our tongues employ, 
In realms beyond the ikiet. 


OO , . L.M. 

■/Mve retgnt, 

/^OME, let OS tune onr loftiest song, 
^^ And raise to Christ our joyfnl strain ; 
Worship and thanks to him belong. 
Who reigns, and shall forever reign. 

S His sovereifn wswct QKn>M>^^«a1sv«l^<fe\ 
Out tou\% aT«'Vv\%VnkxaQiT>aWKa>!Cii.N 

And w\i«n ^\» creaVoccva %Vki«^^^ ^iV**^-. 
To tKve «k ftonv «V«raa^ ^«».>».. 


3 Bum every breat t with Jesus' love ; 
Bound every heart with raptarous joy ; 

And saints on earth, with saints a1>ove, 
Your voices in his praise employ. 

4 Extol the Lamb with loftiest song> 
Ascend for him onr cheerful strain ; 

Worship and thanks to him belong. 
Who reigns, and shall forever reigrn. 


® "^ The bond of love. ^' ^' 

T>RAISE waiU in Zion, Lord, for thee : 
-'- Thy saints adore thy holy name ; 
Thy creatures bend the obedient knee, 
And humbly now thy presence claim. 

8 Eternal Source of truth and light, 
To thee we look, on thee we call ; 

Lord, we are nothing in thy sight, 
But thou to us art all in all. 

8 Still may thy children in thy word 
Their common trust and refuge see ; 

O bind us to each other. Lord, 
By one gp'eat bond, — the love of thee. 

4 Here, at the portal of thy house. 
We leave our mortal hopes and fears ; 

Accept our prayers, and bless onr vows. 
And dry our penitential tears. 

5 So shall our sun of hope arise. 
With brighter still and brighter ray, 

Till thou Shalt bless our longing eyes 
With beams of everlasting day. 


® ® The praUea of Jehovah. ^- *'* 

SERVANTS of God, in joyful lays, 
Sinp ye the Lord Jehovah's praise ; 
His glorious name let all adore. 
From age to age, for evermore. 
S Blest be that name, supremely blest, 
From the sun's rising to its rest : 
Above the heavens his power is known, 
Through all the earth his goodness shown. 

8 Who is like God ! so great, so high, 
He bows himself to view the sky ; 
And yet, with condescending grace, 
Looks down upon the human race. 

4 He hears the uncomplaining moan 
Of those who sit and weep alone ; 
He lifts the mourner from the dust ; 
In him the poor may safely trust. 

5 O then, aloud, in joyful lays. 
Sing to the Lord Jehovah's praise ; 
His saving name let all adore. 
From age to age, for evermore. 


" • Joy of public voraktp. 

GREAT God, attend, while Zion sings 
The joy that from thy presence springs ; 
To spend one day with thee on earth 
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth. 

i* Mlfirht I enjoy the meanest place 
VF/ti/n Iby bouse, O God of grace, 
^'i»< tents ofeBBO, nor thronen of power. 
Should tempt my feet to Jeave thy door. 

9 Qod is onr sun, he makes our day ; 
God is our shield, he guards our way 
From all assaults of hell and sin. 
From foes without, and foes within. 

4 All needful grace will God bestow, 
And crown that grace with glory too ; 
He gives us all things, and withholds 
No real good fit)m upright souls. 

5 O God, our King, whose sovereign sway 
The glorious hosts of heaven ol>ey. 

And devils at thy presence flee ; . 
Blest is the man that trusts in tnee. 


** ^ The eternal God exaJUd. ^' ^' 
INTERNAL God, celestial King, 
-*-^ Exalted be thy glorious name; 
Let hosts in heaven thy praises sing, 
And saints on earth thy love proclaiin. 

2 My heart is fixed on thee, my Gh>d; 
I rest my hope on thee alone ; 

I'll spread thy sacred truths abroad. 

To all mankind thy love make known. 
8 Awake, my tongue ; awake, my lyre ; 

With morning's earliest dawn arise ; 
To songs of joy my soul inspire. 

And swell your music to the skies. 
4 With those who in thy grace abound. 

To thee I'll raise my {hankful voice ; 
Till every land, the earth around, 

Shall hear, and in thy name rejoice. 


* •*• Iloeanna to the living lord. ^» **• 
TTOSANNA to the living Lord I 
^'- Hosanna to the incarnate Word I 
To Christ, Creator, Saviour, King, 
Let earth, let heaven, hosanna sing. 

3 " Hosanna, Lord ! " thine angels cry, 
" Hosanna, Lord ! " thv saints reply ; 
Above, beneath us, and around. 

The dead and living swell the sound. 
8 O Saviour, with protecting care. 
Return to this, thy house of prayer. 
Assembled in thy sacred name. 
Where we thy parting promise claim. 

4 But chiefest in our cleansed breast, 
Eternal, bid thy Spirit rest. 

And make our secret soul to be 
A temple pure, and worthy thee. 
h So, in the last and dreadful day, 
When earth and heaven shall melt away, 
Thy flock, redeemed from sinful stain. 
Shall swell the sonnd of praise again. 


lyQ SABBATH. ^^ ^^ 

Day of rett and gladneat, 
r\ DAY of rest and gladness, 
^^ O day of joy and light, 
O balm of care and sadness. 

Most beautiful, most brient : 
On thee, the high and lowly. 

Through ages joined in tune, 
SlM"Ho\7, holy, holy," 
< 'To ihe gteiX G(Alnnai«. 


S On thee, at the creation. 

The Ught fint had iU bbrth ; 
On thee, for oar lalvation, 

Chritt roM from dejpthi of earth ; 
On thee, our Lord, victorion*, 

The Spirit aeot from heaven ; 
And thuB on thee, most glorious, 

A triple light was given. 

8 To-day on weary nations 

The heavenly manna falls ; 
To holy convocations 

The silver trumpet calls. 
Where gospel lieht is glowing 

With pure and radiant beams. 
And living water flowing 

With sool-^efreshing itreams. 

4 New graces ever gaining 
From this our day of rest. 

We reach the rest remaining 

To spiriU of the blest ; 
To Holy Ghost be praises. 

To Father, and to Son ; 
The Church her voice upraises 

To thee, blest Three in One. 


^^ Jo^ulhomagt. ^'^' 

A WAKE, Ye sainU, awake I 
•^^ And hail this sacred day : 
In loftiest songs of praise 
Your joyful homage pay : 
Come, bless the day that God hath bleat, 
The type of heaven's eternal rest. 

5 On this auspicious mom 
The Lord of life arose ; 

He burst the bars of death. 
And vanquished all our foet ; 
And now he pleads our cause above, 
And reaps the fruit of all his love. 

S All hail, triumphant Lord ! 

Heaven with hosannas rings. 
And earth, in humbler strains, 
Thy praise responsive sings : 
Worthy the Lamb, that once was slain, 
Throuf^ endless years to live and reign. 

y^r C. M. 

Sabbatk and tanetuary Jo^. 

TXTTTH joy we hail the sacred day, 
« * Which God has called his own ; 
With joy the summons we obey, 
To worship at his throne. 

S Thy chosen temple, Lord, how fair I 
As here thy servants throng 

To breathe the humble, fervent prayer. 
And poor the grateful song. 

8 Spirit of grace ! O deign to dwell 

Within thy Church below ; 
Make her in holiness excel, 

With pore devotion glow. 

4 Let peace within her walls be found ; 

Let all her sons unite, 
To spread with holy zeal around 

Her clttur aad shining light. 

6 Great God, we hail the sacred day 
Which thou hast called thine own ; 

With Joy the summons we obey 
To worship at thy throne. 


** ^ Eoiltr Sunday. ^' ^' 

rpiIE Lord of Sabbath let us praUe, 
-^ In concert with the blest, 
Who, joyful, in harmonious lays 
Employ an endless rest. 

S Thus, Lord, while we remember thee, 

We blest and pious grow ; 
By hymns of praise we learn to be 

Triumphant here below. 

8 On this glad day a brighter scene 

Of glory was displayed 
By the eternal Word, than when 

This universe was made. 

4 He rises, who mankind has bought 
With gnef and paiu extreme : 

rTwas great to speak the world from 
naught ; 
'Twas greater to redeem. 


•^e c. M. 

We vnH fjeUtf and h« glad in it. 
' n^HIS is the day the Lord hath made : 
■*- O earth. rej<»ce and sing ; 
Let songs of triumph hail the mom ; 
Hosanna to our King I 

5 The Stone the builders set at naught. 
That Stone has now become 

The sure foundation and the strength 
Of Zion's heavenly dome. 

8 Christ is that Stone, rejected once. 
And numbered with the slain ; 

Now raised in glory, o'er his Church 
Eternally to reign. 

4 This is the day the Lord hath made : 
O earth, rejoice and sing ; 

With songs of triumph hail the mora ; 
Hosanna to our King I 


"^"^ Bahtta*h light. ^' ^' 

A GAIN the Lord of life and light 

-^*- Awakes the kindling ray. 

Dispels the darkness of the night. 
And pours increasing day. 

5 O what a night was that which wrapt 
A guilty world in gloom ! 

O what a sun, which broke this day 
Triumphant from the tomb I 

8 This day be grateful liomage paid, 

And load hosannas sung ; 
Let gladness dwell in every heart, 

And praise on every tongue. 

4 Ten thousand thousand lips shall join 

To hail this han^Y ^xkurck.^ 
'W\v\c'ki s«a.\.\«n \»W\\tv%% liwft.\\x ^>»!^ 

I W„ Mh)j Sablaltii, L«d. n 

And tlHp In df^tb, vo ntl wllk Ood.^ 

MM ou lulb inikl Hi; U^\ nln. 
In i>btfb^3itH'aii'ud Hnli mc^^ ;- 

:or UuiDgliUud IhuklDUf ri 

t\t bs4v«Dltf dim oltbia Lb* to* 



9 O warm mv heart with holy fire, 
And kindle tuere a pure desire : 
Come, lacred Spirit, from above, 
And fill my sool with heavenly love. 

3 Blest Savioar, what delicious fare ! 
How sweet thine entertainment* are ! 
Never did angels taste above 
Redeeming grace and dying love. 

4 Hail, great Immanael, all divine ! 
In thee thy Father's glories shine: 
Thy glorioBs name shall be adorea. 
And every tongue confess thee. Lord. 


®^ !%• Saibatk veleotM. ^' ^' 
TltTELCOME, sweet day of rest, 

~V That saw the Lord arise ; 
Welcome to this reviving breast, 
And these rejoicing eye* I 

5 The King himself comes near, 
And feasts his saints to-day ; 

Here we may sit, and see him here. 
And lote, and praise, and pray. 

8 One day in such a place. 
Where thou, my GkkI, art seen, 

la *weeter than ten thousand days 
Of pleasurable sin. 

4 My willing soul would stay 
In such a frame as this. 

And sit and sing herself away 
To everlasting bliu. 


86 S. M. 

Dajf of light, re$t, ptact, praftr. 

THIS is the day of light : 
Let there be light to-day ; 
O Day-spring, rise upon our night. 
And chase its gloom away. 

5 This is the day of rest : 
Our Sailing strength renew ; 

On weanr brain and troubled hreast 
Shed tnou thy freshening dew. 

8 This I* the day of peace : 

Thy peace our spirits fill ; 
Bid tnou the blasts of discord cease. 

The waves of strife be still. 

4 This is the day of prayer : 

Let earth to heaven draw near ; 
Lift up our hearts to seek thee there ; 
Come down to meet us here. 

5 This is the first of days : 

Send forth thy quickening breath, 
And wake dead souls to love and praise, 
O Vanquisher of death ! 


^"^ The eternal Sabbath. ^' ^' 

HAIL to the Sabbath day ! 
The day divinely given, 
When men to God their homage pay. 
And earth draws near to heaven. 

S Lord, in this sacred hour, 
Within thy courts we bend. 

And bless thy love, and own thy power, 
Onr FBther and our Friend. 

8 But thou art not alone 

In courts by mortals trod ; 
Nor only is tne day thine own 

When man draws near to God : 

4 Thy temple is the arch 
Of yoa unmeasured sky ; 

Thv Sabbath, the stupendous march 
Of vast eternity. 

5 Lord, may that holier day 
Dawn on thy servants' sight ; 

And purer worship may we pay 
. In neaven's unclouded light. 


88 7,62. 

Safely through aeuther mek. 
QAFELY through another week, 
^ Qod has brought us on our way ; 
Let us now a blessing seek. 

Waiting in his courts to-day : 
Day of all the week the best. 
Emblem of eternal rest. 

8 While we pray for pardoning g^race, 
Through the dear Redeemer^ name. 

Show thy reconcile face, 

Take away our sin and shame ; 
From our worldly cares set free. 
May we rest this day in thee. 

3 Here we come thy name to praise ; 
May we feel thy presence near : 

May thy glory meet our eyes. 

While we in thy house appear : 
Here afford us. Lord, a taste 
Of our everlasting feast. 

4 May thy eospel's joyful sound 
Conquer sinners, comfort saints ; 

Make the fruits of grace abound, 
Bring relief for all complaints : 
Thus may all our Sabbaths prove. 
Till we join the Church above. 


so S.M. 

Oladnett in the hovee affrayer. 
/ZJ.LAD was my heart to hear 
^^ My old companions say. 
" Come, in the house of Ooa appear, 
For 'tU a holy day." 

9 Thither the tribes repair. 
Where all are wont to meet ; 

And, joyful in the house of prayer, 
Bend at the mercy-seat. 

8 Pray for Jerusalem, 

The city of our God ; 
Lord, send thy blessing down to them 

That love tne dear abode. 

4 Within these walls may peace 

And harmony be found ; 
Zion, in all thy palaces, 
. Prosperity abound ! 

6 For friends and brethren dear. 
Our prayer shall never cease : 

Oft as they m«ftt ioT '«cttSo\'^ V«», 
God wnA YA* -ofco^X* v**^*^ 


®^ Immortality and light. 

DAY of God, thou blessed day, 
At thy dawn the grave gave way 
To the power of Him within, 
Who had, sinless, bled for sin. 

2 Thine the radiance to Illume 
First, for man, the (Usmal tomb, 
When its bars their weakness owned. 
There revealing death dethroned. 

3 Then the Sun of rishteousness 
Rose, a darkened world to bless. 
Bringing up from mortal night 
Immortality and light. 

4 Day of glory, day of power. 
Sacred be thine every hoar ; 
Emblem, earnest, ot the rest 
That remalneth for the blest. 



^1 T%t fint of day». '* 

N this day, the first of days* 
Grod the Father'r name we praise; 
Who, creation's Lord and Spring, 
Did the world from darkness bring. 

S On this day the Eternal Son 
Over death his triumph won ; 
On this day the Spirit came 
With his gifts o/ Uving flame. 

5 O that fervent love to-day 
May in every heart have sway. 
Teaching us to praise aright 
God, the source of life and light I 

4 God, the blessed Three in One, 
Dwell within my heart alone ; 
Thou dost give toyself to me. 
May I give myseli to thee. 


^^ Sabbaa evening. '^' 

SOFTLY fades the twilight ray 
Of the holy Sabbath day ; 
Gently as life's setting sun. 
When the Christian's eourse ts ran. 

i Night her solemn mantte spreads 
O'er the earth as daylight fades ; 
All things tell of caUn repose. 
At the holy Sabbath's close. 

8 Peace iaoa the worid abroad ;; 
Tis the holy peace of God, 
Symbol of the peace within 
When the spirit rests from sin. 

4 Still the Spirit lingers near, 
Where the evening worshiper 
Seeks communion with the skiet. 
Pressing onward to the price. 

6 Saviour, may our Sabbaths be 
Days of joy and peace in thee, 
Till In henven. our souls repose. 

Where ihe Sabbntb ne'er sna)) close. 

SAMt7U. F. SMmt. 


^^ Abide with DM. ^^• 

ABIDE with me ! Fast fklls the eventide, 
The darkness deepens — ^Lord, with me 
abide I 
When other helpers fail, and comforta flee. 
Help of the helpless, O abide with me ! 
3 Swift to its close ebbs oat life's little day ; 
Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away ; 
Change and decay in all around I see ; 

thou, who changest not, abide with me ! 

3 I need thy presence every passing hoar : 
What bat tnv grace can foil the tempter's 

Kw6r f 
e thyself, my guide and stoy can be ! 
Through cload and sunshine, Lord, abide 
with me ! 

4 I fi?ar no foe, with thee at hand to bleu ; 
Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness ; 
Where is death^s sting ! where, grave, thy 

victory! . 

1 triumph still, if thou abide with me. 

5 Hold thou thy cross before mv closing eyes; 
Shine through the gloom and point m« to 

the skies; 
Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain 

shadows flee ; 
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me! 


**'* Furling kymn of prain. *" * 

QAVIOUR, again to thy dear name we 
►«3 raise. 

With one accord, our parting hymn of praise; 
We stand to bless thee ere our worship 

Then, lowly kneeling, wait thy word of 

8 Grant us thy peace apon our homeward 

With theebegan,with thee shall end the day; 
Guard thou the lips from sin, the hearU 

from shame, 
That in this house have called upon thy 


3 Grant us thy peace, Lord, through the 

coming night, 
Turn thou for us its darkness into light ; 
From harm and danger keep thy children 

For dark and light are both alike to thee. 

4 Grant us thy peace throughout our 

earthly life, 
Our balm in sorrow, and our stay in strife ; 
Then, when thy voice shall bid our conflict 

Call us, O Lord, to thine eternal peace. 


^^ HenevHl eonntration. ^' ^' 

ONCE mere, my soul, the rising day 
Salutes thy waking eyes: 
Once more, my voice, ihy tribute pay 
To H\m. \&M\ vi\M \\i% iik.\«a. 


S Nigbt unto night his name repeats, 

The day renews the aound, 
Wide as the heavens on which he sits. 

To tum the seasons round. 

8 'TIS he snpports my mortal frame ; 

My tongne shall speak his praise : 
My sins might ronse his wrath to name. 

But yet his wrath delays. 

4 Great God, let all my hours be thine. 
Whilst I enjoy the light ; 

Then shall my son in smiles decline. 
And bring a peaceful night. 


A WAKE, my soul, to meet the day ; 
■^*' Unfold thy drowsy "yes. 
And burst the neaTT cham that binds 
Thin* active Acuities. 

5 God's gnardiaD shield was round me 

In my defenselees sleep : 
Ijot him have all my waiciag hours 
Who doth my slumbers koep. 

8 FlivdoB, O God, my former sloth. 

And arm my soul with grace. 
As, rising, now I seal my vowa 

To prosecute thy ways. 

4 Bright Sua of righteousness, arise ; 
Thy radiant beams display ; 

And guide my dark, bewildered soul 
To everlasting day. 

nour ikooDBiiMrK. 

^"^ JftfftKe ffumdiamiip. ^*^* 

ALLpraise to Him who dwells in bUss, 
Who made both day and night ; 
Whose throne is in the vast abyss 
Of uncreated light. 

5 Each thought and deed his piercing eyeii 
With strictest search survey ; 

The deepest shades no more disguise, 
Tha» the full blase of day. 

8 YThom thon dosi guard, O King of kings. 

No evil shall molest: 
Under tiie shadow of tiiy wings 

Shall they seeurcly rest. 

4 Thy angels shall around their beds 

Their constant stations keep : 
Thy faith and truth shall shield their heads, 

For thoa dost never sleep. 

6 Mav w» with calm and sweet repose. 
And heavenly thoughts refreshed. 

Our eyelids with the mom unclose. 
And bless thee, ever blest. 


d8 CM. 

I^tpmralum^ ptMit wersXtp. 

LORD, in the morning thon shalt hear 
My voice ascending high : 
To thee will I dtnct my prayer, 
7b tbf lift up miiM eye : 

9 Up to the hills where Christ is gene. 

To plead tm all his saints, 
PresMiting, at the Father's throne, 

Our songs and our complaints. 

3 Thou art a God before whose sight 
The wicked shall not stand : 

Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight. 
Nor dwell at thy right hand. 

4 Now to thy house will I resort. 
To taste thy mercies there ; 

I will frequent thy holv court. 
And worship in thy fear. 

5 O may thy Spirit guide my fpet 
In ways or righteousness ; 

Make every path of dutv straight. 
And plam Delore my lace. 


^^ Wmrmet Uttit. ^* ^• 

"1^0 W from the altar of our hearts, 
■^ Let warmest thanks arise; 
Assist us, Lord, to offer up 
Our evening sacrifice. 

9 This day God was our sun and shield. 

Our keeper and our guide ; 
His care was on our weakness shown. 

His mercies multiplied. 

8 Minutes and mercies' multiplied. 
Have made up all this day ; 

Minutes came quick, but mercies were 
More swift and free than they. 

4 New time, new fiivors, and new Joys, 

Do a new song require : 
Till we shall praise thee as we would. 

Accept our uearts' desire. 


lOO ^. f y , CM. 

T ORD of my life, O may thy praise 
-^ Elmploy my noblest powers. 
Whose goodness lengthens out my days. 
And mis the circlmg hours. 

9 While many spent the night in sighs. 
And restle«s pains and woes. 

In gentle sleep I closed my eyes, 
^d undisturbed repose. 

8 O let the same almighty care 

My waking hours attend ; 
From every danger, every snare. 

My heedless steps defend. 



TSe (^rittian itn^. 


TTAPPY the home when God is there, 
■*■ -*■ And love fills every breast ; 
Wh en one th ei r wish , an d one th eir prayer. 
And one their heavenly rest. 

9 Happy the booM wheT« Ivcoaf -m»&* 

Is sw«e\ to «v«T7 «a.t \ 
W\ieT« chWdxeu eaxYj V\«^ Va ^kom^ 
And ^ai«DX\'W)>V^ VSxiv ^aax^ 




8 Happy the home where prayer ii heard, 

And praise is wont to rise ; 
Wliere parents love the sacred word. 

And live but for the skies. 


4 Lord, let us in our homes agree, 
This blessed peace to gain : 

Unite onr hearts in love to tiiee. 
And love to all will reiga. 


l^S AMdevntKu,. ^'^' 

UN of my soul, thou Savioar dear. 
It is not nifrht if thon be near : 
O may no earthbom cloud arise 
To hide thee ftrom thy servant's eyes. 

5 When the soft dews of kindly sleep 
My wearied eyelids gently steep, 
Be my last thought, now sweet to rest 
Forever on my Saviour's breast. 

5 Abide with me from mom till eve, 
For without thee I cannot live ; 
Abide with me when night is nigh, 
For without thee I dare not die. 

4 If some poor wandering child of thine 
Have spumed, to-day, the voice divine. 
Now, Lord, the gracious work begin ; 
Let him no more lie down in sin. 

6 Watch bv the sick ; enrich the poor 
With blessings from thy boundless store; 
Be every mourner's sleep to-night. 
Like iniant's slumbers, pure and light. 

6 Come near and bless ns when we wake. 
Ere through the woild our way we take ; 
Till, in the ocean of thy love. 
We lose ourselves in heaven above. 


103 L.M. 

Morning fn«reie», daily diaeipline. 

TEW every morning is the love 
' Our wakening and uprising prove ; 
Through sleep and darkness safelv brought. 
Restored to life, and power, and thought. 

5 New mercies, each returning day, 
Hover around us while we pray; 
New perils past, new sins forgiven. 
New thoughts of God, new hopes of heaven. 

3 If on our daily course our mind 
Be set to hallow all we find, 
New treasures still of countless price 
God will provide for sacrifice. 

4 The trivial round, the common task, 
Will fumish all we ought to ask, — 
Room to deny ourselves, a road 
To bring us daily nearer God. 

6 Only, O Lord, in thy dear love 
Fit us for perfect rest above ; 
And help us this, and ever>' day. 
To live more nearly as we pray. 


104 L. M. 

Mominy and tvening mereiet, 
Ood, how endless is th^ love 1 
TTiy ififts are every evening new ; 
And morning' merclea from above, 
O'eatly dittill like early dew. 



8 Thou spread'st the curtains of the night, 
Great Guardian of my sleepiug hoon ; 

Thy sovereign word restores the light. 
And quickens all my drowsy powers. 

3 I yield my powers to thy command ; 
To thee I consecrate my days ; 

Perpetual blessings from thy nand 
Demand perpetual songs of praise. 


^^^ Evening kpmn. ^^• 

riLOKY to thee, my God. this night, 
^^ For all the blessings of the light: 
Keep me, O keep me, King of kings. 
Beneath the shadow of thy wings. 

S Forgive me. Lord, for thy dear Son, 
The iU which I this day have done : 
That with the world, myself, and thee, 
I, ere I sleep, at peace may be. 

8 Teach me to live, that I may dread 
The grave as little as my bed ; 
Teach me to die, that so I may 
Rise glorious at the judgment-day. 

4 O let my soul on thee repoee. 

And mav sweet sleep mine eyelids close ; 
Sleep, wnich shall me more vigorons mak 
To serve my God, when I awuie. 


5 Lordj let mv soul forever share 
The bliss of tny paternal care : 
'Tis heaven on earth, 'tis heaven above. 
To see thy face, and sing thy love; 


lOO Morning Xyam. ^' ^ 

A WAKE, my soul, and with the sua 
■^^ Thy daily stage of duty run : 
Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise 
To pay thy morning tacnnce. 

3 Wake, and lift up thyself, my heart. 
And with the angels bear ihy part. 
Who all night long unwearied sing 
High praises to the eternal King. 

8 All praise to thee, who safe hast kept. 
And hast refreshed me while I dept : 
Grant, Lord, when I trom death diaU wake, 
I may of endless life partake. 

4 Lord, I my vows to thee renew : 
Disperse my sins as morning dew ; 
Guard my first springs of thought and will. 
And with thyself my spirit fill. 

5 Direct, control, suggest, thik day, 
All I design, or do, or say ; 

That all my powers, with all their mi(rht, 
In thy sole glory may unite. 



Morning prayer. 

L. Ba. 

"W'OW dotb the sun ascend the sky, 
■^^ And wake creation with its ray ; 
Keep us from sin, O Lord most high, 
Through all the actions of the day. 

S Curb thou for us the unruly tongue ; 

Teach us the way of peaee to prise { 
And clow OUT e^M against tiie tnrong 

Of e«Tih!*» «>mot\An% -<t«B\\X«u 

rpHUS Iti Iha Uid bith M mi on 

-■■ Thai^hlipawHpnlQDgimy <Uti; 

Bat ^1 f^rflTH iflj fchULH p*A, 

Th«U WUcbhl laidom rgpud m^ bad. 

"** ti.«p.^a™i,. >-"■"■ 


W™^ ib.'.ulo/mj.' '"' 
Aid wldi pToclilnu tS UiU'i pnli^ 

"3 ».„»,..,. .-". 


8 Lord, keep as safe this ni^ht, 

Secure from all our fears ; 
May angels guard us while we sleep, 

IMll morning light appears. 

4 And when we early rise. 

And view the unwearied sun, 
May we set out to win the prise, 

^d after glory run. 

6 And when our days are past. 
And we from time remove, 

O may we in thy bosom rest, 
The bosom of thy love. 



Protection invoked. 


TN mercy, Lord, remember me. 
-*- Through all the hours of nignt, 
And grant to me most graciously 

The safeguard of thy might. 
S With cheerful heart I close mine eyes. 

Since thou wilt not remove ; 
O in the morning let me rise 

Rejoicing in thy love. 
3 Or if this night should prove my last. 

And end my transient daj-s, 
Lord, take me to thy promised rest, 

Wnere I may sing thy praise. 


^^^ Memorust of the dead. ®» '^' 

SILENTLY the shades of evening 
Oather round my lowly door ; 
Silently they bring before me 
Faces I shall see no more. 

9 O the lost, the nnforgotten, 
Though the world be oft forgot I 

O the snrouded and the lonely, 
In our hearts they perish not I 

8 Living in the silent hours. 
Where our spirits only blend. 

They, unlinked with earthly trouble. 
We, Btill hoping for iu end. 

4 How soch holy memories clmtcr, 
Like the stars when storms are put, 

Pointing up to that fair heaven 
We may hope to gain at last. 



Tnut in Ood*t care. 


QAVIOUR, breathe an evening blessing, 
^ Ere repose our spirits seal ; 
Sin and want we come confessing ; 
Thou canst save and thou canst neal. 

S Thongh destruction walk arovnd at. 
Though the arrows past os fly. 

Angel guards from thee sarround os ; 
We are safe, if thou art nigh. 

8 Though the night be dark and dresuy, 
Darkness cannot hide ttcm thae ; 

Thou art he who, never weary, 
Watchest where thy people be. 

4 Should swift death this night overtake ii% 
And our cooch become our tomb, 

May the mom in heaven awake ns. 
Clad in light and deathless bloom. 

iir - 

Communion wiA Ood. '* 

QOFTLY now the light of day 
^ Fades upon our sight away ; 
Free from care, from labor free, 
Lord, we would commune with thee. 

2 Thou- whose all-pervading eye 
Naught escapes, without, within. 

Pardon each infirmity. 
Open fault, and secret sin. 

3 Soon from us the light of day 
Shall forever pass away ; 
Then, from sin and sorrow ftree. 
Take us. Lord, to dwell with the*. 




118 8, 7, 7. 

The Apoatle** Creed. 

W~E all believe in one true God, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Strong Deliverer iu our need. 

Praised by all the heavenly host. 
By whose mighty power alone 
AJl is made, and wrought, and done. 

f Aod we believe fa Jesus Christ, 
Soa ofntAa and Son of God ; 


Who. to raise ns up to heaven, 

Lert his throne and bore our load; 
By whose cross and death are we 
Rescued from our misery. 

3 And we confess the Holy Ghost, 
Who from both forever flows ; 

Who upholds and comforts as 
In the midst of fears and woes. 

Blest and holy Trinity, 

PT«\ie shaW »7« \m btow^ht to thee I 


^^^ Divine emdeaeetuiim. ^' '*' ^• 

GOOD, of good the onfathomed sea ! 
Who would not give bis heart to 
Who would not love thee with hU 
O JeaaB, lover of mankind, 
Who would not his whole soul and mind, 
With all hi> strength, to thee unite t 

8 Thou shin'st with everlasting rays ; 
Before the tnsufTerable blaze 

Ansels with both wings veil their eyes ; 
Yet free as air thy Iraunty streams ; 
On all thy works thy mercy's beams, 

Dif^ive as thy sun's, arise. 

3 Astonished at thy frowning brow. 
Earth, hell, and heaven's strong pillars 


Terrible mi^esty is thine 1 
Who then can that vast love express 
Which bows thee down to me, — who less 

Than nothing am, till thou art mine t 

4 High throned on heaven's eternal hill. 
In number, weight, and measure, still 

Thou sweetly orderest all that is ; 
And yet thou deign'st to come to me, 
And gruide my steps, that I, with thee 

Entnroned, may reign in endless bliss. 




Te Deum taudamtu. 

C M. 

OOOD, we praise thee, and confess 
That thou the only Lord 
And everlasting Father art. 
By all the earth adored. 

S To thee all angels cry aloud ; 

To thee the powers on high, 
Both cherubim and seraphim. 

Continually do cry ; 

8 " O holy, holy, holy Lord, 
Whom heavenly hosts obey. 

The world is with the glory filled 
Of thy miyeetic sway." 

4 The apostles' glorious company. 
And prophets crowned with light, 

With ail tne martyrs' noble host. 
Thy constant praise recite. 

5 The holy Church throughout the 

O Lord, confesses thee, 
That thou eternal Father art. 
Of boundless uugesty. 


131 CM. 

One God in Thr^, penone. 

HAIL, Father, Son, and Holy Ohost, 
One Ood in Persons Three ; 
Of thee we make our joyful boast, 
And homage pay to tnee. 

9 ProMBt alike in every place, 
ny Oodhead we adon : 

Beyond the Iwunds of time and space 
Thou dwellest evermore. 

3 In wisdom infinite tbon art. 
Thine eye doth all things see ; 

And every thought of every heart 
Is fuUy known to thee. 

4 Thou lov'st whatever thy hands have 

Thy goodness we rehearse. 
In shinlnK characters displayed 
Throughout the universe. 

5 Wherefore let every creature give 
To thee the praise designed ; 

But chiefly. Lord, the thanks receive, 
The hearts, of all mankind. 


133 CM. 

AU Thy umrta thall praiee tkee. 
Ps. 145 : 10. 
nPHERE seems a voice in every gale, 
•*- A tongue in every flower, 
Whicb tells, O Lord,* the wondrous tale 

Of thy almighty power : 
The birds, thM rise on quivering wing, 

Proclaim their Maker's praise, 
And all the mingling sounds of spring 

To thee an antnem raise. 

9 Shall I be mute, great God, alone 

'Midst nature's loud acclaim t 
Shall not my heart, with answering 

Breathe forth thy holy name ! 
All nature's debt is small to mine ; 

Nature shall cease to be ; 
Thou gavest— -proof of love divine — 

Immortal life to me. 

MB«. AMSLIA oris. 



C M. 

T ORD, all I am is known to thee ; 
■*^ In vain my soul would try 
To shun thy presence, or to flefe 
The notice of thine eye. 

9 Thy all-surrounding sight surveys 

My rising and my rest^ 
My public walks, my private ways. 

The secrets of my breast. 

8 My thoughts lie open to thee. Lord, 
Before they 're formed within ; 

And ere my lips pronounce the word. 
Thou know'st tne sense I mean. 

4 O wondrous knowledge, deep and high I 

Where can a creature aide f 
Within thy circling arms I lie, 

Beset on every side. 

6 So let thy grace surround me stiU, 

And like a Dulw«sk.'^N«> 
To goaxd. m.^ waJk. Itom. «v«rs V^> 

&ecux«d'by •oN«t*\^EB.Vi''*. 


184 c* **• 

The AtUhor of evety per/eft gift. 

FATHER, to thee my K>al I lift j 
My soul on thee depends ; 
Convinced that erery perfect gift 
From thee alone descends. 

8 Mercy and grace are thine alone, 

And power and wisdom too : 
Without the Spirit of thy Son, 

We nothing good can do. 
t We cannot speak one useful word. 

One holy thought conceive, 
Unless, in answer to our Lord, 

Thyself the blessing give. 

4 His blood demands the purchased grace : 
His blood's availing plea 

Obtained the help for all our race. 
And sends It down to me. 

5 Prom thee, through Jesus, we receive 
The power on thee to call, 

In whom we are, and move, and live ; 
Onr God is all in all. 


OGOD, thy power is wonderful. 
Thy glory passing bright ; 
Thy wisdom, with iU deep on deep, 

A rapture to the sight. 
S I see thee in the eternal years 

In glory all alone, 
Ere round thine uncreated fires 

Created light had shone. 
8 I see thee walk in Eden's shade, 

I see thee all through time ; 
Thy patience and compassion seem 

New attributes sublime. 

4 I see thee when the doom is o'er, 
And outworn time is done. 

Still, still incomprehensible, 
O God, yet not alone. 

5 Angelic spirits, countless wuls, 
Of thee have drunk their fill ; 

And to eternity will drink 
Thy joy and glory still. 

6 O little heart of mine I shall pain 
Or sorrow make thee moan, 

When all this God is all for thee, 
A Father all thine own ! 

Ii« M« 

3 Unchangeable, all-perfect Lord, 
Essentiu life's unbounded sea, 

What lives and moves, lives by thy word ; 
It lives, and moves, and U, from thee. 

4 High is thy power above all height; 
Whate'er thy vrill decrees is done ; 

Thy wisdom, equal to thy might, 
Only to thee, O God, is known 1 



TTudom, (oM, powtr. 

THINE, Lord, is wisdom, thine alone ; 
Justice and truth before thee stand : 
Yet, nearer to thy sacred throne, 
Mercy withholds thy lifted hand. 

2 Each evening shows thy tender lore ; 
Each rising morn thy plenteous grac|^ 

Thy wakened wrath doth slowly movt; 
Thy willing mercy flies apace. 

3 To thy benign, indulgent care, 
Father, this light, this breath, we owe; 

And all we have, and all we are. 
From thee, great Source of being, flow, 

4 Thrice Holy I thine the kingdom is. 
The power omnipotent is thine ; 

And when created nature dies. 
Thy never-ceasing glories shine. 


IQ® Immanwl, GodwUku*. ^ ^^ 
"INTERNAL depth of love divine, 
^ In Jesus, God with us, displayed ; 
How bright thy beaming glories shine! 
How wide thy healing streaou are 
spread 1 

2 With whom dost thou delight to dwell! 
Sinners, a vile and thankless race I 

O God, what tongue aright can tell 
How vast thy love, how great thy 

3 The dictates of thy sovereign will 
With joy our grateful hearts receive ; 

All thy delight in us fulfill ; 
Lo, all we are to thee we give. 

4 To thy sure love, thy tender care, 
Our flesh, soul, spirit, we resign; 

O fix thy sacred presence there, 
And seal the abode forever thine. 



U30 riRBT PART. 

J%e Utuearekable. 

OGOD, thou bottomless abyss ! 
Thee to perfection who can know! 
O height immense! what words suffice 
Thy countless attributes to show! 

S Greatness unspeakable Is thine ; 

O/watness, whose undiminished nj. 
Whan sbort-livad worlds are lost, shall 

abloe, . . 

Wb«n emrtb and hemven are fled away. 


For the grace of the JTofy Trinity. 

BLEST Spirit, one with God above, 
Thou source of life and holy love, 
O cheer us with thy sacred beams. 
Refresh ns vrith thy plenteoos stream*. 

2 O may our lips confess thy name, 
Our holy lives thy power proclaim ; 
W\t\i love AWVn* omi hearts inspire, 
A&4 ftU u» w\Vh. ttil "^oV^ ***». 


8 O holy Father, holy Son, 
And Holy Spirit, Three in One, 
Thy grftoe d«Toatly we implore ; 
Thy OMD* be praieed for evermore. 


^^^ IneomprtleiuibU glory, ^' *** 

GOD it the name my sool adores, 
The almighty Three, th« eternal One : 
Nature and grace, with all their power*, 
Confeu the Infinite Unknown. 

9 Thy voice produced the sea and spheres. 
Bade the waves roar, the planets shine : 

Bat nothing like thyself appears 
Tbrongfa all these spacious works of 

3 Still restless nature dies and grows ; 
From change to change the creatures 

Thy being no snceession knows, 
And all thy vast designs are one. 

4 A glance of thine runs through the glebe, 
R^es the bright worlds, and moves their 

Of lif ht thou form'st thy dazzling robe ; 
Thy ministers are living flame. 

5 How shall polluted mortals dare 
To sing thy glory or th v grace t 

Beneath thy feet we lie afar, 
And see but shadows of thy face. 

6 Who can behold the biasing light t 
Who can approach consuming flame f 

None but thy wisdom knows thy might ; 
Noae but toy word can speak thy name. 


TTOLY as thou, O Lord, is none ; 
^^ Thy holiness is all thine own ; 
A drop of that unbounded sea 
Is ours,^« drop derived from thee : 

8 And when thy purity we share. 
Thine only glory we declare ; 
And, hnmoled into nothing, own. 
Holy and pure Is Qod alone. 

3 Sole, self-existing God and Lord, 
By all thy heavenly hosts adored. 
Let all on earth bow down to thee. 
And own thy peerless miyesty : 

4 Thy power unparalleled confess, 
Estaluiuied on the rock of peace ; 
The rock that never shall remove. 
The rock of pure, almighty love. 


133 L. M. 

From ntrltuting to tvtrUuting. 

ERE mountaitu reared their forms sub- 
Or heaven and earth in order stood, 
Before the btrtb ot ancient time, 
From orwhuting thou art Ood. • 

9 A thousand ages, in their flight, 
With thee are as a fleeting <uy ; 

Past, present, future, to thy sight 
At once their various scenes display. 

8 But our brief life's a shadowy dream, 
A passing thought, that soon is o'er, 

That fades with morning's earliest beam. 
And fills the musing mind no more. 

4 To us, O Lord, the wisdom give 
Each passing moment so to spend. 

That we at length with thee may live 
Where life and bliss shall never end. 



Omnipattnet and wudom. 

L. aim 

COME, O mv soul, in sacred lays, 
Attempt tny great Creator's praise : 
But O what tongue can speak his fame! 
What mortal verse can reach the theme t 

2 Enthroned amid the radiant spheres, 
He glory like a garment wears ; 

To form a robe of light divine. 

Ten thousand suns around him shine. 

3 In all (Ar Maker's mnd designs, 
Omnipotence, with wisdom, shines; 

His works, through all this wondrous flrama, 
Declare the glory of his name. 

4 Raised on devotion's lofty wing, 
Do thou, my soul, his elories sing ; 
And let his praise employ thy tongue, 
Till listening worlds shall join the song. 


^^^ Tk4 Lord u King. ^ ^• 

THE Lord is Klnel lift up thy voice, 
O earth, and all ye heavens, rejoice! 
From world to world the joy shall ring, 
The Lord omnipotent is King. 

3 The Lord is King! child of the dust. 
The Judge of all the earth is just *, 
Holy and true are all his ways : 

Let every creature speak his praise. 

5 He reigns ! ye saints, exalt your strains ; 
Your Clod is King, your Father reigns ; 
And he is at the Father's side. 

The Man of love, the Crucified. 

4 Come, make your wants, your burdens 

He will present them at the throne ; 
And angel bands are waiting there 
His messages of love to bear. 

5 O when his wisdom can mistake, 
His might decay, his love forsake, 
Then may his cnlldren cease to sing, 
The Lord omnipotent is King. 


13o A_ • L. M. 


LORD of all 1»\tv^\ >XvTai«^ %\».t. 
Thy gVory ^wn«* ttom vwv »»«k. *»% 
Center aaA «>u\ ot ftverj «^«*'. . 
Yet io eac^ \ov\BiV«w\^crw ti*w\ 

(ked« DD «ir ludi iSt tiftw of l£y 1 

Onlbolj fl|1il,°i»> hmtml) flu 

HolT, bolj, hdi, miolfBl ul mlfUr, 
God Id Tbrt* P«rwB4, UvHd TrinlL; 1 

isr j^ „,,,,„ 

Along Itii ralnu of appar dij. 

13S L.I1. 

AM DLgbilj, U iAV lEiHliLDKHrlh, ' 

I WhAl IIiotirIi in Klwm ■EI«k« in 
Movo loimd Iho diuk HnwcW l»Ut 


C«-«qu»l> oo-otHB^ ^"V_„ 
kbo*Kh relgniElMglBdTaitu^j 


9 O tell of hit might, and Bing of hi« grace, 
WhoM robe i« Uie light, whoM canopy 

Hit ehtiriota of wrath the deep thonder- 

clouda form, 
And darlE is his path on the winga of the 


8 Thy boantifol care what tongne oan 

It breathes in the air, it shines in the light, 
It streams from the hills, it descends to the 

And sweetly distills in the dew and the rain. 

4 Fndl children of dost, and feeble as frail. 
In thee do we trust, nor find thee to fail : 
Thy mercies how tender! how firm to the 

Onr Maker, Defmder, Redeemer, and 


141 10 11 

Tk« Lord ntiU frvtid4. *"»"• 

THOUGH troubles assail, and dangers af- 
Though mends should all fail, and foes all 

Tet one thing secures as, whatever betide. 
The promise assures us, "The L<Hrd will 

5 The birds, wtthout bam or store-hene, 

are fed; 
From them let us learn to trust for our bread : 
His sainU what is fitting shall ne'er be 

So long as 'tU written, *'The Lord will 


8 When Satan appears to stop up our pa{h, 
And fills us with fears, we triumph by faith ; 
He eannot take from us, though oft he has 

The heart-cheering promise, " The Lord will 


4 He tdls as we're weak, onr hope Is in 

The good that we seek we ne*er sljall obtain : 
But when such suggestions our graces have 

This answers all questions, ^The Lord will 


5 No strength of our own, mer goednets we 

Our trust is all thrown on Jesus*8 name : 
In this onr strong tower for safety we hide ; 
ITie Lord is our power, " The Lord will pro- 

6 When life sinks apace, and death Is in 

The word of his grace shall comfort ns 

through : 
Net fearing or doubting, with Christ or onr 

We hope to die shouting, ** The Lord will 



143 H.M. 

Wondrout eondtteention. 
nnHE Lord Jehovah reigns. 
-*- His throne is built on high | 
The garments he assumes 
Are light and majesty: 
His glories shine writh beams so brighl^ 
No mortal eye can bear the sight. 

3 The thunders of his hand 
Keep the wide world in awe; 

His wrath and justice stand 
To guard bis noly law; 
And where his love resolves to bleak, 
His truth confirms and seals the graoa. 

8 Through all his mighty wwks 

Amasing wisdom shines ; 
Confounds the powers of hell. 
And all their dark designs : 
Strong is his arm, and shall fulfill 
His great decrees and sovereign will. 

4 And will this sovereign King 
Of glory condescend, 

And will ne write his name. 
My Fathor and my Friend! 
I love nls name, 1 love his word; 
Join all my powers to praise the Lord. 


*''*^ !%€ dtangeltn JfHend. *• 
nPHIS God is the God we adore, 
■^ Our faithful, unchangeable friend. 
Whose love is as great as his power, 
And neither luiows raeasare nor end: 

S 'Tis Jesus, the first and the last. 
Whose Spirit shaU guide us safe home; 

We *li praise him for all that is past, 
And trust him for all that 's to come. 


"^^^ Praite U, A* Trinitf. ''»•'• 
TTOLY, holy, holy Lord, 
'-'■ God of hosts, eternal King, 
By the heavens and earth adored ; 

Angels and archangels sing, 
Chanting everlastingly 
To the bleesed Trinity. 

JS Since by thee were all thluj^s made, 
And in thee do all things live. 

Be to thee ail honor paid ; 
Praise to thee let aU things give. 

Singing everlastingly 

To the blessed Triiilty. 

3 Thousands, tens of thousands, stand, 
Spirits blest, before the .throne. 

Speeding thence at thy commana, 

And, when thy commands are done, 
Singing everlastingly 
To the blessed Trinity. 

4 Cherubim and seraphim 

Veil their faces witn their wing»^ 
Eyes of angels at« \oq &\\a 
To \>eYi«AA t^vo ¥Au% «i Vv.^\e,v, 

To the b\es4eA TTVaVVj. 


6 Thee apostlei, propheU thee, 
Thee the noble martyr band. 

Praise with solemn jubilee, 
Thee, the Church in every land ; 

Singing everlastingly 

To the blessed Trinity. 

6 Hallelujah I Lord, to thee, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ; 

Godhead One. and Persons Three ; 
Join us witn the heavenly host, 

Singing everlastingly 

To the blessed Trinity. 




Worahip the Creator. 

LET as with a gladsome mind 
Praise the Lord, for he is kind, 
For his mercies shall endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 
Let us sound his name abroad. 
For of gods he is the God, 
Who by wisdom did create 
Heaven's expanse and all its state ; 

S Did the solid earth ordain 
How to rise above the main ; 
Who, by his commanding might, 
FlUed tne new-made world with light: 
Caused the golden-tressM sun 
All the day bis course to run ; 
And the moon to shine by night, 
'Mid her spangled sisters bright. 

3 All his creatures God doth feed, 
His full hand supplies their need ; 
He hath with a pitving eye 
Looked upon our misery : 
Let us, therefore, warble forth 
His high minesty and worth, 
For his mercies shall endure. 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 


i4e C.M. 

Olory, meref, grae«. 

FATHER, how wide thy glory shines. 
How high thy wonders rise ! 
Known through the earth by thousand 

By thousands through the skies. 

2 Those mighty orbs proclaim thy power ; 
Their motions speak thy skill : 

And on the wings of every hour 
We read thy patience still. 

3 Part of thy name divinely stands 
On all thy creatures writ ; 

They show the labor of thy hands. 
Or Impress of thy feet : 

4 But when we view thy strange design 
To save rebellious worms, 

Where vengeance and compassion join 
Ja their dJrinest forms ; 

S Here the whole Deity ia known, 
IVer daree s creature ruess 

Which of the glories brighter shone, 
The justice or the grace. 

6 Now the full glories of the Lamb 
Adorn the heavenly plains ; 

Bright seraphs leam Immanuel's name, 
i/uid try uieir choicest strains. 

7 O may I bear some humble part 
In that immortal song ! 

Wonder and joy shall tune my heart. 
And love command my tongue. 



Majeaty and lota of Ood. 


l^fT God, how wonderful thou art, 
■"■*• Thy majesty how bright. 
How beautiful tny mercy-seat 

Thy majesty how bright, 

.. .V beautiful tny mercy-seat 

In depths of burning light ! 

9 How dread are thine eternal years, 

O everlasting Lord, 
By prostrate spirits day and night 

Incessantly adored ! 

3 How beautiful, how beautiful. 
The sight of tbee must be, 

Thine endless wisdom, boundless power. 
And awful purity ! 

4 O how I fear thee, living God, 
With deepest, tenderest fears, 

And worship thee with trembling hope. 
And penitential tears. 

5 Yet I may love thee too, O Lord, 
Almighty as thou art ; 

For thou hast stooped to ask of me 
The love of my poor heart. 

6 No earthly father loves like thee. 
No mother half so mild 

Bears and forbears, as thou hast done 
With me, thy sinful child. 

7 Father of Jesus, love's reward I 
What rapture will it be. 

Prostrate before thy throne to lie. 
And gaze, and gaze on thee ! 


148 8, 7. 

Ood'a glory in eraation and redamption. 

MIGHTY God 1 while angels bless thee. 
May a mortal lisp thy name ? 
Lord of men, as well as angels. 

Thou art every creature's theme : 
Lord of evoiy land and nation, 

Ancient of eternal days ! 
Sounded through the wide creation 
Be thy just and awful praise. 

2 For the grandeur of thy nature. 

Grand beyond a seraph's thought ; 
For the wonders of creation. 

Works with skill and kindness wrought ; 
For thy providence, that governs 

Through thine empire's wide domain, 
Wings an anseV, fuVdes a sparrow ; 
1 Blesaed >)«\\iy ^ivV\« Te\\gtt\ 


8 For thy rich, thy free redemption, 

Bright, thoagh veiled in daricneu long, 
Thought is poor, and poor expression ; 

Who can sing that wondrous song! 
Briehtness of the Father's glory 1 

shall thy praise unuttered liel 
Break, my tongue, such guilty silence, 

Sing the Lord who came to die : — 

4 From the highest throne of glory, 

To the cross of deepest woe, 
Came to ransom guilty captives : 

Flow, my praise, forever flow 1 
Re-ascend, immortal Saviour ; 

Leave thy footstool, take thy throne ; 
Thence return and reign forever : 

Be the kingdom all thine own I 




The widentu of OotPtmerejf. 
rpHERE 'S a wideness in God's mercy, 
-*- Like the wideness of the sea : 
There 's a kindness in his justice. 
Which is more than liberty. 

9 There is welcome for the sinner, 
And more graces for the good ; 

There is mercy with the Saviour; 
There is heuing in his blood. 

S For the love of Gk>d is broader 
Than the measure of man's mind ; 

And the heart of the Eternal 
Is most wonderfully kind. 

4 If our love were but more simple. 
We should take him at his word ; 

And our lives would be all sunshine 
In the sweetness of our Lord. 


ISO 8.7. 

UfieAanginff wiadom and lovt. 

GOD is love ; his mercy brightens 
All the path in which we rove ; 
Bliss he wakes and woe he lightens ; 
God is wisdom, God is love. 

5 Chance and change are busy ever ; 
Man decays, and ages move ; 

But his mercy wanetn never ; 
God is wisdom, God is love. 

8 E'en the hour that darkest seemeth. 
Will his changeless ^dneis prove ; 

From the gloom bis brightness streameth, 
God is wisdom, God is love. 

4 He with earthly cares entwinetli 
Hope and comfort from above ; 

Every-where his glory shineth; 
Ctod is wisdom, God is love. 


5 Reb61, ve waves, and o'er the land 
With tnreatening aspect roar ; 

The Lord uplifts his awful hand. 
And chains you to the shore. 

3 Ye winds of night, your force combine ; 
Without his hifh behest, 

Ye shall not, in tne mountain pine, 
Disturb the sparrow's nest. 

4 His voice sublime is heard afar : 
In distant peals it dies ; 

He yokes the whirlwind to his car. 
And sweeps the howling skies. 

6 Ye ^ons of earth, in reverence bend ; 
Ye nations, wait his nod ; 

And bid the choral song ascend 
To celebrate our God. 

H. XIBKB WHrrc. 

ISS Tke Lord i. Kin,. <^- **' 

THE Lord descended from above, 
And bowed the heavens most high. 
And underneath his feet he cast 
The darkness of the sky. 

9 On cherubim and seraphim 

Full royally he rode, 
And on tne winn of mighty winds 

Came flying all abroad. 

3 He sat serene upon the floods, 
Their fury to restrain ; 

And he, as sovereign Lord and King, 
For evermore shall reign. 

4 Give glory to his awful name, 
And honor him alone ; 

Give worship to his majesty 
Upon his holy throne. 



Praimfrom. all ertation. 

C. M. 

'■^'- Majutf and providtne*. 

THE Lord our God is clothed with might. 
The winds obey his will ; 
He speaks, and in hjs heavenly netgni 
Tb» rolling Mun Btands (till. 

PRAISE ye the Lord, ye immortal ohoirs 
That fill the worlds above ; 
Praise him who formed you of his fires. 
And feeds you with his love. 

8 Shine to his praise, ye crystal skies. 

The floor of his al>ode ; 
«0r. veil in shades your thousand eyes 

Before your brighter God. 

8 Thou restless globe of golden light, 
Whose 1>eams create our days. 

Join with the silver queen of night. 
To own your borrowed rays. 

4 Thunder and hail, and fire and storms. 
The troops of his oonimand, 

Appear in all your dreadful forms, 
And speak his awful hand. 

5 Shout to the Lord, ye surging sens, 
In your eternal roar; 

Let wave to wave resound his praise. 
And shore reply to shore. 

6 Thus while the meaner creatures sing. 
Ye mortals, catch th« «VQX!k&\ 

Echo \.Yi* Aot\%» ol -^wM YJv-wi 







154 _, . CM. 

Oooan«*» and tnerep. 

LET erery ton^e thy goodnen speak, 
Thou •overeign Lord of all ; 
Thy strengthening hands uphold the weak, 
And raise the poor that tall. 

9 When sorrows bow the spirit down. 

When virtue lies distressed, 
Beneath the proad oppressor's frown, — 

Thou giv'st the mourner rest. 

8 Thou know'st the pains thy servants feel, 
Thou hear'st thy* children's cry ; 

And their best wishes to fulfill, 
Thy grace is ever nigh. 

4 Thy mercy never shall remove 

From mmi of heart sincere : 
Thou sav'st the souls whose humble love 

Is joined with holy fear. 

B My lips shall dwell upon thy praise, 

And spread thy fame abroad ; 
Let all the sons of Adam raise 

The honors of their God. 


155 -« M J C.M. 
T%« tmgtlte guard. 

WHICH of the monarchs ot the earth 
Can boact a guard like ours, 
Encircled from our second birth 
With all the heavenly powers! 

3 Myriads of bright, cherubic bands, 

Sent by the King of kings, 
Rejoice to bear us in their hands, 

And shade us with their wings. 

3 Angels, where'er we go. attend 
Our steps, whatever betide ; 

With watchful care their charge defend, 
And evil turn aside. 

4 Our lives those holy angels keep 
From every hostile power ; 

And, nnooncemed, we sweetly sleep, 
As Adam in his bower. 

6 And when onr spirits we resign. 
On outstretched wings they bear, 

And lodge us in the arms divine. 
And leave us ever there. 



The twenty-third Pialm. 


THE Lord 's my Shepherd, I '11 not want : 
He makes me down to lie 
In pastures green ; he leadeth i^e 
The quiet waters by. 

9 My soul he doth restore again ; 

And me to walk doth make 
Within the paths of righteousness. 

E'en for his own name's sake. 

3 Yea, though I walk through death's dark 

Yet vrill I fMu-noiU; 
For tbon art with me, and thy rod 
AMti Bttiffme comfort atiJJ. 

4 A table thou hast furnished me 

In presence of my foes ; 
My head thou dost with oil anoiaty 

And my cup overflows. 

6 Goodness and mercy all my life 

Shall surely follow me ; 
And in God's house for evermore 

My dwelling-place shall be. 


157" - . . . . ,,. _ CM. 

Rejoicing in dehveranee, 

r\ THOU, who, when we did complain, 
^-^ Didst all our griefs remove, 
O Saviour, do not now disdain 
Onr humble praise and love. 

9 Since thou a pitying ear didst give, 

And hear us when we prayed, 
We '11 ci^l upon thee while we live, 

And never doubt thy aid. 

3 Pale death, with all his ghastly train, 
Onr souls encompassed round ; 

Anguish, and sin, and dread, and pain, 
On every side we found. 

4 To thee, O Lord of life, we prayed. 
And did for succor flee : 

" O save," in our distress we said, 
" The souls that trust in thee." 

5 How good thou art I how large thy grace I 
How ready to forgive ! 

Thy mercies crown onr fleeting days ; 
And by thy love we live. 

6 Our eyes no longer drowned in tears, 
Our feet from falling free, 

Redeemed from death and guilty fears, 
Lord, we '11 live to thee. 


158 _- . CM. 

ZVM eure re/ttge. 

n^HERE U a safe and secret place 
^ Beneath the wines dirine. 
Reserved for all the neirs of (prace ; 
O be that refuge mine I 

9 The least and feeblest there may bide, 

Uninjured and unawed ; 
While thousands fall on every side. 

He rests secure in Qod. 

3 The angels watch him on his way, 
And aid with friendly arm ; 

And Satan, roaring for his prey. 
May hate, but cannot harm. 

4 He feeds in pastures large and fkir 
Of love and truth divine : 

O child of God, O glory's heir. 
How rich a lot is thtce ! 

5 A hand almighty to defend. 
An ear for every call, 

An honored life, a peaceful end. 
And ^cKveu V> ciowu it all ! 


2%e onlf mmrce of ble$tiHg. 

JEHOVAH, God, thy gneiou poww 
On every hand we see ; 
O may the Dlening* of each honr 
Lead all our thoughts to thee. 

S If on the wings of mom we speed, 

To earth's remotest bound, 
Thy hand will there oar foosteps lead. 

Thy love oar path sorronnd. 

8 Thy power is in the ocean deeps. 

And reaches to the skies ; 
Thine eye of mercy never sleeps. 

Thy goodness never dies. 

4 From mom till noon — ^till latest eve, 

Thy hand, O Ood, we see ; 
And all the blessings we receive. 

Proceed alone frqia thee. 

toaat TBoauoN. 



\y» III* 

"1X7 HEN all thy meroies, O my Ood, 

<^~ My rislnr soal surveys. 
Transported with the view, I 'm lost 
In wonder, love, and praise. 

5 O how can words with equal warmth 
The sratitode declare. 

That glows within mv ravished heart! 
But thon canst read it there. 

8 To all my weak complaints and cries. 

Thy mercy lent an ear, 
Ere yet my feeble thoughts had learned 

To form thomaelvas in prayer. 

4 When in the slippery paths of youth. 

With heedless steps I ran. 
Thine arm, unseen, conveyed me safe. 

And led me up to man. 

B Thtoogh hidden dangers, tolls, and 

It gently cleared my way ; 
And through the pleasing suAres of vice, 

More to he feared than they. 

6 Through every period of my life 
Thy goodness I 'II pursue ; 

And after death, in distant worlds, 
The pleasing theme renew. 

1 Through all eteraitv to thee 

A natefnl song I '11 raise ; 
But O, eternity 's too short 

To nttef all thy praise*. 




r«rt<y, tkou art a Ood ikat kidttt tkvidf. 

Isa. 45 : 15. 
ri OD moves in a mysterions way 
^-^ His wonders to perform ; 
He plants his footsteps in the sea, 
And rides upon the storm. 

S De^ in unfathomable mines 

Of never-failine skill, 
He treasures up his bright designs, 

And woiirs bla sovereign will. 

8 Ye fearfU saints, fresh courage take : 
The clouds ye so much dreaif 

Are bis with mercy, and shall break 
In bKssings on your head. 

4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, 
But trust him for his rrace ; 

Behind a frownine providence 
He hides a smiling face. 

5 His purposes vrill ripen fast. 
Unfolding every hour : 

The bud may have a bitter taste. 
But sweet will be the flower. 

6 Blind unbelief is sure to err, 
And scan his work in vain : 

God is his own interpreter. 
And he will make it plain. 


Crowning God tnth praite. 
XTINGDOMS and thrones to God belong ; 
^^ Crown him, yo nations, in your song : 
His wondrous names and powers rehearse ; 
His honors shall enrich your verse. 

9 He shakes the heavens with loud alarms; 
How terrible is God in arms I 
In Israel are his mercies known, 
Israel is his peculiar throne. 

3 Proclaim him King, pronounce him blest ; 
He 's your defense, your joy, your rest : 
When terrors rise and nations faint, 
God is the strength of every saint. 


163 L. M. 

Ood't prtwnee with kit people. 
"flTHEN Israel, of the Lord beloved, 
* * Out from the land of i>ondage came. 
Her fathers' God before her moved, 
An awful guide, in smoke and flame. 

3 By day, along the astonished lands 
Toe cloudy pillar glided slow ; 

By night, Arabia's crimsoned sands 
Returned the fiery column's glow. 

3 Thus present still, though now unseen, 
When brightly shines the prosperous day. 

Be thoughts of thee a cloudy screen. 
To temper the deceitful ray. 

4 And O, when gathers on our path, 

In shade and storm, the frequent night. 
Be thou, long-snflering, slow to wrath, 
A burning and a shining light. 

aiK WALTER acorr. 

1«^ Tk. great ^'^' 
T>EACE, troubled soul, thon need'st not 

Thy great Provider still is near ; 
Who fed thee last, will feed thee still : 
Be calm, and sink into his will. 

9 The Lord, who built the earth and sky. 
In mercy stoons to haax iVi'^ ctn \ 

\ Ask and T««ftWa Va l«i»tf T«swt. 


8 Without reserve give Christ your heart ; 
Let him hit rierhteousness linpnrt ; 
Then all things else he 'II freely give ; 
With him you all things shall receive. 
4 Thus shall the soul be truly blest, 
That seeks in Ood his only rest; 
May I that happy person be, 
In time and in eternity. 


l^S God our tkield. ^' ^' 

THE tempter to my soul hath said, 
" There is no help in God for thee : " 
Lord, lift thou up thy servant's head ; 
My glory, shield, and solace be. 

8 Thus to the Lord I raised mv cry : 
He heard me from his holy nill ; 

At his command the waves rolled by ; 
He beckoned, and the .winds were still. 

8 I laid me down and slept, — I woke ; 

Thou, Lord, my spirit didst sustain: 
Bright f^om tne east the morning broke, 

Thy comforts rose on me again. 

4 I will not fear, though armdd throngs 
Surround my steps In all their wrath ; 

Salvation to the Lord belongs ; 
His presence guards his people's path. 


^®® 6od a mighty fortreu. ®«''»®' 
A MIGHTY fortress is our God, 
■"■ A bulwark never failing : 
Our Helper he, amid the flood 

Of mortal ills prevailing. 
For still our ancient foe 
Doth seek to work us woe ; 
His craft and power are great. 
And, armed with cruel hate, 

On earth is not his equal. 

5 Did we in onr own strength confide, 
Our striving would be losing ; 

Were not the right man on our side, 
The man of Gtod's own choosing. 

Dost ask who that may be t 

Christ Jesus, it is he ; 

Lord Sabaoth is his namo. 

From age to age the same, 
And he must win the battle. 

8 And though this world, with devils filled. 

Should threaten to undo us: 
We will not fear, for God hath willed 

His truth to triumph through us. 
The Prince of darkness grim — 
I We tremble not for him ; 
I His rage we can endure, 
• For lo T his doom is sure. 

One little word shall fell him. 

4 That word above all earthlv powers — 

No thanks to them — abidetn ; 
The Spirit and the gifts are ours 

Through him who with us sideth. 
Let goods and kindred go. 
This mortal life also : 
The body they may kill : 
tfod't tnitb abideih still, 
Ui$ kiagdom It forever. 



Ood^t menengen of low. 
'T^HEY come, God's messengers of love, 
-*- They come fh>m realms of peace above, 
From homes of never-fading light. 
From blissful mansions ever bright. 

3 They come to watch around us here, 
To soothe our sorrow, calm our fear : 
Ye heavenly guides, spent not away, 
God willeth you with us to stay. 

3 But chiefly at its journey's end 
'Tis yours tne spirit to befriend. 
And whisper to the faithful heart, 

" O Christian soul, in peace depart." 

4 Blest Jesus, thou whose groans and tears 
Have sanctified frail nature's fears, 

To earth in bitter sorrow weighed, 
Thou didst not scorn thine angel's aid. 
6 An angel guard to us supply. 
When on the bed of death we lie ; 
And by thine own almighty power 

shield ns in the last dread nour. 


^®® Secanty in 6od. ^^ 

OD is onr refuge and defense ; 
In trouble our unfsiling aid : 
Secure in his omnipotence, 
What foe can make onr souls afMd t 

5 Yea, though the earth's foundations rook, 
And mountains down the gnlf be hnrled. 

His people smile amid the shock : 
They look beyond this transient world. 

8 There is a river pure and bright. 
Whose streams make glad the heaTenly 
plains ; 

Where, in eternity of light 
The city of our Gk>d remains. , 

4 Built by the word of his command. 
With his unclouded presence blest. 

Firm as his throne the onlwarka stand ; 
There is our home, our hope, our rest. 


leO ^^ Saviour't tender eare. ^ ^* 
/rj.OD of my life, whose gracious power 
^^ Through varied deaths my soulnath led. 
Or turned aside the fatal hour. 
Or lifted up my sinking head ; 

8 In all my ways thy hand I own, 

Thy ruling providence I see ; 
Assist me stul my course to run. 

And still dii-ect my paths to thee. 

3 Whither, O whither should I fly, 
But to my leving Saviour's breast! 

Secure within thine arms to He, 
And safe beneath thy wings to rest. 

4 I have no skill the snare to shun, 
But thou, O Christ, my wisdom art : 

1 ever into ruin run, 

But thou art greater than my heart. 

5 Foolish, and impotent, and blind, 
Lead me a way I have not known ; 

Bring me where I my heaven may find. 
The heaven of loving thee alone. 

CttKB,via yrBai.BT. 


' Quutnet* amd attvranee. 

TTOW do Thy marciei close me ronndl 
-*^ Forerer be thy name adored ; 
I blash in all thinsa to abound : 

The aenrant is above his Lora. 

5 Inored to poverty and pain. 

A Bufferinc life my Master led ; 
The Son of God, the Son of man, 
He had not where to lay his head. 

3 But lo I a place he hath prepared 
For me, whom watchful angels keep ; 

Yea, he himself becomes my guard ; 
He smooths my bed, and gives me sleep. 

4 Jesos protacte; my fears, be gone : 
What can the Rock of ages move t 

Safe in thy arms I lay me down. 
Thine everlasting arms of love. 

6 While thou art intimately nigh, 
Who, who shall violate my rest t 

Sin, earth, and hell I now defy : 
I lean upon my Saviour's breast. 

6 I rest beneath the Almighty's shade ; 

My niefs expire, my troubles cease ; 
Thou, Lord, on whom my soul is stayed, 

Wilt keep me still in perfect peace. 



ThepilgHmU Guid*. **• '»** 

UIDE me, O thou great Jehovah, 
Pilgrim tnrough this barren land : 


I am weak, but thou art mighty ; 
Hold me with thy powernil hand : 

Bread of heaven, 
Feed me till I want no more. 

S Open now the crystal fountain, 
lIHience the healing waters flow ; 

Let the fiery, cloudy pillar. 
Lead me all my journey through : 

Strong Deliverer, 
Be thou still my strength and shield. 

8 When I tread the verge of Jordan, 
Bid my anxious fears subside ; 

Bear me through the swelling current ; 
Land me safe on Canaan's side : 

Songs of praises 
I will ever give to thee. 


ITS _ - .^ 8. M. 

I^T soul, repeat His praise, 
■^^ Whose mercies are so great ; 
Whose anger is so slow ttf rise, 
So ready to abate. 

9 High as the heavens are raised 
Above the ground we tread, 

So far the ricnes of his grace 
Our highest thoughts exceed. 

8 His power subdues our sins, 

And his forgiving love. 
Far as the east is from the west, 

Doth all our guilt remove. 

4 The pity of the Lord, 
To those that fear his nRin(>, 

Is such as tender parents feel ; 
He Icnows our feeble frame. 

6 Our days are as the grass. 
Or like the morning flower : 

If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field 
It withers in an hour. 

6 But thy compassions. Lord, 

To endless years endure ; 
And children's children ever find 

Thy words of promise sure. 


AWAY, my needless fears. 
And douDts no longer mine ; 
A ray of heavenly light appears, 
A messenger divineJ 

9 Thrice comfortable hope, 
That calms my troubled breast ; 

My Father's hand prepared the cup, 
And what he wills is best. 

8 If what I wish is good, 
And suits the will divine, 

By earth and hell in vain withstood, 
I know it shall be mine. 

4 Still let them counsel take 

To frustrate his decree ; 
They cannot keep a blessing back, 

By Heaven designed for me. 

6 Here then I doubt no more, 

But in his pleasure rest, 
Whose wisdom, love, and truth, and 

Engage to make me blest. 


1^4 S.M. 

Through a gl<u*, darkly. 
1 Cor. 13 : 12. 
rpHY way is in the sea ; 
-*- Thy paths we cannot trace ; 
Nor solve, O Lord, the mystery 
Of thy unbounded grace. 

9 Here the dark veils of sense 
Our captive souls surround ; 

Mysterious deeps of providence 
Our wondering thoughts confound. 

3 As through a glass we see 
The wonders of thy love : 

How little do we know of tnee, 
Or of the joys above I 

4 In part we know thy will. 
And bless thee for the sight : 

Soon will thy love the rest reveal 
In glory's clearer light. 

6 With joy shall we survey 
Thy providence and grace ; 

And spend an everlasting day 
In wonder, love, and praise. 


l*^^ Delight in Gi^. ^^^' 

LORD, I delight in thee, 
And on thy care depend ; 
To thee in erery trouble flee. 

My best, my only Friend. 
S When natare'i streami are dried. 

Thy follneae it the same : 
With this will I be satisfied, 
And glory in thy name. 

8 Who made my heaven saeure. 
Will here all good provide : 

While Christ is rich, can I be poort 
What can I want beside 1 

4 I cast my care on thee ! 
I triampn and adore : 

Hencefortn my great concern shall be 
To love and please thee more. 


ira s. M. 

Tky gtfdttiuu Aoti mad* m* grtat, 
Ps. 18: 85. 

HOW gentle God's commands I 
How kind his precepts are I 
Come, cast yonr burdens on the Lord, 
Ana trust his constant care. 

5 Beneath his watchfbl eve 
His saints securely dwell ; 

That hand which bears all nattirc np 
Shall guard his children well. 

8 Why should this anxious load 
Press down your weary mind t 

Haste to your heavenly Father's throne. 
And sweet refreshment find. 

4 His goodness stands approved. 
Unchanged from day to day : 

I '11 drop my burden at his feet. 
And bear a song away. 


'^'^'^ AJIiHi<m»hUs»0d. ^^' 

HOW tender is thy hand. 
O thou most rracious Lord I 
Afllictions came at thy oomouuid. 
And left ns at thy word. 

5 How gentle was the rod 
That chastened as for sin I 

How soon we found a smiling Ood 
Where deep distress had been 1 

8 A Father's hand we felt, 

A Father's love we knew : 
'Mid tears of penitence we knelt, 

And found his promise true. 

4 Now will we bless the Lord, 
And in his strength confide : 

Forever be his name adored, 
For tiiere is none beside. 


1"^® All tAing$ in ChriM, ^'^• 
^HOU very-present Aid 
-'■ la Moifennfr and distress, 
The mind wblcb stUl on thee is stayed, 
Jm kept in perfect peace. 

9 The soul by fsith reclined 
On the Redeemer's breast, 

'Hid raging storms, exults to find 
An everlasting rest. 

8 Sorrow and fear are gone. 
Whene'er thy face appears ; 

It stills the signine orphan's moan. 
And dries the widow's tears. 

4 It hallow* tnerj cross ; 

It sweetly comforts me ; 
Makes me forget my every loss. 
And find my all m thee. 

8 Jesus, to whom I fly. 
Doth all my wishes fill ; 

What though created streams 
I have the fountain still. 

an dry! 

8 Stripped of each earthly friend, 

I find them all in one : 
And peace and ioy whicn never end. 

And heaven, in Christ alone. 


^"^^ TktlArdUmySkeflttrd. "* 

'I'^HE Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall 
"*• I know ; 
I feed in green pastures, safe-foldad I 
He kadeth my soul where the still waters 
Restores me when wandering, ledeeau 
when oppressed. 

S Through the valley and shadow of death 
though I stray. 
Since thou art my guardian, no evil I 
Thy rod shall defend me, thy staiT be my 
No harm can befiUl, with my Comforter 

3 In the midst of aflUction my tabic is 


With blessings unmeasured my cup run- 
neth o'er 
With perfume and oil thou anetntest my 

O what shall I ask of thy providence 

4 Let goodness and mercy, my bonntifU 

Still foi'low my steps till I meet thee 

above : 
I seek — by tne path which my fore&thers 

Through the land of their sojonm — ^thy 

kingdom of love. 


^®^ TktSkepkttdoflmul.^^'*^ 

IE Lord my pasture shall prepare. 
And feed me with a shepherd's care ; 

His pretence shall my wants supply. 
And guard me niWVv tk '<K«\ftVLtvi\ eye : 


My noonday walk* h« thftU attend, 
And all my midnight hoors defend. 

S Wben in the sultry glebe I fhlnt, 
Or on ^e thirsty mountain pant, 
To fertile vales and dewy meads. 
My weary, wandering steps lie leads, 
Wnere peaceful rivers, soft and slow, 
Amid the verdant landscape flow. 

8 Though in a bare and rugged way, 
Through devious, lonely wiMs I stray. 

Thy bounty shall my pains beguile, 
The barren wilderness shall smile, 
With sudden greens and herbase crowned. 
And streams shall murmur all around. 

4 Though in the paths of death I tread. 
With gloomy horrors overspread. 
My steadfkst heart shall fear no ill. 
For thou, O Lord, art with me still ; 
Thy friendly crook shall give me aid, 
And guide me through the dreadful shade. 




181 7,6. 

Tkt fhriu 'of CkrUt*t kingdom, 

HAIL, to the Lord's Anointed, 
Great David's greater Son t 
Hail, in the time appointed. 
His reign on eartn 1>egun I 
He comes to break oppression. 

To set the captive free ; 
To take away transgression. 
And rule in equity. 

S He comes with succor speedy 

To those who suflTer wrong ; . 
To help the poor and needy, 

And Did the weak be strong; 
To give them song^ for sighing. 

Their darkness turn to Tight, 
Whose souls, condemned and dying. 

Were precious in his sight. 

8 He shall descend like showers 

Upon the fruitfal earth. 
And love and joy, like flowers. 

Spring in his path to birth : 
Before him, on the mountains, 

Shall peace, the herald, go, 
And righteousness, in fountains, 

From hill to valley flow. 

4 To him shall prayer unceasing. 

And daily vows ascend ; 
Hie kingdom still increasing, 

A kii^pdom without end : 
The tide of time shall never 

His covenant remove ; 
His name shall stand forever ; 

That name to qs is Love. 


183 j^, gliding ttar. '» * '* 

AS with gladness men of old 
Did the guiding sUr behold ; 
As with joy they hailed iU light. 
Leading onward, beaming bright ; 
So, most graciotts Lord, may we 
Kvermore be Jed to thee. 

S As with joyful steps they sped 
To that lowly manger-bed, 
Ttiere to bend the knee before 
Him whom heaven and earth adere ; 
So may we with willing feet 
Ever seek the mercy-seat. 
S As they offered gifts most rare 
At that manger rude and bare ; 
So may we with holy joy. 
Pure, and free fVom sin's alloy. 
All our costliest treasures bring, 
Christ, to thee, our heavenly King. 
4 Holy Jesus, every day 
Keep us in the narrow way ; 
And, when earthly things are past. 
Bring our ransomed souls at last 
Where they need no star to jcuide, 
Where no clouds thy glory hide. 


*®® Jof to tkt vwrU. ^' ^ 

TOY to the world ! the Lord is come ; 
*' Let earth receive her King ; 
Let every heart prepare him room. 

And heaven and nature sing. 
9 Joy to the world ! the Saviour reigns ; 

Let men their songs employ ; 
While fields and floods, rocks, hills, and 

Repeat the sounding joy. 
8 No more let tin and sorrow grow, 

Nor thorns infest the fipround ; 
He comes to make his blessings flow 

Far as the curse is found. 
4 He rules the world with truth and grace. 

And makes the nations prove 
The glories of his righteousness. 

And wonders of his love. 


184 C. M. 

Wonderful, Covntelor.— Jan. 9 : 6. 
rpO us a Child of hope is bom, 
"*- To us a Son is given.*, 
H\m %\i«\\ V\\« Vc\\>«& q\ «(a\^ <SMc^ ^ 
\ H\m, »\\ \\vft \kO*\A o1 V«».N«:vi. 



2 Hit name shftH be the Prince of peace, 

For evermore adored ; 
The Wonderful, the Counselor, 

The great and mighty Lord. 

8 Hit power, increasing, •till shall spread ; 

His reign no end shall know ; 
Justice shall guard his throne above, 

And peace abound below. 

4 To uf a Child of hope is bom. 
To us a Son is given ; 

The Wonderful, the Counselor, 
The mighty Lord of heaven. 


^®^ Tk« SavwurU advent. ^' ^' 
XT ARK, the glad sound 1 the Saviour 
-*"■• comes, 

The Saviour promised long ; 
Let every heart prepare a throne. 

And every voice a song. 

5 He comes, the prisoner to release. 
In Satan's bonaage held ; 

The gates of brass before him burst, 
The iron fetters yield. 

8 He comes, f^m thickest films of vice 

To clear tne mental ray. 
And on the eyes oppressed with night 

To pour celestial day. 

4 He comes, the broken heart to bind. 
The wounded soul to cure, 

And, with the treasures of his grace. 
To enrich the humble poor. 

5 Our glad hosannas. Prince of peace, 
Thy welcome shall proclaim, 

And Heaven's eternal arches ring 
With thy beloved name. 


^®® Tlf $tar in tie Eat. ^^» ^^' 
"DRIGHTEST and best of the sons of the 
-*-' morning. 

Dawn on our darkness, and lend ns thine 
Star of the East, the horlson adorning, 

Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid. 

S Cold on his cradle the dew-drops are 

shining ; 

Low lies his bed with the beasts of the 


Anarels adore him, in slumber reclining, — 

Maker, and Monarch, and Saviour of all. 

8 Say, shall we yield him, in costly devo- 
Odors of Edom and ofTering^ divine t 
Gems of the meuntain, and pearls of the 
Myrrh fW>m the forest, and gold from 
the minet 

4 Vainly we oiTer each ample oblation ; 

Vainly with gifts would his favor secure ; 
MJchfr by ftx u the heart's adoration ; 
JDuuvr to Qod sre tbe pt%yen ot the poor. 



^^'^ Star of Bethlehem. ^•^• 

WHEN, marshaled on the niffhtly plain. 
The flittering host bestud the sky. 
One star alone of all the train 
Can fix th« sinner's wandering eye. 

8 Hark 1 hark ! to God the chorus breaks, 
From every host, from every gem ; 

But one alone the Saviour spenaks. 
It is the Star of Bethlehem. 

3 Once on the ra^ng seas I rode. 

The storm was loud, the night was dark. 
The ocean yawned, and rudely blowed 
The wind that tossed my foundering bark. 

4 Deep horror then my vitals frose ; 
Death-struck, I ceased the tide to stem; 

When suddenly a star arose. 
It was the Star of Bethlehem. 

5 It was my guide, my light, my all. 
It bade my dark forebodinn cease ; 

And, througn the storm and danger's thrall, 
It led me to the port of peace. 

6 Now safely moored, my perils o'er, 
I '11 sing, first in night's' diadem, 

For ever and for evermore, 
The Star, the Star of Bethlehem. 


188 8.7. 

Ptaee on earth, good-will to mtn. 
TTARK ! what mean those holy voices. 
-'"'- Sweetly sounding through tae skies f 
Lo ! the angetic host rejoices ; 
Heavenly halleli^ahs rise. 

5 Listen to the wondrous story. 
Which they chant in hymns of joy: 

" Glory in the hiehest, glory, 
Glory be to God most nigh I 

3 "Peace on earth, good-will from heaven. 
Reaching far as man is found ; 

Souls redeemed and sins forgiven ! 
Loud our golden harps shall sound. 

4 " Christ is bom, the great Anointed ; 
Heaven and earth his praises sing ; 

O receive whom God appointed, 
For your Prophet, Priest, and King. 

6 " Hasten, mortals, to adore him ; 
Learn his name, and taste his joy; 

Till in heaven ye sing before him, 
' Glory be to God most high ! ' '> 


^®^ Ad^ng the hol^ Child. ®' ''» *' 
A NGELS, from the realms of glory, 
•*^ Wing your flieht o'er all the earth j 
Ye who sang creation's storv. 
Now proclaim Messiah's 6irth : 

Come and worship, 
Womhip Christ, the newborn King. 

9 Shepherds, in the field abiding. 
Watching o'er your flocks by night, 

God with man is now residing ; - 
Yonder shines the infant li^t : 

Come and worship, 
WoTtVk\p C\kT\sl, VVk« uewlkom King. 


8 Saseiy leave your coot«inpUtioiis, 
Brffchter Tisioni beam afar ; 

Seek the gnat Deaire of nationi ; 
Ye have seen hi* natal star : 

Come and worship, 
Worship Christ, the newborn King. 

4 Saints, before the altar bending, 
Watchine long in hope and fear, 

Saddenly the Lord, descending, 
In his temple shall appear: 

Come and worship. 
Worship Christ, the newborn King. 

i Sinners, wrung with true repentance. 
Doomed for guilt to endless pains. 

Justice now revokes the sentence, 
Merer calls yon, — break your chains : 

GDme and worship, 
Worship Christ, the newborn King. 


^^^ God ineamate. '* 

HARK I the herald-angels sing, 
" Glory to the newborn King ; 
Peace on earlh, and mercy mild ; 
God and sinners reconciled." 

9 JoyftU, all ye nations, rise. 
Join the trimnphs of the skies ; 
With angelic hosts proclaim, 
**Chrlst is bom in Bethlehem." 

8 Christ, by hiriiest heaven adored, 
Christ, toe everlasting Lord ; 
Veiled in flesh the Godhead see ; 
Hail, incarnate Deity I 

4 Hail the heaven-bom Prince of peace I 
Hail tiie Sun of righteousness ! 
Lijgfit and life to all he brings, 
Ruen with healing in his wings. 


^^^ Prinet <ifpeae«. ''' 

BRIGHT and joyful is the mom. 
For to us a Child is bora ; 
From the highest realms of heaven, 
Unto us a Son is given. 

9 On his shoulder he shall bear 
Power and miyesty, and wear. 
On his vesture and his thigh. 
Names most awftU, names most high. 

8 Wonderful in counsel he, 
Christ, the incarnate Deity ; 
Sire of ages, ne'er to cease ; 
King of kings, and Prince of peace. 

4 Come and worship at his fcet ; 
Yield to htm the homage meet ; 
From the manger to the throne, 
Homage due to God alone. 


lOS C. M. 

Good tidinga of great joy. — Luke 9 : in. 
"WHILE shepherds watched their flock* 
▼▼by niarht. 

All seated on the ground. 
The angel of the Lord came down, 

And gJorr ahone around. 

9 " Fear not," said he,— for mighty dread 
Had seized their troubled mind, — 

" Glad tidinn of great ioy I bring. 
To yon and all mankind. 

8 " To you, in David's town, this day 

Is bom, of David's line. 
The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord ; 

And this snail be the sign : 

4 " The heavenly babe yon there shall find 

To human view displayed, 
All meanly wrapped in swathing-baads. 

And in a manger laid." 

( Thus spake the seraph ; and forthwith 

Appeared a shining throng 
Of angels, praising God on high, 

Who thus addressed their song : 

ft " All glory be to God on high, 

And to the earth be peace : 
Good-will henceforth from heaven to men. 

Begin and never cease." 


^^^ GlorytoGodiniktkigkut. ^'^' 

ORTALS, awake, with angels join. 
And chant the solemn lay ; 


Joy, love, and gratitude combine, 
To hail the auspicious day. 

9 In heaven the rapturous song began. 

And sweet seraphic fire 
Through all the shining legions ran. 

And strung and tuned the lyre. 

8 Swift through the vast expanse it flew. 

And loud the echo rolled ; 
The theme, the sone, the joy, was new, — 

Twas more than heaven could hold. 

4 Down through the portals of the sky 

The impetuous torrent ran^ 
And angels flew, with eager joy. 

To b€Mur the news to man. 

( Hark I the cherubic armies shout. 

And glory leads the song : 
Good-will and peace are heard throughout 

The harmonious heavenly throng. 

< With joy the chorus we repeat, 

** Glory to God on high I " 
Good-will and peace are now complete, 

Jesus was bom to die. 

7 Hail, Prince of life, ferever hail I 

Redeemer, Brother, Friend ! 
Though earth, and time, and life shall fail. 

Thy praise shall never end. 


1»4 ChH,inuu earol. ^'^- 

T T came upon the midnight clear, 
-'- That glorious song of old, 
From angels bending near the earth 

To touch their harps of gold ; 
" Peace oa the earth, good-will to men. 

From heaven's aU-^tacKwA YAw^-^"' 
The wot\A Vn wAemti A\\Vb«»\*.^ 

To hewt i\i% »ai,e\* «.Va%. 


9 Still through the cloven skies they come, 

With peaceful wings unfurled, 
And ttilt their hearenly music floats 

O'er all the weary world ; 
Above its sad and lowly plains 

They bend on hovering wing, 
And ever o'er its Babel sounds 

The blessed angels sing. 

8 But with the woes of sin and strife 

The world has suffered long ; 
Beneath the angel-strain have rolled 

Two thousand years of wrong ; 
And man, at war with man, hears not 

The love song which they bring : 
O hush the noise, ye men of strife, 

And hear the angels sing ! 

4 And ye, beneath life's crushing load, 

Whose forms are bending low. 
Who toil along the climbing way 

With painftu steps and slow, 
Look now ! for glad and golden hours 

Come swiftly on the wfng : 
O rest beside the weary road, 

And hear the angels sing ! 

6 For lo ! the days are hastening on 

By prophet-bards foretold, 
Wlien with the ever-circling years 

Comes round the age of gold ; 
Wlien peace shall over all the earth 

Its ancient splendors fling, 
And the whole world give oack the song 

Which DOW the angels sing. 


1®^ Ckrutma, anthem. ^' ^' 

CALM on the listening ear of night, 
Come heaven's melmlious strains, 
Where wild Judea stretches far 

Her silver-mantled pliUns ; 
Celestial choirs from courts above 

Shed sacred glories there ; 
And angels, with their sparkling lyres, 

Make music on the air. 
S The answering hills of Palestine 

Send back the glad reply, 
And greet from all their holy heights 

The Dayspring from on high : 
O'er the blue depths of Gktlilee 

There comes a holier calm ; 
And Sharon waves in solemn praise 

Her silent groves of palm. 

8 " Glory to God ! " the lofty strain 

The realm of ether fills ; 
How sweeps the song of solemn joy 

O'er Judah's sacred hills! 
** Glory to God !" the sounding skies 

Loud with their aritbems ring: 
" Peace on the earth ; good-will to men. 

From heaven's etemu King." 

4 Light on thy hills, Jerusalem t 

The Saviour now is bom : 
More bright on Bethlehem's joyous plains 

Breaks the first Christmas mom ; 
And brighter on Moriah's brow, 
Crowaed with her temple spires, 
Which ffnt proclaim tb» newborn light, 
Clothed with if orient Sres. 

6 This day shall Christian tongues be mute, 

And Christian hearts be cold ! 
O catch the anthem that from heaven 

O'er Judah's mountains rolled! 
When nightly burst from seraph-harps 

The high and solemn lay, — 
" Glory to God ; on earth Jm peace ; 

Salvation comes to-day I " 




l^O Patience of Jem,. ^'^' 

HAT grace* O Lord, and l>e«uty shone 
Around thy steps oelow ! 
What patient love was seen in all 
Thy life and death of woe! 

3 For, ever on thy burdened heart 
A weight of sorrow hung ; 

Yet no ungentle, murmnring word 
EUcaped thy silent tongue. 

8 Thy foes might hate, despise, revile. 

Thy friends unfaithful prove; 
Unwearied in forgiveness still. 

Thy heart could only love. 

4 O give us hearts to love like thee. 
Like thee, O Lord, to grieve 

Far more for others' sins, than all 
The wrongs that we receive. 

5 One with thyself, may every eye 
In us, thy brethren, see 

That gentleness and grace that spring 
From onion, Lord, with thee. 


^^"^ A preeent help. ^' ^* 

'TX7E may not climb the heavenly steeps 
' ' To bring the Lord Christ down ; 
In vain we search the loWest deeps. 
For him no depths-can drown. 

3 But warm, sweet, tender, even yet 

A present help is he ; 
And faith has yet iU Olivet, 

And love its Galilee. 

3 The healing of the seamless dress 
Is by our beds of i>ain ; 

We touch him in life's throng and press, 
And'we are whole again. 

4 Through him the first fond prayer* are 

Our lips of childhood frame : 
The last low whispers of our oead 
Are burdened with his name. 

5 O Lord and Master of ns all, 
Whate'er our name or sign, 

We own thy sway, we hear thy call. 
We test our lives by thine ! 

JOHN o. WHirmx. 

\9rS j^^ TrantfiguTOtion. C. M. 
nPHE chosen three, on mountain height, 
-'- While Jesus bowed in praver, 
Be>ie1d his vesture glow with light, 
I His face 8b\ne wondtowk t».\T. 


Hdw wHJi Uu 3rH dlKlpTH Udr^ 
I Willi Aliliit bn ud bHihl inv. 
WlH>>r la «tt ><Ili )!«(•« LoTi. 

Aid Hol>%litt, nir Ou, 

soo „ ^ !.„. 

U KKh cTit. mmuJi, bni -Mk U^ 

ImlluH vMb • Uikl iBtIdi : 
Oulnf iH OM Inuiiind riH. 

wjE^Wto.ttJ^.™L°'Tdj '' 
T^ t'k.Er^^d'^d^i'^t. dim 

nTHEN ihi blind HiallMiit <p U> nr 

■' Bv TrHndlT buiidii <• Jeni lid, 
FimTofui kriiold llw LjiiliiliUj, 

nhm nlled Iki Sfliu EonT'o^i 


4 Jeia* wept I that tear of lorrow 

!• a legacy of love ; 
Yesterday, to-dav, to-morrow, 
He the same doth ever prove. 
Thoa art all in all to me, 
Living One of Bethany ! 




Glorying in tht erou. 


IN the cross of Christ I glory. 
Towering o'er the wrecks of time ; 
All the light of sacred story 
Gathers round its head snblime. 

S When the woes of life o'ertake me, 
Hopes deceive, and fears annoy, 

Never shall the cross forsake me ; 
Lo I it glows with peace and joy. 

3 When the san of bliss is beaming 
Light and love upon my way, 

From the cross the radiance streaming 
Adds more luster to the day. 

4 Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure, 
By the cross are sanctified ; 

Peace is there, that knows no measure, 
Joys that through all time abide. 

i In the cross of Christ I glorv, 
Towering o'er the wrecks of time ; 

All the llgnt of sacred story 

Gathers round its head sublime. 


^05 Lutont of the erota. *^' 

NEVER further than Thy cross : 
Never higher than thy feet : 
Here earth's precious things seem droRs : 
Here earth's bitter things grow sweet. 

5 Gating thus our sin we see, 
Learn thy love while gazing thus ; 

Sin, which laid the cross on tnee. 
Love, which bore the cross for us. 

8 Here w« learn to serve and give, 

And, rejoicing, self deny ; 
Here we gather love to live. 

Here we gather faith to die. 

4 Pressing onward as we ran. 

Still to this our hearts must tend ; 
Where our earliest hopes began. 
There our last aspirmgs end ; 

5 Till amid the hosts of light, 
We in thee redeemed, complete, 

Through thy cross made pure and white. 
Cast our crowns before thy feet. 


soe 7. 

Sinai, Tabor, Calvarf. 

"TTTHEN on Sinai's top I see 
'^^ Ood descend, in majesty. 
To proclaim bis holy /aw, 
AJJ my spirit sinks with awe. 

8 When, in ecstasy subltm*, 
Tabor's glorious steep I climb, 
At the too transportmg light. 
Darkness rushes o'er my sight. 

3 When on Calvary I rest, 
God, in flesh made manifest, 
Shines in my Redeemer's face, 
Full of beauty, truth, and graice. 

4 Here I would forever stay, 
Weep and gaze my soul away ; 
Thou art heaven on earth to me, 
Lovely, mournful Calvary. 


3oy CM. 

The second Man is th« Lord from AaovM. 
1 Cor. 16 : 47. 

pRAISE to the Holiest in the height, 
-'- And in the depth be praise ; 
In all his words most wonderful. 
Most sure in all his ways. 

3 O lovins wisdom of our God ! 

When all was sin and shame, 
A second Adam to the fight 

And to the rescue came. 

3 O wisest love I that flesh imd blood. 
Which did in Adam fail, 

Should strive af^sh against the foe. 
Should strive and should prevaU. 

4 O generous love I that he, who sinota 
In Man for man the foe. 

The double agony in Man 
For man should undergo ; 

6 And In the garden secretly, 

And on the cross on high, 
Should teach his brethren, and inspire 

To sufTer and to die. 


^OS n« power of the cross. ^^' 
TyE sing the praise of Him who died, 
^^ Of him who died upon the cross ; 
The sinner's hope let men deride. 
For this we count the world but lots. 

S Inscribed upon the cross we see, 
In shining letters, " God Is Lots ;" 

He bears our sins upon the tree, 
He brings us mercy from above. 

3 The cross ! It takes our guilt away ; 
It holds the faintinz spirit up ; 

It cheers with hope toe gloomy day. 
And sweetens every bitter cup. 

4 It makes the coward spirit brave. 
And nerves the feeble arm for fight ; 

It takes Its terror from the sn^ve. 
And gilds the bed of death with light: 

5 The balm of life, the cure of woe. 
The measure ana the pledge of love. 

The sinner's refuge here below. 
The angels' theme in heaven above. 


Aid, flT;I^hl?>Hnl*^tui^.' 

*• Om oblili ll» Nun •( iW| dM, 
San fai <k> dulb dT Cbri°^ mr Cod i 

aie ^^ et«i(W ■- 

nTcu'i^ L^r'n iIit""> bUn WL' 

1 O hoir LsrdT ijJKbl Hill 


6 Bat dropi of grief can ne'er repay 

The debt of love I owe : 
Here, Lord, I give myself away, — 

'TU all that I can do. 

UJlJlO wjltts. 

^^^ He died /or Oee, ^' ^ 

TOEHOLD the Saviour of mankind 
•^ Nailed to the shameful tree ; 
How vast the love that him inclined 
To bleed and die for thee ! 

S Hark I how he groans, while nature 

And earth ^B strong pillars bend : 
The temple's veil in sunder breaks. 

The solid marbles rend. 

3 'TIS done ! the preciou*. ransom 's paid I 
** Receive my soul ! " he cries : 

See where he bows his sacred Utad ; 
He bows his head, and dies. 

4 But soon he '11 break death's envious 

And in full glory shine : 
O Lamb of God, was ever pain. 
Was ever love, like thine ! 


^^^ Ood tMHtfewt in tk^ Jleek. ^•*'* 
'XITITH glorious clouds encompassed 
' ' round. 

Whom angels dimly see, 
Will the Unsearchable be found. 

Or God appear to me t 

9 Will he forsake his throne above. 

Himself to worms impart ! 
Answer, thou Man of erief and love. 

And speak it to my neart. 

8 In manifested love explain 

Thy wonderful design ; 
What meant, thou sunering Son of man. 

Thy streaming blood divine ! 

4 Didst thou not in our flesh appear. 
And live and die below, 

That I might now perceive thee near, 
And my Redeemer know ! 

5 Might view the Lamb In h\» own light. 
Whom angels dimlv see : 

And gaxe, transported at the sight, 
To all eternity I 



Chrlit in. GetKaemane. 


J'piS midnight ; and on Olives' brow 
-*- The star is dimmed that lately shone ; 

'Tls midnight ; in the garden, now. 
The suflfering Saviour prays alone. 

2 'Tig midnight ; and from all removed, 
The Saviour wrestles lone with fears ; 

E'en that disciple whom be loved 
Heeds not his Master's grief and tears. 

3 'Tis midnight ; and for others' guilt 
The M*a of sorrows weens in blood; 

yet he that bath In angaisn kneli 
Zf not fonaken by bin God. 

4 'Tis midnight ; and from ether-plains 
Is borne the song that angels know; 

Unheard by mortals are the strains 
That sweetly soothe the Saviour's woe. 


^^^ Propheef fulfilled. ^'^ 

« J'TIIS finished! " so the Saviour cried, 

-*- And meekly bowed his head and di«l : 
'Tis finished ! yes, the race is run ; 
The battle fought ; the victory won. 

3 'Tis finished! all that Heaven foretold 
By prophets in the days of old ; 

And truths are opened to our view. 
That kings and prophets never knew. 

8 'Tis finished 1 Son of God. thy power 
Hath triumphed in this awful hour; 
And yet our eyes with sorrow see 
That life to us was death to thee. 

4 'Tis finished I let the joyful sonnd 

Be heard through all the nations round ; 
'Tis finished ! let the triumph rise 
And swell the chorus of the skies ! 


^*® Hail,holf<snmf ^^' 

nnHE royal banner is nnfurled, 
-'- The cross is reared on high, 
On which the Saviour of ^ woild 
Is stretched in agony. 

2 See I through his holy hands and feet 
The cruel nails they drive : 

Our ransom thus is made complete, 
Our souls are saved alive. 

3 And see I the spear hath pierced his side. 
And shed that sacred flood. 

That holy reconciling tide. 
The wat4>r and the blood. 

4 Hail, holy cross! firom thee we lesm 
The only way to heaven ; 

And O, to thee may sinners turn. 
And look, and be forgiven I 

6 Jehovah, we thy name adore. 

In thee we will reioice. 
And sing, till time snail be no more, 
' The triumphs of the cross. 



330 Tranteendent Une. ^' M. «/. 

OLOVE divine, what hast thou done ! 
The incarnate God hath died for me I 
The Father's co-eternal Son, 

Bore all my sins upon the tree ! 
The Son of God for me hath died ; 
My Lord, my Love, is crucified. 

2 Behold him, all ye that pass by,^ 
The bleeding Prmee of life and peace t 

Come, sinners, see your Saviour die. 
And say, was ever grief like his t 

Come, feel with me his blood applied: 

My Lord, m^ 1av«) V& crucified : 


S !• cracified for me «nd yon, 
To bilag u rebaU kack to God : 

Believe, beliere the record tme, 
Ye all are bought. with Jecns' blood: 

Pardon for all flowt from hit side : 

My Lord, my Lore, is cmcifled. 

4 Then let ju At beneath hi* croei. 
And gladly catch the healing stream ; 

All thinn for him accoont but Ion, 

And gtre u all onr heart* to him : 
Of nothing t^k or ipeak betide,— 
My Lord, my Love, it emcified. 


WOULD Jetns have the •inner die! 
Why hangi he then on yonder tree ! 
What mean* t£ftt strange expiring cry t 
■ Sinners, he pray* for yon and me ; 
** ForglTe them, Father, O forgive ! 
They Icnow not that by me they live." 

5 Jesns, descended from above, 
Oar loss of Eden to retrieve^ 

Great God of universal love. 

If all the world through thee may live, 
In ns a quickening spirit be. 
And witness thou hast died for me. 

8 Thon loving, all-atoning Lamb, 

Thee, by thy painful agony, 
Thy bloody sweat, thy grief and shame, 

Thy cross and piassion on the tree, 
Thv precious death and life— I pray, 
Taiie all, take all my sins away. 

4 O let thy love my heart eonstrain I 
Thy love, for every sinner free, 

That'every fallen son of man 
May taste the grace that fonnd out me ; 

That all mankind with me may prove 

Thy sovereign, everlasting love. 


^^^ Crowiud viA tkonu, '^'^• 


SACRED Head, now wounded. 
With grief and shame weighed down. 
Now scorMully snrronnded 

With thorns, thine only crown ; 
O sacred Head, what glory. 

What bliss, till now was thine I 
Yet, though dentised and gory, 
I joy to call tnee mine. 

S What thou,, my Lord, hast suffered 

Was all for sinners' g^in : 
Mine, mine was the transgression, 

But thine the deadly pain : 
Lo, here I fail, my Saviour I 

rTls I deserve tnv place ; 
Look on me with tnv favor. 

Vouchsafe to me tny grace. 

3 What language shall I borrow 
To thank thee, dearest Friend, 

For this, thy dying sorrow, 
Thv pity without end t 

make me thine forever ; 

And should I fainting be. 
Lord, let me never, never, 

Outlive my love to thee. 

4 Be near me when I 'm dying, 

O show thy cross to me ; 
And, for my succor flying, 

Come, Lord, and set me free : 
These eyes, new faith receiving. 

From Jesns shall not move ; 
For he who dies believing, 
, Dies safely, through thy love. 


333 cairUt our txtmplar. '»*'* 
(^O to dark Gethsemane, 
^^ Ye that feel the tempter's power ; 
Your Redeemers conflict see, 

Watch with him one bitter hour; 
Turn not from his ip-iefs away, 
Learn of Jesus Chn&t to pray. 

9 Follow to the judjrment-hall ; 

View the Lord of life arrai^ed ; 
O the wormwood and the gall ! 

O the pangs bis soul sustained ! 
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss; 
Learn of him to bear the cross. 

8 Calvary's mournful mountain climb ; 

There,*adoring at his feet, 
Mark that miracle of time, 

God's own sacriflce complete : 
" It is finished I" hear him cry ; 
Learn of Jesus Christ to die» 

4 Early hasten to the tomb. 

Where they laid his breathless clay; 
All is solitude and sloom ; 

Who hath taken him awayt 
Christ is risen ; he meets our eyes ; 
Saviour, teach us so to rise ! 



R iaJlniAttU 


XT ARK 1 the voice of love and mercy 
-'"*- Sounds aloud from Calvary ; 
See ! it rends the rocks asunder. 

Shakes the earth, and veils tue sky : 
<< It U finished :" 

Hear the dying Saviour cry. 

9 " It is finished !" O what pieasure 
Do these precious words afford ! 

Heavenly blessings, without measure, 
How to us from Christ the Lord : 

<' It is finished :" 
Saints, the dying words record. 

3 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs ; 

Join to sing the pleasing theme ; ~ 
All on earth, and all in heaven. 

Join to praise Iinmanuel's name ; 

Gloty to ttift \A«ftaLVasj;\«!H!^>. 





^^^ Edater anthem. ®» '^' 

ING with all the song of glory, 
Sinjc the resurrection «ong ! 

Death and sorrow, earth's dark story, 
To the former days belong : 

All around the clouds are breaking, 
Soon the storms of time shall cease, 

In God's likeness, man awaking, 

Knows the everlasting peace. 

S O what glory, far exceeding 

All that eye has yet perceWed ! 
Holiest hearts for ages 

Never that full joj- conceiveo 
God has promised, Christ prepares It, 

There on high our welcome waits ; 
Every humble spirit shares it, 

Christ has passed the eternal gates. 

3 Life eternal ! heaven rejoices, 

Jesus lives who once was dead ; 
Join, O man, the deathless voices, 

Child of God, lift up thy head 1 
Patriarchs from the distant ages. 

Saints all longing for their heaven, 
Prophets, psalmists, seers and sages, 

All await the glory given. 

.4 Life eternal ! O what wonders 

Crowd on faith ; what joy unknown. 
When, amidst earth's closing thunders. 

Saints shall stand before the throne i 
O to enter that bright portal, 

See that glowing firmament, 
Know, with thee, O God immortal, 

" Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent ! " 


2SO r •-. J «i 8,7,4. 

'•'^^-' Jeaut, metor over death. 
r^OME, ye sainU, look here and wonder ; 
^ See the place where Jesus lay : 
He has burst his bands asunder; 

He has borne our sins away ; 
Joyful tidings! 

Yes, the Lord has risen to-day. 

8 Jesus triumphs! sing ye praises; 

By his deatn he overcame: 
Thus fhe Lord his glory raises. 

Thus he fills his foes with shame : 
Sing ye praises ! 

Praises to the Victor's name. 

3 Jesus triumphs! countless legions 
Come from heaven to meet their King; 

Soon, in yonder blessed regions, 
They shall join his praise to sing : 

Songs eternal 
Shall through heaven's high arches ring. 


ssy 10. 11. 12. 

J%e voice of triumph. 
T IFT vour glad voices In triumph on 

-'-' hiph. 
For Jesus bttth risea, and man shall not 


Vain were the terrors that gathered around 

And short the dominion of death and the 

grave ; 
He burst from the fetters of darkness that 

bound him. 
Resplendent in glory, to live and to save : 
Loud was the chorus of angels on high, — 
The Saviour hath risen, and man shall 

not die. 

3 Glory to God, in full anthems of joy ; 
The Ming he gave us death cannot 
destroy : 
Sad were tne life we may part with to- 
If tears were our birthright, and deatb 
were our end ; 
But Jesus hath cheered the dark valley of 
And bade us. Immortal, to heaven ascend : 
Lift then your voices in triumph on high. 
For Jesus hath risen, and man shall not 


C Al • 

'^'^^ Ckritt, the Conqueror. 

WFLCOME, thou Victor in the strife. 
Now welcome from the cave ! 
To-duy we triumph in thy life 
Around thine empty grave. 

9 Our enemy Is put to shame, 
His short-lived triumph o'er ; 

Our God is with us, we exclaim, 
We fear our foe no more. 

8 O let thy conquering banner wav* 
O'er hearts thou makest free. 

And point the path that from the grave 
LeMS heavenward up to thee. 

4 We bury al! our sin and crime 

Deep in our Saviour's tomb. 
And seek the treasure there, that time 

Nor change can e'er consume. 

K We die with thee : O let us live 

Henceforth to thee aright ; 
The blessings thou bast died to give 
■ Be daily in our sight. 

6 Fearless we lay us in the tomb, 

And sleep the night away, 
If thou art there to break the gloom. 

And call us back to day. 



'^'^*^ Aaeenaioin hymn. ' 

RISE, glorious Conqueror, rise 
Into thy native skies ; 
Assume thy right ; 
And where in many a fold 
The clouds are backward rolled. 
Pass through those pates of goldf 
Audrtslgn in light! 


S Victor o'er death and hell, 
Cherubic legioni awell 

The radiant train : 
Praises all heaven inspire ; 
' Each ang«l sweeps his lyre, 
And claps his wings of fire. 

Thou Lamb once slain ! 

8 Enter, incarnate God I 
No feet but thine have trod 

The serpent down : 
Blow the full trumpets, blow, 
Wider yon portals throw. 
Saviour, triumphant, go, 

Ana take thy crown I 

4 Lion of Judah, hail ! 
And let thy name prevail 

From age to age : 
Lord of the rolling years. 
Claim for thine own the spheres. 
For thou hast bought with tears 

Thy heritage. 


^^^ Rerurreetion kymn. ''* ®* 

THE day of resurrection 1 
Earth, tell it out abroad I 
The passover of gladness, 

The passover of (Sod I 
From death to life eternal, 
From earth unto the sky, 
Our Christ hath brought us over. 
With hymns of victory. 

5 Our hearts be pure from evil. 
That we may see aright 

The Lord in rays eternal 

Of resurrection li^ht ; 
And, listening to his accents, 

May hear, so calm and plain, 
His own *' All hail ! " and, hearing, 

May raise the victor-strain. 

8 Now let the heavens be joyful ! 

Let earth her song begin 1 
Let the round world keep triumph, 

And all that is therein 1 
Invisible and visible. 

Their notes let all things blend, 
For Christ the Lord hath risen, 

Our Joy that hath no end. 


®^^ EcuUr chant. ^^' 

TXTELCOME, happy morning! age to 

' * age shall say: 
HoU to-day is vanquished, heaven is won 

Lo, the dead is living, God for evermore I 
Htm, their true Creator, all his works adore. 

S Earth with joy confesses, clotliing her 

for spring. 
All good gifts returned with her returning 

Bloom in every meadow, leaves on every 

Speak his sorrows ended, hail his triumph 


3 Maker and Redeemer, life and health 

of all. 
Thou, from heaven beholding human 

•nature's fall, 
Of the Father's Godhead true and only Son, 
Manhood to deliver, manhood didst put on. 

4 Thou, of life the author, death didst 

Tread the path of darkness, saving strength 

to show ; 
Come then, true and faithful, now fulfill 

thy word, 
'Tis thine own third morning, rise, my 

buried Lord I 

5 Loose the souls long-prisoned, bound with 

Satan's chain ; 

All that now is fallen raise to life again ; 

Show thy face in brightness, bid the na- 
tions see, 

Bring again our daylight ; day returns with 


[Sung by Jerome of Prague at the stake.] 

233 c.M. 

Rtjoieing in the riien Chritt. 
A WAKE, glad soul ! awake ! awake ! 
■^*- Thy Lord has risen long. 
Go to hii grave, and with thee take 
Both tuneful neart and song. 

3 Where life is waking all around,. 

Where love's sweet voices sing, 
The first bright blossom may be found 

Of an eternal spring. 

3 The shade and gloom of life are fled 
This resurrection-day, 

Henceforth in Christ are no more dead, 
The grave hath no more prey. 

4 In Christ we live, in Christ we sleep, 
In Christ we wake and rise. 

And the s:id tears death makes us weep, 
He wipes from all our eyes. 

5 Then wake, glad heart I awake I awake I 
And seek tny risen Lord, 

Joy in his resurrection take. 
And comfort in his word : 

6 And let thv life, through all its ways, 
One long thanksgiving be, 

Its theme of joy, its song of praise — 
Christ died, and rose for me. 


233 L. M. 

Maje$tie triumph over the grave. 

THE morning kindles all the sky, 
The heavens resound with anthems 
The shining angels as thev speed, 
Proclaim, " Tlie Lord is rUeu indeed ! " 

2 Vainly with rocks his tomb was barred, 
While Roman guards kept watch au.4'«»<*x4.\ 


3 When the amased disciplei heard, 
Their hearts with speechless juy were 

stirred ; 
Their Lord's beloved face to see, 
Elager they haste to Galilee. 

4 His pierced hands to them he shows, 
His face with love's own radiance glows ; 
They with the angels' message speeid, 
And shout, " The Lord is risen indeed ! " 

6 O Christ, thou King compassionate ! 
Our hearts possess, on thee we wait : 
Help us to render praises due, 
To thee the endless ages through I 


Itytng, nnng, retgntng. 
TTE dies ! the Friend of sinners dies I 
-'"'- Lo ! Salem's daughters weep around ; 
A solemn darkness veils the skies, 
A sudden trembling shakes the ground. 

5 Come, saints, and drop a tear or two 
For him who groaned beneath your load ; 

He shed a thousand drops for you, — 
A thousand drops of richer 1>lood. 

8 Here 's love and grief beyond degree : 
The Lord of glory dies for man ! 

But lo ! what sudden joys we see, 
Jesus, the dead, revives again I 

4 The rising God forsakes the tomb ; 

In vain the tomb forbids his rise ; 
Cherubic legions guard him home. 

And shout him welcome to the skies. 

6 Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell 
How hiffh your great Deliverer reigns ; 

Sing how ne spoiled the hosts of hell, 
And led the monster Death in chains : 

6 Say, " Live forever, wondrous King ! 
Born to redeem, and strong to save ; '' 
Then ask the monster, " Where 's thy 
sting ! " 
And, " Where 's thy victory, boasting 
Grave ! " 


^^^ Joy in Hit returreHion. ®* ^* 
n'^HE Lord is risen indeed ; 
-*■ The grave hath lost Its prey ; 
With him shall rise the ransomed seed, 
To reign in endless day. 

2 The Lord is risen indeed ; 

He lives, to die no more ; 
He lives, nis people's cause to plead, 

Whose curse and shame he bore. 

S The Lord is risen indeed ; 

Attending angels, hear I 
Up to the courts or heaven, with speed. 

The joyful tidings bear : 

4 Then take your golden lyres. 

And strike each cheerful chord ; 
Join, aU ya brijfht culestial choirs, 
To sing our risen Lord. 


^^® Gone into kea^en, ^' ^' 
'T'HOU -art gone up on high 
-*- To mansions in the skiea ; 
And round thy throne unodasingly 
The songs of praise arise. 

5 But we are lingering here. 
With sin and care oppressed : 

Lord, send thy promised Comforter, 
> And lead us to thy rest. 

8 Thou art gone up on high : 
Bat thou didst first come down, 

Through earth's most bitter agony 
To pass unto thy crown. 

4 And girt with griefs and fean 
Our onward course must be ; 

But only let that path of tears 
Lead us at last to thee. 

6 ThoQ art gone up on high : 
But thou shalt come again, 

With all the bright ones of the sky 
Attendant in thy train. 

6 O by thy saving power 

So make us live and die, 
That we may stand, in that dread honr, 

At thy right hand on high. 


^^"^ The Xing of glory. ^^' 
r\UR Lord is risen from the dead ; 
^-' Our Jesus is gone up on hiih ; 
The powers of hell are captive led, 

Draped to the portals of the Ay : 
There ills triumphal chariot waits, 

And angels chant the solemn lay: 
" Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates ; 

Ye everlasting doors, give way 1 

i " Loose all your bars of massy light, 

And wide unfold the ethereal scene ; 
He claims these mansions as his right ; 

Receive the King of glory in ! " 
'* Who Is the King of glory ! Who ! " 

*' The Lord, that all our foes o'ereame ; 
The world, sin, death, and bell overthrew ; 

And Jesus is the Conqueror's name." 

S Lo, his triumphal chariot waits, 

And angels chant the solemn lay : 
" Lift up vour heads, ye heavenly gales ; 

Ye everlasting doors, give wav ! " 
" Who Is the King of glory ! Who ! " 

" The Lord, of glorious power possessed ; 
The King of saints and angels too ; 

God over all, forever blest ! " 


33S I" M. 

SujjMeney of At atonement, 
TESUS, thy blood and righteousness 
*^ My beauty are, my glorious dress ; 
'Midst flaming worlds, tn these arrayed, 
With joy shall I lift up my head. 

S Bold shall I stand in thy great day. 
For who aught to my charge shall Jay ! 
Fully absolved through these I am, 
From sUi and feat, {torn tgullt and shame. 


8 The holj, meek, unspotted Lamb, 
Who from the Father'* bosom came. 
Who died for me, e'en me to atone, 
Now for my Lord and God I own. , 

4 Lord, I believe thy precions blood. 
Which, at the mercy-eeat of God, 
Forever doth for sinners plead. 

For me, e'en for my soul, was shed. 

6 Lord, I believe were sinners more 
Than sands npon the ocean shore, 
Thoo hast for all a ransom paid, 
For all a fall atonement made. 


nt. BT J. WB8LBY. 

839 L. M. 

An advoeaU vUk the FiM«r.—l John 9:1. 

JESUS, my Advocate above. 
My Friend before the throne of love. 
If now for me prevails thy prayer, 
If now I find thee pleading there, — 

5 If thon the secret wish convey, 

And sweetly prompt my heart to pray,— 
Hear, and my weak petitions join, 
Almighty Advocate, to thine. 

S JesQs, my heart's desire obtain ; 
My earnest suit present, and gain : 
My fullness of corruption show ; 
The knowledge of myself bestow. 

4 O sovereign Love, to thee I cry. 
Give me thyself, or else I die ! 

Save me from death, from hell set ft'ee ; 
I>eath, hell, are but the want of thee. 


®^^ CArut, King and Crtat^. ^' ^' 

O CHRIST, our King, Creator, Lord, 
Saviour of all who trust thy word, 
To them who seek thee ever near, 
Now to oar praieea bend thine ear. 

5 In thy dear cross a grace is found, 
It flows twax every streaming wound, 
Whoee power our inbred sin controls, 
Bimks Uie firm bond and frees our souls. 

S Thotf didst create the stars of night. 
Yet thou hast veiled in flesh thy light; 
Hast deigned a mortal form to wear, 
A mortaPs painful lot to bear. 

4 When thou didst hang upon the tree. 
The quaking earth acknowledged thee ; 
When thou didst there yield up thy breath, 
Th« world grew dark as shades of death. 

( Now In tb« Father's glory high^ 
Great Conqaeror, never more to die, 
Us by thy mighty power defend. 
And reign throngh ages without end. 




M^uUe avettneat. 
'M'AJESTIC sweetness sits enthroned 
•^■- Upon the 5»^'o°f'» brow ; 
His hewi witb nd'uuit glories crowned, 
' Hi* I^pasWitb gnc9 o'erRovr. 

5 No mortal can with him compare, 
Among the sons of men ; 

Fairer is he than all the fair 
That fill the heavenly train. 

3 lie saw me plunged in deep distress. 
He flew to my relief ; 

For me he bore the shameful cross. 
And carried all my grief. 

4 To him I owe my life and breath. 
And all the joys I have ; 

He makes me triumph over death. 
He saves me from the g^ve. 

6 To heaven, the place-of his abode. 
He brings my weary feet ; 

Shows me the glories of mv God, 
And makes my joy complete. 

6 Since from his bounty I receive 

Such proofs of love divine, 
Had I a thousand hearts t^ eive. 

Lord, they should all be thine. 


242 xt/e .„ arise. ^M- 

1KN0W that my Redeemer lives ; 
What joy the blest assurance gives t 
He lives, he lives, who once was dead ; 
He lives, my everlasting Head ! 

8 He lives, to bless me with his love ; 
He lives, to plead for ine above ; 
He lives, my huiig;ry soul to feed ; 
He lives, to help in time of need. 

3 He lives, and grants me dally breath ; 
He lives, and I sliall conquer death ; 
He lives, my mansion to prepare ; 

He lives, to bring me safely there. 

4 He lives, all glory to his name ; 
He lives, my Saviour, still the same; 
What joy the blest assurance gives, 

I know tliat niy Redeemer lives ! 


Prophet, PrieH, and A tntf. 

JOIN all the glorious names 
Of wisdom, love, and power. 
That ever mortals knew. 
Or angels ever bore : 
All are too mean to speak his worth, 
Too mean to set the Saviour forth. 

2 Great Prophet of onr God, 

Our tongues shall bluss thy name ; 
By thee the joyful news 

Of our salvalion came ; 
The joyful news of sits forgiven. 
Of hell subdued, and peace with .heaven. 

3 Jesus, our great High Priest, 
Has slied his blood and died ; 

The guilty conscience need* 

H\t precXou* \>\oqA AW «wc« vA.«vv*, 
And uovf \\. v^«««^^«^'*''* N.\^<VN^wi<?. 


4 O thou almighty Lord, 

Our Conqueror and King, 
Thy scepter and thy sword, 
Thy reigning grace, we sing : 
Thine (s the power ; benold we sit 
In willing bonds beneath thy feet. 


'^ Rejotee evermore, 

REJOICE, the Lord is King I 
Your Lord and King adore ; 
Mortals, give thanks and sing, 
And triumph evermore ; 
Lift up your hearts, lift up your' voice ; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

9 Jesus, the Saviour, reigns, 

The God of truth and love : 
When he had purged our stains, 
He took his seat above ; 
Lift up your. hearts, lift up your voice ; 
Rejoice, again I say^ rejoice. 

8 His kingdom cannot fail. 

He rules o'er earth and heaven ; 
The keys of death and hell 
Are to our Jesus given ; 
Lift up your hearts, nft up your voice ; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

4 He siU at Ood's right hand 
Till all his foes submit. 

And bow to his commana. 
And fall beneath his feet ; 
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice ; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

5 He all his foes shall quell, 
And all our sins destroy ; 

Let every bosom swell 
With pure seraphic joy ; 
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice ; 
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice. 

6 Rejoice in elorious hope; 
Jesus the Judge shall come, 

And take his servants up 
To their eternal home ; 
We soon shall hear the archangel's voice : 
The trump of God shall sound, — Rejoice! 


^^^ OloTff to glory*! King. "' ^* 
/^OD is gone up on high, 
^^ With a triumphant noise; 
The clarions of the sky 
Proclaim the angelic joys; 

Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; 

Glory ascribe to glory's King. 

S All power to our great Lord 

Is by the Fat^r given ; 
By angel hosts adored, 
He reigns supreme in heaven : 
Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; 
Glory ascribe to glory's King. 

f High on bis bolv seat. 
He bears therighteou* iw»y ; 
^1 foes beneath hit feet 
ShMjJ slMik mad dim away : 

Join all on earth, rejoice and sing ; 
Glory ascribe to glory's King. 

4 Till all the earth, renewed 

In righteousness divine. 
With all the hosts of God, 
In one great chorus join, 
Join all on earth, rejoice and sing; 
Glory ascribe to glory's King. 


^'*® Our Ftuehal Lamb. ®» ^* 

HAIL, thou once despised Jesns ! 
Hail, thou Galilean King ! 
Thou didst suiTer to release os ; 

Thou didst free salvation bring. 
Hail, thou agonizing Saviour, 

Bearer of our sin and shame ! 
By thy merits we find favor ; 
Life is given through thy name. 

S Paschal Lamb, by God appointed. 

All our sins on thee were laid: 
By almighty love anointed. 

Thou hast full atonement made. 
All thy people are forgiven, 

Through the virtue of thy blood ; 
Opened is the gate of heaven ; 

Peace is made 'twixt man and God. 

3 Jesus, hail ! enthroned in glory, 
There forever to abide ; 

All the heavenly hosts adore thee. 

Seated at thy Father's side: 
There for sinners thou art pleading ; 

There thou dost our place prepare : 
Ever for us interceding, 

Till in glory we appear. 

4 Worship, honor, power, and bleuing, 
Thou art worthy to receive ; 

Loudest praises, without ceasing, 

Meet it is for us to give. 
Help, ye bright angelic spirits ; 

Bring your sweetest, noolest lays ; 
Help to sing our Saviour's merits ; 

Help to chant Immanuel's praise ! 


S4y 8.7. 

Catting our eroums he/ors Him, 
i( XyE *hall see Him," in onr nature, 

' * Seated on his lofty throne. 
Loved, adored, by every creature. 
Owned as God, and God alone I 

9 There the hosts of shining spirits 
Strike their harps, and loud^ sing 

To the praise of Jesus' merits, 
To the glory of their King. 

3 When we pass o'er death's dark riy«r. 
" We shall see him as he i8,»» 

Resting in his love and favor, 
Owning all the glory his. 

4 There to cast our crowns before him, 
O what bliss the thought affords! 

There foTsver to adore him, 

King ot V\nfk, ML4 \iw4. «t Iwda t 


^^^Crmen Him lard <tf all. ^'^' 
A LL hail the power of Jesus' name ! 
-^^ Let anptls prostrate fall ; 
Brinj; forth the royal diadem, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

5 Crown him, ye momini; stars of light, 
¥nio fixed this earthly ball ; . 

Now hail the strenjrth of Israel's might, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

3 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race, 
Ye ransomed from the fall. 

Hail him who saves you by his grace, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

4 Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget 
The wormwood and the gall ; 

Go. spread yonr trophies at his feet, 
And crown him Lord of all. 

6 Let every kindred, every tribe, 
On this terrestrial ball. 

To him all majesty ascribe. 
And crown him Lord of all. 

• O that with yonder sacred throng 

We at his feet may fall I 
We '11 join the everlasting song. 

And crown him Lord of all. 


®^® Crovm the Saviour. ®'''»*- 

LOOK, ye saints, the sight is glorious, 
Sea the Man of sorrows now ; 
From the fight returned victorious, 
Every knee to him shall bow : 
Crown him, crown him ; 
Crowns become the Victor's brow. 

9 Crown the Saviour, angels, crown him : 
Rich the trophies Jesus brines : 

III the seat of power enthrone nim, 
While the vault of heaven rings : 

Crown him, crown him ; 
Crown the Saviour King of kings. 

3 Sinners in derision crowned him, 
Mocking thus the Saviour's claim ; 

Saints and angels crowd around him, 
Own his title, praise his name : 
Crown ntm, crown him ; 
Spread abroad the Victor's fame. 

4 Hark, those bursts of acclamation ! 
Hark, those loud triumphant chords! 

JesoB takes the highest station : 
O what jov the sight affords ! 
CroWn him, crown him, 
King of kings, and Lord of lords. 


QSO L.M.6/. 

Our everkuting Priett, 

OTHOU eternal Victim, slain 
A sacrifice for guilty man, 
By the eternal Spirit made 
An offering in the sinner's stead, 
Onr everlastinir Prie§t art thou, 
Plsadtag thy death for sinners now. 

8 Thy offering still continues new ; 
Thy vesture keeps its crimson hue ; 
Thou art the ever-slaughtered Lamb, 
Thy priesthood still remains the same ; 
Thy years, O Lord, can never fail ; 
Thy goodness is unchangeable. 

8 O that onr faith may never move^ 
But stand unshaken as thy love! 
Sure evidence of things unseen, 
Passing the yeiirs that intervene, 

Now let it view upon the tree , 

The Lord, who bleeds and dies for me. 


^^* n« victory of the erota. ^' ^• 

JESUS, the Conqueror, reigns, 
In glorious strength arrayed ; 
His kingdom over all maintains, 
And bids the earth be glad : 

9 Ye sons of men, rejoice 
In Jesus' mighty love ; 

Lift up your heart, lift up yonr rolot, 
To nim who rules above. 

S Extol his kingly power ; 

Kiss the exalted Son, 
Who died, and lives to die no more. 

High on his Father's throne : 

4 Our Advocate with God, 
He undertakes our cause, 

And spreads through all the earth abroad 
The victory of his cross. 


^^^ CkriM, our IwUretuor. ^' ^* 
T ORD, how shall sinners dare 
-^ Look up to thine abode. 
Or offer their imperfect prayer 
Before a holy Ood ! 

9 Bright terrors guard thy seat, 

And glories veil thy face ; 
Yet mercy calls us to thy feet. 

And to* thy throne of grace. 

5 My soul, with cheerful eye 
See where thy Saviour stands. 

The glorious Advocate on high. 
With incense in his hands. 

4 Teach my weak heart, O Lord, 
With faith to call thee mine ; 

Bid me pronounce the blissful word — 
Father, with joy divine. 


ENTHRONED is Jesus now, 
Upon his heavenly seat; 
The kingly crown is on his brow, 
The saints are at his feet. 

9 In shining white they standi 
A f:t«aX wndi w»>Mv>\«»* ^xwcw^v 

On «N«T^ Wg Sk wwv^. 


3 They ting the Lamb of God, 
Once slain on earth for them ; 

The Lamb, throngh whoM atoning blood. 
Each weart hie diadmn. 

4 Thy grace, O Holy Ghost, 
'Thy Dlened help supply, 

That we may join that radiant host. 
Triumphant in the sky. 


WITH Joy we meditate the grace 
Of our High Priest above ; 
His heart is made of tenderness, 
Hit bowels melt with love. 

5 Touched with a sympathy within. 
He knows our feeble frame ; 

He knows what sore temptations mean, 
For he bath felt the same. 

5 He, in the days of feeble flesh, 
Poured out strong cries and tears. 

And in his measure feels af^sh 
What every member bears. 

4 He Ml never quench the smoking flax, 
But raise it to a flame ; 

The bruised reed he never breaks, 
Nor scorns the meanest name. 

6 Then let our humble faith address 
His mercv and his power ; 

We shall obtain delivering grace 
In every trying hour. 


^^^ ChriM,aurffuide. ^^^' 
JESUS, the Lord of glory, died, 
"^ That we might never die ; 
And now he reigns supreme, to guide 
His people to the sky. 

5 Weak though we are, be still is near. 
To lead, console, defend : 

In all our sorrow, all our iear, 
Our all-safficient Friend. 

8 From his high throne in bliss be deigns 

Our every prayer to heed : 
Bears with our /oily, soothes our pains, 

Supplies our every need. 

4 And from his love's exhanstless spring, 
Joys like a river come, 

To make the desert bloom and sing, 
O'er which we travel home. 

5 O Jesus, there is none like thee, 
Our Saviour and our Lord : 

Through earth and heaven exalted be, 
Beloved, obeyed, adored. 


aso c. M. 

King of kingt, and Lord of lord*. 
^HE bead that once was crowned with 

Jm crownaa wHb glory now ; 
A rojrmJ dhiSmi mdmns 
^0 migbty Vihtor'a brow. 


9 The highest place that heaven affords, 

Is to our Jesus given ; 
The King of kings, and Lord of lords. 

He reigns o'er earth and heaven : 

8 The joy of all who dwell above, 
The joy of all below, 

To whom he manifests his love. 
And grants his name to know. 

4 To them the cross, with all ita shame, 

With all its grace, is given ; 
Their name, an everlasting name, 

Their joy, the joy of heaven. 

6 They suffer with their Lord below. 
They reign with him above ; 

Their everlasting joy to know 
The mystery of ais love. 


ssy S.M. 

On Hit head wen many erowiM. 
Rev. 19 : 19. 
(^ROWN him with many crowns, 
^^ The Lamb upon his throne ; 
Hark, how the heavenly anthem drowns 

All music but its own I 
Awake, my soul, and sing, 

Of him who died for thee. 
And hail him as thy matchless King 

Through all eternity. 

9 Crown him the Lord of love! 
Behold his hands and side. 

Rich wounds, yet visible above, 
• In beauty glorified : 
No angel m the sky 

Can fully bear that sight, 
But downward bends his bnming eye 

At mysteries so great. 

3 Crown him the Lord of peace I 
Whose power a scepter sways 

From pole to pole, that wars may ceas«. 
And all be prayer and praise : 

His reign shall know no end, 
And round his pierced feet 

Fair flowers of paradise extend. 
Their fragrance ever sweet. 

4 Crown him the Lord of years. 
The Potentate of time. 

Creator of the rolling spheres, 

Ine&blv sublime ! 
All hail ! Redeemer, hail ! 

For thou hast died for me ; 
Thy pnise shall never, never fail 

"niroughont eternity. 


SS8 ffu , peaking blood. ®»''* 
Xj^ATHER, hear the blood of Jesus, 
-^ Speaking in thine ears above: ■ 
From impending wrath release ns ; 
Manifest thy pardoning love. 


2 O receive us to thy favor, — 

For his only sake receive ; 
Give us to the bleeding Savionr, 

Let ns \>y \i\» d^\n% \W«. 


S **To thy pardoning grac« receive 

One* he pnured apoa the tree ; 
StiU his blood cries out, " Forj^e them ; 

All their sias were laid on me." 
4 Still oar AdTOcate in heaven, 

Prays the prayer on earth begui, 
'^ Father, show their sins forgiven; 

Father, glorify thy Son ! " 



Tin LordUriun^ 


CHRIST, the Lord, is risen aeain, 
Christ hath broken every enain ; 
HarlK I angelic voices cry. 
Singing evermore on high, 

lljaieliOah ! Praise the Lord ! 

S He who gave for as his life. 
Who for as endured the strife. 
Is our Paschal Lamb to-day ! 
We, too, sing for joy, and say, 
Halleligah ! Praise the Lord I 

t He who bore all pain and loss, 
Comfortless, upon tbe cross, 
Utm tn glory now on high. 
Pleads for as, and hears our cry ; 
HaUel^jah ! Praise the Lord I 

4 N6w he bids as tell abroad 
How the lost may be restored, 
How the penitent forgiven. 
How we, too, may enter heaven I 
HaUeliqah ! Praise the Lord ! 
- ancRAKL wnssK. 



JTu Lord i$ riten. 

CHRIST, the Lord, is risen to^iay. 
Sons of men and angels say : 
Raise yoar joys and triumphs nigh ; 
^g, ye heavens, — and earth, reply. 

9 Love's redeeming work is done ; 
Foaght the fight, Qw battle won : 

Lo ! the sun's eclipse is o'er ; 
Lo ! he sets in blood no more. 

3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, 
Christ has burst the gates of hell : 
Death in vain forbids his rise ; 
Christ hath opened paradise. 

4 Lives again our glorious King ; 
Where, O Death, is now thy sting! . 
Once he died our souls to save ; 
Where 's thy victory, boasting Grave f 

6 Soar we now where Christ has led, 
Follow our exalted Head ; 
Made like him, like him we rise ; 
Ours the cross, the grave, the skies. 


^^^ Aaeention day. '• 

TTAIL the.dav that sees Him rise, 
■'-'■ Ravished from our wishful eyes! 
Christ, awhile to mortals given, 
Re-ascends his native heaven. 

9 There the pompous triumph waits : 
Lift your heads, eternal gates ; 
Wide unfold the radiant scene ; 
Take the King of glory in ! 

8 Circled round with angel powers. 
Their triumphant Lord and ours. 
Conqueror over death and sin, — 
Take the King of glory in ! 

4 Him though highest heaven receives, 
Still he loves the earth he leaves ; 
Thoueh returning to his throne. 
Still he calls mankind his own. 

6 See, he lifts his hands above ! 
See, he shows the prints of love ! 
Hark, his gracious lips bestow 
Blessings on his Church below I 

6 Saviour, parted from our sight. 
High above yon azure height, 
G^iuit our hearts may thither rise, 
Following thee beyond the skies. 




JSynsMl of tndUu r«al. 


Fill me wldi thy heavenly love. 

9 Speak thy pardoning grace to me ; 
Set tiie hardened sinner free ; 
Lead me to the Lamb of God ; 
Wash BM ia his precious blood. 

S Ufe and peace to me impart ; 
Seal MlvatMB on my heart ; 

Breathe thyself into my breast. 
Earnest of immortal rest. 

4 Let me never from thee stray ; 
Keep me in the narrow way ; 
Fill my soul with joy divine ; 
Keep me. Lord, forever thine. 


'^"•* IfU grace entreated. 7. 

TTOLY SPIRIT, Truth divine ! 
-*-^ Dawn unon iVix* vwA. q.\ xsCwv*-, 
"Word ot G<oi, Midi Vk^».t^ VX^V\ 
, Wake uvv «t\tM. c\tM m^ \\^v. 


8 Holy Spirit, Love divine ! 
Glow within this htmrt of mine ; 
Kindle every hiirh desire ; 
Perish self in thy pure fire I 

3 Holy Spirit, Power divine I 
Fill and nerve this will of mine ; 
By thee may I stronely live, 
Bravely bear and nobly strive. 

4 Holy Spirit, Right divine ! 
King witnin my conscience reign ; 
Be my law, and I shall be 
Firmly bound, forever free. 


se4 7. 

Thegraeimu Comforter. 

r}.R ANTED is the Saviour's prayer, 
^^ Sent the gracious Comforter; 
Promise of our parting Lord. 
Jesus, to bis heaven restored ; 

9 Christ, who now gone up on high, 
Captive leads captivity. 

While his foes from him receive 
Grace, that God with man may live. 

8 God, the everlasting God, 
Makes with mortals his abode ; 
Whom the heavens cannot contain, 
He vouchsafes to dwell in man. 

4 Never will he thence depart, 
Inmate of a humble heart ; 
Carrying on his worlc within, 
Striving till he cast out sin. 

6 There he helps our feeble moans, 
Deepens our imperfect groans. 
Intercedes in silence there, 
Sighs the unutterable prayer. 

6 Come, divine and peaceful Guest, 
Enter our devoted breast : 

Holy Ghost, nur hearts inspire, • 

Kindle there the gospel fire. 

7 Crown the agonizing strife. 
Principle and Lord of life : 
Life divine in us renew, 
Thou the Gift and Giver too ! 


ses 8,7. 

Tkt Source of eoTutJation. 

p[OLY GHOST, dispel our sadness : 
■*^ Pierce the clouds of nature's nignt ; 
Come, thou Source of joy and gladness. 
Breathe thy life, and spread thy light. 

9 From the height which knows no measure. 
As a gracious shower desceiul, 

Bringing down the richest treasure 
Man can wish, or God can send. 

S Author of the new creation. 
Come with unction and with power; 
.lAirtf our boBrta thy habitation ; 
Oa oar toula tbjr frraces shower. 

4 Hear, O hear, our supplication, 
Blessed Spirit, God or peace I 

Rest upon tnis congregation. 
With the fullness of thy grace. 


^^® Guide and Om/oHer. ®»''' 
prOLY SPIRIT, Fount of blessing, 
-'-'■ Ever watchful, ever kind, 
Thy celestial aid possessing. 

Prisoned souls deliverance find. 
Seal of truth, and Bond of union, 

Source of li^ht, and Blame of iortf 
Symbol of divine communion, 

In the olive-bearing dove ; 

9 Heavenly Guide from paths of Mrrofy 

Comforter of minds distressed, 
When the billows fill with terror, 

Pointingto an ark of rest : 
Promised Pledge, eternal Spirit, 

Greater than all gifts below, • 
May our hearts thy grace inherit ; 

May our lips thy Tories show ] 


TAe vork of the Hoty Spirit. 
TTOLY GHOST, with light divine, 
-'--'- Shine upon this heart of mine; 
Chase the shades of night away, 
Turn my darkness into day. 

9 Holy Ghost, with power divine, 
Cleanse this guiltv heart of mine ; 
Long hath sin, without control, 
Held dominion o'er my soul. 

8 Holy Ghost, with joy divine, 
Cheer this saddened heart of mine ; 
Bid my many woes depart, 
Ileal my wounded, bleeding bawi. 

4 Holy Spirit, all divine. 
Dwell within this heart of mine; 
Cast down every idol-throne. 
Reign supreme — and relg^n alone. 


Hit Mniversal effuaum, 
(\ii all the earth Thy Spirit shower ; 
^^ The earth in righteousness renew ; 
Thv kingdom come, and hell's o'erpoww, 
And to thy scepter all subdue. 

9 Like mighty winds, or torrents fieroe, 
Let him opposers all e'errun ; 

And every law of sin reverse, 
That faith and love may make all one. 

3 Yea, let him, Lord, in every place 
His richest energy declare ; 

While lovely tempers, fruits of grace, 
The kingdom of thy Christ prepMr«. 

4 Grant this, O holy God and true ! 
The anrient seers thou didst inspire, 

To us perform the promise due : 

D«tceu&, Mid cTQ^m ^oa uow with fir*. 

UBKB.Y UOB.1l, MUt.Vt l.lHKUIKx 



®®® Cbm«, Crtator Spirit. 

OCOME, OnaXox Spirit ble«tl 
Within theM sonlt of thine to rest ; 
Come, with thy grace and heavenly aid, 
To fill the hearts which thou hast made. 

S Come, Holy Spirit, now descend I 
Most blessed eift which Gk>d can send ; 
Thon Fir* of We, and Fount of life I 
ConsnnM our sins, and calm our strife. 

S With patience firm and purpose high, 
The weakness of onr flesh supply ; 
Kindle our senses from above. 
And make our hearts overflow with love. 

4 Far tram as drive the foe we dread. 
And grant us thy true peace instead ; 
So shall we not, with tnee to guide, 
Tom from the paths of life aside. 


sro CM 

Ufe, Ugkt, and love. ^' "* 

ENTHRONED on high, almighty Lord, 
The Holy Ghost send down ; 
Fulfill in us thy faithful word. 
And all thy mercies crown. 

5 Though on our heads no tongues of fire 
Their wondrous powers impart. 

Grant, Saviour, what we more desire, — 
Thy Spirit in our heart. 

S Spirit of life, and light, and love, 
Tny heavenly influence give ; 

Quicken onr sonls, our guilt remove, 
That we in Chnst may live. 

4 To our benighted minds reveal 
The glories of his grace. 

And brine us where no clouds conceal 
The br^htness of his face. 

5 His lore within us shed abroad. 
Life's ever-sprinsing well ; 

"nil God in us, and we in God, 
In love eternal dwell. 



Bottret ef light and joy. 
/^IRKAT Spirit, by whose mighty power 
^^ All creatures live and move, 
Ob us thy benediction shower ; 
Inspire our souls with love. 

S Hail, Source of lieht I arise and shine ; 

Darkness and doubt dispel ; 
Give peace and joy, for we are thine ; 

In us forever dwell. 

S From death to life our spirits raise. 

And full redemption brine; 
New tongues impart to speak the praise 

Of Christ, our God and King. 

4 Thihe inward witness bear, unknown 

To all the world beside ; 
EzultiM then we feel and own 

Oar SMTionr glorified. 


S73 C. M. 

/ mnthip thte, Holy Gkott. 

I WORSHIP thee, O Holy Ghost, 
I love to worship thee ; 
My risen Lord for aye were lost 
But for thy company. 

9 I worship thee, O Holy Ghost, 

I love to worship thee -. 
I ffrieved thee long, alas i thou know'tt 

It grieves me bitterly. 

8 I worship thee, O Holy Ghost, 
I love to worship thee ; 

Thy patient love, at what a cost 
At last it conquered me I 

4 I worship thee, O Holy Ghost, 

I love to worship thee ; 
With thee each day is Pentecost, 

Each night Nativity. 


&7S L.M.6/. 

lUeeivt ye tk« Holy Qkotl.— John 90 : 99. 

COME, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire, 
And lighten with celestial fire ; 
Thou the anointing Spirit art, 
Who dost thy sevenfold gifts impart: 
Thy blessed unction from al>ove 
Is comfort, life, and fire of love. 

9 Enable with perpetual tight 
The dullness oi our blinded sight; 
Anoint and cheer our soiled face 
With the abundance of thy grace ; 
Keep fur our foes, ^ve peace at home ; 
Where thou art guide, no ill can come. 

8 Teach us to know the Father, Son, 
And thee, of both, to be but one ; 
That through the ages all along. 
This may be our endless song : 
Pnise to thy eternal merit. 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 


374 ■ L.M. 

Th« tpirit of tkt aneierU taintt. 

OFOR that flame of living fire, 
Which slione so bright in saints of old! 
Which bade their souls to heaven aspire, 
Calm in distress, in danger bold. 

9 Where is that Spirit, Lord, which dwelt 
In Abrah'ui's breast, and sealed him' 

Which made Paul's heart with sorrow melt. 
And glow with energy divine t 

3 That Spirit, which from age to age 
Proclaimed thy love, aud taugnt thy 

ways ! 
Brightened Isaiah's vivid page, 
And breatlied in David's hallowed layst 

4 Is not thy grace as mighty uow 
Ai wVi«tv ^W^aVv l«\V VU y^-ww v 



6 R«ineinber, Lord, the ancient days ; 

Renew thy work ; thy grace restore ; 
And while to thee our hearU we raise, 

On us thy Holy Spirit pour. 


^•^ Penteeottal gifU. 

COME, Holy Spirit, raise our songs 
To reach the wonders of that day, 
When, with thy fiery cloven tongues 
Thou didst such glorious scenes display. 

2 Lord, we believe t(v us and ours, 

The apostolic promise given ; 
We wait the pentecostal powers. 

The Holy Ghost sent down from heaven. 

8 Assembled here with one accord. 

Calmly we wait the promised grace, 
The purchase of our dymg Lord ; 

Come, Holy Ghost, and fill the place. 
4 If every one that asks, may find. 

If still thou dost on sinners fall, 
Come as a mighty rushing wind : 

Great grace i>e now upon us all. 
6 O leave us not to mourn below, 

Or long for thy return to pine ; 
Now, Lord, the Comforter bestow, 

And fix in us the Guest divine. 


^'^ JTU power and unction. 


SPIRIT of the living God, 
In all thy plenitude of grace. 
Where'er the foot of man hath trod. 

Descend on our apostate race. 
8 Give tongues of fire and hearts of love, 

To preacn the reconciling word ; 
Give power and unction from above. 

Where 'er Uie joyful sound is beard, 
8 Be darkness, at thy coming, light j 

Confusion— order, in thy path ; 
Souls without strength, inspire with might ; 

Bid mercy trinmph over wrath. 
4 Baptize the nations ; far and nigh 

The triumphs of the cross record ; 
The name of Jesus glorify, 

Till every kindred call him Lord. 


**• • JIU qutekentng power. 

COME, Holv Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With all thy quickening powers ; 
Kindle a flame of sacred love 

In these cold hearts of ours. 
S Look how we grovel here below. 

Fond of these earthly toys; 
Our sfiuls. how heavily they go. 

To reacn eternal joys. 
8 In vain we tune our formal songs, 

In vain we strive to rise ; 
Hosannss languish on our tongues, 

And our devotion dies. 

4 Futher, and shall we ever live 
At thta poor dying rate, 
Our love so faiat^ so cold to thee, 
Ajad thine to as so gmt t 

6 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
With all thy quickening powers ; 

Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love. 
And that shall kindle ours. 


SrS . . CM. 

Revelation! of the Spirit. 

SPIRIT Divine, attend our prayer. 
And make our hearts thy nome ; 
Descend with all thy gracious power : 
Come, Holy Spirit, come I 

5 Come as the light : to us reveal 
Our sinfulness and woe ; 

And lead us in those paths of life 

Where all the righteous go. 
8 Come as the fire, and purge our heart*. 

Like sacrificial flame : 
Let our whole soul an offering be 

To our Redeemer's name. 

4 Come as the wind, with rushing sound. 

With Pentecostal grace ; 
And make the great salvation known 

Wide as the human race. 

6 Spirit Divine, attend our prayer. 
And make our hearts thv nome ; 

Descend with all thy gracious poww: 
Come, Holy Spirit, come ! 


syo C.M. 

Tke enKgktening Spirit. 

COME, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire ; 
Let us thine influence prove ; 
Source of the old prophetic firo. 
Fountain of life and love. 

2 Come, Holy Ghost, for moved by the* 
The prophets wrote and spoke : 

Unlock the truth, thyself the key; 
llnseal the sacred book. 

3 Erpand thy wings, celestial Dore, 
Brood o'er our nature's night ; , 

On our disordered spirits move. 
And let there now be lic^t. 

4 God. through himself, we then shall 

If thou within us ^hine; 
And sound, with all thy saints below, 
The depths of love divine. 


380 CM. 

The Source of ewrff good gijt. 

OUR blest Redeemer, ere he brMit^d 
His tender, last farewell, 
A Guide, a Comforter, bequeathed, 
With us on earth Co dwell. 

9 He came in tongues of living 
To teach, convince, subdue ; 

All-powerful as the wind he 
And all as viewless, too. 

8 He came, sweet influence tu impart, 

A gracious, willing Guest. 
YAi\U ^ve can ftvvd oue hanu»l« 


4 And hU that gentle voice we bear, 

Soft at the breath of even, 
That check* each fanlt, calm« every fear, 

And whU^ «• of heaven. 
6 And every virtue we pos«», 

And every virtue won, 
And every thouffht of hollneta 

Is his, and his alone. 
• Spirit of purity and grace, 

Our weakness pHylng see; 
O make our hearts thy dwelling-place. 

Purer and worthier thee i 


S®^ JTU Spirits witnem. 
TTTERNAL Spirit, God of truth, 
J^ Our contrite hearts inspire; 
Kindle a flame of heavenly love, 

The pure celestial Are. 
9 Tls thine to soothe the sorrowing. 

With guilt and fear opprwsed ; 
Tis thine to bid the dying live, 

And give the weary rest. 
S Subdue the power of every sin, 

Whate'er that sin may be ; 
That we, in singleness of heart. 

May worship only thee. 
4 Then with our spiriU witness bear, 

That we are sons of God ; 
Redeemed from sin, and death, and hell, 

Throuith Christ's atoning blood. 


^®® PJeading ik» promite. 

OTHOU that besirest prayer. 
Attend our humble cry, 
And let thy servants share 
Thy blessing from on higb : 
We plead the promise of thy word ; 
GrMit us thy Holy Spirit, Lord 1 

S If earthly parents hear 

Their children when they cry ; 
If they, with love sincere, 
Their children's wanU supply ; 
Much more wilt thou thv love display, 
And answer when thy children pray. 

8 Our heavenly Father, thou ; 
We, children of thy grace ; 
O let thy Spirit now 
Descend and fill the place ; 
That all may feel the heavenly flame, 
And all unite to praise thy name. 



Prayer to the Holy Spirit. 


iTayer to w»o ^^.jr ~/ 

THOU who like the wind dost come, 
Come to me, but ne'er depart ; 
Blessed Spirit, make thy home 
In my thankful heart. 

S Answer not with tongues of light; 

Brood not o'er roe like a dove ; 
Fall upon roe in thy might ; 

Fill n» >rith iby love. 

8 Sin has ruled me ; set me free ; 

Sin has scourged me ; bring me rest . 
Help my fainting soul to flee 

To my Saviour's breast. 
4 Tell me much of cleansing blood ; 

Show me sin, but sin forgiven : 
Step by step, where Christ has trod. 

Help me nome to heaven. 


S84 6.4. 

Invocation of the Holy Spirit. 
riOME, Holy Ghost, in love, 
^ Shed on us from above 
Thine own bright ray ! 
Divinely good thou art ; 
Thy sacred glfU impart 
To gladden each sad heart : 

O come to-day I 
« Come, tenderest Friend, and best, 
Our most delightful Guest, 
With soothing power : 
Best, which the weary know, 
Shade, 'mid the noontide plow. 
Peace, when deep griefs o'erllow. 

Cheer us, this hour I 
8 Come, Light serene, and still 
Our inmost bosoms fill ; 

Dwell in each breast ; 
We know no dawn but thine, 
Send forth thy beams dlvme, 
On our dark souls to shine. 

And make us blest ! 
4 Come, all the faithful bless; 
Let all who Christ confess 

His praise employ : 
Give virtue's rich reward ; 
Victorious death accord. 
And, with our glorious Lord, 
Eternal joy ! 



3@5 s. M. 

For tU Spirit's energy. 

COME. Holy Spirit, come. 
With energy divine. » 

And on this poor benighted soul 

With beams of mercy shme. 
9 From the celestial hills 

Light, life, and icy dispense ; 
And may I dally, houriy, feel 

Thy quickening Influence. 
8 O melt this frozen heart, 

This stubborn will subdue ; 
Each evil passion overcome, 

And form me all anew. 
4 The profit will be mine, 

But thine shall be the praise ; 
Cheerful to thee will I devote 

The reumant of my days. 


OA A S. M. 

'^^ Renewal of Pentecost. 
T ORD God, the Holy Ghost I 
-L* In this accepted hour, 
At on X.Vie A*^ o^ YftXvNsww^j^ 


5 We meet with one accord 
In our appointed place, 

And wait the promise of our Lord, — 
The Spirit or all grace. 

3 Like mighty rash log wind 
Upon the waves beneath. 

Move with one impulse every mind ; 
One soul, one feeling breathe. 

4 The young, the old, inspire 
With wisdom from above ; 

And give us hearts and tongnes of 
To pray, and praise, and love. 

6 Spirit of light ! erplore. 
And chase our gloom away. 

With luster shining more and more, 
ITnto the perfect day. 



8. si* 

Tke Comforter. 

"DLEST Comforter divine, 
-'-' Let rays of heavenly lore 
Amid our gloom and darkneM sUiMy 
Aud point our souls above. 

9 Turn us with gentle voice 

From every sinful way, 
And bid the mourning saint rejoice, 

Though earthly joys decay. 

8 Bv thine inspiring breath 

Mike every cloud of care. 
And e'en the gloomy vale of destb^ 

A smile of glory wear. 

4 O fill thou everv heart 
With love to all our race ; 

Great Comforter, to ns impart 
These blessings of thy g^race. 



S88 S.M. 

GW« word, qHtek and powerful, 

THY word, almighty Lord, 
Where'er it enters in, 
Is sharper than a two-edged sword, 
To slay the man of sin. 

9 Thy word is jwwer and life ; 

It bids confusion cease, 
And changes envy, hatred, strife, 

To love, and joy, and peace. 

8 Then let our hearts obey 
The gospel's glorious sound ; 

And all iU fruits, from day to day, 
Me in us and abound. 


2S9 S. M. 

spreading tke Seriptwet. 

JESUS, the word bestow. 
The true immortal seed ; 
Thv gospel then shall greatly grow, 

And all our land o'erspread ; 
Through earth extended wide 

Shall mightily prevail, 
Destroy the works of self and pride. 
And shake the gates of hell. 

9 Its energy exert 

In the believing soul ; 
Diffuse thy grace through every part, 

Aud sanctify the whole ; 
Its utmost virtue show 

In pure consummate love. 
And nil with all thy life below. 
And give u$ thrones above. 



300 L.M. 

The brightening gtory of ike Ooepel. 

UPON the Gospel's sacred page 
The gatherer beams of ages shine ; 
And, as it hastens, every age 
But makes its brightness more divine. 

9 On mightier wing, in loftier flight, 
From year to year does knowledge soar ; 

And, as It soars, the Gospel light 
Becomes effulgent more and more. 

3 More glorious still, as centnries roll. 
New regions blest, new powers unfurled, 

Expanding with the expanding soul. 
Its radiance shall o'erflow the world, — 

4 Flow to restore, but not destroy ; 
As when the cloudless lamp of day 

Pours out Its floods of light and joy, 
And sweeps the lingering mists away. 


sol L.M.6/. 

Delight in tke Bible. 

WHEN quiet in my house I sit, 
Thy book be my companion still; 
Mv joy ttiy sayings to repeat, 

^al^ o'er the records or thy will, 
And search the oracles divine. 
Till every heart-felt word be mine. 

9 O may the gracious words divine, 
Subject of all my converse be : 

So will the Lord his follower join, 
And walk and talk himself with me: 

So shall my heart his presence prove, 

Aud bum with everlasting love. 


3 Oft M I Uy me down to rett, 
O may th« reconciling word 

Sweetly compote my weary breast ; 
While on the bosom of my Lord 
I sink in blissful dreamt away. 
And visions of eternal day. 

4 Rising to sing my Sarioar's praise, 
Thee may I publish all dav long ; 

And let thy precious word of grace 

Flow from my heart, and fill my tongue 
Fill all my life with purest love, 
And join me to the Church above. 


'^"^'^ THe two reftlatunu. 

THE heavens declare thy glorv. Lord ; 
In every star thy wisdom shines ; 
But when our eyes behold thy word, 
We read thy name in fairer lines. 

5 The rolling sun, the changing light. 
And nIghU and days, thy power confess. 

Bat the blest volume thou hast writ, 
Reveals thy justice and thy grace. 

3 Sun, moon, and stars, convey thy praise 
Round the whole earth, and never stand : 

So when thy truth began its race. 
It tonched and glanced on everj* land. 

4 Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest, 
Till through the world thy truth has mn : 

Till Christ has all the nations blessed 
That see the light, or feel the sun. 

6 Great Sun of righteousness, arise. 
Bless the dark world with heavenly 

light ; 
Thy gospel makes the simple wise. 
Thy laws are pure, thy judgments 

6 Thy noblest wonders here we view 
In souls renewed, and sins forgiven : 

Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew. 
And make thy word my guide to heaven. 


SOM _ . . ^ L. M. 

'*'*'*' J%» tiwrladtng word, 

THE starrv firmament on high. 
And all* the glories of the sky. 
Yet shine not to thy praise, O Lord, 
So brightly as thy written word. 

9 The hopes that holy word supplies, 
lU truths divine and precepts wise, 
In each a heavenly beam I see. 
And every beam conducts to thee. 

8 Almighty Lord, the sun shall fail, 
The moon forget ner nightly tale, 
And deepest silence hush on high 
The radiant chorus of the sky ; 

4 But fixed for everlasting years. 
Unmoved amid the wreck of spheres, 
Thy word shall shine in cloudless day. 
When heaven and earth have passed away. 


394 L. M. 

n« Saviour «««« m the 8eripture$. 

NOW let my soul, eternal King, 
To thee iU grateful tribute bring ; 
My knee with humble homage Iww ; 
My tongue perform its solemn vow. 

2 All nature sings thy boundless love, 
In worlds below and worlds alwve ; 
But in thy blessed word I trace 
Diviner wonders of thy grace. 

3 There, what delightful truths I read ! 
There, I behold the Saviour bleed : 
His name salutes my listening ear, 
Revives my heart and checks my fear. 

4 There Jesus bids my sorrows cease, 
And gives my laboring conscience peace ; 
He UfU my grateful theughU on high, 
And points to mansions in the sky. 

6 For love like this, O let my song. 
Through endless years, thy praise pro- 
Let distant climes thy name adore, 
Till time and nature are no more. 

SOS ^.,;i,, „j. g^,, ^rd. ^' ^- 

THE counsels of redeeming grace 
The sacred leaves unfold ; 
And here the Saviour's lovely face 
Our raptured eyes behold. 

J Here light descending from abova 

Directs our doubtful feet ; 
Here promises of heavenly love 

Our ardent wishes meet. 

3 Our numerous griefs are here redressed. 
And all our wants supplied : 

Naught we can ask to make us blest 
Is in this book denied. 

4 For these inestimable gains. 
That so enrich the mind, 

O may we search with eager pains, 
Assured that we shall find. 


SOfI « . « . CM. 

'**'" Glory of the Sertpturea. 

WHAT glory gilds the sacred page '. 
Majestic, like the sun, 
It gives a light to every age ; 
It gives, but borrows none. 

2 The power that cave it still supplies 
The gracious light and heat ; 

Its truths upon the nations rise : 
They rise, but never set. 

8 Lord, everlasting thanlts be thine 

For such a bright display. 
As makes a world of darkness shine 

With beams of heavenly day. 

4 My soul rejoices to pursue 

The steps of him I love, 
Till glory breaks tmon my view 

In brlehtftx -wotV^ ».\iw%. ^„^^ 


soy oz, C.M. 

'^*' • Bible pneiout. 

XTOW precious is the boolc divine, 
^^ By mspintion given ! 
Brieht m a lamp its doctrines shine, 
To guide our souls to heaven. 

2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts. 
In this darlc vale of tears ; 

Life, light, and joy it still imparts, 
And quells our rising fears. 

3 This lamp, through all the tedious night 
Of life, snail vuide our way ; 

Till we behold tne clearer light 
Of an eternal day. john PAWcKTTt 

'^ Rntlation ditaeminated. 

XT AIL, sacred truth ! whose piercing rays 
-'^ Dispel the shades of night ; 
DiflTusing o'er a ruined world 
The healing beams of light. 

S Jesus, thy word, with friendly aid, 

Restores our wandering feet : 
Converts the sorrows of the mind 

To joys divinely sweet. 

3 O send thv light and truth abroad, 
In all their ruliant blaze ; 

And bid the admiring world adore 
The glories of thy grace. 


'^ Bmeellence and sufficiency. 

'PATHER of mercies, in thy word 
■'• What endless glory shines ! 
Forever be thy name adored 
For these celestial lines. 

2 Here may the wretched sons of want 

Exhaustress riches find ; 
Riches above what earth can grant. 

And lasting as the mind. 

8 Here the fair tree of knowledge grows, 

And yields a free repast ; 
Sublimer sweets than nature knows 

lavite the longing taste. 

4 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice 
Spreads heavenly peace around ; 

And life and everlasting joys 
Attend the blissful soundL 

6 O may these heavenly pages be 

Our ever dear delight ; 
And still new beauties may we see. 

And still increasing light. 

6 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord, 

Be thou forever near ; 
Teach us to love thy_ sacred word, 

And view the Saviour there. 


ZigJU from heaven, 

BRIGHT was the guiding stor that led, 
With mild, benignant ray, 
The Gentiles to the lowly bed 
Where the Redeemer lay. 

2 But lo ! a brighter, clearer light 
Now points to his abode ; 

It shines through sin and sorrow's night, 
To guide us to our Qod. 

3 O Kla<Uy tread the narrow path, 
While light and grace are given: 

Who meeUy follow Christ on eartn 
Shall reign with him in heaven. 


301 c. M. 

God giveik the inereate. — 1 Cor. 8 : 7. 

A LMIOHTY God, thy word is cast 
-^^ Like seed upon the ground ; 
O let the dew of heaven descend. 
And shed its influence round. 

2 Let not the foe of Christ and man 
This holy seed remove ; 

May it take root in every heart. 
And grow in faith and love. 

3 Let not this life's deceitful caret, 
Nor worldly wealth and joy. 

Nor scorching beam, nor stormy blast, 
The rising plant destroy. 

4 Where'er the word of life is sown, 
A large increase bestow; 

That all who hear thy message. Lord, 
Its saving power may know. 






Lord, help my unbelief. 

TTOW sad our state by nature is ! 
-'-'- Our sin, how deep it stains ! 
And Satan binds our captive souls 
Fast in his slavish chains. 

£ Bat there '§ a voice of sovereign grace 
Sounds from the sacred word : 

« Ho ! ye despairing tinnen, ooma. 
And trust a faithful Lord/' 

3 My soul obeys the graclone call. 
And runs to this relief ; 

I would believe thv promis«, Lord ; 
O help my unbelief I 

4 To the blest fountain of thy blood, 
IncaxuatA Q«d, I fly ; 


Hcire let nM wsih my guilty tool 
Fn»n Crimea of deepest dye. 

5 A gniltj, weak, and helpleu worm, 

Into thfaie erms I fall ; 
Be thou my itrength and rlghteousnew, 

My Jesua, and my all. 


303 _ . ^ . . . ,j c. M. 

WUkout Ood tn the world. 

GOD is in this and every place ; 
But O, how dark and Toid 
To me !— 'tis one great wilderness. 
This earth without my God. 

9 Empty of him who all things fills, 

Till he his light impart, 
Till he his glorious self rereals, 

The veil (s on my heart. 

8 O Thou who seest and know'st my 

Thyself unseen, unknown, 
Pity my helpless unbelief, 

And Steak my heart of stone. 

4 Regard me with a gracious eye ; 
The long-sought blessing give ; 

And bid me, at the point to die, 
Behold thy face and live. 


30^ BUpUvinglo,>e. ^•^^■ 

PLUNGED in a gulf of dark despair, 
We wretched sinners lay, 
Without one cheering beam of hope, 
Or spark of glimmering day. 

5 With pitying eyes the Prince of grace 
Beheld our helpless grief: 

He saw, and, O amazing love I 
He ran to our relief. 

3 Down fipom the shining seatf above. 
With joyful haste he sped, 

Entered the grave in mortal flesh. 
And dwelt among the dead. 

4 O for this love let rocks and hills 
Their lasting silence break ; 

And all harmonious human tongues, 
The Saviour's praises speak. 

6 Angels, assist our mighty joys ; 

Strike all your harps of gold ; 
But when you raise your highest notes, 

His love can ne'er be told. 


305 ^- M. 

Original eorruptUm and actual «'«. 

LORD, we are vile, conceived in Fin, 
And bom unholy and unclean ; 
Sprung from the man whose guilty fall 
Carropts his mce, and tainu us all. 

9 Soon as we draw our lufant breath 
The seeds of sto grow up for death ; 
T^y l»w demaadf a perfect heart, 
lhiiw9*M de£Je4 ia ev»ry part. 


3 Behold, we fall before thy face ; 
Our only refuge is thy grace : 

No oatward forms can make us clean ; 
The leprosy lies deep within. 

4 Nor bleeding bird, nor bleeding bcaet. 
Nor hyssop branch, nor sprinkling prieit, 
Nor running brook, n^r flood, nor ees, 
Can wash the dismal btain away. 

6 Jesns, thy blood, thy blood alone, 
Hath power sufBclent to atone ; 
Thy blood can make us white as snow ; 
No Jewish types could cleanse us so. 

6 While guilt disturbs and breaks oar peacr, 
Nor flesh nor soul hath rest or ease ; 
Lord, let us hear thy pardoning voice, 
And make these broken hearU rejoice. 


^^® Tk« great Phytician. 

DEEP are the wounds which sin has made; 
Where shall the sinner find a cure ! 
In vain, alas ! Is nature's aid ; 
The work exceeds her utmost power. 

2 Bat can no sovereign balm be found. 
And Is no kind phvsician nigh, 

To ease the pain and heal the wound. 
Ere life and hope forever fly f 

3 There is a great Physician near ; 
Look up, O fainting soul, and live ; 

See, in hfs heavenly smiles, appear 
Such help as nature cannot give. 

4 See, in the Saviour's dying blood, 
Life, health, and bliss abundant flow ; 

And in that sacrificial flood 
A balm for all thy grief and woe. 


•*"* Inbred lepro»y. 

JESUS, A word, a look from thee, 
" Can t*n my heart and make it clean ; 
Purge out the inbred lejft-osy, 
And save me from my bosom eln. 

2 Lord, if thou wilt, I do bWieve 

. Thou canst the saving grace impart ; 
Thou canst this insUnt now forgive, 
And stamp thine image on my heart. 

3 My heart, which now to thee I raise, 

I know thou canst this moment cleanse { 
The deepest stains of sin efface. 
And drive the evil spirit hence. 

4 Be It according to thy word ; 
Accomplish now thy work in me ; 

And let my soul, to health restored, 
Devote lU deathless powers to thee. 



In trttpanet and ttnt. 
"IVTY former hopes are fled ; 

1 fee\, »\«*\ t\i%\. \ «». &«a^. 
In iresMMM wA «».*• 

S. M. 


S Saviour, and Prince of peace, 

The doable grace bestoir ; 
UnlooM the bands of wickedness. 

And let the captive igo : 
Grant me my ains to feel, 

And then the load rsmore: 
Wound, and pour In, my wooada to hml. 

The bidm of pardoning love. 


2 When I review my ways, 
I dread impending doom : 

But hark I a friendly whimper wya, 
" Flee firom the wrath to come.'' 

3 With trembling hope I lee 
A glimmering from afar ; 

A beam of day that shinee for me, 
To save me from despair. 

4 Forerunner of the sun. 

It marks the pilgrim's way ; 
I '11 gaze upon ft while I run. 
And watch the rising day. 

WILLIAM oownx. 



Dependence on the Spirit, 
TTOW helpless nature lies, 
■*^ Unconscious of her load I 
The heart unchanged can never iia« 
To happiness and God. 

i Can aught but power divine 

The stubtKtm will subdue ! 
'Tis thine, eternal Spirit, thine 

To form the heart anew ; 

8 The passions to recall, 
And upward bid them rise ; 

To make the scales of error fall 
From reason's darkened eyes. 

4 O change these hearts of oors. 

And give them life divine ; 
Then shall our passions and our powers. 

Almighty Lord, be thine. 


^^^ Helphu and guUty. 8- M. 

AH, how shall Mien man 
Be just before his God! 
If he contend in righteousness. 
We sink beneath his rod. 

9 If he our ways should mark 
With strict inquiring eyes, . 

C!ouId we for one of thousand faolts 
A just excuse devise t 

8 The mountains, in thy wrath. 
Their ancient seats forsake ; 

The trembling earth deserts her place. 
Her rooted pillars shake. 

4 Ah, how shall guilty man 

Contend with such a God f 
None — none can meet him, and escape, 

But through the Saviour's blood. 

ISA ax; watts. 

^^^ Obduracy bemoaned. S. M. 

OTHAT I couid repent I 
O that T could believe I 
Tho'i, by thy voice, the marble rend, 

The rock in sunder derive : 
Tboa, hy thy two-edged sword, 
My soul aad epirit part ; 
Strike with the aammer of thy word. 
And bnak my atabboru heaxt. 



^^" Ckritt e«r ranMM. ^ 

UR sins on Christ were laid; 
- He l>ore the mighty load: 
Our ransom-price he fuly paid 
In groans, and tears, and UiO«d. 

9 To save a world, he dies ; 

Sinners, behold the Lamb 1 
To him lift up your longing eyei} 

Seek mercy In his namk. 

8 Pardon and peace abonnd ; 
He will your. sins foraive; 

Salvation in his name is foond,— 
He bids the sinner live. 

4 Jesus, we look to thee ; 

Where else can sinners got 
Thv boundless love shall set us free 

^rom wretchedness and woe. 


^•'■^ l%e only turn*, 8. M. 

JESUS, thon Sonroe divine, 
** Whence hope and comfort flow 1 
Jesus, no other name than thins 
Can save from endless wos. 

9 None else will Heaven approve : 
Thou art the only way. 

Ordained by everlasting love, 
To realms of endless day. 

3 Here let our feet abide. 
Nor from thy path depart : 

Direct our steps, thon graoioos Gnlde t 
And cheer tae fainting heart. 

4 Safe through this world of nlf^t, 
Lead to the blissful plains. 

The regions of nnelonaed llgnt. 
Where joy forever reigns. 

AKira smLB. 

^^'■'^ jXt preeiotu Hood. S. M. 

rjOD'S holy law transgressed, 
^^ Speaks nothing but despair ; 
Convinced of guilt, with grleNippwitd, 
We find no oomtort there. 

9 Not all -our groans and tears. 
Nor works which we have done. 

Nor vows, nor promises, nor prayorsy 
Can e'er for sin atone. 

3 Relief alone Is foand 

In Jesus' precious blood : 
*T\s ih\t l^iat lieaU the mortal wo«Bd, 

And xeooncil^ \a Qa^ 


lifted on the cross 
potlese Victim dies ; 
Mlvktion's only source ; 

I all oar hopes arise. 


WoHtUn oT redrnftum. ^' ^' 
eat the wisdom, power, and grace, 
h In redemption shine t 
mlv host with joy oonfese 
rk u all divine. 

lis feet thev east their crowns,— 
rowns whicn Jesus gare, — 
ten thousand thousand tongues, 
n his power to save. 

II the triumphs of his cross, 
ferlngs which he bore ; 

he stooped, how high ne rose, 
e to stoop no more. 

lem let us our voices raise, 
II the song renew ;' 
well deserves the praise 
and angels too. 


7%€ dearnt name. ^' ^' 

reet the name of Jesus sounds 
Mliever's ear ! 

his sorrows, heals his wounds, 
ves away his fear. 

s the wounded spirit whole, 
ms the troubled breast; 
a to the hungry soul, 
the weary, rest. 

me I the rock on which I build, 
Hand hiding-place ; 
•falling treasure, filled 
tnndless stores of grace ! 

IT Shepherd, Saviour, Friend, 
phet, Priest, and King, 
my Life, my Way, my End, 
the pnUse I oring I 

thy boundless love proclaim 
'ery fleeting breath ; 
le music or thy name 
my soal In death. 


C M 
CeateUu goodneu. 

laelesa, unexhausted love, 
rited and free, 
lur evil to remove, 
p our misery. 

sitest to be gracious still ; 
«t with sinners bear ; 
id, we may thy goodness feel, 
thy grace declare. 

dness and thy truth to me, 
r soul, abound ; 
iCathomable tea, 
m oar tbougbtt are drowned. 

4 Its streams the whole creation reach, 
So plenteous is the store ; 

Enough for all, enough for each. 
Enough for evermore. 

6 faithful. O Lord, thy mercies are, 

A rock that cannot move : 
A thousand promises declu* 

Thy constancy of love. 

6 Throughout the universe it reigns, 

Unalterably snre : 
And while the trutn of God remains. 

His goodness must endure. 


318 CM. 

7%e Waify the Truth, and tit Lift. 
q^HOU art the Way :— to thee alone . 
-"- From sin and death we flee ; 
And he who would the Father seek, 
Must seek him. Lord, by thee. 

5 Thou art the Truth :— thy word alone 
True wisdom can impart ; 

Thou only canst inform the mind, 
And purify the heart. 

8 Thou art the Life :— the rending tomb 

Proclaims thy conouering arm ; 
And those who put ineir trust in thee 

Nor death nor hell shall harm. 

4 Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life ; 

Grant us that Way to know, 
That Truth to keep, that Life to win, 

Whose joys eternal flow. 


^*® Tkt eletHuing/mintain, ^' ^' 
npHERE is a fountain filled with blood 
-*■ Drawn from Immannel's veins ; 
And sinners, plunged beneath that flood, 
Lose all their guilty stains. 

3 The dying thief rejoiced to see 
That fountain in his day : 

And there may I. though vile as he. 
Wash all my sins away. 

8 Thou dying Lamb ! thy precious blood 

Shall never lose its power. 
Till all the ransomed Church of God 

Are saved, to sin no more. 

4 E'er since, by faith, I saw the stream 
Thy flowing wounds supply, 

Redeeming love has been my theme, 
And shall be till I die. 

5 Then in a nobler, sweeter song, 
I 'II sing thy power to save. 

When this poor lisping, stammering tongue 
Lies silent in the grave. 

6 Lord, I believe thou hast prepared, 
Unworthy though I be. 

For me a blood-bought, free reward, 
A golden harp for me I 

7 'TIS strung and tuned for endless years. 
And formed by power divine. 

To sound in God ^« ¥«X\v«c''% «Kt\, 

'No otV«t UBxna'XkxA >i&\xM. 

-<«(\\A.\wwL, csy«via 


^^O The piereSd hand. ^'^' 

T^HEN wounded sore, the ttricken Mul 
^^ Lies bleeding and unbound, 
One only band, a p!erc6d hand, 
Can heal the tinner's wound. 

5 When sorrow swells the laden breast, 
And tears of angruish flow. 

One only heart, a broken heart, 
Can feel the sinner's woe. 

8 When penitence has wept in vain 

Over some foul, dark spot, 
One only stream, a stream of blood, 

Can wash away the blot. 

4 'Tis Jesus' blood that washes white, 

His hand that brines relief; 
His heart that 's touched with all our joys. 

And feeleth for our grief. 

6 Lift up thy bleeding hand, O Lord! 
Unseal that cleansing tide : 

We have no shelter from our sin 
But in thy wounded side. 


^^^ Ortwe, 8* M. 

/rj.RACE ! 'tis a charming sound, 
^^ Harmonious to the ear: 
Heaven with the echo shall resound, 

And all the earth shall hear. 
9 Grace first contrived a way 

To save rebellious man ; 
And all the steps that grace display, 

Which drew the wondrous plan. 
8 Grace taueht my roving feet 

To tread the heavenly road ; 
And new supplies each hour I meet, 

While pressing on to God. 

4 Grace all the work shall crown 

Through everlasting days ; 
It lays In heaven the topmost stone. 

And well deserves our praise. 


32Q S. M. 

Our dd>t paid upon the erou. 

WHAT majestv and grace 
Through all the gospel shine I 
'Tis God that speaks, and we confess 
The doctrine most divine. 

2 Down from his throne on high, 
The mighty Saviour comes ; 

Lays his bright robes of glory by. 
And feeble flesh assumes. 

3 The debt that sinners owed, 
Upon the cross he pays : 

"then through the clonds ascends to God, 
'Midst shouU of loftiest praise. 

4 There our High Priest appears 
Before his Father's throne ; 

Mingles his merits with our tears, 

And pours salvation down. 
6 Great Sovereign, we adore 
Thy Jattice and thy grace, 
And on thy faithfulness and power 
Oar Srm dependence place. 


^^^ Full and free. C.M. 

r\ WHAT amazing words of graoo 
^^ Are in the gospel found I 
Salted to every sinner's case. 
Who knows the joyful sound. 

8 Poor, sinful, thirsty, fainting souU 

Are ireely welcome nere ; 
Balvatibn, like a river, rolls 

Abundant, free^ and clear. 

8 Come, then, with all your wanta and 
wounds ; 

Yopr every burden bring : 
Here love, unchanging love, abounds, 

A deep, celestial spring. 

4 Whoever will — O gracious word ! 

May of this stream partake ; 
Come, thirsty souls, and bless the Lovd, 

Ana drink, for Jesus' sake. 

6 Millions of sinners, vile as you. 
Have here found life and peace ; 

Come, then, and prove its virtaea tooy 
Ana drinK, adore, and bles*. 


334 The joyful mmnd. ^^ 

CALVATION ! O the joyful soondl 
'^ What pleasure to our ears 1 
A sovereign balm for every woond, 
A cordial for our fears. 

8 Salvation ! let the echo At 

The spacious earth aronna, 
While all the armies of the sky 

Conspire to raise the sound. 

3 Salvation ! O thou bleeding Lamb I 

To thee the praise belongs : 
Salvation shall inspire our hearts, 

And dwell upon our tongues. 



The alJ-mffleient Saviour. 

C B&. 

THE Saviour I O what endless cbamia 
Dwell in that blissful sound 1 
Its influence everv fear disarms, 
And spreads delight around. 

9 Here pardon, life, and joy dirinay 

In rich efFusion flow. 
For guilty rebels, lost in tin. 

And doomed to endless woe. 

3 The almighty Former of the skies 
Stoops to our vile abode ; 

While angels view with wondsring Bjea, 
And hail the incarnate God. 

4 How rich the depths of lore divine t 
Of bliss a boundless store I 

Redeemer, let me call thee mlns^ 
Thy fullness I implore. 

6 On thee alone my hope relies ; 

Beneath thy cross I (all ; 
Mv Lord, my Life, my Sacrifice, 

viy Saviour, and my All 1 



^®® Tlu gotpalfeat. 

LET erery mortal ear attend, 
And every heart rejoice ; 
The trnmpet of the go«pel loands 
With an inviting voice. 

S Ho! all ye hungry, starving •ouU, 

That feed upon the wind. 
And vainly strive with earthly toys 

To fill an empty mind ; 

3 Eternal Wisdom hath prepared 
A soul-reviving feast, 

And bids your longing appetites 
The rich provision taste. 

4 Ho! ye that pant for living streams. 
And pine away and die. 

Here you may quench your raging thirst 
With springs that never dry. 

5 Rivers of love and mercy here 
In a rich ocean join ; 

Salvation in abundance flows. 
Like floods of milk and wine. 

• The happy gates of gospel grace 

Stand open night and day : 
Lord, we are come to seek supplies. 

And drive our wants away. 



Lme which paneth knowUdgt. 

OF Him who did salvation bring, 
I could forever think and sing ; 
Arise, ye needy,— he '11 relieve ; 
Arise, ye guilty,— he '11 forgive. 

S Ask but his grace, and lo. 'tis given ; 
AsIc, and he turns your hell to heaven : 
Though sin and sorrow wound my soul, 
Jesos, thy balm will make it whole. 

8 To shame our sins he blushed in blood ; 
He closed his eyes to show us God : 
Let all the world fall down and know 
That none but God such love can show. 

4 'TIS thee I love, for thee alone 

I shed my tears and malce my moan ; 
Where'er I am, where'er I move, 
I meet the object of my love. 

5 Insatiate to this spring I fly; 
I drink, and yet am ever dry : 

Ah ! wno against thy charms is proof! 
Ah ! who that loves, can love enough t 



3®® Tht divine Teachtr. ^- **• 

HOW sweetly flowed the gospel's sound 
From lips of gentleness and grace, 
While listenmg thousands gathered round, 
And joy and reverence filled the place ! 

S From heaven He came, of heaven he spoke, 
To heaven he led his folldwers' way ; 

Dark clouds of gloomy night he broke, 
UdvaUIb^ mi immortal day. 

3 " Come, wanderers, to my Father's home ; 
Come, ali ye weary ones^ aud rest." 

Yes, sacred Teacher, we will come, 
Obey, and be forever blest. 

4 Decay, then, tenements of dust ! 
Pillars of earthly pride, decay ! 

A nobler mansion waits the just, 
And Jesus has prepared the way. 


•'''*'*^ The gtft vnapeakabU. 

HAPPY the man who finds the grace, 
The blessing of God's chosen race, 
The wisdom coming from above, 
The faith that sweetly works by love. 

8 Wisdom divine ! who tells the price 
Of wisdom's costly merchandise ! 
Wisdom to silver we prefer, 
And gold is dross compared to her. 

3 Her hands are filled with length of days. 
True riches, and immortal praise ; 

Her ways are ways of pleasantneis, 
And all her flowery paths are peace. 

4 Happy the man who wisdom gains ; 
Thrice happy, who his guest retains : 
He owns, and shall forever own. 
Wisdom, and Christ, and heaven, are one. 

33 O jrf^^ ^^^^ „y.yy^, ^^^^ 12. 

THE voice of free grace cries, " Escape 
to the mountain: 
For Adam's lost race Christ hath opened a 

fountain : 
For sin and uncleanness, and every trans- 
His blood flows most freely, in streams of 
Hallelujah to the Lamb, who has pur- 

cliased our pardon ! 
We will praise him again when we pass 
over Jordan. 

3 Now glory to God in the hif^hest is given; 
Now glory to God is re-echoed in heaven : 
Around the whole earth let us tell the glad 

And sing of his love, his salvation and 


3 Jesus, riiie on, — thv kingdom is glorious ; 
O'er sin, death, and nell, thou wilt make 

us victorious : 
Thy name shall be praised in the great 

And saints shall ascribe unto thee their 


4 When on Zion we stand, having gained 

the blest shore, 
With our harps in our hands, we will praise 

evermore : 
We '11 ranire the blest fields on the banks of 

the river. 
And sins ot ied«tao\.\otv ^ownw w^^ %.nw. 

THE snra^ER. 

^^^ TAeytar of jubilee. ^'^' 

T>LOW ye the trumpet, blow, 
-'^ The ifladly-solemn sound ! 
Let all the nations know, 
To earth's remotest bound, 

The year of jubilee is come! 

Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

5 Jesus, our great High Priest, 
Hath full atonement made : 

Ye weary spirits, rest : 

Ye mournful souls, be glad : 
The year of jubilee is come! 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

8 Extol the Lamb of Qod, 
The all-atoning Lamb ; 
Redemption in his blood 
Throughout the world proclaim : 
The year of jubilee is come 1 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

4 Ye slaves of sin and hell, 
Your liberty receive. 

And safe in Jesus dwell, 
And blest in Jesus live : 
The year of jubilee is come ! 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

6 Ye who have sold for naught 
Your heritage above, 

Shall have it back unbonght, 
The gift of Jesus' love : 
The year of jubilee is cornel 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 

6 The gospel trumpet hear. 

The news of heavenly grace ; 
And, saved from earth, appear 
Before your Saviour's face : 
The year of jubilee is come! 
Return, ye ransomed sinners, home. 


333' H.M. 

Jetua, the tttt-atoning Lamb. 
T ET earth and heaven agree, 
-^-^ Angels and men be joined. 
To celebrate with me 
The Saviour of mankind : 
To adore the all-atoning Lamb, 
And bless the sound of Jesus' name. 

5 Jesus ! transporting sound ! 
The joy of earth and heaven ; 

No other help is found. 
No other name is given. 
By which we can salvation nave; 
But Jesus came the world to save. 

3 Jesus ! harmonious name I 
It charms the hosts above ; 

They evennore proclaim 
And wonder at his love : 
^is all their happiness to gaie, — 
'Tis heaven to see our Jesus' face. 

4 His name the sinner hears. 
And \a from sin set free ; 

'77« mutic ia bU ears ; 
'Tia life and victory ; 
JV'(?»r soagB do now hia lips employ, 
Aad dancea bis glnd heart for joy. 

5 O unexampled love! 

O all-redeeming et^c9 ! 
How swiftly didst thou move 

To save a fallen race ! 
What shall I do to make it known, 
What thou for all mankind hast done! 

6 O for a trumpet voice. 
On all the world to call. 

To bid their hearts rejoice 
In him who died for all ! 
For all my Lord was cmcilied ; 
For all, for all, my Saviour died. 


He axed for dm. 
"^THEN time seems short and death ii. 
' ^ near. 

And I am pressed by doubt and faar» 
And sins, an overflowing tide. 
Assail my peace on every side. 
This thought my refuge still siwU be, 
I know the Saviour died for me. 

9 His name is Jesus, and he died. 
For guilty sinners crucified ; 
Content to die that he might win. 
Their ransom from the death of tin : 
No sinner worse than I can be, 
Therefore I know he died for me. 
8 If grace were bought, I could not bay ; 
If grace were coined, no wealth have I { 
B^ grace alone I draw my breath, 
Held up from everlasting death ; 
Yet, since I know his grace it free, 
I know the Saviour died for me. 


^^^ TktJ>enreo/n«tum». '•''• 
/^OME, thou long-expected Jesut, 
^^ Bom to set thy people free : 
From our fears and sins release us. 
Let us find our rest in thee. 

9 Israel's Strength and Consolation, 
■ Hope of all the earth thoa art; 
Dear Desire of every nation. 
Joy of every longing heart. 

3 Bom thy people to deliver, 
Bora a child, and yet a Kin;, 

Born to reign in us ^rever^ 
Now thy gracious kingdom brln;. 

4 By thine own etemal Spirit, 
Rule in all our hearts alone ; 

By thine all-sufilcient merit. 
Raise as to thy glorious throne. 



335 j^^^ y^ 11. 

r\ TURN ye, O turn ye, for why will ye 
^^ die. 

When God in great mercy is coming so nigh t 
Now Jesus invites you, the Spirit says, 

" Come," 
And an^eU m« wv.W.Voi \a 'w%\a«CM yoa 
1 home. 


9 And BOW Christ U ready yoor aouU to 

P ^owean yoo aaestion, if yon will believe t 
If sin is your barden, why will yon not 

Tit yoa he bid* welcome; he bidt you 

come home. 

S In riches, in pleMores, what can you ob- 

To soothe your affliction, or banish ypar 

To bear np your spirit when iommoned to 

Or waft yon to mansions of i^ory on high f 

4 Why will yon be starving, and feeding 

OB air! 
There's mercy in Jesns, enoogh and to 

If still you are doubting, make trial and 

And prove that his mercy .is iMundleu and 


josiab hofkins. 




TVELAY not, delay not, O sinner, draw 
•*^ near, 

The waters of life are now flowing for thee ; 
No prioe is demanded, the Saviour is here, 

Redemption is purchased, salvation is free. 

S Dday not, delay not, why loncer abuse 
The love and compassion of Jesus, thy 
Godt ' 

A fbnnti^n is open, how canst thou refuse 
To wash and be cleansed in his pardon- 
ing blood t 

S Delay not, delav not, O sinner, to come, 
For Mercy still lingers and call* thee to- 
Her voice is not heard in the vale of the 
Her message, unheeded, will soon pass 

.4 Delay not, delay not, the Spirit of sprace 
Long grieved and resisted, may take his 

And leave Uiee in darkness to finish thy 
To sink in the gloom of eternity's night. 

S Delay not, deUy not, the hour is at hand, 
The earth shall dissolve, and the heavens 
shall fkde. 
The dead, small and great, in the judgment 
shall stand : 
Whnt power then, O sinner, will lend 
thee ite aid i 


33y jn,^j^, 7.6/. 

TXTEART souls, that wander wide 
* * From the central point of bliss, 

Tnm to Jeens eraeiSed ; 
Fly to tbo$e demr wounds of his : 

Sink Into the purple flood ; 
Rise Itfto the fife of God. 

3 Find in Christ the way of peace, 
Peace unspeakable, unknown ; 

By his pain he gives you ease, 
Life by his ezpirini; groan : 
Rise exalted by his fall; 
Find in Christ your all in all. 

8 O believe the record true, 
God to yon his Son hath given ; 

Ye may now be happy too. 
Find on earth the life of heaven: 

Live the life of heaven above, 

Ail the life of glorious love. 

4 This the universal bliss. 
Bliss for every soul designed ; 

God's original promise this, 

God's «eat gift to all mankind : 
Blest in Christ this moment be. 
Blest to all eternity. 


*^^® OnM, and mlffme. ''»•'• 

PROM the cmss uplifted high, 
-'- Where the Saviour deigns to die, 
What melodious sounds we hear 
Bursting on the ravished ear! 
" Love's redeeming work is done. 
Come and welcome, sinner, come I 

8 " Sprinkled now with blood the throiMy 
Why beneath thy burdens groan t 
On his pierc«d body laid. 
Justice owns the ransom paid ; 
Bow the knee, embrace the Son, 
Come and welcome, sinner, come ! 

8 « Spread for thee, the festal board 
See with richest bounty stored ; 

To thy Father's l)osom pressed. 
Thou shalt be a child confessea. 
Never from his house to roam ; 
Come and welcome, sinner, come! " 


^^® The reork 0/ tin. ''••'• 

TTEARTS of stone, relent, relent! 
^^ Break, by Jesus' cross subdued; 
See his l>ody mangled, rent, 

Covered with his flowiug blood I 
Sinful soul, what hast thou done! 
Crucified the eternal Son I 

9 Yes, thy sins have done the deed. 
Driven the nails that fixed him there, 

Crowned with thorns his sacred head. 
Pierced him with a soldier's spear. 
Made his soul a sacrifice ; 
For a Ainful world he dies. 

3 Wilt thou let him die in vain! 

Still to death pursue our God ! 
Open all his wounds again ! 

Trample on his precious blood ! 
No •, w\tYi fkV\ m^ »Viv% YW \f«.TV\ 
Savtouc, iaka m^ \tTQ\.«tk V«s.t\.. 



Invitation hymn. 


COME, ye sinners, poor and needy, 
Weak and wounded, sick and sore ; 
Jesus ready stands to save yon, 
Full of pity, love, and power : 

He IB able, 
He is willinff : doabt no mora. 

S Now, ye needy, come and welcome ; 

Ood's free bounty glorify ; 
True belief and true repentance, 

Everv ffrace that brings you nigh. 
Without money, 

Come to Jesus Christ and buy. 

3 Let not conscience make yon linger, 
Nor of fitness fondly dream ; 

All the fitness he requireth 
Is to feel your need of him : 

This he gives you ; 
*T\a the Spint's glimmering beam. 

4 Come, ye weary, heavy-laden. 
Bruised and mangled by the fall ; 

If you tarry till you're better, 
Yon will never come at all ; 

Not the rightaous, — 
Sinners Jesus came to call. 

5 Agonizing in the garden, 
Your Redeemer prostrate lie* : 

On the bloody tree behold him i 
Hear him cry, before he die*. 

" It is finished !" 
Sinaers. will not this suffice f 

< Lo ! the incarnate GK>d, ascending, 
Pleads the merit of his blood : 

Venture on him, venture freely ; 
Let no other trust intrude : 

None but Jesus 
Can do helpless sinners good. 

7 Siints and angels, joined in concert, 
Sing the praives of the Lamb ; 

While the blissful seats of heaven 
Sweetly echo with his name : 

Hallelujah ! 
Sinners here may do the same. 


^■*^ The hfalinf fountain. ®* '^' '^' 

COME to Calvary's holy mountain. 
Sinners ruined by the* fall ; 
Here a pure and healing fountain 

Flows to yon, to me, to all, 
In a f^ll perpetual tide. 
Opened when our Saviour died. 

S Come, in sorrow and contrition, 
Wounded, impotent, and blind ; 

Here the guilty, free remission, 
Here the lost a refuge find. 

Health this fountain will restore ; 

He that drinks need thirst so more. 

3 Come, ye dying, live forever ; 

'Tis a soul-reviving flood ; 
Gk>d is faithful ; he will never 
Bnak hit covenant sealed in blood ; 
Sifted wbea our Redeemer died, 
Semlad wbea he was frlorified. 


'^^'^ Hear, and live. «•"'»*• 

DINNERS, will you scorn the message 
^ Sent in mercy from above t 
Every sentenoe, O how tender I 

Every line is full of love : 
Listen to it : 

Every line is full of love. 

8 Hear the heralds of the gospel 
News from Zion's Kin^ proclaim : 

"^ Pardon to each rebel sinner. 
Free forgiveness in his name : " 

How important ! 
" Free forg^venes* in his name." 

3 Tempted souls, they bring yon raccor ; 
Fearful hearts, they quell your fears, 

And, with news of consolation. 
Chase away the falling tears : 

Tender heralds ! 
Chase away the falling tears. 

4 O ye angels, hovering round us. 

. Wailing spirits, speed your way ; 
Haste ye to the court of heaven. 

Tidings bear without delay, 
Rebel sinners 

Glad the message will obey. 


^"^^ The last eall. 8,7.4. 

TTEAR. O sinner, mercy hails you, 
•*"'• Now with sweetest voice she calls ; 
Bids yon haste to seek the Saviour, 

Ere the hand of justice falls; 
Hear, O sinner ! 

Tis the voice of mercy calla. 

8 Haste, O sinner, to the Saviour I 
Seek his mercy while you may ; 

Soon the day of grace is over ; 
Soon your life will pass away : 

Haste, O sinner I 
You must perish if you stay. 


^^^ The graeinue eall. ^* 

COME, said Jesus' sacred voice, 
Come, and make my path ytntr diotce ; 
I will guide vou to your nome ; 
Weary pilgnm, hither come. 

3 Thou who, houseless, sole, forlorn. 
Long hast borne the proud world's scorn. 
Long hast roamed the barren waste. 
Weary pilgrim, hither haste. 

3 Ye who, tossed on beds of pain. 
Seek for ease, but seek in vain ; 
Ye, by fiercer anguish torn, 

In remorse for guilt who montn ; 

4 Hither come, for here is found 
Balm that fiows for every wound. 
Peace that ever shall endure, 
Rest eternal, sacred, sure. 


34r5 jMap dangerotu. '^' 

HASTEN, tinner, to b« wIm ! 
Stay Boi for tne morrow's ran : 
Wisdom if yon still despise. 
Harder is it to be won. 

9 Hasten, merry to implore ! 

Stay not for the morrow's snn. 
Lest uv season should be o'er 

Ere ttiis evening's stage be run. 

8 Hasten, rinner, to return I 
Stay not for the morrow's snn, 

Lett thy lamp should lull to bam 
Krt salvation's work is done. 

4 Hasten, sinner, to be blest ! 
Stay not for the morrow's son, 

Lest perdition thee arrest 
Ere the morrow is begun. 


S40 At ZUmU gate. ''• 

"piLGRIM, burdened with thy sin, 
-'' Come the way to Zion's gate : 
There, till mercy lets thee in. 

Knock, and weep, and watch, and wait. 
Knock — He knows the sinner's cry ; 

We^p— he loves the mourner's tears ; 
Watch, for saving grace is nigh ; 

Wait, till heavenly light appears. 

5 Hark, it is Uie Bridegroom's voice : 
<* Welcome, pilgrim, to thy rest ! " 

Now within the gate rmoice, 

Safe, and sealed, and ooncht, and blest: 
Safe, from all the lures of vice ; 

Swed, bv signs the chosen know ; 
Boi^t bv love, and life the price ; 

Bust, tne mighty debt to owe. 

8 Holy 

Holy pilsnlm. what for thee 
In a world like this remain f 

From thy guarded breast shall flee 
Fear, and shame, and doubt, and pain ; 

Frtar, tne hope of heaven shall fly ; 
Shame, from elory's view retire ; 

Doubt, in certam rapture die ; 
Pain, in endless buss expire. 



347 Why will yt die f 

SINNERS, turn ; why will ye die t 
God. your Maker, asks vou why ; 
€k>d, woo did your being give. 
Made yon with himself to live ; 
He til e fiital cause demands ; 
Asks the work of his own hands, 
Whv, ye thankless creatures, why 
Will ye cross his love, and die ! 

S Sinners, turn ; why will ye die f 
God, your Saviour, asks you why ; 
He, who did your souls retrieve. 
Died himself, that ye might live. 
Will ve let tim die in vain t 
Cmciry yOnr Lord again t 
Why, ye ransomed sinners, why 
Wm jr» alight bi$ gnce, and die f 


3 Sinners, turn ; why will ye die t 
God, the Spirit, asks you why ; 
He, who all your lives hath strove. 
Wooed you to embrace his love. 
W^ill ye not his grace receive f 
Will ye still refuse to Ilvef 
Why, ye long-sought sinners, why 
Will ye grieve your God, and die I 

4 Dead, already dead within, — 
Spiritually deali in sin ; 

Dead to God while here you breathe, 
Pant ye after second death t 
Will ye still in sin rem.iin, 
Greedy of eternal pain I 
O ye dying sinners, why, 
Wny will ye forever die ! 





34S Tender expoetulation. 
'HAT could vour Redeemer do, 
More than he hath done for you f 
To procure your peace with God, 
Could he more than shed his blood f 
After all his flow of love, 
All his drawings from above. 
Why will ye your Lord deny ! 
Why will ye resolve to die f 

2 " Turn," he cries, *' ye sinners, turn :" 

S~ ' his life, your God liath sworn, 
! would have you turn and live ; 
Fie would all the world receive. 
If your death were his delight, 
Would he you to life Invite ! 
Would he ask, beseech, and crv, 
" Why will ye resolve to die ! *' 

3 Sinners, turn, while Gk>d is near ; 
Dare not think him insincere : 
Now, e'en now, your Saviour stands ; 
All day long he spreads his hands ; 
Cries, ** Ye will not happy be ; 

No, ye will not come to uie — 
Me, who life to none deny : 
Why will ye resolve to dte ! " 


340 The accepted time. ^- *•• 
■\X7HILE life prolongs its precious light, 
•^ ' Mercy is round, and peHce Is given ; 
Hut soon, ah, soon, appronchiui; nif^ht 
Shall blot out every nope of heaven. 

3 While God invites, how blest the day ! 

How sweet the gospel's charming sound ! 
Come, sinners, haste, O haste away, 

While yet a pardoning God is foun«l. 

3 Soon, borne on time's most rapid winur, 
Shall death command yon to the grave. 

Before his bar your spirits brinir. 
And none be found to hear or save. 

4 In that lone land of deep despair. 

No Sabbath's heavwnl'j VV^Vi^, %Va.\\ Vai«^ 
No God Te(p«4 70\w \»\V\i« v».^«. 
No aax\o«K cbXV NOTi \» ^% iJiX»»« 


5 Now God invites ; how blest tlie day ! 

How sweet the gospel's charming sound ! 
Come, sinners, haste, O haste away, 

While yet a pardoning God is found. 


3SO All tkinfft art ready. ^ M. 

SINNERS, obey the gospel word ; 
Haste to the supper of my Lord ; 
Be wise to know your gracious day ; 
All things are ready,— come away. 

t Ready the Father is to own 
And kiss his late-returning son; 
. Ready your loving Saviour stands. 
And sprcuids for you his bleeding hands. 

S Ready the Spirit of his love, 
Just now the stony to remove ; 
To apply and witness with the blood, 
And wash and seal the sons of God. 

4 Ready for yon the angels wait, 
To triumph m your blest estate ; 
Tuning tbeir harps, they long to praise 
The wonders of radeemmg grace. 

5 The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Are ready, with their shining host : 
All heaven Is ready to resoiind, 

** The dead 's alive I the lost is found 1 " 


331. j%t hlin of penitent*. ^ M, 

/"lOME. O ye sinners, to the Lord, 
^ In Cnrist to paradise restored : 
His proffered benefits embrace. 
The plenitude of gospel graoe : 

9 A pardon written with bis blood { 
The favor and the peace of God ; 
The seeing eye, the feeling sense, 
The mystic joys of penitence': 

8 The godly fear, the pleasing smart, 
The meltings of a broken heart ; 
The tears that tell your sins forgiven ; 
The sighs that waft your souls to heaven ; 

4 The guiltless shame, the sweet distress. 
The ttnutt«>rable tenderness, 

The genuine, meek humility ; 

The wonder, " Why such love to met " 

5 The overwhelming power of saving grace. 
The sight that veils the seraph's face ; 
The speechless awe that dares not move. 
And all the silent heaven of love. 




Ood calling yet. 

GOD calling yet! shall I not heart 
Earth's pleasures shall I still hold dear t 
Shall life's swift passing years all fly. 
And still my soul in slumber lie I 

JP God calling yet t abMll I not rise! 
Oma /hie loving voice detpise, 
Jiad baMely bis kind care repay f 
Me oalla me UUl ; can I delay 1 

3 God calling yet ! and shall he knock, 
And I my heart the closer lock t 

He still is waiting to receive. 
And shall I dare his Spirit grietet 

4 God calling yet ! and shall I give 
No heed, but still in bondage live t 
I wait, but he does not forsake ; 

He calls me still ; my heart, awake i 

5 God calling yet ! I cannot stay ; 
My heart I yield without delay : 

Vain world, farewell, from thee I part ; 
The voice of Ood hath reached my h^t. 



353 L- M. 

Quench not tAe Spirit.— I Thesi. 5 : 19. 

CAY, sinner, hath a voice within 
^ Ofl whispered to thy secret soul, 
Urged thee to leave the ways of sin. 
And yield thy heart to God's conthdt , 

8 Sinner, it was a heavenly voice. 
It was the Spirit's gracious call ; 

It bade thee make the better choice. 
And haste to seek in Christ thine all. 

8 Spurn not the call to life and light ; 

Regard in time the warning. kind: ' 
That call thou mayst not always slight 

And yet the gate of mercy find. 

4 God's Spirit will not always strive 
With hardened, self-destroying man; 

Ye, who persist his love to gn^eve, 
May never hear his voice again. 

6 Sinner, perhaps this very day 
Thy last accepted time may be ; 

O shouldst thou grieve him now away, 
Then hope may never beam on thee. 


3^4 Hade, traveler, ka^e I ^'^' 

TTASTE, traveler, haste ! the night comes 
-*"'■ on, 

And many a shining hour is gone ; 
Tlie storm is gathering in tjie west. 
And thou art far from home and rest. 

5 O far from home thy footsteps stray ; 
Christ is the Life, and Christ the Way, 
And Christ the Light ; thy setting sun 
Sinks ere thy morning is begun. 

3 The rising tempest sweeps the sk^ : 
The rains descend, the winds are hign 
The waters swell, and death and fear 
Beset thy path, nor refuge near. 

4 Then linger not in all the plain. 
Flee for thy life, the mountain gain ; 
I^iook not hehind, make no delay, 

O speed thee, speed thee on thy way. 


355 S. M. 

Whotoever vill.—Rey. 22: 17, 

THE Spirit, in our hearts. 
Is whispering, " Sinner, come : " 
The bride, the CuutcYv of CnTVvl.^TocIaUiu 
To a\l ^\i chWdttea, " Com«\'* 



t Let him UuU h«M«Ch njr 
To M abwt him, «' Cnma I " 

Let him that ihinu for rlghtwrninaa, 
To Chrbt, th« foaatain, oome ! 

t Tea, w h oioeirer will, 

O let him freely emne. 
And freely drink the etream of Ufl | 

TU Jeeas bids him oome. 

4 Lo I Jeeos, erho {nrltet, 
Deelarae, '*I qnlokly oome ; " 

LonL eren eo I we wait thiae hoar; 
O Ueet Redeemer, eome! 




71« gmmrdianMp tf ang^ 

"Y^ simple mmIs that stray 
-^ Far mMn the path of peace, 
Thai lonely, aafr«aa«Btea way 

To life and happiness. 
Why will ys folly love, 

And throng the downward road, 
And hate the wisdom from above, 

And mock the sons of God f 

S So wretched and obscnre. 

The men whom ye despise. 
So foolish. Impotent, and poor, — 

Above your scorn we rise : 
We through the Holy Ghost, 

C«i witness better things ; 
For he whose blood is all our boAst, 

Hath made us priests and kings. 

% RIchee unsearchable 

In Jesus' love we know ; 
And pleasures springing firom the well 

Of life, our souls o'erllow : 
The Spirit we receive 

Of witdom, grace, and power ; 
And always sorrowful we live. 

Rejoicing evermore. 

4 Angels our servants are. 

And keep in all our ways. 
And in their watchful hands they bear 

The sacred sons of grace : 
Unto that heavenly bliss 

They all our steps attend ; 
And God himself our Father Is, 

And Jeeas is our friend. 


SfSy S. M. 

AU Aingt ore fMiiy.— Matt. 39 : 4. 

(t A LL things are ready," come, 
"^^ Come to the supper spread : 

Come, rich and poor, come, old and young, 
Come, and be richly fed. 

9 " All things are ready," come. 

The invitation 's given, 
Through Him who now in glory sits 

At God's right band in heaven. 

8 ''All things are ready," come, 

The dour is open wide ; 
feast npon the love of God, 

For CbrUt, bit Son, has died. 

4 "All things are readv," come. 

To-morrow may not o* ; 
O sinner, come, the Saviour waits 

This hour to welcome thee. 


3r>S Tk« aeamd d,atA. *** ^• 

r\ WHERE shall rest be foand, 
^-^ Rest for the weary soul ! 
'Twere vain the ocuan's depthg to lonnJ, 
Or pierce to either pole. 

9 The world can never give 
The bliss fur whifh we »\gh ; 

'TIS not the whole of life to live, 
Nor all of death to die. 

t Beyond this vale of tears 

There is a life at>uve. 
Unmeasured by iht? flit^ht of years ; 

And all that life i* love. 

4 There la a death, whose pAng 
OatlastR the deetlng bre:»th : 

O what eternal horrors hang 
Around the second death ; 

5 Thou God of truth and grar<>, 
Teach us that death to «hun ; 

Lest we l>e banished from thy fac#, 
For evermore undone. 


3SO s M 

Aeeepting the invitation. ' 

C^OME, weary siniiuri, come, 
■^ Groaning beneath your loail ; 
The Saviour calls his wanderers home ; 
Haste to your pardoning God. 

9 Come, all by guilt oppressed. 

Answer the Saviour's call, 
" O couie, and I will give vou rest. 

And I will save you all." 

3 Redeemer, full of love, 
We would thy word obey, 

And all thy faithful iii«'rcies prove: 
O take our guilt away. 

4 We would on thee rely, 

Ou tnee would cast our care ; 
Now to thiue arms of mercy tly, 
And find salvation there. 


3eo s M. 

8«*i Him while ke ma^ h» futtmt. 

MY son, know thou the I/ord, 
Thy father's God obey ; 
Seek his protecting care by uigbt. 
His guardian hand by day. 

9 Call, while he may be found ; 

Seek him while he is near ; 
Serve him with ail thv heart and mind, 

And worship him with fear. 

3 If thou wilt seek his face, 
His ear will hear thy cry ; 
Tk«a sVaVV VViOM tisid ^U va^v^'f vua^ 



4 But if thou leave thy Gk>d, 
Nor ehoose the path to heaven, 

Then shalt thou perish in thy sins, 
And never be forgiven. 


36 1 The day of grace. ^' *^* 

"VTOW is the accepted time, 
■*-' Now is the day of erace ; 
Now, sinners, come without delay, 
And seek the Saviour's face. 

8 Now is the accepted time, 

The Saviour calls to-day ; 
To-morrow it may be too late — 

Then why should you delay f 

3 Now is the accepted time, 
The gospel bids you come ; 

And every promise in his word 
Declares there yet is room. 


SeS L.M. 

71t« abundance of Hit grace. 
TTO ! every one that thirsts draw nigh : 
-■■•'■ 'Tis God invites the fallen race : 
Mercy and free salvation buy ; 
Buy wine, and milk, and gospel grace. 

5 Come to the living waters, come ! 
Sinners, obey your Maker's call ; 

Return, ye weary wanderers, home, 
And find his grace is free for all. 

S See from the Rock a fountain rise ; 

For you in healing streams it rolls ; 
Money ye need not bring, nor price, 

Ye laboring, burdened, sin-sick souls. 

4 Nothing ye in exchange shall give ; 
Leave all you have and are behind ; 

Frankly the gift of God receive ; 
Pardon and peace in Jesus find. 


303 Come to Me. ^' ^- 

WITH tearful eyes I look around ; 
Life seems a dark and stormy sea ; 
Yet 'midst the gloom I hear a soiyid, 
A heavenly whisper, " Come to me I " 

5 It tells me of a place of rest. 

It tells me where ray soul may flee : 
O to the wearv, faint, oppressed, 
How sweet ihe bidding, " Come to me 1 " 

3 When against sin I strive in vain, 
And cannot from its yoke get free. 

Sinking beneath the heavy cnain, 
The words arrest me, " Come to me! " 

4 When nature shudders, loath to part 
From all I love, enjoy, and see ; 

When a faint chill steals o'er my heart, 
A sweet voice utters, " Come to me ! 

5 "Come, for all else must fail and die; 
Earth is no resting-place for thee ; 

HemveawHrd direct thy weeping eve; 
/ jua thy portion ; come to me I ^' 




Tke gotpelfeoH. 

L. M. 

/^OME, sinners, to the gospel feast ; 
^ Let every soul be Jesus' guest : 
Ye need not one be left behind. 
For God hath bidden all mankind. 

S Sent by my Lord, on yon I call ; 
The inviUtion is to all : 
Come all the world ! come, sinner, thou ! 
All things in Christ are ready now. 

3 Come, all ye souls by sin oppressed, 
Ye restless wanderers after rest ; 

Ye poor, and maimed, and halt, and blind. 
In Christ a hearty welcome find. 

4 My message as from God receive ; 
Ye all may come to Christ and live: 
O let his love your hearts constrain, 
Nor suffer him to die in vain. 

5 See him set forth before your eyes, 
That precious, bleeding sacrifice : ' 
His otfered benefits embrace. 

And freely now be saved by grace. 


ses c. M. 

Sin kill* betfond the tomb, 

VAIN man, thy fond pursuits forbear; 
Repent, thine end is nigh ; 
Death, at the farthest, can't be far: 
O think before thou die. 

i Reflect^ thou hast a soni to save ; 

Thy sint, how high they mount! 
What are thy hopes l>eyond the grave | 

How standis that dark account 1 

3 Death enters, and there's no defense^ 
His time there 's none can tell ; 

He '11 in a moment call thee hence, 
To heaven, or down to hell. 

4 Thy flesh, perhaps thy greatest care, 
Shall into dust consume ; 

But, ah ! destruction stops not there ; 
Sin kills beyond the tomb. 


3ee c. M. 

Botut not ihytelfof to-morrow.— Vroy. 97 : 1. 

"l^HY should we boast of time to come, 
*' Though but a single day! 
This hour may fix our final doom. 
Though strong, and young, and gay. 

5 The present we should now redeem ; 
This only is our own ; 

The past, alas ! is all a dream ; 
The future is unknown. 

3 O think what vast concerns depend 
Upon a moment's space, 

When life and all its cares shall end 
In veugeance or in grace. 

4 O for that power which melts the heart. 
And lifts the soul on high ! 

Where sin and grief and death depart. 
And pleasures never die. 


3ey c. M. 

Tkt JvutifUr of tkt ungodly. 

LOVERS of pleasure more th«n God, 
For yoQ he safliered pain ; 
For yon the Sayionr ipilt hia blood : 
And ihall he bleed in vain f 

S SItmerB, hi* life for yon he paid ; 

Yoar baseat crimes he twre ; 
Yoar ains were all on Jesus laid, 

That you might sin no more. 

8 To earth the ereat Redeemer came. 
That yon mignt come to heaven ; 

Believe, believe in Jesus' name, 
And all your sin 's forgiven. 

4 Believe in him who died for thee, 

And, sure as he hath died. 
Thy debt is paid, thy soul is free. 

And thou art justified. 


3es c. M. 

T\e hammer of Hit word, 

COME, O thou all-victorious Lord, 
Thy power to ua make known ; 
Strike with the hammer of thy word. 
And break these hearts of stone. 

9 that we all might now begin 
Our foolishness to mourn ; 

And tarn at once from every sin. 
And to the Saviour turn ! 

8 Oive OS ourselves and thee to know 
In this our gracious day ; 

Repentance unto life bestow. 
And take our sins away. 

4 Convince us first of unbelief. 

And freely then release ; 
Fill every aoul with sacred grief. 

And then with sacred peace. 


30& Detperate retolution. ^' ^' 

/^OME, humble sinner, in whose breast 
^^ A thousand thoughts revolve. 
Come, with your guilt and fear oppressed. 
And make this last resolve :— 

9 I 'U go to Jesus, though my sin 
Like mountains round me close ; 

I know his courts, I '11 enter in. 
Whatever may oppose. 

8 Prostrate I 'U lie before his throne, 

And there my guilt confess ; 
111 tell him, V'tn a wretch undone 

Without his sovereign grace. 

4 Perhaps he will admit my plea. 
Perhaps will hear my prayer ; 

But, if 1 perish, I will pray. 
And perish only there. 

5 I can but perish if I go ; 
I am resolved to try ; 

For if I stay away, I know 
I mui forever die. 



The itanderer recalled. 


"DETURN, O wanderer, return, 
■*-•' And seek thy Father's face ; 
Those new desires which in tltee bum 
Were kindled by his grace. 

8 Return, O wanderer, return ; 

He hears thy humble sigh : 
He sees thy softened spirit mourn. 

When no one else is nigh. 

8 Return, O wanderer, return ; 

Thy Saviour bids thee live : 
Come to his cross, and, grateful, learn 

How freely he '11 forgive. 

4 Return. O wanderer, return. 
And wipe the falling tear : 

Thy Father calls, — no longer mourn ; 
'Tls love invites thee near. 

5 Return, O wanderer, return ; 
Regain thy long-sought rest : 

The Saviours melting mercies yearn 
To clasp thee to his breast. 


sn c. M. 

JVb Peace to the uneked. 

^INKERS, the voice of God regard ; 
^ 'Tis mercy speaks to-day ; 
He calls vou by his sacred word 
From sin's destructive way. 

8 Like the rough sen, that cannot rest, 

You live, devoid oi peace ; 
A thousand stings witnin your breast 

Deprive your souls of ease. 

8 Your wav is dark, and leads to hell : 

Why will you persevere t 
Can you in endless torments dwell. 

Shut up in black despair! 

4 Why will you in the crooked ways 
Of sin andfolly go! 

In pain you travel all your days, 
To reach eternal woe. 

5 But he that turns to Ood shall livey 
Through his abounding grace : 

His mercy will the guilt forgive 
Of those that seek his face. 

6 Bow to the scepter of his word. 
Renouncing every sin ; 

Submit to him, your sovereign Lord, 
And learn his will divine. 


373 C. M. 

The voice that toakee the dead. 
'pHOU Son of God, whose flaming eyes 
-■■ Our Inmost thoughts perceive. 
Accept the grateful sacrim-e 
Which now to tliee we give. 

2 We Iww before thy gracious throne. 
And think ourselves sincere : 

But show us. Lord, is every one 
Thy real worshiper! 

3 Is here a soul that knows thee not, 
Nor fe«U M% t^oit^ <A "Ctift«,v~ 


4 Convince him now of unbelief ; 

HIa desperate state explain ; 
And fill his heart with sacred grief, 

And penitential pain. 

6 Speak with that voice that wakes the 

And bid the sleeper rise ; 
And bid his groilty conscience dread 

The death that never dies. 


373 Warning! muUipHed. ^- ^• 

BENEATH onr feet, and o'er our head, 
Is equal warning given ; 
Beneath us lie the countless dead, 
Above us is the heaven. 

2 Death rides on every passing breeze. 

And lurks in every flower ; 
Each season has its own disease. 

Its peril, every hour. 

8 Our eyes have seen the rosy light 

Of youth's soft cheek decay, 
And fate descend in sudden night 

On manhood's middle day. 

4 Our eyes have seen the steps of age 

Halt feebly to the tomb ; 
And shall earth still our hearts engage. 

And dreams of days to come ! 

6 Turn, mortal, turn ; thy danger know : 

Where'er thy foot can tread, 
The earth rings hollow from below. 

And warns thee by her dead. 

6 Turn, mortal, turn ; thy soul apply 

To truths divinely given : 
The dead, who underneath thee lie, 

Shall live for hell or heaven. 


3T4 WaUingtobegraelou9. ^•^' 

JESUS, Redeemer of mankind, 
Display thy saving power; 
Thy mercy let the sinner find. 
And know his gracious hour. 

3 Who thee beneath their feet have trod. 
And crucified afresh. 

Touch with thine all-victorious blood, 
And turn the stone to flesh. 

8 Open their eyes thy cross to see. 
Their ears, to hear thy cries : 

binner, thy Saviour weeps for thee ; 
For thee he weeps ana dies. 

4 All the day long he meekly stands. 
His rebels to receive ; 

And shows his wounds and spreads his 
And bids you turn and live. 

5 Turn, and your sins of deepest dye 
He will with blood efface : 

^'en uow he waits the blood to apply ; 
JSe saredf be saved by grace. 






LATE, late, so late ! «nd dark the night, 
and chill ! 
Late, late, so late ! But we can eater still. 
"Too late, too late! ye canoot enter now." 

2 No light had we j — for that we do repent. 
And learning this, the Bridegroom Will re- 

" Too late, too la(e 1 ye cannot enter now." 

3 No light! so late I and dark and chill the 

night — 
O let OS In, that we mar find the light. 
''Too late, too late! ye cannot enter 
now I " 

4 Have we not heard the Bridegroom is so 

O let us in, though late, to kiss his feet. 
*'No! no! too late! ye cannot enter 
now ! " 


370 Mercy, death, doom. ®» *• 

TN the silent mldnixht watches, 

-^ List, — thy iMsom door ! 

How it knocketh, knocketb, knockath, 

Knocketh evermore ! 
Sav not 'tis thy pulse is beating: 

Tis thy heart of sin ; 
'Tis thy Saviour knocks, and crieth. 

Rise, and let me in ! 

3 Death comes down with reckless foot- 

To the hall and hut : 
Think yon death will stand a-knoeking 

Where the door is shut} 
Jesus waiteth, waiteth, waiteth; 

But thy door is fast ! 
Grieved, away thy Saviour goatli : 

Death breaas In at last. 

3 Then 'tis thine to stand entreatiog 

Christ to let thee in : 
At the gate of heaven beating, 

Wailing for thy sin. 
Nay, alas ! thou foolish virgin. 

Hast thou then forgot t 
Jesus waited long to know thee. 

But he knows thee not. 




The gift of faith. C. P. M. 

AUTHOR of faith, to thee I cry. 
To thee, who wouldct not have me 9k9, 
But know the truth and live : 
Open mine eyes to see thy face ; 
Work in my heart the saving gruM ; 
The life eternal give. 

3 Shut up in nnbelief, I groan. 
And blindly serve a God unknown, 
Till Ihott ihe v«\l remove ; 



The gift nnape«k«ble impart, 

And write thy luune upon mr heart. 

And manifest thy love. 
8 I know the work it only thine. 
The gift of faith is all dirine ; 

Bat, if on thee we call, 
Thou wilt that gracious gift bestow. 
And cause our hearts to feel and know 

That thou hast died for all. . 

4 Thou bidd'st us knock and enter in, 
Come unto thee, and rest from sin. 

The blessing seek and find : 
Thou bidd'st us ask thy grace, and hare ; 
Thou canst, thou wouldst, this moment save 

Both me and all mankind. 

5 Be it according to thy word ; 
Now let me find my pardoninsr Lord : 

Let what I ask bi given: ' 

The bar of unbelief remove ; 
Open the door of fiiith and love, 

And take me into heaven. 


SyS C. p. M. 

Pleading the •aerifiet of Ckritt. 
LAMB of God. for sinners slain, 
I plead with thee, my salt to gain,— 

I plead what thon hast done : 
Didst thou not die the death for mef 
Jesus, remember Calvary, 

And break my heart of stone. 
J Take the dear purchase of thy blood, 
Mv Friend and Advocate with God, 

My Ransom and mv Peace, 
Surety, who all my debt hast paid. 
For all my sins atonement made. 

The Lord my Righteoucneu. 
8 O let thy Spirit shed abroad 
The love, the perfect love of God, 

In this cold heart of mine I 
O might he now descend, and rest. 
And dwell forever in my breast. 

And make it all divine \ 


^''^ Depth of mercy. ''• 

jySPTH of merey ! can there be 
■*-^ Mercy still reserved for me! 
Can my God his wrath forbear,— 
Me, the chief of sinners, spare f 
« I have long withstood his grace : 
Long provoked him to his face ; 
Would not hearken to his calls ; 
Grieved him by a thousand falls. 
8 Now incline me to repent ; 
Let me now my sins lament ; 
Now mv foul revolt deplore. 
Weep, believe, and sin no more, 

4 Kindled his relentings are ; 
Me he now delights to spare • 
Cries, "How shall I give tbee up!" 
LeU the lifted thunder drop, 

5 There for me the Saviour sUnds, 
Shows hU wounds and spreads his hands ; 
God is love ! I know, I fetl • 
Jesus weeps, and loves me still. 


380 witk nee IS merty. 7- 

QOVEREFGN Ruler, Lord of all, 
^ Prostrate at thy f<H!t I fall ; 
Hear, O hear my ardeut cry. 
Frown not, lest I faint and die. 

2 Vilest of the sons of men. 
Worst of rebels 1 have been ; 
Oft abused thee to thy fare, 
Trampled on thy richest grace. 

3 Justlv might thy venpfful dart 
Pierce this bleedinir, broken heart: 
Justly mijfht thy kindled ire 
Send me to eternal fire. 

4 But with thee is meroy found, 
Balm to heal my every wound ; 
Soothe, O soothe this troubled breast 
Give the weary wanderer rest. 


SSI The Man on Calvary. ^- ^' M. 

O 1}^P^ **"' '""^ *^"'" »<»Tow» borne. 
Help us to look on thee, and mourn. 

Un thee, whom we have slain,— 
Have pierced a thousand, thousand times. 
And by reiterated crimes 

Renewed thy sacred pain. 
SO give us eyes of faith to see 
The Man transfixed on Calvary,— 

To know thee who thon art," 
The one eternal God and true ; 
And let the sight affect, subdue, 

And break my stubborn heart. 

3 Lover of sonls ! to rescue mine. 
Reveal the charity divine, 

T'hat suffered in" mv stead ; 
That made thy soul a (sacrifice. 
And quenched in death those flaming eyes, 

And bowed that sacred head. 

4 The veil of unbelief remove. 
And by thy manifested love, 

And by thy sprinkled blood. 
Destroy the love of sin In me, 
And get thyself the victory. 

And bring me back to God. 


3®^ r .. 7 fl fl 

Lfioking vnto Jesite. » » ", o. 

Ti4?*^. °'" ^'^' ^o"" sinners slain, 
-^ To thee I humbly prav ; 
Heal nie of uiy grief and pain, 

O take my sins away. 
From this bondage, I^rd, release, 

No longer let me be oppressed : 
Jesus, Master, seal my peace. 

And take me to thy breast. 
2 Wilt thou cast a sinner out 

Who humbly comes to theet 
No, my God, I cannot doubt 

Thy mercy is for me : 
Let me then obtain the trace. 

And be of paradise possessed : 
Jesus, Miaster, seal uvy ^e«Ae^ 

Aixd tai.Y% m« \a \>evn V«aa.\.. 


8 Worldly good I do not want ; 

Be that to others (riven : 
Only for thy love I pant, 

My all in earth and heaven : 
This the crown I fain would seiae, 

The Rood wherewith I would be blest : 
Jesus, Master, seal my peace, 

And take me to thy breast. 


383 JUtMmber Calvary. 7,6,8. 
T AMB of God, whose dying love 
^ We now recall to mind, 
Send the answer from above, 

And let us mercy find : 
Think on us who think on th^e. 

And every struggling soul release ; 
O rememl)er Calvary, 

And bid us go in peace ! 

S By thine agonizing pain. 

And bloody sweat, we pray, 
By thy dying love to man, 

"Take all our sins away : 
Burst our bonds, and set us free ; 

From all iniquity release ; 
O remember Calvary, 

And bid us go in peace I 

8 Let thy blood, by faith applied, 

The sinner's pardon seal ; 
Speak us freely justified, 

And all our sickness hestl : 
By thv passion on the tree, 

Let all our griefs and troubles cense ; 
O remember Calvary, 

And bid us go in peace ! 


384 Even me. ®'''»^- 

LORD, I hear of showers of blessing 
Thou art scattering full and free ; 
Showers, the thirsty land refreshing ; 
Let fome drops now fall on me, 
Even me. 

8 Pass me not, O God, my Father, 
Sinful though my heart may be ; 

Thou mightst leave me, but the rather 
Let thy mercy light on me, 
Even me. 

8 Pass me not, O gracious Saviour, 

Let me live and cling to thee ; 
I am longing for thv favor ; 
, Whilst thou 'rt calling, O call me, 
Even me. 

4 Pass me not, O mighty Spirit, 
Thou canst make the blind to see ; 

Wltnesser of Jesus' merit, 
Speak the word of power to me, 
Even me. 

6 Love of God, so pure and changeless. 

Blood M Christ, so rich, so free, 
GrAce of God, so strong and boundless. 
Magnify them mil In me, 
^ria me. 


SS5 Saved i» grace. ''.«»8. 

T EJT the world their virtue boast, ' 
'^ Their works of righteousness ; 
I, a wretch undone and lost. 

Am freely saved by grace ; 
Other title I disclaim, 

This, only this, is all my plea, 
I the chief of sinners am, 

But Jesus died for me. 

8 Happy they whose joys abound 

Like Jordan's swellTne stream ; 
Who their heaven in Christ have found, 

And give the praise to him. 
Meanest follower of the Lamb, 

His steps I at a distance eee ; 
I the chief of sinners am, « 

But Jesus died for me. 

8 Jesus, thou for me hast died, 

And thou in me wilt live ; 
I shall feel thy death applied ; 

I shall thy life receive : 
Yet, when melted in the flame 

Of love, this shall be all my plea, 
I the chief of sinner* am. 

Bat Jesus died for me. 


380 ■'.«.«• 

Befuge in the blood of tke Lamb. 

G.OD of my salvation, hear, 
' And help me to believe ; 
Simply do I now draw near, 

Tnv blessing to receive. 
Full of guilt, alas I I am. 

But to thy wounds for reftig« flee: 
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb, 
Thy blood was shed for me. 

9 Standing now as newly slain, 

To thee T lift mine eye; 
Balm of all my grief and pain. 

Thy blood is always nigh. 
Now' as yesterday the same 

Thou art. and wilt forever be : 
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb, 

Thy blood was shed for m«. 

8 No good word, or work, or thought, 

Bring I to buy thy grace ; 
Pardon I accept unbought, 

Thy proflFer I embrace, • 

Coming, as at first I came. 

To take, and not bestow on thee : 
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb, 

Thy blood was shed for me. 


38'?' Hear, and aave. 7»^' 

LORD of mercy and of might. 
Of mankind the life and lif^t, 
Maker, Teacher, Infinite— 
Jesus ! hear and save. 

9 Strong Creator, Savloor mild, 
Humbled to a little child. 
Captive, beaten, bound, ravilad-^ 


S Bonie aloft on aogvli* wings, 
Tkroaad abovo cdertJal thlan, 
Lord of lordSf wad King -of EUig*— 
Jem I hmr and ■»▼«. 

4 Soon to oonio to earth again, 
Judge of angeU and of men. 
Hear at now, and hear u tnaa— 
Jeeoi i hear and mto. 

MmanuoM hbbuu 

t%M ttvVt AoffM. 


T IKE Noah's weary dove, 
*^ That ioared the earth around, 
Bat not a reeting-place above 
The cheerleee waters found ; 

S O oeassk my wandering sool, 
On re st les s wing to ream ; 

All the wide worM, to either pole, 
Haa not for thee a home. 

8 Behold the ark of God 1 

Behold the open door I 
Hasten to gain that dear abode. 

And rove, my sonl, no more. 

^ 4 There, safe then shalt abide, 
There, sweet shall be thy rnt, 
And eveiy longing satisfied. 
With ftiil salvation blest. 


S8Q Tkttiiuur'ttnlrpha, ^^' 
YyHEIUEWITH, O Lord, shall I draw 

And bow myself before thy face t 
How la thy purer eyes appear! 
What shall I brteg to giUn thy grace! 

S WUl gifts delight the Lord most high! 

WiU mnltiDllA oUattoas please! 
Thousands or rams his fiivor buy, 

Or slaaghterad hecatombs appease! 

S Cta theee avert the wrath of God! 

Gan theee wash out my guilty stain! 
Bivars of oil, and seas of blood, 

Alas ! they all must flow in vain. 

4 Who woald himself to thee approve, 
Must take the path thyself hast showed; 

Justice pursue, uid merey love. 
And humbly walk by &ith with God. 

i But though my life henceforth be thine. 
Present for past can ne'er atone : 

Though I to tnee the whole resign, 
I only give thee back thine own. 

• Oidlty I stand before thy face; 

On me I feel thy wrath abide ; 
'TIS Just the sentence should take place ; 

*TIs just,— but O, thy Son hath died f 


300 I" M. 

n* tntkdruwal of Os S^rit depretatmU 

CITAT, thou insulted Spirit, stay, 
*^ Though I have done thee such despite; 
Nor east tha sinnar quite away, 
Nor take thlna ererlastlng ii^t. 

9 Though I have steeled my stubborn heart, 
And shaken off my guil^ fears ; 

And vexed, and umd thee to depart. 
For many long reoellious years : 

3 Though I have most unfaithful l>een. 
Of all who e'er thy grace received ; 

Ten Uiousaad times thy goodness seen ; 
Ten thousand times thy goodness grieved : 

4 Yet, O, the chief of sinners spare, 
In lienor of my great High Iriest : 

Nor in thy righteous anger swear 
To exclude me from thy people's rest. 
CfUHLaa waaLBYt 



Pl«€ulinff/or pity. 

GHOW pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive; 
^ Let a repenting rebel live : 
Are not thy mercies larse and free ! 
May not a sinner trust In tliee I 

S My crimes are great, bat dont snrpasi 
The power and glory of thy grace ; 
Great God, thy nature hath no bound. 
So let thy pardoning love be found. 

3 O wash my soul from every sin. 
And make my guiltv conscience clean ; 
Here on my heart tne burden lies, 
And past offenses pain my eyes. 

4 Mv lips with shame my sins confess, 
Against thy law, against thy grace ; 
Lord, should thy judgments grow severe, 
I am condemned, oat thou art clear. 

5 Should sudden vengeance seize my breath, 
I must pronounce thee just, in death ; 
And if my sonl were sent to hell. 

Thy righteous law approves it well. 

6 Yet save a trembllag sinaer. Lord, 
Whose hope, stiU hovering round thy word* 
WouM lignt on some sweet promise there, 
Some sure support against drnpair. 


o9S 2^« tinner't only hop*, ^ 

JESUS, the sinner's Friend, to thee. 
Lost and undone, for aid I flee, 
Weary of earth, myself, and sin : 
Open thine arms, and take me In. 

S Pity and heal my sin-sick soul ; 
'Tis tbou alone canst make me wnole ; 
Dark, till in me thine image shine. 
And lost, I am, till thoa art mine. 

8 At last I own it cannot be 
That I should fit myself for thee : 
Here, then, to thee I all resign ; 
Thine is the work, and only thine. 

4 What shall I say thy grace to i||ove! 
Lord, I am sin — but thou art love : 
I give up every plea beside — 
L^, I am lost— but thou hast died. 

cfLk.'Kuua 'via&.vi^ 



JutA at lam. 

L. M. 

T UST M I am, without one plea. 
*' But that thy blood waa shed for me, 
And that Uiou oidd'tt me come to thee, 
O Lamb of God, I come I I come I 

3 Jnat a« I am, and waiting not 

To rid my toul of one dark blot. 

To thee whose blood can cleanse each spot, 

O Liamb of God, I come ! I come ! 

3 Just as I am, though tossed about 
With many a conflict, many a doubt. 
Fightings within, and fears without, 
O Lamb of God, I come ! I come I 

4 Just as I am — poor, wretched, blind ; 
Sight, riches, healine of the mind, 
Yea, all I need, in thee to find, 

O liimb of God, I come ! I come ! 

6 Just as I am — thou wilt receive. 
Wilt welcome, pardon, cleanse, reliere; 
Because thy promise I beliere, 
O Lamb of'^Uod, I come ! I come I 

6 Just as I am— thy love unknown 
Hath broken every barrier down ; 
Now, to be thine, yea, thine alone, 
O Lamb of God, I come I I come ! 


304 Dawning hope. ^ ^• 

lyrY soul before Thee prostrate lies : 
■*^-*' To thee, her Source, my spirit die* ; 
My wants I mourn, my chains I see ; 
O let thy presence set me free. 

5 Jesui, vouchsafe my heart and will 
With thy meek lowliness to fill ; 

No more her power let nature boast. 
But in thy wUl may mine be lost. 

3 Already springing hope I feel, 
God will destroy the power of hell, 
And, from a land of wars and pain. 
Lead me where peace and safety reign. 

4 One only can ny soul shall know. 
Father, all thy commands to do ; 

And feel, what endless years shall prove. 
That thou, my Lord, my God, art love. 

C. r. RICHTBB. nu BY J. WB8LBY. 

30S Onip Jeamt. ^ *"• 

WHEN, gracions Lord, when shall it be 
That r shall find my all in theet 
The fullness of thy promise prove. 
The seal of thine eternal love t 
9 A poor blind child I wander here. 
If haply I may feel thee near : 
O dark I dark] dark ! I still must say, 
Amidst the blase of gospel day. 

3 Thee, only thee, I fain would find. 
And cast the world and flesh behind ; 
Thou, only thou, to me be given, 

Of all thou hast in earth or heaven. 

4 When "from the arm of flesh set free, 
Jetas, mv tool «hall fly to thee : 

JesuB. wb«a I have lott my all, 
/ t/7M/J upoa tby hotom fall. 



300 Stvbbornntu 9/ ktart. ^•^' 
(~\ FOR a glance of heavenly day, 
^^ To take this stubborn heart away, 
And thaw, with beams of love divine, 
This heart, this frozen heart of mine ! 

9 The rocks can rend ; the earth can qoake ; 
The seas can roar ; the mountains shake : 
Of feeling, all things show some sign. 
But this unfeeling heart of mine. 

3 To hear the sorrows thou hast felt, 

Lord, an wonld melt : 
But I can read each moving line. 
And nothing moves this heart of mine. 

4 Thy judgments, too, which devils fear- 
Amazing thought !— unmoved I hear ; 
Goodneu and wrath in vain combine 

To stir this stnpid heart of mine. 

5 But power divine can do the deed ; 
And, Lord, that power I greatly need: 
Thy Spirit can from dross refine, 

And melt and change this heart of mine. 


^O'y Onl^hf faith. ^^* 

T ORD, I despair myself to heal ; 
-^ I see my sin, but cannot feel ; 

1 cannot, till thy Spirit blow. 
And bid the obedient waters flow. 

3 'Tis thine a heart of flesh to give ; 
Thy gifts I only can receive ; 
Here, then, to thee I all resign ; 
To draw, redeem, iuid seal, are thloa. 

3 With simple faith, on thee I call. 
My Light, my Life, my Lord, my All : 
I wait the movine of the pool ; 

I wait the word that speaks me whole. 

4 Speak, gracious Lord, my lieknaM core. 
Make my infected nature pure ; 

Peace, righteousness, and joy impart, 
And pour thyself into my heart. 


3QS Tht kind Ph^ueian. ^' *'• 
TESUS. thy far-extended fame 
** My drooping soul exults to bear; 
Thy name, thy all-restoring name. 
Is music in a sinner's ear. . 

S Sinners of old thon didst receive 
With comfortable words, and kind ; 

Their sorrows cheer, their wants relieve, 
Heal the diseased, and cure the blind. 

3 And art thou not the Saviour still, 
In every place and age the same f 

Hast thou forgot thy Kracious skill, 
Or lost the virtue of thy namet 

4 Faith in thy changeless name I have : 
The eood, tne kiud Physiciani^ tUou 

Art able now our souls to save. 
Art willing to restore them now. 

5 All my disease, my every sin, 
To thee, O Jesus, I confess : 

In pardon, Lord, jny cure Ix^flii, 
And p«T{«ct it m doHbms. 

crkVvia WV%L«Y. 



8< M» 


AND wilt Tbo« T«t b« fetmd. 
Aad m^ I itiU dnw nearl 
Tkam Uston io tha plain tlve Mund 
Of ft poor dmicr^ pnjttr. 

S Jmu. Uiine kid aflbrd. 

If •tUl the akUM thoa art : 
To thee I look, to tli«e, my Lord* 

I lift my hupkM hmri. 

8 Thon MMt my troubled breMtt 
The •tronrlmgw of my will, 

The IbM thiit intemipt my rat. 
The agonlee I feel. 

4 O my ofEended Lord, 
Beetore my inwmrd p««ee ; 

I know thoa eaiut ; pronoonoe the word. 
And bid the tempett ceaae. 

i I long to see thy face ; 

Tfcy Spirit I implore— 
The nTiag water of tiiy grace, 

That I may thirtt no more. 


400 •»oo»» '^^' 8. M. 
Ttaming/or deHttrmuet, 

'flTHEN thall Thy love oonitraln, 
^* And fime me to thy breast f 
When shall my eoul return again 
To her eternal rettt 

5 Ah t what avails my strife. 
My wandering to and fro t 

Thoa hast the words of endless life : 
Ahl whither should I got 

I Thy conde s c en ding grace 

To me did freely move ; 
It ealls me still to seek thy fkee, 

And stoops to ask my lore. 


I groan to be set free ; 
I fimi would now obey the oall, 

Ami give ^p'all for thee. 



^"^ Tk€ aurrttuUr, 

AND can I yet delay 
To tear my soul from earth away 
For Jesas to receive t 

S Nay, but I yield, I yield; 

I can hold out no more : 
I sink, by dying love compelled. 

And own thee conqueror. 

S Thong^ late, I all forsake ; 

My friends, my all, reslm : 
Gracloas Redeemer, take, O take. 

Ami seal me ever thine. 

4 Come, and possew me wh<de, 
Nor heaaa again remove ; 

tsttla aad flz mj wavering sonl 
With aJt iky W0lght o( Tor; 


5 My one desire be this, 
Thy only love to know ; 

To seek and taste no other bliss. 
No other good below. 

6 My life, my portion thou ; 
Thou all-«iulcient art : 

My hope, my heavenly treasure, now 
£nter, and keep my neart. 


403 To wkom »Ml I got **^ 
A H I whither should I go, 
-^^ Burdened, and sick, and Mat! 
To whom should I my trouble show, 
And pour out my complaint t 

9 My Saviour bids me come ; 

An ! why do I delay f 
He calls the wearv sinner home. 

And yet from him I stay. 
S What is it keep* me back, 

From which I cannot part, 
Which will not iet the Saviour take 

Possession of my heart! 

4 Searcher of hearts, in mine 
Thy trving power display ; 

Into Its dsriiest comers shine. 
And take the veil away. 

CHARLia wnaLBT. 

OUT of the depths of woe, 
To Utee, O Lord, I cry ; 
Darkness surrounds me, but I know 
That thou art ever nigh. 

5 Humbly on thee I wait. 
Confessing all my sin ; 

Lord, I am knocking at the gate ; 
Open, and take me in. 

8 O hearken to my voice. 

Give ear to my complaint ; 
Thou bidd'st the mourning sonl rejoice, 

Thoa oomfertest the £s!nt. 
4 Olory to God above. 

The waters soon will cease I 
For, Io ! the swift-retaming dove 

wings home the sign of peace. 

6 Though storms his faee obscnre, 
And dangers threaten loud ; 

Jehovah's covenant is sure. 
His bow Is in the cloud. 



Ffr a bnkt* keurt. 

S. at* 

OTHAT I could repent. 
With all my idols part. 
And to thv gracious eve present 
A humble, contrite neart 1 

8 A heart with grief oppressed. 
For having grieved my God ; 

A troubled heart, that cannot rest 
Till sprinkled with thy blood. 

3 Jesus, on me bestow 
The penitent desli«\ 
W\lYv true A&c«i\V| w. ■«<»% 


4 With softenine pity look, 
And melt my nardneu down : 

Strike with thv love's resfitleu stroke, 
And break tnis heart of stone. 


405 s. M. 

Tke Son of €hd in teart. 

■pjID Christ o'er sinners weep, 
■'-^ And shall our cheeks be aiyt 
Let floods of penitential grief 
Borst forth from every eye. 

8 The Son of God in tears 
The wondering angels see ! 

Be thon astonished, O my soni ; 
He shed those tears for thee. 

3 He wept that we might weep ; 

Each sm demands a tear : 
In heaven alone no sin is fonnd, 

And there's no weeping there. 


400 Unwearied eameHtum. ' 

FATHER, I stretch my hands to thee ; 
No other help I know : 
If thou withdraw thyself from me, 
Ah! whither shall I go! 

5 What did thine only Son endure, 
Before I drew my breath I 

What pain, what labor, to secure 
My soul from endless death ! 

8 O Jesus, could I this believe, 
I now should feel thy power; 

And all my wants thon wouldst relieve. 
In tills accepted hour. 

4 Author of faith I to thee I lift 

My weary, longing eves : 
O let me now receive that gift ; 

My soul without it dies. 

6 Surely thou canst not let me die ; 
O spMk, and I shall live : 

And here 1 will unwearied lie, 
Till thou thy Spirit give. 

6 How would my fainting soul njoice 

Could I but see thy face 1 
Now let me hear thy quickening voice, 

And taste thy pardoning grace. 


^.Qiy c. M. 

Eameal detir* for pardon. 

OTHAT I could my Lord receive. 
Who did the world redeem ; 
Who gave his life that I might live 
A life concealed in him ! 

3 O that I could the blessing prove. 
My heart's extreme desire ; 

Live happy in my Saviour's love. 
And in his arms expire 1 

3 Mercy I ask to seal my peace. 
That, kept by mercy's power, 
/ may from every evil cease. 
And never grieve thee more. 

4 Now, if thy gracious will it be, 

E'en now my sins remove. 
And set my soul at liberty 

By thy victorious love. 

6 In answer to a thousand prayen. 
Thou pardoning Gtod, descend ; 

Number me with salvation's heirs. 
My sins and troubles end. 

6 Nothing I ask or want beside, 

Of all in earth or heaven. 
But let me feel thy blood- applied. 

And live and die forgiven. 


-4-08 JUponng on CkrUt. CM. 

'OTE sinners. Lord, with earnest heart, 
' ^ With sighs and prayers and tears. 
To thee our inmost cares impart. 
Our buHens and our fears. 

9 Thy sovereign grace can give relief, 
Thou Source of peace and light ! 

Dispel the gloomy cloud of grief, 
A!nd make our darkness bright. 

3 Around thy Father's throne on high. 
All heaven thy glory sings ; 

And earth, for which thou cam'st to ^e. 
Loud with thy praises rings. 

4 Dear Lord, to thee onr prayers ascend; 
Our eyes u>y face would see : 

let onr weary wanderings end. 
Our spirits rest in thee 1 


400 IwnidheTkine. ^'^^ 

I WOULD be thine : O take my heart 
And fill it with thy love ; 
Thy sacred image. Lord, impart. 
And seal it from above. 

8 I would be thine ; but while I itrlvs 
To give myself away, 

1 feel rebellion still alive. 
And wander while I pray. 

3 I would be thine ; but, Lord, I fwl 
Evil still lurks within : 

Do thou thy migesty reveal. 
And banish all my sin. 

4 I would be thine ; I would emhnM 
The Saviour, and adore ; 

Insph-e with faith, infuse thy grace, 
And now my soul restore. 



Sincere contrition. 


f\ FOR that tenderness of heart 
^^ Which bows before the Lord, 
Acknowledging how just thou nsi^ 

And trembling at tby word I 
O for those humble, contrite tear*. 

Which from repentance flow ; 
T^iai eotvscloumess of enilt, which fears 

T\ie \on%-%«K^'<i4«AL xAsm \ 


9 Savtenr, to bm, in pHy, gi^e 

The seiuibl« dirtresa ; 
Tha pledge thon wUt at Urt receive, 

And bid me die in peace: 
Wilt from the dremdfal day remove, 

Before the evil come ; 
My spirit hide with lainto above. 

My body, in the tomb. 


411 c* **• 

7%« Sun of righteoHWMM. 

OSUN of righteoutneM, ari»e 
With healfaig in thy wini; ; 
To my dlHeaMd, my fainting «oal, 

Life and lalvation bring. 
% Theee donda of pride and ain diapel, 

By thy all-piercing beam : 
Uvhten mhie eye* with faith ; my heart 

¥nth h<^y hope hiflame. 
S My mind, by thy all-ontckening power, 

From low desires set me ; 
Unite my scattered thoaghts, and fix 

My love entire on thee. 
4 Father, thy long-lost ion receive ; 

Saviour, thy purchase own ; 
Blest Comforter, with peaoe and joy 

Thy new-made creature crown. 
B Eternal, nn^vided Lord, 

Co-equal One in Three, 
On thee all faith, all hope be placed ; 

All love be paid to thee. 


4113 Timdf peniUnee. ^•^' 
TTTHEN rising tnm the 1>ed of death, 
• V* O'erwhelmed with guilt and fear, 
I view my Maker face to face, 

O how shall I appear! 
t If yet, while pardon may be found, 

And mercy may be sought, 
My soul with inward horror shrinJu, 

And trembles at the thought,— 
8 When thou, O Lord, shalt stand dia- 

In mi^esty severe. 
And sit in judgment on my sonl, 

O how shall I appear t 
4 O may my broken, contrite heart, 

Timely my sins lament ; 
And early, with repentant tears. 

Eternal woe prevent. 
B Behold tiie sorrows of my heart. 

Ere yet it be too late ; 
And h^w my Saviour's dying groan, 

To give those sorrows weight. 
6 For never shall my soul despair 

Her pardon to secure, 
Who knows thfaie only Son hath died 

To make that pardon sure. 


413 . c.M. 

Att tkingt pouibl* to God. 

OTHAT Thou wouldst the heavens rend. 
In miyesty come down. 
Stretch out thfaie arm omnipotent, 
And mIm me tor thine own ! 

S Thon my fanpetnous spirit guide, 

And curb my headstrong will ; 
Thou only canst drive back tne tide. 

And bid the sun stand still. 
8 What though I cannot break my chain. 

Or e'er throw off my load! 
The things impossible to men 

Are possible to God. 

4 Thou canst overcome this heart of mine, 
Thou wilt victorious prove ; 

For everlasting strength is thine. 
And everlasting lore. 


414 TKe prodigal** rHurn. ^' *** 
rpHE prodigal, with streaming eyes, 
■*■ From folly just awake, 
Reviews his wanderings with surprise ; 
His heart begins to break. 

5 " I sUrve," he cries, " nor can I bear 
The famine in this land, 

While servants of mv Father share 

The bounty of his nand. 
8 " With deep repentance I '11 return, 

And seek my Father's face ; 

Unworthy to oe called a son, 
I '11 ask a servant's place.'' 

4 Far off the Father saw hfan move. 

In pensive silence mourn, 
And quickly ran, with arms of love. 

To welcome his return. 
6 Through all the courts the tidings flew, 

And spread the joy around ; 
The angels tuned their harps anew, — 

The long-lost son is found ! 


415 itoei of age*. ^» * '* 

ROCK of ages, cleft for me. 
Let me hide myself in thee ; 
Let the water-and the blood, 
From thy wounded side which flowed. 
Be of sin the double cure. 
Save from wrath and make me pure. 

2 Could my tears forever tiow, 
Could my seal no languor know. 
These for sin could not atone ; 
Thou must save, and thou alone : 
In mv hand no price I bring ; 
Simply to thy cross I cling. 
8 While I draw this fleeting breath. 
When my eyes shall close in death, 
When I rise' to worlds unknown, 
And behold thee on thy throne. 
Rock of ages, cleft for me. 
Let me hide myself iu thee. 


41B The true Light. '^* * '* 

CHRIST, whose glory fills the skies, 
Christ, the true, the only Light, 
Sun of rignteousness, arise, 

Triumph o'er the shades of night: 
Day spring fto\ft ow >a\!^f!a,\i«> ^wx % 
\ Day-«\AX , Va m^ V««x\. »^-^«w . 


S Dark and che«rleM ii the mom, 

Unaocompuiied by thee ; 
JoyleM b the d»T'i return. 

Till thy mercy '■ beiuns I lee : 
Till thou inward life impart. 
Glad my eyes, and warm my heart. 

8 Visit then this soal of mine ; 

Pierce the eloom of sin and grief ; 
Fill me, Baduncy divine ; 

Scatter all my unbelief: 
More and more thyself display, 
Shining to the perfect day. 


4ir The Litany. ''•*^- 

T>Y thy birth, and by thy tears ; 
J-' By thy haman niefs and fears ; 
By thy conflict in the hour 
Of the subtle tempter's power, — 
Saviour, look with pitying eye ; 
SATiour, help me, or I die. 

S By the tenderness that wept 
O'er the grave where Lasams slept ; 
By the bitter tears that flowed 
Over Salem's lost abode, — 
Saviour, look with pitying eye ; 
Saviour, help me, or I die. 

3 By thy lonely hour of prayer ; 
By the tearful conflict there ; 
By thy cross and dying cries ; 
By thy one great sacrifice, — 
Saviour, look with pitying eye ; 
Saviour, help me, or I die. 

4 By thy triumph o'er the grare ; 
By thy power the lost to save ; 
By thy nigh, miuestic throne ; 
By the empire all thine own, — 
Saviour, look with piling eye; 
Saviour, help me, or i die. 




Ii. M. 
Peace and hope of the ri^teou*. 

LORD, how secure and blest are they 
Who feel the Joys of pardoned sin I 
Should storms of wrath shake earth and sea. 
Their minds have heaven and peace 
t The day glides sweetly o'er their heads. 

Made up of innocence and love ; 
And soft and silent as the shades. 
Their nightly minutes gently move. 

8 Quick as their thoughts their joys come on. 
But fly not half so swift away : 

Their souls are ever bright as noon. 

And calm as summer evenings be. 
4 How oft they look to the heavenly hUls, 

Where poves of living pleasure grow ; 
And longing hopes, and cneerful smiles. 

Sit undisturbed upon their brow ! 
6 They scorn to seek earth's golden toys. 

But spend the day, and share the night. 
In numoering o'er the richer joys 

That Heaven prepares for their delight. 


419 Filial love and longing. L. M. 

GREAT God, indulge my humble claim ; 
Be thou my hope, my joy, my rest; 
The glories that compose thy name 
Stand sJl engaged to make me blest. 

9 Thou great and good, thou just and wise, 
Tbou art my Father and my God ; 

And I am thine by sacred ties, 
Tby too, thy sermnt bought with blood. 

8 With heart and eyes, and lifted luuida. 
For thee I long, to tnee I look, 

As travelers in thirsty lands 
Pant for the cooling water-brook. 

4 E'en life Itself, without thy love. 
No lasting pleasure can aflord ; 

Tea, 'twould a tiresome burden prove, 
If I were banished ftrom thee. Lord. 

5 I '11 lift my hands, I '11 raise my vote*. 
While I have breath to pray or pralM : 

This work shall make my beart ngoic*, 
And fill the remnant of my days. 


480 Thtmtul'tanehoragu ^'^.6/. 

"^TOW I have found the ground wherala 
-'~~ Sure my soul's anchor may remain ;' 
The wounds of Jesus, for my sin 

Before the world's foundation slain ; 
Whose mercy shall unshaken stay, 
When heaven and earth are fled awsy. 

9 Father, thine everlasting grace 
Our scanty thought surpasses far: 

Thy heart still iiielts witli tenderness ; 
Thine arms of love still open are, 

Returning sinners to receive, 

That mercy they may taste, and live. 

S O Love, thou bottomless abyss. 

My sins are swallowed up in tnee I 
Covered is my unrighteousness. 

Nor spot or guilt remains on me. 
While Jesos' blood, through earth and sklat, 
I Mercy, free, \ioi«niUMa matcf ^ criea. 


4 Bv fUth I plnnge m* In thit m* ; 

Kan h my boM, raj Joy, my r«»t ; 
HttliCTi when Bell Mailu. I flea ; 

I look Into my SftTioar • biwut : 
Awsy, sad doubt and anzloas fmr ! 
Mercy b all that 's written there. 


4S1 CkrUt,tJU9olidroek. L.M.6/. 

ILCT hope !■ built on nothing leu 

■^^ Than Jens' blood and r&bteonsness; 

I 4mx9 not trust the sweetest &ame, 

Bot wholly lean on Jesus' name : 

Ob Christ, the solid rock, I stand ; 

All other ground Is sinking sand. 

9 When darkness seems to veil his fkcr, 

I rest on his onchanging grace ; 

In evcrT hish and stormy gale, 

My anchor Bolds within the veil : 

On Christ, the solid rock, I stand; 

All other ground Is sinkinff sand. 

8 His oath, his covenant, and blood, 
Snnport me in the whtlming flood : 
When all around my soul gives way. 
He then is all my hope and stay : 
On Christ, the solid rock, I stand ; 
All other ground is sinking sand. 


4SS Miv€ in Ckrut. ^' ^' * '• 
A ND oaa It be that I should gain 
"^^ An interest In the Saviour's blood f 
Died he for me, who caused his pain f 
For me, who him to death pursued f 
Amasing love ! how can it be 
That thou, my Lord, shouldst die for me ! 

8 TIs mjrstery all I the Immortal dies I 
VHio can explore his strange design t 

In vain the flrst-bom seraph tries 
To sound the depths of love divine ; 

TIs mercy all I let earth adore : 

Let angel minds inquire no more. 

8 He left his Father's throne above, — 
8o firee. so infinite his grace ! — 

Emptied himself of all but love. 
And Ued for Adam's helpless race ; 

Tb mercy all, immense and free. 

For, O my God, it found out me ! 

4 Long my Imprisoned spirit lay, 

Fast bound in sin and nature's night ; 
Thhie eye dilfnsed a quickening ray, 

I woke, the dungeon flamed witn light : 
My ehahs fell off, my heart was free, 
I rose, went forth, and followed thee. 

5 No condemnatton now I dread, 
Jesus, with all in him, is mine ; 

Alive in him, my living Head, 

And clothed in righteousness divine. 
Bold I approach the eternal throne. 
And claim the crown, through Christ, my 


433 0o»9iet«d,—pardotud. ^- ^' 

IN evU long I took deiifbt, 
Unawed oy shame or rear, 
Tni a new onect struck my sight, 
ABd ttopptia my wild career. 

9 I saw One hanging on a tree, 

In agonies and blood, 
Who ued hb languid eyes on bm, 

As near hb cross I stood. 

3 Sure never till my latest breath 
Can I forget that look : 

It seemed to charge me with liis death. 
Though not a word he spoke. 

4 My conscience felt and owned the gptlt. 
And plunged me in detpair ; 

I saw my sins his blood had spilt, 
And helped to nail him there. 

6 Alas ! I knew not what I did ! 

But now my tears are vain : 
Where shall my trembling seal 1m hid t 

For I the Lord have slaia ! 

4 A second look he gave, which said, 
« I fireelv all foivive ; 

This blood is for thy ransom paid ; 
I die that thou msyst live.'' 

t Thus, while his death my sin dbplays 

In all its blackest hue, 
Such is the mystery of grace, 

It seals my pardon too. 


434 C.M- 

The earn'rt of retUmjition. 

TXTHY should the rhildren of a King 
'^' Go mourning nil their days! 
Great Comforter, descend and bring 
The tokens of thy grace. 

9 Dost thou not dwell in all thy saints. 
And seal the heirs of heaven f 

When wilt thou banish my complaints. 
And show my sins forgiven ! 

5 Assure my conscience of her part 
In the Redeemer's blood ; 

And bear thy witneu with my heart. 
That I am bom of God. 

4 Thou art the earnest of his love. 

The pledge of joys to come : 
May thy blest wings, celestial Dove, 

Safely convey me nome. 

ISAAC Watts. 

43^ P V 

The blood o/tprinkUng. ^- ^ 

Tl fY God, my God. to thee I cry ; 
■"•*■ Thee only would I know ; 
Thy purifying blood apply. 
And wash me white as snow. 

8 Touch me, and make the leper clean ; 

Purge my iniquity : 
Unless thou wash my soul from sin, 

I have no part in thee. 

8 But art thou not already mine f 

Answer, if mine thou art ; 
Whisper within, thou Love divine. 

And cheer my drooping heart. - 

4 Behold, for me the Victim bleeds, 

Hb wounds are ouen wide ; 
For me the blood or sprinkling pleads. 

And speaks tn« V!^«,u^k«&.. 



Tie voiee o/Jtnu. 


T HEARD the voice of Jesus say, 

-*■ " Come unto me and rest ; 

Lay down^ thou weary ooe^ laT down 

Thy heaid upon my breast 1 '' 
I eaoM to Jesas as I was. 

Weary, and worn, and sad, 
I found in him a resting-place. 

And he hath made me glad. 

9 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

" Behold, I freely give 
The living water ; thirsty one. 

Stoop dQwn> and drink, and live ! ** 
% came to Jesus, and I drank 

Of that life-giving stream ; 
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived. 

And now I live in him. 

8 I heard the voice of Jesus say, 

« I am this dark world's Lisht ; 
Xdidk unto me, thy mom shall rise 

And all thv day be bright ! " 
I looked to JesQs, and I round 

In him my Star, my Sun : 
And in that light of Rfe I 'H walk, 

TUl all my journey 's done. 



Amazing grace. 


A MAZING grace ! how sweet the loaBd, 
-^^ That saved a wretch like me ! 
I once was lost, but now am found,, 

Was blind, but now I see. 
Twas graee that taught my heart to fisar. 

And grace my fears relieved ; 
How precious aid that grace appear 

Thft hour I first believed ! 

S Through majsy daagers, toils^and snares,. 

i have already come ;. 
^is grace hath brought me safe thus &r. 

And grace will leM me home. 
The Lord has promised good to me. 

His word my hope secures ; 
He will my shield and portion be 

As long as life endures. 

S^ Ye>t when this flesh and heart shall fkil. 

And mortal life shall cease, 
I shalj possess, within the veil, 

A life of joy and peace. 
The earth shall soou dissolve like snow, 

The SUB. forbear to shine';; 
^ut Gpd^ who oalied me here bekMC, 

Will be forever mine. 


438 JUeoHeiliationwilh Ood, ^'^ 

"PATERNAL Sun of righteousness, 
-^ Display thy beams divine. 
And cause the glories of thy ntce 
Upon my heart to dine. 

S Light lo thy light O may I see,. 
TAjr trrace and mercy jfrove ; 
Xerfred, »nd cheered, and blest by t&ee, 
The Ood ofpardoipng love. 

8 Lift op thy countenance serene. 

And let thy happy child 
Behold, without a cloud between. 

The Godhead reconciled. 

4 That all-comprising peace bestow 
On me, throuj^h grace forgi\'en ; 

The joys of holmess below, 
And then the joys of heaven. 



Dtligitful auuranee. 


SOVEREIGN of all the worids on high. 
Allow my humble claim ; 
Nor while, unworthy, I draw nigh. 
Disdain a Father's name. 

3 My Father, God ! that gracioos word 

Dispels my guilty fear ; 
Not all the notes by angels heard 

Could so delight my ear. 

3 Come, Holy Ghost, thyself imprets 
On my expanding heart ; 

And show that in the Father's grace 
I share a filial part. 

4 Cheered by that witneat from on high, 
Unwavering I believe; 

And, " Abba, Father," humbly cry ; 
Nor can the sign deceive. 


430 F^M^in believing. C. M. 

TESUS, to thee I now can fly, 
*' On whom my help is laid : 
Oppressed by sins, I lift mine eye. 
And see the shadows £sde. 

t Believing on my Lord, I find 

A sure and present aid ; 
On thee alone my constant n^nd 

Be every moment stayed. 

8 Whatever in me seems wise, or good, 

Or strong, I here disclaim ; 
I wash my garments in the ttlood 

Of the atoning Lamb. 

4 Jesus, my strength, my life, my rest, 

On thee will I .depend, 
Till summoned to the marriage-feast, 

When faith in sight shall end. 



O. uL. 

The wtt of life. 

'pOUNTAIN of life, to aU below 
^ Let thy salvation roll ; 
Water, replenish, and o'erflow 
Every believing soul. 

8 Into that happy number, Lord, 

Us weazv sinners take ; 
Jesus, fulfill thy gracious word. 

For thine own mercy's sake. 

8 Turn back our nature's rapid tide, 

And we shall flow to thee. 
Whfle down the stream of time we glide 

To our etotuUiy. 


4 The wiSk of life to w tboo «rt, 

Of Jot. tbe tweUinf flood ; 
WftftMl by the*, with willing boart, 

We iwm ntorn to God. 

B We eoon iball reacb the boondleM tea ; 

Into thy fnllneM &n ; 
Be loet and ewallowed op In thee, 

" ~ ' "in all. 


Our God, our all 

43S rietorimufaUA. CM. 

XpATHER of Jetu Christ, my Lord, 
■^ My SaTioor, and my Head, 
I tnut In the*, wboae powerful word 
Hath railed him Arom tbe dead. 

t Ib hoM, agalaat all hnman hope, 

Self-mmrate, I beliere: 
Thj onldEeniaff word riiall lalae me op, 

non wilt tby SpirU gfre. 

S FlaUb. mighty &itb, tbe proraiN eeee, 

And look* to that alone ; 
LMflie at fmpoeelbintiee, 

And erlee, <* It than be donet" 

4 To thee the glory of thy power 

And fUthfouew I i;lvo ; 
I shall In Christ, at t&t glad boor, 

Aad Christ la me shall Bre. 

B Obedient Mth, that waits «a tbe^ 

Hmni norer wilt reprore ; 
But tboa wilt form tny Son b me. 

And perfect me In love. 


433 Bi»bomuB«mlo9*. ^•^* 

"fXTHAT diall I do my God to lore? 
V* My lorfaig God to praiaef 
Tba lengtii and breadtn, and height to 
AndTdepth of soTerelgB graee f 

t Thy sovereign grace to all extends, 

Twiiwaw— and nneonflned ; 
IVoa age to age it never ends; 

It reaehes all mankind. 

8 Tluoaghoat the world Its breadth b 


Wide ae iaflntty : 
So wide It never passed by one. 

Or tt had passed by me^ 

4 My trespass was grown op to heaven ; 
Bat, far above the skies, 

Through Christ abundantly forgiven, 
I see tby mercies rise. 

5 TTie depth of all-redeemittfi: love. 
What angel tongue can tell t 

O may I to the ntmost prove 
The gift unspeakable ! 


434 S.M. 

No mart a won<i«r*iijr Atp, 

I WAS a wandering sheep, 
I did not love tbe fold, 
I did not love my Shepherd's voice, 
/ wonM not be oootrolled ; 

I was a wayward chifl^ 

I did not love my home, 
I did not love my Father's voice, 

I loved afar to roam. 

S The Shepherd sought his sheep. 

The Father songfat his child : 
He followed me o'er vsle and bill. 

O'er deserts waste and wild : 
He found me nlrh to death. 

Famished, and faint, and lone ; 
He bound me with the bands of love, ■ 

He saved the wandering one. 

8 Jesus my Shepherd is ; 
Twas be that loved my soul, 

Twas be that washed me ia his blood, 
Twas hs that made me whole : 

Twas he that sought the lost. 
That ionnd tbe wandering soe^ ; 

Twas he that brought me to tbe fold, 
Tis be that still doth keep. 

4 No more a wandering sheep, 
I love to be controlled, 

I love my tender Shepherd's voice, 

I love tbe peaceful fold : 
No more a wayward child, 

I seek no more to roam ; 
I love my heavenly Father's roloe, 

I love, I lore bis borne ! 

■OitATIUa BOif AR. 

43S rA«r«9ea?ing Spirit. *' **• 

SPIRIT of faith, come down. 
Reveal the things of (iod ; 
And make to us the Godhead known, 

And witness with the blood : 
Tis thine the blood to apply. 

And give us eves to see, 
That be who did for sinners die. 
Hath surely died for me. 

9 No man can truly say 
That Jesus Is the Lord, 

Unless thou take tbe veil awar. 
And breathe the livinv word : 

Then, only then, wo feel 
Our interest in his blood ; 

And cry, with joy unspeakable, 
" Thou art my Lord, my God I '* 

8 O that the world might knew 

The all-atonbig Lamb ! 
Spirit of faith, descend.and show 

Tlie virtue of his name : 
The grace which all may find. 

The saving power, impart ; 
And testify to all mankind. 

And speak in every hvart. 


43B ^orf, my Fathtr. ^' ^• 

TTERE I can firmly rest ; 
■'"'- I dare to boast of this. 
That God, the highest and tbe beet. 
My Friend and Father is. 

5 Naught have I of mv own. 
Naught in the life I lead \ 

''invat. C^t\%\. \iLsXV ^'««i, >>mX t&«ia» 
\ dam V& Wi\>i \o \A«ai^. 



8 I rMt upon the ground 

Of Jmu* and hii blood ; 
It !■ throueh him that I have found 

My aours eternal good. 

4 At co»t of all I have, 
At coat of life and limb, 

I cling to Qod who yet shall tare ; 
I will not turn from him. 

5 Hi> Spirit in me dwella, 
O'er all my mind he reigns ; 

My care and* sadness he dispels. 
And soothes away my pams. 

6 He prospers day by day 
His work within my heart. 

Till I hare strength and faith to say, 
" Thou, God, my Father art ! " 



43r S. M. 

Knowledge of forgiteiun, 
row can a sinner know 
His sins on earth forgiven t 
How can my gracious Savionr show 
My name inscribed in heaven ! 

S What we have felt and seen 

With confidence we tell : 
And publish to the sons of men 

The signs infallible. 

5 We who in Christ believe 
That he for us hath died, 

We all his unknown peace receive, 
And feel his blood applied. 

4 Exults our risine soul, 

Disburdened of her load. 
And swells unutterably full 

Of glory and of Qod. 

6 His love, surpassing far 
The love of all beneath. 

We find within our hearts, and dare 
The pointless darts of death. 

6 Stronger than death or hell 
The sacred power we prove ; 

And, conquerors of tke world, we dwell 
In heaven, who dwell in love. 


438 H. M. 

AblMy Father.— VLom. 8 : 15. 

ARISE, my soul, arise ; 
Shake off thy guilty fears ; 
The bleeding Sacriflce 
In my behalf appears : 
Before Uie throne my Surety stands. 
My name is written on his bands. 
9 He ever lives alMve, 
For me to Intercede ; 
His all-redeeming love, 
His precious blood, to plead ; 
His blood atoned for all our race. 
And sprinldes now the throne of grace. 
8 Five bleeding wounds he bears, 

Received on Calvary ; 
Tbex pom effectual prayers, 
T6ey Btroaprlypleid for me : 
"Forglvo him, O forgive," they crv, ' 
*'JVor let that raniomed sinner die/' 

4 The Father hears him pray, 
His dear anointed One^ 

He cannot turn away 
The presence of his Son : 
His Spirit answers to the blood. 
And tells me I am bom of God. 

5 My God is reconciled } 

His pardoning voice I hear : 
He owns me for his child ; 

I can no longer fear: 
With confidence I now draw nigh. 
And, "Father, Abba, Father," cry. 


4:39 The inward vUnett, C.P.M. 
rpHOU great mysterious Gk>d nnlnowii, 
-^ Whose love hath gently led me on 

E'en from my infant days; 
Mine inmost soul expose to view, 
And tell me if I ever knew 

Thy justifying grace. 

S If I have only known thy fear, 
And followed, with a heart sincere, 

Thy drawings from above ; 
Now, now the further grace bestow. 
And let my sprinkled conscience know 

Thy sweet forgiving love. 

8 Short of thy love I would not atop, 
A stranger to the goepel hope. 

The sense of sin foiqgiven ; 
I would not. Lord, my soul deceive, 
Without the inward witness live, 

That antepast of heaven. 

4 If now the witness were in me, 
Would he not testify of thee. 

In Jesus reconciled f 
And should I not with faith draw nl^. 
And boldly, « Abba, Father," cry. 

And know myself thy child t 

5 Father, in me reveal thy Son, 
And to my inmost soul make known 

How merciful thou art ; 
The secret of thy love reveal, 
And by thy hallowing Spirit dwell 

Forever In my heart. 


440 7, 6 J. 

The indwelling Spirit. 

A BBA, Father, hear thv child, 
-^^ Late in Jesni raeonciled ; 
Hear, and all the graces shower, 
All the joy, and peace, and pownr t 
All my Saviour asks above. 
All the life and heaven of 1ot«. 

S Lord, I will not let thee go 
Till the blessing thou bestow : 
Hear mv Advocate divine ; 
Lo ! to his my suit I join ; 
Joined to his, it cannot fail : 
Bless me ; for I will prevail. 

8 Heavenly Father, Life divine. 

Change my nature into thine : 

Move, and spread throughout my tool, 

Actuate, ana fill the whole : 

Be \t 1 TU> \onfer now 

L\v\ns ^n ^^* (ie%\i, \kA Wiwql, 


4 Holy Qhott, no more delay ; 
Coaie, and In thy temple stay : 
Now thine inward witneu bear, 
Strong, and permanent, and clear : 
Spring of life, thyielf impart ; 
Rue eternal in my heart. 


-^^l Chief of tinnert. ''»•'• 

pHIEF of ifnners though I be, 
^^ Jemu shed hit blood for me ; 
Died that I might live on high, 
Died that I mifht never die ; 
Ae the branch 1s to the vine, 
I am his and he is mine. 

S O the height of Jesus' love! 
Higher than the heavens above, 
Delmer than the depths of sea, 
Lasung as eternity ; 
Love that found me, — wondrous 

thought ! — 
Found me when I sought him not I 

8 Chief of sinners though I be, 
Christ is all in all to me ; « 
All my wants to him are known. 
All my sorrows are his own ; 
Safe with him from earthly strife, 
He sustains the hidden life. 


44S ia,9. 

The joya of conwnion. 

{\ HOW happy are they, 

^^ Who the Saviour obey, 
And have laid up their treasure above I 

Tongue can never express 

The sweet comfort and peace 
Of a soul In Its earliest love. 

8 That sweet comfort was mine. 

When the favor divine 
I received through the blood of the Lamb ; 

When m^ heart first believed, 

What a joy I received. 
What a heaven In Jesus's name ! 

8 Twaa a heaven below 

My Redeemer to know, 
And the anzels could do nothing more. 

Than to tell at his feet, 

And the story repeat, 
And the Lover of sinners adore. 

4 Jesus all the day long 

Was mv joy and my song : 
O that all his salvation might see ! 

« He hath loved me,*' I cried, 

" He hath suffered and died, 
To redeem even rebels lilie me." 

6 O the rapturous height 

Of that holy delight 
Which I felt hi the life-giving blood ! 

Of my Saviour possessed, 

I was perfectly blest, 
As if filled with the fullness of God. 


4^ir3 7.6,7. 

The W^«owMMW qf/mitk, 

{\FT T in mv heart have said,— 
^-^ Who shall ascend on high. 
Mount to Christ, my glorious Head, 

And bring him from the sky! 
Borne on contemplation's wing. 

Surely I shall find him there. 
Where the angels praise their King, 

And gain the Morning Star. 

3 Oft I in my heart have said,— 

Who to the deep shall stoop. 
Sink with Christ among the dead. 

From thence to bring him not 
Could I but my heart prepare, 

Bv unfeigned humility, 
Christ would quickly enter there, 

And ever dwell in me. 

8 But the riehteouBness of faith 

Hath taught me better things : 
"Inward turn thine eyes," it saith, 

While Christ to me it brings : 
'* Christ is ready to impart 

Life to all. for life who sigh : 
In thy mouth and in thy heart 

The word is ever nigh." 



7*40 newjotf. 


rpREMBLING before thine awful throne, 
-^ O Lord, in dust my sins I own ; 
Justice and mercy for my life 
Contend ; O smile, and heal the strife. 

9 The Saviour smiles ; upon my soul 
New tides of hope tumultuous roll ; 
His voice proclaims my pardon found, 
Seraphic transport wings the sound. 

8 EUirth has a joy unknown to heaven. 
The newborn peace of sing forgiven ; 
Tears of such pure and deep delight, 
Ye angels, never dimmed your sight. 

4 Bright heralds of the eternal Will, 
Abroad his errands ye fulfill ; 
Or, throned in floods of beamy day, 
Symphoniotu in his presence play. 

6 Loud is the song, the heavenly plain 
Is shaken with the choral strain ; 
And dying echoes, floating far, 
Draw music from each chiming star. 

6 But I amid your choirs shall shine, 
And all your knowledge shall be mine ; 
Ye on your harps must lean to hear 
A secret chord that mine will bear. 


44S L. M. 

The realizing light of faith. 

A UTHOR of faith, eternal Word, 
-^^ Whose Spirit breathes the active 

F»lth» \\^e Vu ^tA*\v%t «a\\*i««L, 


4^0 OJMim ij fr<™. 

Noru*. lErng-ift 



QM oil HIT Sillli UiT miiHlBriu 11 
FnmUlk Idbllk, from ITU-- - 

And Bluiik«nd wtirt | T«tb t| 
440 ft.^„w. 


U On ILh, m} Bivknr inil ini Qo 

SsTiJ s» •bin liDliliic In ilHpiili': 


TBSDS, my ^1, la h«T« U gaOM, 


6 TlMn will I tall to aiiuiAn roond, 
What a daar 8«Tfcnnr I hare found ; 
I Ml point to thy redeemfaig bkwd, 
And M7, ** Bdiold the way to Ood.'* 


^^ol Bit toftrtign grae*. ^ ^* 

GLORY to Ck>d, whote sovereign grace 
Hath animated aenteleM itone*. 
Called at to stand before hii face, 
And laiiod ru into Abrab'm's lona. 

8 The people that In darkneu lay, 
In sin and error's deadly shade, 

Have seen a glorioos gospel-day 
In Jesns' lorely face displayed. 

3 Thon only, Lord, the work hast done, 
And barsd thine arm in all onr sight ; 

Hast made the reprobates thine own. 
And claimed the outcasts as thy nght. 

4 Thy single arm, almighty Lord. 
To us the great salvation brought ; 

Thy Word, ttiy all-creating Word, 
That spake at first the world from naught. 

8 For this the saints lift up their voice, 
And ceaseless praise to tnee is given ; 

For this the hosu abore reioiee, 
And praise thee in the highest heaven. 


453 L.M. 

Tk4 Lord our right«outnes«. 

T ET not the wise their wisdom boast, 
-^ llie mighty glory in their might, 
The rich in flattering riches trust. 
Which take their ererlasting flight. 

5 The rush of nomerons years bears down 
The most jgigantie strength of man ; 

And where is all his wisdom gone, 
When, dust, he tarns to dust again t 

t One only gift can justifv 

The boastuig soul that knows his God ; 
When Jetns doth his blood apply, 

I glory in his sprinkled blood. 

4 The Lord my Righteousness I praise, 
I triumph in the love divine ; 

The wisdom, wealth, and strength of grace, 
In Christ to endless ages mine. 


■4^3 Hi, pUntemu ffraee. 10» H' 

f\ WHAT shall I do my Saviour to pralae, 
^^ So faithful and true, so plenteous in 

So strong to deliver, so good to redeem 
The weucest believer that hangs upon him ! 

5 How happy the man whose heart is set 

The people that can be jovful in thee ! 
Their joy Is to walk in the light of thy 

And stUl they are talking ol Jesns's grace : 

8 For thou art their boast, their glory, and 

And I also trust to see the glad hour. 
My soul's new creation, a life from the 

The day of salvation that lifts up my head. 

4 For Jesus, my Lord, is now my defense ; 
I trust in his word ; none plucks me from 

thence ; 
Since I have found favor, he all things will 

My King and my Saviour shall make me 


6 Yea, Lord, I shall see the bliss of thine 

own ; 
Thy secret to me shall soon be made known ; 
For sorrow and sadness I joy shall receive, 
And share in the gladness of all that l>e- 



4.5^ 10, 11. 

Accepted i» the Beloved. 

ALL praise to the Lamb ! arrcptM I am, 
Through faith in the Saviour's adora- 
ble name : 
In him I confide, hts blood is applied ; 
For me he hath sufl'ered, for me he hath 

3 Not a cloud doth arise, to darken my 

Or hide for a moment my Lord from mine 

In him I am blest, I lean on his breast, 
And lo! in his wounds I continue to rrst. 


^SyS Tears of Jof. 7,6,8. 

T ORD, and is thine anger gone, 
-^ And art thou pacified t 
After all that I have done. 

Dost thou no longer chide ! 
Let thy love my heart constrain. 

And all my restless passions sway : 
Keep me, lest I torn again 

Out of the narrow way. 

9 See my utter helplessness, 

And leave me not alone ; 
O preserve in perfect peace. 

And seal me for thine own : 
More and more thyself reveal. 

Thy presence let me always find ; 
Comfort, and confirm, and heal 

My fe«ble, sin-sick mind. 

3 As the apple of thine eye, 

Thy weakest servant keep ; 
Help me at thy feet to lie. 

And there forever weep : 
Tears of joy mine eyes overflow. 

That I have any hope of heaven ; 
Much of love I ought to know. 

For I have much (ot^van,. 


46Q 7.6,8. 

Nothing hvt ChrUt eruciJUd, 

VAIN, delasire world, adieu, 
Witn all of creature good I 
Only Jesui I punue, 

who bought me with hi* blood : 
AH thy pleasures I foreeo ; 

I trample on thy wealth and pride ; 
Only Jesus will I know, 
And Jesus crucified. 

S Other knowledge I disdain ; 

'Til all but Tanitr: 
Christ, the Lamb of God, was slain, 

He tasted death for me. 
Me to save fh>m endleu woe 

The sin-atonlnR Victim died : 
Only Jesus will I know, 

And Jesus crucified. 

3 Here will I set up my rest ; 
My fluctuating heart 

From the haven of his breast 

Shall never more depart : 
Whither should a sinner go t 

His wounds for. me stand open wide ; 
Only Jesus will I know, 

And Jesus crucified. 

4 Him to know is life and peace, 
And pleasure without end ; 

This is all my happiness, 

On Jesus to depend ; 
Daily in his grace to grow. 

And ever in his faith abide ; 
Only Jesus will I know, 

And Jesos crucified. 

5 O that I could all invite, 
This saving truth to prove ; 

Show the length, the breadth, the height, 

And depth of Jesus' love ! 
Fain I would to sinners show 

The blood bv faith alone applied ; 
Only Jesus wul I know, 

And Jesus crucified. 



Jttnotmeing all- for Ckritt, 


/^OME, Saviour. Jesus, ttom above, 
^^ Assist me witn thy neavenly grace ; 
Emptv my heart of earthly love, 
Ajid for thyself prepare the place. 

S O let thy sacred presence fill. 
And set my longing spirit free : 

Which pants to have no other will, 
But night and day to feast on thee. 

8 While in this reHon here below. 
No other good vnll I pursue : 

I '11 bid this world of noise and show, 
With all its glittering snares, adieu. 

4 That path with humble speed I Ml seek. 
In wblch wy SsvUmr's footstept shine, 
ATor win I b0Ur. noT will I spenL 
Of may otber IOT9 hnt thine. 

5 Henceforth may no profane delight 
Divide this consecraMd soul ; 

Possess it thou, who hast the rutht, 
As Lord and Master of the whole. 

6 Nothing on earth do I desire, 

But thy pure love within my breast ; 
This, only this, will I require, 
And freely give up all the rest. 



Pertonal eonteeration. 

L. M. 

r2}.0D of my life, what just return 
^^ Can sinful dust and ashes give t 
I only live my sin to mourn : 
To love my God I only live. 

S To thee, benign and savinr Power, 
I consecrate my lengthened days ; 

While, marked with blessings, evei^ hoar 
Shall speak thy co-extended praise. 

3 Be all my added life employed 
Thine image in my soul to see : 

Fill with thyself the mighty void ; 
Enlarge my heart to compass thee. 

4 The blessing of thy love bestow : 
For this my cries shall never fail ; 

Wrestling, I will not let thee go, — 
I will not, till my suit prevail. 

5 Come, then, my Hope, my Lifa, mj 

And fix in me thy lasting home ; 
Be mindful of thy gracious word, — 
Thou, with thy promised Father, come. 



459 Xt»»n^ to God. ^' ^' 

THOU, who hast at thv commaad 
The hearts of all men in thy hand, 
Our wayward, erring hearts incline 
To have no other wul but thine. 

S Our wishes, our desires, control ; 
Mold every purpose of the soul ; 
O'er all may we victorious prove 
That stands iMtween us ana thy lore. 

8 Thrice blest will all our blessinn tM, 
When we can look through them to the* | 
When each glad heart its tribute pays 
Of love, and gratitude, and praise. 

4 And while we to thy glory live, 
May we to thee all glory give. 
Until the final summons come. 
That calls thy willing servants home. 


460 L.if. 

The vow teaUd at the erott, 
T ORD, I am thine, entirely thine. 
-"^ Purchased and saved by blood aivine} 
With full consent thine I would be. 
And own thy sovereign right in me. 

2 Grant one poor sinner more a place 
Among the cnildren of thy grace ; 
A wretched sinner, lost to God, 
But rantomed \>y lannavMVt blood. 

i ^ 


Tbi mr uJSrimymt ni|>nl, 

Tbn eLt'A Vh powir tEy nvt In niD*f ; 

O And (i»r/ll."Jin^sMlf'E«l(l.i 

PFUVfTE of 1HU«, frtnlml ntr y^n i 

^04 ri< •UniifJ^'u. 
•^ Olorifj ItjKir Id nil ^ ' 

Hay I Imd Iha pal£ ba Uv 

■*e» nc.^™. 

406 ri,w™.»,. C.M. 


8 We tnist not in onr native strength, 
■ Bat on hie grace rely, 

Thnt. with retorning wants, the Lord 
Will all our need snpply. 

4 Lord, guide onr donbtful feet aright, 
And Keep as In thy ways ; 

And, while we tarn oar tows to prayers, 
Tarn thon oar prayers to praise. 


4er CM. 

/ will take tA« eup^ $al9tttion.—Tu 116: 13. 

TXTHAT shall I render to my Ood 
^ " For all his mercy's store ! 
I >11 take the gifts he hath bestowed. 
And hnmbly ask for more. 

5 My vows I will to his great name 
Before his people pav, 

And all I hare, and all I am, 
Upon his altar lay. 

3 Thy lawfal servant, Lord, I ow« 
To thee whate'er is mine. 

Born in thy family below. 
And by redemption thine. 

4 The God of all-redeeming graoa 
My Ood I will proclaim. 

Offer the sacrifice of praise. 
And call npon his name. 

5 Praise him, ye saints, the God of love, 
Who hath my sins forgiven, 

Till, gathered to the Charch above,' 
We sing the songs of heaven. 


IJTl God, accept my heart this day, 
^^ And make it always thine ; 
That I from thee no more may stray, 
No more from thee decline. 

9 Before the cross of him who died. 
Behold, I prostrate fall ; 

Let every sin be crncified. 
Let Christ be all in all. 

S Let everv thought, and work, and wwd. 

To thee be ever given ; 
Then life shall be thy service. Lord, 

And death the gate of heaven I 


4e9 c. M. 

Soul and body dedicated to the Lord, 

T ET Him to whom we now belong, 
•*-^ His sovereign right assert ; 
And take up every thankful song, 
And every loving heart. 

S He justly claims us for his own. 

Who bought us with a price : 
The Christian lives to Christ alone ; 

To Christ alone he dies. 

3 Jesus, thine own at last reoeiw ; 
Fa/an our hemrU' desire ; 
A /It/ let as to thy glory lire. 
And ia thy caiue expire. 

4 Onr souls and bodies we resign ; 

With joy we render thee 
Our all, — no longer oars, bat thine 

To all eternity. 


^yO Entire wneeeratioti, ^••'* 

'PATHERj^n, and Holy Ghost, 
*- • One in Three, and Three In One, 
As by the celestial host. 

Let thy will on earth be done ; 
Praise by all to thee be given. 
Glorious Lord of earth and heaven. 

S If so poor a worm as I 
May to thy great glory live. 

All my actions sancufv. 
All my words and tnonghU reoaira ; 

Claim me for thy service, claim 

All I have, and all I am. 

8 Take my soal and body's powers : 
Take my memory, mind, and will ; 

All my eoods, and all mv hoan ; 
All I know, and all I feel ; 

All I think, or speak, or do ; 

Take my heart, oat make It new. 

4 Now, O God, thine own I am, 
Now I g^ve thee back thine own : 

Freedom, friends, and health, and tuaa^ 
Consecrate to tnee alone : 

Thine I live, thrice happy I : 

Happier still if thine I die. 

OHABLSs wisunr. 


The trial o/Ahrakan^, 

Tt» M. 

ABRAHAM, when severely tried. 
His fiUth by his obedience showed ; 
He with the harsh command complied, 
And gave his Isaac back to Goo. 

S His son the father offered np, — 
Soo of his age, his only son ; 

Object of all his joy and hope. 
And less 1>eloved than God alone. 

8 O for a faith like his, that w« 
The bright example may parsne I 

May gladly give np all to thee, 
Ix) whom our more than all is doe. 

4 Is there a thing than life more deart 
A thing fh>m which we cannot partt 

We can ; we now r^oice to tear 
The idol from our bleeding heart. 

5 Jesas, accept oor sacrifice; 

All things for thee we count but lorn; 
Lo I at thy word our idol dies, — 
Dies on the altar of thy cross. 

6 For what to thee, O Lord, we give, 
A hundred-fold we here obtain : 

And soon with thee shall all rtoerre. 
And lou shall 1m eternal gain. 


^r'^S DtdUaUon to God. ^' ^• 

lUfY soal and all its powers 
-"^ Thine, wholly thine, ihall be ; 
All, all mj happy hours 
' I consecrate to thee : 
Me to thine image now restore, 
Knd I shall praise thee eTermore. 

8 Lone at I live beneath, 
To thee O let me live ; 
To thee my every breath 
In thanks and praises ((ive : 
Whnie'm I have, whatever I am, 
Shall magnify my Maker's name. 

3 I wairthy will to do. 

As angels do in heaven ; 
In Christ a creatnre new. 
Most graciously forgiven ; 
I wait thy perfect wiU to prove. 
All sanctifled by spotless love. 


^yS Iklf-wtmeration. ^ *^ 

LORD, in the strength of grace. 
With a glad heart and free, 
Mrself, my residue of days, 
I consecrate to thee. 

9 Thy ransomed servant, I 

Restore to thee thine own ; 
And from this moment live or die 

To serve my God. alone. 


4r4 A living sacrifice. L.M.6I. 

OGOD, what offering shall I give 
To thee, the Lord of earth and skies t 
My spirit, soul, and flesh receive, 

A holy, living sacrifice : 
Small as it is, 'tis all my store ; 
More khonldst thou have, if I bad more. 

S Now then, my Ood, tbou hast my soal : 
No longer mine, but thine I am : 

Onard thou thine own, possess it whole; 
Cheer it with hope, with lore inflame. 

Thou hast my spirft, there display 

Thy glory to the perfect day. 

I Thou hast mv flesb. thy hallowed shriae, 

Devoted solely to tny will': 
Here let thy light forever i^ine : 

This house still let thy presence fill : 
O Source of lite I live, dwelL, and move 
In me, till all my li/e be love. 

jOAOHm I.AWOB. rs. Br J. wkbley-, 

^yS Tht tingle eye. ^- ^' « '• 

"DEHOLD the servant of the Ty)rdl 
-'-' I wait thy guiding hand to feel ; 
To hear and keep thy every word. 
To prove and do thy* perfect will : 
Joyful from my own works to cease, 
Glad to talfUl all r^gbteeosness. 

8 My every weak, though good design, 
O'errule or change, as seems thee meet ; 

Jesus, let all ray work be thine 1 
Thy work, O Lord, is all complete. 

And pleasing in thy Father's sight ; 

Thou only hast done all tbhags right. 

3 Here, then, to thee thine own I leave ; 

Mold as thou wilt thy passive clay ; 
But let lae ail thy stamp receive, 

But let me all thy words obey : 
Serve with a single heaft and eye. 
And to thy glory live and die. 



47'e L. M. 6 Z. 

Tie prize of our high calling, 

TESU^ thy boundless love to me 
*' No thought can reach, no tongue de- 
knit my thankful heart to thee. 
And reign without a rival there : 
Thine wholly, thine alone, I am ; 
Be thou alone my constant flame. 

8 O grant that nothing in ray soul 
May dwell, but thy pure love alone: ° 

O may thy love possess me whole. 
My joy, ray treasure, and my crown : 

Straage flanes far from my heart remove ; 

My every act, word, thought, be love, 

3 Unwearied may I this pursue ; 
Dunn tl ess to the high prize aspire ; 

Hourly within my soul renew 

This holy tame, this heavenly fire: 
And day and n.ight, l>e all ray care 
To guard the sacred treasure there. 

4 In suflTeriag be thy love my peace ; 
In weakness be ftiy leve my power; 

And when the storms of life shall cease, 

JesuL in that important hour. 
In death as life be thou my guide. 
And save me, who for me hast died. 


47"^ L. M. 6 L 

Chriit in you, the hope of glory. 

'pHOU hidden love of God, whose height, 
-■- Whose depth nnfatboraed, no man 
knows ! 

1 see from far thy beauteous light. 
Inly I sigh for thy repose : 

My heart is pained, nor can it l>e 
At rest, till it finds rest in thee. 

2 Is there a thing beneath the sun, 
That strives with thee my heart to share ! 

Ah, tear it tlieuce, and reign alone. 
The Lord of every motion there; 
Then shall my heart from earth be free, 
When it bath' found repose in thee. 

■Z O hide this self from me, that I 

No more, but Christ in me, may live *^ 

Mv vWe anecWoTvi cr^^^^>J , 

Not \et oae &m\\tv»."V«*'<. war^VjO- 


In all thing* nothing may I see, 
Nothing desire or seek, but thee. 

4 O Love, thy sovereign aid impart. 
To save me from low-thoaghied care ; 

Chase this self-will throngh all my h^art, 
Through all its latent mazes there ; 

Make me thy duteous child, that I 

Ceaseless may, " Abba, Father," cry. 

6 Each moment draw from earth awav 
My heart, that lowly waits thy call ; 

Speak to my inmpst soul, and say, 
" I am thy Love, thy God, thy All ! " 

To feel thy power, to hear thy voice. 

To taste thy love, be all my choice. 



'4t'^8 L.M.62. 

Prtmng toward tk« ntark. 

I THANK thee, uncreated Sun, 
That thy bright beams on me have 
shined ; 
I thank thee, who hast overthrown 

My foes, and healed my wounded mind ; 
I thank thee, whose enlivening voice 
Bids my f^d heart in thee rejoice. 

8 Uphold me in the doubtful race, 

Nor suffer me again to stray ; 
Strengthen my feet, with steady pace 

Still to press forward in thy way ; 
My soul and flesh, O Lord of mient. 
Fill, satiate, with thy heavenly light. 

3 Give to mine eyes refreshing tears ; 
Give to my heart chaste, hallowed fires ; 

Give to my soul, with filial fears. 

The love that all heaven's host inspires, 
That all my powers, with all their might, 
In thy sole glory may unite. 

4 Thee will I love, my joy, my crown ; 
Thee will I love, my Lord, my God ; 

Thee will I love, beneath thy trovnx 

Or smile, thy scepter or thy rod. 
What though my flesh and heart decay ! 
Thee shall I love in endless day ! 


TR. BT 3. WX8LBV. 

4T9 L.M.6{. 

If is blood eUanteth from all tin. 

"PRISONERS of hope, lift up your heads, 
*^ The day of liberty draws near ! 
Jesus, who on the serpent treads. 

Shall soon in your behalf appear : 
The Lord will to his temple come ; 
Prepare your hearts to make him room. 

5 Ye all shall find, whom in his word 
Himself hath caused to put your trust, 

The Father of our dyinfr Lord 
Is ever to his promise just ; 
Faithful, if we our sins confess, 
To cleanse from all unrighteousness. 

J O ye of /earful hearts, be strong ! 
Yohr downcast eyes and hands lift up ! 
Yf shall not be forgotten lonu ; 
*iope to the end, in Jesus nope J 

Tell him ye wait his grace to prove ; 
And cannot fail, if God is love. 



L. P. In. 

The tealinff and santiifying Spirit. 

■pATHER of everlasting grace, 

-*- Thy goodness and thy truth we praiae, 

Thy goodness and thy truth we prove ; 
Thou hast, in honor of'^thy Son, 
The gift unspeakable sent down, — 

Spirit of life, and power, and love. 

2 Send na the Spirit of thy Son, 

To make the depths of Godhead known. 

To make us share the life divine : 
Send him the sprinkled blood to apply; 
Send him our souls to sanctify. 

And show and seal os ever toine. 

8 So shall we prajs and never ceaae ; 
So shall we thankfully confess 

Thy wisdom, truth, and power, and love; 
With joy unspeakable adore. 
And bless ana praise thee evermore. 

And serve thee as thy hosts above : 

4 Till, added to that heavenly choir. 
We raise our songs of triumph higher. 

And praise thee in a bolder strain ; 
Outsoar the first-bom seraph's fliebt, 
And sing, with all the saints in light. 

Thy everlasting love to man. 

CHA&LBs wBaunr. 

481 Crueijled mth Christ. L. P« M. 

COME, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire, 
My consecrated heart inspire. 
Sprinkled with the atoning blood : 
Still to my soul thyself reveal : 
Thy mighty working may I feel. 
And uuow that I. am one with God. 

9 Humble, and teachable, and mild, 
O may I, as a little child. 

My lowly Master's steps pursue ! 
Be anger to my soul unknown ; 
Hate, envy, jealousy, be gone ; 

In love create thou all things new. 

8 Let earth no more my heart divide ; 
With Christ may I l>e crucified ; 

To thee with my whole heart aspire : 
Dead to the world and all its toys. 
Its idle pomp, and fading joys. 

Be thou alone my one desire. 

4 IMy will be swallowed up in thee; 
Light in thy light still may I see. 

Beholding thee with open face ; 
Called the ta\l power ox faith to prove. 
Let all my hallowed heart be love, 

And all my spotless life be praise. 


483 The lav of Jovs. ^' ^« 

rriHE thing my God doth hate 
-■• That I no more may do, 
Thy creature, Lord, again create, 
And a\\ xarj %ou\ ttT^evj \ 


S My MNd shall thm, IOm thiiM, 
Abhor the thlag iiiicl«An, 

And, ■■netifl«d by 1ot« dirin*, 
totvnt ocsM froin tin. 

S Thai blflMed law of tUae, 

Jfliai, to me impart ; 
Th« Spirit'* law of life dirine, 

O write it on my heart I 

4 Implant it deep within, 
Whence it may ne'er remoraf 

The law of liberty ftrom ain, 
The perfect law of lore. 

5 Thy nature be my law, 
Thy tpotleM sanctity ; 

And sweetly every moment draw 
My hi^py sonl to thee. 

6 Sonl of my soaL remain I 
Wbo didst for all foHIll, 

In m«, O Lord, folflll anfai 
Thy heavenly Father^ wHL 


483 S.M. 

The €hud« m$td Count^or, 
IXSUS, my Tmth, my Way, 
^ My snre, nnerring LIffht, 
On thee my feeble steps I stay, 
Which tbon wilt gnlde aright. 

5 My Wisdom and my Guide, 
1^ Counselor thou art : 

O never let me leave thy side, ■ 
Or from thy paths depart. 

8 I lift mine eyes to thee, 
Thou gracious, bleeding Lamb, 

That I may now enlightened be. 
And never put to sname. 

4 Never will I remove 
Oat ot thy hands my cause ; 

Bat reit in thy redeeming love, 
And hang upon thy cross. 

6 O make me all like thee. 
Before I hence remove ; 

Settle, confirm, and 'stablish me, 
Ana boild me up in love. 

6 Let me thy witness live, 
When sin is all destroyed ; 

And then my spotless soul receive. 
And take me nome to God. 


S. M. 
Cknttia* aapiration. 
/2}.0D of almighty loye, 
^^ By whose sufficient grace 
I lift my heart to things above, 
And humbly seek thy face ; 

8 Through Jesus Christ the Just, 

My famt desires receive, 
And let me in thy goodness trust, 

And to thy glory live. 

8 Whate'er I say or do. 

Thy glory be my aim ; 
Mv oflimngs all be offered through 

The erer-hJesftfd name. 

4 Jesus, my single eye 

Be fixed on t&e alone : 
Thy name be praised on earth, on hirii : 

Thy will by aU be done. 




XoyoAy to CkriM. 
XT'ING of kings, and wilt thou deign 
-'•*• O'er this wayward heart to reign t 
Henceforth take it for thy throne, 
Rule here, Lord, and rule alone. 

3 Then, like heaven's augelic bands. 
Waiting for thine high commands. 
All my powers shall wait on thee, 
Captive, yet divinely free. 

3 At thy word my will shall bow. 
Judgment, reason, bending low ; 
Hope, desire, and every thought. 
Into glad olMdlence l>roaght. 

4 Zeal shall haste on eager wing, 
Hourly some new gift to bring ; 
Wisdom, humbly casting down 
At thy feet her golden orown. 

6 Tuned bv thee in sweet accord. 
Ail shall smg their rraoious Lord ; 
Love, the leader of ue choir. 
Breathing round her seraph fire. 


48e 7. 

Cut tkoH tk« work in rigkttoHnutt, 
C AVIOUR of the sin-sick soul, 
^ Give me faith to make me whole ; 
Finish thy great work of grace ; 
Cut it short in righteousness. 

8 Speak the second time, " Be clean t '* 
Take away mv inbred sin ; 

Every stumbling-block remove ; 
Cast It out by perfect love. 

3 Nothing less will I require ; 
Nothing more can I desire : 
None but Christ to me be given ; 
None but Christ in earth or heaven. 

4 O that I might now decrease ! 
O tliat all I am might cease I 
Let me into nothing fall : 

Let my Lord be all in all ! 


4l8r 7.6«. 

ChriH eoimforting mourntri, 

r^RACIOUS soul, to whom are given 

^-^ Holy hunrerings after heaven, 

Restless breathing, earnest moans, 

Deep, unutterable xroaus, 

Agonies of strong desire, 

Love's suppressed, unconsciotu fire ; 

9 Turn aeain to GU>d thy rest, 
Jesus hath pronounced thee blest : 
Humbly to tby Jesus turn, 
Comforter of all that mourn : 
Happy mourner, hear, and see, 
Claim the promise made to thee. 

.3 Gently will lie l«»d tka -««»ku 




Touched with (ympathizine cai 
Thee he hi hU arms shall bear, 
Bless with late but lasting peace, 
Fill with all his righteousness. 

4 Lift to him thy weeping eye. 
Heaven behind the cloud descry : 
If with Christ thou suffer here. 
When his glory sliall appear, 
Christ his suffering son snail own ; 
Thine ihe cross, and thine the crown. 


488 Tillable love. '^' 

JESUS, full of love divine, 
I am thine and thou art mine ; 
Let me live and die to prove 
Thine unutterable love. 
More and more «f love I claim. 
Glowing still with quenchless flame ; 
All my heart to thee aspires, 
Yearns with infinite desires. 

5 Every thought, design, and word. 
Bums with love to thee, my Lord ; 
Body, soul, and spirit joined. 

All in love to thee combined. 
Ever since I saw thy face. 
Proved thy plenitude of grace. 
Chose thee as the better part — 
Love has filled and fired my heart. 

8 Jesus, Saviour, thou art mine ; 
Jesus, all I have is thine ; 
Never shall the altar-fire. 
Kindled on my heart, expire. 
Love my darkness shall illume. 
Love shall all my sins consume : 
Sweetly then I die to prove 
An eternity of love ! 


480 7. 

For reviving grace. 

LIGHT of life, seraphic tire. 
Love divine, thyself impart : 
Every fainting soul inspire. 

Shine in every drooping heart ; 
Every mournful sinner cheer, 

Scatter all our guilty gloom ; 
S«n of Qod, appear, appear ! 
To thy human temples come. 

3 Come in this accepted hour ; 

Bring thy heavenly kingdom in ; 
Fill us with thy glorious power. 

Rooting out the seeds of sin : 
Nothing more can we require. 

We will covet nothing less ; 
Be thou all our heart's desire, 

All our joy, and all our peace. 


^&0 j\iniing for purity. '• 

TJOLY Lamb, who thee reeeive, 
-•^ Who in tbee begin to live, 
I>»y and aigbt tbey cry to thee, 
"^« tboa art, eo let us be ! " 

9 Jesus, see my panting breast ; 
See, I pant in thee to rest ; 
Gladly would I aow be clean ; 
Cleanse me now from every sin. 

3 Fix, O fix my wavering mind ; 
To thy cross my spirit bind : 
Earthly passions far remove ; 
Swallow up my soul in love. 

4 Dust and ashes though we be. 
Full of sin and misery, 

Thine we are, thou Son of Giod ; 
Take the purchase of thy blood I 


•4r01 Th neto ereatum. *»''• 

LOVE divine, all love excelling, 
Joy of heaven, to earth come dowa I 
Fix in us thy humble dwellbig ; 

All thy faithful mercies crown. 
Jesus, thou art all compataion. 

Pure unbounded love thou art ; 
Visit us with thy salvation ; 
Enter every trembling heart. 

5 Breathe, O breathe thy loving Spirit 
Into every troubled breast I 

Let us all in thee inherit. 
Let us find that second rett. 

Take away our bent to sinning ; 
Alpha and Omega be ; 

find of faith, as its beginning, 
Set our hearts at liberty. 

8 Come, almighty to deliver, 

Let us all thy life receive ; 
Suddenly return, and never. 

Never more thy temples leave : 
Thee we would be always blessing, 

Serve thee as thy hosts above. 
Pray, and praise tnee without oeaelngi 

Glory in thy perfect love. 

4 Finish then thy new creation ; 

Pure and spotless let us be ; 
Let us see thy great salvation, ' 

Perfectly restored in thee : 
Changed from glory into glory. 

Till in heaven we take our place. 
Till we cast our crowns before thee, 

Lost in wonder, love, and praise. 


^&2 The me thing needful. ®» '^• 

"f^ELL for him who all things losing, 
. *^ * E'en himself doth count as naught. 
Still the one thing needful choosine. 
That with all true bliss is fraught! 

9 Well for him who nothing knoweth 
But his God, whose boundless love 

Makes the heart wherein it sloweth 
Calm and pure as saints above ! 

3 Well for him who all forsaking, 
Walketh not in shadows vain. 

But the path of peace is taking 

T\iTOU^\v \.\A« ^aXft ol Veaxi smd pftin t 


4 O that w« our hMurts might Mrtr 
From aMth's tempting ranitiea, 

Fbdag thma on him forever 
In whom all oar f ollnees llet ! 

6 Thoa, Abru of Ioto imd goodneM, 
Draw a« by thy croM to thee, 

That oar Mnaes, loal. and spirit, 
Ever one wHh Christ may be ! 




S^foieinff in hop*. 


"V^ ransomed sinners, hear, 
-'- The prisoners of the Lora ; 
And widt till Christ appear, 
According to his wora : 
R«!}oice in hope, r^oice with me, 
We shall fh>m all oar sins be frae. 

9 In God we pot oar trust ; 

If we oar sins confess, 
Fidthfal is he and jast, 
From all onrighteonineu 
To cleanse ns all, Doth yon and me : 
We shall tnm all oar sins be free. 

S Who Jesus' safTeringi share, 

My fellow-prisoners now, 
Te soon the crown shall wear 
On Toor triamphant brow : 
Rejoice in hope, rejoice with me. 
We shall ftrom all our sins be free. * 

4 The word of Ood is sure. 
And never can remove ; 

We shall in heart be pure, 
And perfected in love : 
Rri olce in hope, rejoice with fne. 
We shall flrom all our sins be U/m. 

5 Then let us gladly bring 
Our sacrifice of praise : 

Let us give thanks and sing. 
And glory in his grace : 
R^loe in hope, nifolM with me, 
We shall tmm all our sins be fVee. 


404 Bpmh 04 word. 7, e, 8. 

T?yER fidnting with desire, 
-*^ For thee, O Christ, I call ; 
Thee I restlessly require ; 

I want my God, my all. 
Jesus, dear redeeminar Lord. 

I wait thv coming from aoove ; 
Help me, Saviour, spealc the word, 

And perfect me in love. 

9 Thoa my life, my treasure be, 

My portion here below ; 
Nothing would I seeic but thee, 

Thee onlv would I know : 
My exceeding great reward, 

My heaven on earth, my heaven 
Help me,' Saviour, speak the word, 

Am perfect me ia lore. 


S Grant me now the bliss to feel 

Of those that are in thee : 
Son of God, thyself reveal ; 

Engrave thy name on me. 
As in heaven, be here adored. 

And let me now the promise prove ; 
Help me. Saviour, speak the word. 

And perfect me in love. 


405 L. M. 

The yoke way and tkt burden light. 

f\ THAT my load of sin were gone! 
^^ O that I could at last submit 
At Jesus' feet to lay it down — 
To lay my soul at Jesus' feet ! 

9 Rest for my soul I long to find : 
Saviour of all, if mine thou art, 

Give me thy meek and lowly mind. 
And stamp thine image on my hear i, 

t Break off the yoke of inbred sin. 
And fully set my spirit free ; 

I cannot rest till pure within, 
Till I am wholly lost in thee. 

4 Fain would I learn of thee, my God, 
Thy light and easy burden prove, 

The cross all stained with hallowed blood, 
The labor of thy djring love. 

5 I would, but thou must give the power ; 
My heart fh>m every sin release ; 

Bring near, brins: near the joyful hour. 
And fill me with thy perfect pesuse. 

0HAM.B8 WaeLKY. 

400 Ihlhmnf the Saviour. ^- ^• 

THOU, to whose all-searching sight 
The darkness shineth as the iTeht, 

Search, prove my heart, it pants for thee ; 

O burst these bonds, and set it fre«. 

S Wash out its stains, refine its dross, 
Nail mv affections to the cross ; 
Hallow each thought; let all within 
Be clean, as thou, my Lord, art clean. 

i If in this darksome wild I stray. 
Be thou my light, be thou my way : 
No foes, no violence I fear. 
No fraud, while thou, my God, art near. 

4 When rising floods my soul o'erflow, 
When sinks my heart in waves of woe, 
Jesus, thy timely aid impart. 

And raise my head, and cheer my heart. 

5 Sartour, where'er thy steps I see, 
Dauntless, untired, I follow thee ; 
O let thy hand support me still, 
And lead me to thy holy hill. 

6 If rough and thorny be the way, 
Mv strength proportion to my day ; 
Till toil, and fcrief, and pain shall cease. 
Where all is ^m, and joy, and Qe«c«. 

T»t.'aX i.-^VftVXX, 



40y L.M. 

For eonttant dtvoUdnea*. 

T ORD, fill me with a humble fettr ; 
■^ My ntter helplessness reveal ; 
Satan and sin are always near, 
Thee may I always nearer feel. 

S O that to thee my constant mind 
Might with an even flame aspire, 

Pride in its earliest motions fina, 
And mark the risings of desire I 

8 O that my tender soul might fly 
The first abhorred approach of ill, 

Quick aa the apple of an eye. 
The slightest touch of ain to feel I 

4 Till thou anew my soul create, 

Still may I strive, and watch, and pray ; 
Humblv and confidently wait, 
And long to see the perfect day. 


4&8 TkttkroMofgraet. ^'^' 
TOEHOLD the throne of grace ; 
-^ The promise calls ns near ; 
There Jesus shows a smiling face, 
And waits to answer prayer. 

5 My soul, ask what thou wilt, 
Thou canst not be too bold ; 

Since his own blood for thee he spilt, 
What else can he withhold 1 

8 Thine image. Lord, bestow. 

Thy presence and thy love, 
That we maj' serve thee here below, 

And reign with thee above. 

4 Teach ns to live by faith. 
Conform our wills to thine ; 

Let us victorious be in death, 
And then in glory shine. 


4&0 Living tempUa, ^^' 

A ND will the mighty God, 
■^^ Whom heaven cannot contain, 
Make me his temple and abode, 
And in me live and reign 1 

5 Come, Spirit of the Lord, 
Teacher and heavenly Guide I 

Be it according to thy word, 
And in my heart reside. 

S OHolv, Holy Ghost! 

Pervade this soul of mine : 
In me renew thy Pentecost, 

Reveal thy. power divine! 

4 Make It my highest bliss 
Thy blessed fruits to know ; 

Thy joy, and peace, and gentlenes*, 
Goodness and faith to show. 

5 Be it my g^reatest fear 
Tby boiineu to grieve : 

W»lk la tbe Spirit even here, 
AMd In tbe Spirit Jfve. 


S OO nifu^ living or dying. ^' ^' 
JESUS, I live to thee, 
** The loveliest and best ; 
My life in thee, thy life in me, 
In thy blest love I rest. 

8 Jesus, I die to thee, 
Whenever death shall come ; 

To die in thee is life to me. 
In my eternal home. 

3 Whether to live or die, 

I know not which is best ; 
To live in thee is bliss to me, 
To die is endless rest. 

4 Living or dying. Lord, 
I ask out to 1>e thine ; 

My life in thee, thy life In me. 
Makes heaven forever mine. 


SOI Purity of keaH. ^- ^• 

T>LEST are the pure in heart, 
■■-' For they shall see our God ; 
The secret of the Lord is thein ; 
Their soul is his abode. 

5 Still to the lowly sonl 
He doth himself impart, 

And for his temple and his throne 
Selects the pure in heart. 

8 Lord, we thy presence seek, 

May ours this blessing be ; 
O give the pure and lowly heart,— 

A temple meet for thee. 


SOS gioriotu libertf, ^ ^' 

f\ COME, and dwell in me, 
^^ Spirit of power within, 
And Dring the glorioiu liberty 
From sorrow, fear, and sin I 

5 The seed of sin's disease, 
Spirit of health, remove, 

Spirit of finished noliness, 
Spirit of perfect love. 

8 Hasten the joyful day 
Which shall my sins consume ; 

When old things shall be done away, 
And all things new become. 

4 I want the witness. Lord, 

That all I do is right, 
According to thy will and word, 

Well pleasing in thy sight. 

6 I ask no higher state ; 
Indulge me but in this, 

And soon or later then translate 
To my eternal bliss. 



Waiting at tht erott. 

'OATHfeR, I dare believe 
■*■ Thee merciful and true : 
Thou wWi xn-y fulUy soal forgive. 
My f a\\«u w>vl\ t«Tv«^ . 

S. M, 


S Come, tben, for Juai' sake, 
And bid my besrt be clean : 

An end of all my troables make, 
An end of all my sin. 

8 I cannot waib my beart. 

But by bellerine tbee, 
And waiting for tby blood to impart 

Tbe tpotleas purity. 

4 Wbile at thy crou I lie, 

Je«u, tbe grace beitow ; 
Now tby all-cleansing blood apply, 

And r am white as snow. 


S04 CAarity supreme. ®- **' 

HAD I the sift of tongues, 
Great God, without thy grace, 
Mt loudest words, my loftiest songs, 
Would be but sounding brass. 

9 Though thou shouldst frfve me skill 

Each mystery to explain. 
Without a heart to do thy will. 

My knowledge would be vain. 

8 Had I such faith in God 

At moontains to remove, 
No fidtb could work effectual good, 

That did not work by love. 

4 Ghrant, then, this one request, 

Whatever be denied,— 
That love divine may rule my breast. 

And all my actions guide. 



For entire eoneeeration. 

JESUS, my strength, my hope. 
On thee I cast my care ; 
With humble confidence look up. 

And know thou hear'st my prayer. 
Give me on thee to wait, 

Till I can all things do ; 
On thee, almighty to create, 
Almighty to renew. 

S I want a sober mind, 

A self-renouncing will. 
That tramples down, and casts behind. 

The balU of pleasing ill : 
A soul inured to pain. 

To hardship, grief, and loss : 
Bold to taki> up, firm to sustain. 

The consecrated cross. 

8 I want a arodly fear, 

A quick discerning eye, 
That looks to thee when sin is near, 

And sees the tempter fly : 
A spirit still prepared. 

And armed with jealous care ; 
Forever standing on its guard. 
And watching unto prayer. 



For perfect tvbmieaion. 

I WANT a heart to pray. 
To pray, and never cease ; 
Never to murmur at thy stay, 

Or wish my sufferings less. 
This blessing, above all, 

Always to pray, I want ; 
Out of the deep on thee to call. 
And never, never faint. 

9 I want a true regard, 

A single, steady aim, 
Unmoved oy threatening or reward. 

To thee and thy great name ; 
A jealous, just concern • 

For thine immortal praise ; 
A pure desire that all may learn 

And glorify thy grace. 

8 I rest upon thy word ; 

The promise is for me ; 
My succor and salvation, Lord, 

Shall surely come from thee : 
But let me still abide, 

Nor from my hope remove, 
Till thou my patient spirit guide 

Into tby perfect love. 


soy Walk in the light. ^' ^' 

WALK in the littht! so shalt thou know 
That fellowship of iove. 
His Spirit only can oestow 
Who reigns In light above. 

S Walk in the lieht ! and thon shalt find 

Thy heart made truly hi*, 
Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined. 

In whom no darkness is. 

3 Walk in the light ! and thou shalt own 
Thy darkness passed away. 

Because that light hath on thee shone 
In which is perfect day. 

4 Walk in the light ! and e'en the tomb 
No fearful shade shall wear ; 

Glory shall chase away its gloom. 
For Christ hath conquered there. 

5 Walk in the light! thvpath shall be 
Peaceful, serene, and ortght : 

For God. by grace, shall dwell in thee, 
And God himself is light. 




The fuUnett of Ood. 

BEING of beings, God of love, 
To thee our hearts we raise ; 
Thy ail-sustaining power we prove, 
And gladly sing thy praise. 

2 Thine, wholly thine, we pant to be ; 

Our sacrifice receive : 
Made, and preserved, and «a.x%4w Vs^ ^V«», 

To lYiea owtroVt** -wt ^gvsft. 


S Heavenward our every wish aipirei, 

For all thy mercy's (tore ; 
The sole retam thy love requires, 

Is that we ask for more. 

4 For more we ask ; we open then 
Oar hearts to embrace tny will ; 

Tnm, and revive as, Lord, again ; 
With aU thy faUness fill. 

5 Come. Holy Ghost, the Saviour's love 
Shed in oar hearts abroad ; 

So shall we ever live, and move. 
And be, with Christ in God. 


SOO TA« (JiougAt 0/ God. ^^^' 

. O HOW the thonrht of God attracto 
^^ And draws the heart from earth, 
And sickens it of pascine shows 
And dissipating mirth 1 

S 'Tis not enough to save our souls, 

To shun the etenwl fires ; 
The thought of God will rouse the heart 

To more subliue desires. 

5 God only is the creature's home, 
Though rough and strait the road ; 

Yet nothing less can satisfy 
The love that longs for God. 

4 O utter but the name of God 
Down in your heart of hearts. 

And see how fh>m the world at onc« 
All tempting light departs I 

6 A trusting heart, a yearning eye. 
Can win their way above ; 

If mountains can be moved by faith. 
Is there leu power in love ! 



C. M . 

For full ndemption. 

TUrV Saviour, on the word of truth 
•**^ In earnest hope I live ; 
I ask for all the precious things 

Thy boundless love can give. 
I look for many a lesser li^t 

At)out my path to shine ; 
But chieflv long to walk with thee. 

And only trust in thine. 

9 Thou knowest that I am not blest 

As thou wonldst have me be, 
Till all the peace and joy of faith 

Possess my soul in thee ; 
And still I seek, 'mid many fears. 

With yearnings unexpressed. 
The comfort of thy strengtiiening love. 

Thy soothing, settling rest. 

t It is not as thou wilt with me, 

Till, humbled in the dust, 
I know no place in all my heart 

Wherein to put my trust : 
Until I find, O Lord, in thee. 

The Lowly and the Meek, 
The /uDneu which thy own redeemed 
Oo nowhere el»e to seek. 



Sll For a ttndtr eonteienct. ^'^ 
T WANT a principle within, 
•■■ Of jealous, godly fear; 
A sensibility of sin, 

A pain to feel it near : 
I want the first approach to feel 

Of pride, or fond desire ; 
To catch tne wanderine of my will. 

And quench the kindling fire. 

S From Thee that I no more may part. 

No more thy goodness grieve,' 
The filial awe, the fleshly heart. 

The tender conscience give. 
Quick as the apple of an eye, 

O God, my conscience make ; 
Awake my soul when sin is nigh. 

And keep it still awake. 

3 If to the right or left I stray, 

That moment, Lord, reprove ; 
And let me weep my life away. 

For having grieved thy love. 
O may the least omission pain 

My well-instructed soul. 
And drive me to the blood again, 

Which make* the wounded whole. 



Tie eounaei of Hit ffraet. 
T KNOW that my Redeemer live^ 
•■■ And ever prays for me : 
A token of his love he gives, 
A pledge of liberty. 

i I find htm lifting up my bead ; 

He brings salvation near ; 
His presence makes me free indeed. 

And he will soon appear. 

8 He wills that I should holy be : 
What can withstand his willt 

The counsel of his grace in me 
He surely shall fulfill. 

4 Jesus, I hang upon thy word ; 

I steadfastly believe 
Thou wilt return, and claim me. Lord, 

And to thyself receive. 

6 When God is mine, and I am his. 

Of paradise possessed, 
I taste unutterable blis^ 

And everlasting rest. 


S13 TherMto/faitk, ^''^' 
T ORD, I believe a rest remains 
-^ To all thy people known ; 
A rest where pure enjoyment relgnt. 
And thou art loved alone : 

9 A rest where all our soul's desitv 
Is fixed on things above ; 

Where fear, and sin, and grief expin. 
Cast out by perfect love. 

3 O that I now the rest might know. 

Believe, and enter in ! 
Now, Saviour, now the power bestow. 

And lei m« ceasa f^om sin. 


4 RemoT0 this hardneu from my heart ; 

Thit nnbelief remove : 
To me the rest of faith impart, 

The Sabbath of thy love. 


S14 Qy^e, Lord Jetiu. ^- ^' 

O JESUS, at thy feet we wait, 
Till thoa ahalt bid as rise ; 
Restored to oar unsinning state« 
To love's sweet paradise. 

i Savioar fh>m sin, we thee receive. 

From all indwelilnK sin; 
Thy blood, we steadutstlv believe, 

Shall make us throaghly clean. 

3 Since thou wooldst have ns free from sin, 
And pure as those above, 

Make baste to bring thy nature in, 
And perfect us in love. 

4 The counsel of thy love fulfill : 
Come quickly, gracious Lord I 

Be it according to thy will. 
According to thy word. 

5 O that the perfect grace were given. 
Thy love diffused abroad ! 

O that our hearts were all a heaven, 
Forever filled with Ood I 


^1^ A prtunt paraditt. 

f\ JOYFUL sound of gospel grace 1 
^^ Christ shall in me appear ; 
I, even I, shall see his face, 
I shall be holy here. 

9 The glorious crown of righteousness 

To me reached out I view : 
Conqueror through him, I soon shall seixe. 

And wear it as my due. 

8 The promised land, from Pisgah's top, 

I now exult to see : 
My hope is full, O glorious hope I 

Of immortality. 

4 With me, I know, I feel, thou art ; 
But this cannot suffice. 

Unless thou plantest in my heart 
A constant paradise. 

5 Come, O my God, thyself reveal. 
Fill all this mighty void : 

Thou only canst my spirit fill ; 
Come, O my Ood, my God ! 



The world overcome. 


T ET worldly minds the world pursue; 
■^ It has no charms for me : 
Once I admired its trifles too. 
Bat grace hath set me free. 

S Its pleasures can no longer please, 

Nor happiness afford : 
Far from my heart be joys like these. 

Now I have seen the Lord. 

8 As by the light of opening day 

The stars are all concealed, 
So earthly pleasures fade away. 

When Jesus is revealed. 

4 Creatures no more divide my choice ; 
I bid them all depart : 

His name, his love, his gracious voice, 
Have fixed my roving heart. 


5iy C. M. 

In earth at it ia in heaven.— tA&tt. 6 : 10. 

JESUS, the Life, the Truth, the Way, 
•* In whom I now believe, 
As taught by thee, in faith I pray. 
Expecting to receive. 

5 Thy will by me on earth be done. 
As by the powers above. 

Who always see thee on tny throne. 
And glory in thy love. 

3 I ask in confidence the grace. 
That I may do thv will, 

As anzels who iMhuld thv face. 
And all thy words fulnll. 

4 Surely I shall, the sinner I, 
Shall serve thee without fear, 

If thou my nature sanctify 
In answer to my prayer. 



The refining fire. 


JESUS, thine ail-victorious love 
Shed in my heart abroad : 
Then shall my feet no longer rove. 
Rooted and fixed in God. 

S O that in me the sacred fire 

Might now begin to glow, 
Bum up the dross of base desire 

And make the mountains flow ! 

3 that it now from heaven might fall. 
And ail my sins consume ! 

Come, Holy Ghost, for thee I call ; 
Spirit of burning, come ! 

4 Refining fire, go through my heart ; 
Illuminate my soul ; 

Scatter thy life through every part. 
And sanctify the whole. 

5 My steadfast soul, from falling free. 
Shall then no longer move. 

While Christ is all the world to me. 
And all my heart is love. 



The affeetiona crucified. 


JESUS, my Life, thyself apply ; 
Thv Holy Spirit breathe : 
My vile affections crucify : 
Conform me to thy death. 

S Conqueror of hell, and earth, and sin. 

Still with the rebel strive : 
Enter my soul, and work within^ 

And V\\\, Kud, lUQ^^ «.\\n« 


S More of thy life, and more I h»Te, 

As the old Adam dies : 
Burr me, Savioar, in thy grave, 

That I with thee may rise. 

4 ReifHi in me, Lord ; thy foes control. 
Who would not own thy sway ; 

Diffnse thine tmfige through my soul ; 
Shine to the perfect day. 

5 Scatter the last remains of sin, 
And seal me thine abode : 

O make me glorious all within, 
A tvmple Duilt by tiod ! 



Qiit* m« Thf—lf. 


JESUS hath died that I might live. 
Might live to God alone ; 
In him eternal life receive, 
And be in spirit one. 

5 Saviour, I thank thee for the grace, 
The gift unspeakable ; 

And wait with arms of faith to embrace, 
And all thy love to feel. 

8 My soul breaks out in strong desire 

Thy perfect bliss to prove ; 
My longing heart is all on fire 

To b« dissolved in love. 

4 Give me thyself; tram every boMt, 

From every wish set fk«e ; 
Let all I am in thee be lost, 

But give thyself to me. 

6 Thy gifts, alas I cannot suffice. 
Unless thyself be given ; 

Thy presence makes mv imradise. 
And where thou art U neaven. 


581 A ptrfttt Heart. ^' ^' 

OFOR a heart to praise my God, 
A heart from sin set free ! 
A heart that always feels thy blood. 
So freely spilt for me I 

i A heart resigned, submissive, meek. 
My great Redeemer's throne ; 

Wh«r« only Christ is heard to »peak. 
Where Jesus reigns alone. 

8 O for a lowly, contrite heart. 

Believing, true, and clean, 
Which neither life nor death can part 

From him that dwells within 1 

4 A heart in every thought renewed. 

And full of love divine ; 
Perfect, and rieht, and pure, and good, 

A copy, Lord, of thine. 

6 Thy nature, gracioiu Lord, impart ; 

Come Quickly from above ; 
Wrfte thy aew naine upon my heart, 
Thy aew, beat nune of Love. 



S22 The leori ttroufkt. ^' ^■ 

C10ME, O my God, the promise seal, 
'' This mountain, sin, remove ; 
Now in my waiting soul reveal 
The virtue of thy love. 

S I want thy life, thy purity. 
Thy righteousness, brought in : 

I ask, desire, and trust in thee 
To l>e redeemed from sin. 

3 Saviour, to thee my soul looks up. 
My present Saviour thou I 

In all the confidence of hope, 
I claim the blessing now. 

4 'TIS done I thou dost this moment sare, 
With full salvation bless ; 

Redemption through thy blood I have, 
And spotless love and peace. 


B23 Faith omnipotent. ^' **' 

GOD of eternal truth and grace. 
Thy faithful promise seal ; 
Thy word, thy oath, to Abrah'm's race, 
In me, 6 Lord, fulfill. 

5 That mighty fisith on me bestow, 
Which cannot ask in vain. 

Which holds, and will not let thee go, 
Till I my suit obUin : 

8 Till thou into my soul inspire 

The perfect love unknown ; 
And tell my infinite desire, 

« Whate'W thou wilt, be done.*' 

4 But Is it possible that I 
Should live, and sin no more T 

Lord, if on thee I dare rely. 
The faith shall bring the power. 

5 On me the faith divine bestow 
Which doth the mountain move ; 

And all my spotless life shall show 
The omnipotence of love. 


534 L.M. 

There remaineth therefore a re$t to the people 

piOME, O Thou greater than onr heart, 
^ And make thy faithful mercies known ; 
The mind which was in thee impart ; 
Thy constant mind in us be shown. 

3 O let us by thy cross abide. 
Thee, onlv thee, resolved to know. 

The Lamb for sinners crucified, 
A world to save from endless woe. 

3 Take us into thy people's rest. 

And we from our own works snail cease ; 
With thy meek Spirit arm onr breast. 
And keep our minds in perfect peaije. 

4 Jesus, for this we calmly wait ; 
let our eyes behold thee near! 

Hasten to make our heaven complete ; 
Appear, our glorious God, appear! 

c« WBBunr. 



Ckrut att in att. 


HOLY, Mid trae, and rigbteoai Lonl, 
I mih to prove thy iwrfeet will : 
' Ba mindful of thy tpraciotu word, 

And gtamp me with thy Spirit's Mftl. 
S Open my faith's interior eye : 

Display thy Klniy from abore ; 
And aU I am snail sink and die, 

Lost in astonishment and love. 
S Confound, o'erpower me by thy fptiee ; 

I would b« by myself abhorred ; 
AU might, all mi^jesty. all praise. 

Ail gloi7, be to Christ my Lord. 
4 Now let me sain perfection's height ; 

Now let me into nothing fall. 
As less than nothing in thy sight. 

And feel that Christ is all in all. 


S36 L. M. 

Waititiff/or tie promim, 

O JESUS, full of truth and grace, 
O all-atoning Lamb of God, 
I wait to see thy glorious face ; 

I seek redemption through thy blood. 
9 Thou art the anchor of my hope ; 

The fisithfnl promise I receive : 
Surely thy death shall raise me tip. 
For thou hast died that I might live. 

8 Satan, with all his arts, no more 
Me tram the gospel hope can move ; 

I shall receive the gracious power. 
And find the pearl of perfect love. 

4 My flesh, which cries, " It cannot be," 
Sliall silence keep before the Lord ; 

And earth, and hell, and sin shall flee 
At JflMii' •▼erUsttng word. 


6sr L.M. 

Far UnelintM and puritp, 

TESUS, in whom the Godhead's rays 
^ Beam forth with mildest mi^esty ; 
I tee thee full of truth and grace, 
And oome for all I want to thee. 

5 Save me from pride — the plague expel ; 
Jesus, thine humble self impart : 

O let thy mind within me dwell ; 
O give me lowliness of heart. 

S Enter thyself, and cast out sin ; 

Thv spotless purity bestow: 
Toucn me, and make the leper clean ; 

Wash me, and I am white as snow. 
4 Sprinkle me. Saviour, with thy blood. 

And all thy gentleness is mine ; 
And plunge me in the purple flood. 

Till all I am U lost in thine. 


S2S L. M. 

TA« Cantuin of per/eet Jove. 
(^OD of all power, and truth, and grace, 
^^ Which shall from age to age endure, 
Whose word, when heaven and earth 
shall pass, 
Bcmaias, and stands forever sure ; 

S That I thy mercy may prodatm, 

That all mankind thy truth may w«. 
Hallow thy great and glorious name, 

And perfect holiness in me. 
S Give me a new, a perfect heart. 

From doubt, and fear, and sorrow free ; 
The mind which was in Christ impart. 

And let my spirit cleave to thee. 
4 O that I now, fh>m sin released, 

Thy word may to the utmost prove ; 
Enter into the promised' rest. 

The Canaan of thy perfect love ! 


SSO TAe wiU of God. 

FE wills that I should holy be 



-*--'- That holiness I long to feel ; 
That full divine conformity ^ 

To all my Saviour's righteous will. 

t See, Lord, the travail of thy tout 

Accomplished in the change of mine ; 
And plunge me, everv whit made whole. 

In all the depths of love divine. 
8 On thee. O God, my soul is stayed. 

And wafts to prove thine utmost will ; 
The premise by thy mercv made^ 

Thou canst, thou wilt. In me fulfill. 

4 No more I stagger at thv power, 
Or doubt thy truth, whicn cannot more: 

Hasten the long-ezpeeted hour, 
And bless me with thy perfect love. 



L. M. 

Heawnlif hliu i* proepeet. 

A RISK, my soul, on wings sublime, 
■**■ Above the vanities of time ; 
Let faith now pierce the veil, and see 
The glories of eternity. 
S Bom by a new, celestial birth. 
Why should I grovel here on earth 1 
Why grasp at vain and fleeting toys, 
So near to heaven's eternal joys! 

8 Shall aught Iteguile me on the road. 
The narrow road that leads to God ! 
Or can I love this earth so well, 
As not to long with God to dwell 1 

4 To dwell with God^ to taste his love, 
Is the full heaven enjoyed at)ove : 
The glorious expectation now 
Is heavenly bliss begun below. 



The new covenant. 



/\ GOD, most merciful and true, 
^^ Thy nature to my soul impart ; 
'Stablisn with me the covenant new. 

And stamp thine image on my heart. 
9 To real holiness restored, 

O let me gain my Saviour's mind ; 
And in the knowIiHige of my Lord, 

Fullness of life eternal find. 
8 Remember, Lord, my sins no more. 

That them I may no more forget ; 
But, sunk Vn va,\,V\.\«.«a i!fck«ssk«^ %&q.\«2 




4 O'erwhelmed with thy stupendous grace, 
I shall not in thy presence move ; 

Bot breathe unutterable praise, 
And raptoroos awe, and silent love. 

6 Then every murmurine tbonght, and vain, 
Expires, in sweet confusion lost : 

I cannot of my cross complain, 
I cannot of my goodness boast. 

6 Pardon for all that I have done. 
My mouth as )n the dust I hide ; 

And glory give to God alone, 
My Qod m Jesus pacified. 


True perfection. 


"HAT ! never speak one evil word, 
Or rash, or idle, or unkind! 
O how shall I, most gracious Lord, 
This mark of true perfection find t 

S Thy sinless mind in me reveal ; 

Thy Spirit's plenitude impart ; 
And all my spotless life shall tell 

The abundance of a loving heart. 

8 Saviour. I long to testify 
The fullness or thy saving grace ; 

O may thy power the blood apply, 
Which bought for me the sacred peace I 

4 Forgive, and make my nature whole, 

My inbred malady remove ; 
Toperfect health restore my soul, 

To perfect hoKness and love. 



Entire purification. 


'POREVER here my rest shall be, 
■^ Close to thy bleeding side ; 
This all my hope, and all my plea, 
" For me the Saviour died." 

9 My dying Saviour, and my Gk>d, 

Fountain for guilt and sin, 
Sprinkle me ever with thy blood, 

And cleanse and keep me clean. 

8 Wash me, and make me thus thine own ; 

Wash me, and mine thou art ; 
Wash me, but not my feet alone, 

My bands, my head, my heart. 

4 The atonement of thy blood apply, 

Till faith to sight Improve ; 
Till hope in full fruition die. 

And all my soul be love. 



Perfect rest from tin. 


JESUS, the sinner's rest thou art. 
From g^ilt, and fear, and pain ; 
While thou art absent from the heart 
We look for rest in vain. 

S O when wilt thou my Saviour be 1 
O when «hall I be clean ! 
The true eternal Sabbatb see, — 
A perfect rest from sin t 

8 The consolations of thy word 

My soul have long npbeld ; 
The faithful promise oi the Lmrd 

Shall surely be fulfilled. 

4 I look to my Incarnate G^od 

Till he his work begin ; 
And wait till his redeeming blood 

Shall cleanse me from all sin. 


S3S c M. 

T\« gift of righteousnesM, 

T ASK the gift of righteousness, 
-^ The sln-snbduing power ; 
Power to believe, and go in peace, 
And never grieve Thee more. 

8 I ask the blood-bought pardon sealed^ 

The liberty from sin, 
The grace infused, the love revealed, 

The kingdom fixed within. 

8 Thou hear'st me for salvation pray ; 

Thou seest my heart's desire ; 
Made ready in thy powerful day, 

Thy fullness I require. 

4 My restless soul cries out, oppressed. 

Impatient to be freed : 
Nor can I, Lord, nor will I rest. 

Till I am saved indeed. 

6 Thou canst, thou wilt, I dare believe, 

So arm me with thy power, 
That I to sin may never cleave, 

May never feel it more. 



SUadfast faitk. 


lyrY God, I know, I feel thee mine, 
■"■^ And will not quit my claim, 
Till all I have is lost in thine. 
And all renewed I am. 

S I hold thee with a trembling hand. 

And will not let thee go, 
Till steadfastly by faith 1 stand. 

And all thy goodness know. 

8 Love only can the conquest win. 

The strength of sin subdue : 
Come, O my Saviour, cast out sin. 

And form my soul anew. 

4 No longer then my heart shall mourn, 

While, sanctified by grace, 
I only for thy glory bum, 

And always see thy face. 


337' c. M. 

Thy wia be <2oim.— Matt. % 1 10. 

'T^HY presence. Lord, the place shall fill ; 
-*- My neart shall be thy tnrone ; 
Thy holy, just, and perfect will, 
shall in my fiesh be done. 

3 I thapk thee for the present grace. 

And now in hope rejoice, 
In confidence to see thy face. 

And always \ieaT thy voice. 


3 I have the thinffs I aik ot thee ; 
What more thall I reqnlre! 

That «till my bouI may reitlea be, 
And nnly thee desire. 

4 Thy only will be done, not mine, 
Bat make me, Lord, thy home; 

Come as thou wilt, I that resign. 
Bat O, my Jesos, come ! 


S3S F„ patience and tanetUy. ^- **' 

DEEPEN the wound thy hands have 
In this weak, helpless soal ; 
Till merey, with its balmy aid, 
Descend to make me whole. 

5 The sharpness of thy two-edged sword 
Enable me to endnre. 

Till bold to say, " My hallowing Lord 
Hath wrought a perfect core." 

8 I see the exceeding broad command, 
Which all contains in one : 

Enlarge my heart to understand 
The mystery nnknown. 

4 O that, with all thy saints, I might 

By sweet experience prore 
What is the length, and breadth, and 

And deipth, of perfect lore ! 


S30 C. M. 

nt hope of ow calling. 

WHAT is oar calling's glorious hope. 
But inward holiness! 
For this to Jesus I look up ; 
I calmly wait for this. 

9 I wait till he shall touch me clean. 
Shall life and power impart. 

Give me the faith that casts out sin, 
And purifies the heart. 

8 When Jesus makes my heart his home, 

My sin thall all depart ; 
And, lo I he saith, " I quickly come. 

To fill and rule thy heart.'' 

4 B« it according to thy word ; 

Redeem me from all tin ; 
My heart would now receive thee, Lord ; 

Come in, my Lord, come in I 


S410 c.p.M. 

Panting for fullneu of love. 
LOVE divine, how sweet thou art ! 
When shall I find my willing heart 
All taken up by thee f 
I thirst, I faint, I die to prove 
The greatness of redeeming love. 
The love of Christ to me. 

8 Stronger his love than death or hell ; 
Its riches are unsearchable ; 

The firsi-bom sons of light 
Desire in vidn its depths to see ; 
They cannot reach the mystery. 

Tne length, the breadth, the height. 


8 God only knows the love of Ood ; 
O that it now were shed abroad 

In this poor stony heart! 
For love I sigh, for love I pine ; 
This only portion, Lord, be mine ; 

Be mine this better part. 

4 O that I could forever sit 
With Mary at. the Master's feet! 

Be this my happy choice ; 
My only care, delight, and bliss. 
My joy, my heaven on earth, be this, 

To hear the Bridegroom's voice. 

6 O that I could, with favored John, 
Recline my weary head upon 

The dear Redeemer's breast ! 
From care, and sin, and sorrow free, 
Give me, O Lord, to find in thee 

My everlasting rest. 


B-^l The bleued hope. ^' ^' ^ 

BUT can it be that I shonld prove 
Forever faithful to thy love, 
From sin forever cease ! 

1 thank thee for the blessed hope ; 
It lifts my drooping spirits up } 

It gives me back my peace. 

8 In thee, O Lord, I put my trust. 
Mighty, and merciful, and lust ; 

Thy sacred word is passed ; 
And I, who dare thy word believe, 
Without committing sin shall live. 

Shall live to God at last. 

8 I rest in thine almighty power ; 
The name of Jesus is my tower 

That hides my life alx>ve : 
Thou canst, thou wilt, my helper be ; 
My confidence is all in thee. 

The faithful God of love. 

4 Wherefore, in never-ceasing prayer, 
My soul to thy continual care 

1 faithfully commend ; 
Assured that thou through life wilt save, 
And show thyself beyond the grave 

My everlasting Friend. 


S43 The glorioue hope. ^' ^' ^ 

O GLORIOUS hope of perfect love ! 
It lifts me up to things above; 
It bears on eagles' win^s ; 
It gives my ravished soul' a taste, 
And makes me for some moments feast 
With Jesus' priests and kings. 

2 Rejoicing now in earnest hope, 

I stand, and from the mountain top 

See all the land below : 
Rivers of milk and honey rise. 
And all the fruits of paradise 

In endless plenty grow. 

H A land of corn, and wine, and oil. 
Favored with God's peculiar smile. 

With every blessing blest ; 
Th«>re dwells the Lord our Righteonsneca^ 
And kee^% Vv\* o^ra. Vr. "^tWs. ■^»Kfc> 

And evOT\ai6\.Va%Tft.i\.. 


4 O that I mieht at once go up ; 
No more on tnit side Jordan stop. 

But now the land posseM ; 
.This moment end my legal years, 
Sorrows and sins, and doubts and fears, 

A howling wilderness I 



C. p. M. 

Power <ntr temptcUion. 

XTELP. Lord, to whom for help I fly, 
-*--*- And still my tempted soul stand by 

Throughout the evil day; 
The sacred watchfulness impart. 
And keep the issues of my heart, 

And stir me up to pray. 

9 My soul with thy whole armor arm ; 
In each approach of sin alarm. 

And show the danger near : 
Surround, sustain, and strengthen me, 
And fill with godly jealousy 

And sanctifying fear. 

3 Whene 'er my careleu hand* hang dowuj 
O let me see thy gathering frown, 

And feel thy warning eye ; 
And, starting, cry^ from ruin's brink| 
**Save, Jesus, or I vield, I sink; 

save me, or I die." 

4 If near the pit I rashly stray, 
Before I wholly fall away. 

The keen conviction dart ; 
Recall me by that pitying look. 
That kind, upbraiding glance, wnlch broke 

Unfaithful Peter's heart. 

5 In mc thine utmost mercy show, 
And make me like thyself below, 

Unblamable in grace ; 
Ready prepared and fitted here, 
By perrect holiness, to appear 

Before thy glorious face. 

S44 C.P.M. 

A pretent help in trouble, 

f) OOD, thy faithfulness I plead, 
^^ My present help In time of need. 

My great Deliverer thou ! 
Haste to mine aid, thine ear incline. 
And rescue this poor soul of mine : 

1 claim the promise now. 

2 One only way the erring mind 
.Of man, snort-siehted man, can find. 

From inbred sin to fly : 
Stronger than love, I fondly thought 
Death^ only death, can cut the knot. 

Which love cannot untie. 

8 But thou, O Lord, art full of grace ; 
Th\' love can find a thousand ways 

To foolish man unknown : 
My sou J npon thy love I cast ; 
/ A»«< me. till the storm be pa»t, 
Upoa thy love aloae. 

4 Thy faithful, wise, almiehty loya 
Shall every stumbling-blo^ remove, 

And make an open way : 
Thy love shall burst the shades of death, 
And bear me from the gulf beneath, 

To everlasting day. 



C. P. M. 

The pure in keart ehall tee God. 

CAVIOUR, on me the grace bestow, 
»-' That, with thy children, I may know 

My sins on earth forgiven ; 
Give me to prove the kingdom mine. 
And taste, in holiness divine, 

The happiness of heaven. 

9 Me with that lestleu thirst inspire. 
That sacred, infinite desire, 

And feast my hungry heart ; 
Less than thyself cannot suffice ; 
My soul for all thy fullness cries. 

For all thou hast and art. 

8 Jesus, the crowning srace impart ; 
Bless me with purity of heart. 

That, now benolding thee, 
I soon may view thy open face, 
On all thy glorious beauties gaae, 

And God forever see. 


S46 ^^® LAMENTED. 

Mourning departed jo^. ' ' 

QWEET was the time when first I felt 
*^ The Saviour's pardoning blood 
Applied to cleanse my soul from guilt, 
And bring me home to Ood. 

3 Soon as the mom the light revealed. 
His praises tuned my toufcue ; 

And when the evening shades prevailed. 
His love was all my song. 

3 In prayer my soul drew near the Lord, 
And saw his glory shine; 

And when I read his holy word, 
I called each promise mine. 

4 But now, when evening shade prevail^ 
My soul in darkness mourns ; 

And when the mom the light reveals. 
No light to me returns. 

5 Rise, Lord, and help me to prevail ; 
O make my soul thy care ; 

I know thy mercy cannot fail ; 
Let me that mercy share. 


S4y c. M. 

Sad re/eetione on tpiritvat iHotk. 

Ttf Y drowsy powers, why sleep ye sot 
^^^ Awake, my slun^sh soul I 
Nothing hath half thy work to do. 
Yet nothing '& U&lf so duU. 


S Gk> to the ants I for onu poor grain 

See how they toil and strive ; 
Tet we, who have a heaven to obtain, 

How negligent we live ! 

8 We, for whose sake all nature stands. 
And stars their coarses move ; 

We, for whose gnard the angel bands 
Come flying from above ; 

4 We, for whom Gtod the Son came down, 
And lalwred for our good ; 

How careless to secure that crown 
He purchased with his bluod I 

5 Lord, shall we live so sluggish still, 
And never act our parts t 

Come, holy Dove, flrom the heavenly hill, 
Ana warm omr frosen hearts! 

6 Give ns with active warmth to move, 
With vigorous souls to rise ; 

With hanu of faith, and wings of love. 
To fly and take the prise. 



Returning to Ckritt. 

C M. 

[Y head is low, my heart is sad, 
^ My feet with travel torn, 
Tet, O my Saviour, thou art glad 
To see thy child return ! 

S It was thy love that homeward led, 
Thine arm that upward stayed ; 

It is thy hand whicn on my head 
Is now in mercy laid. 

Z O Saviour, in this broken heart 

Confirm the trembling will. 
Which longs to reach thee where thou art, 

Rest in tnee and be still. 

4 Within that bosom which hath shed 

Both tears and blood for rae, 
O let me hide this aching head. 

Once pressed and blessed by thee. 


540 c. M. 

/bf tkt return of the Spirit. 

r\ FOR a closer walk with Gtod, 
^^ A calm and heavenly A-ame ; 
A light to shine upon the road 
Tmtt leads me to the Lamb ! 

9 Where is the blessedness I knew. 

When first I saw the Lordt 
Where is the soul-refreshing view 

Of Jesus and his word 1 

3 What peaceful hours I onc« enjoyed ! 
How sweet their memorv stili ! 

But they have left an aching void 
The world can never fill. 

4 Return, O holy Dove, return, 
Sweet messenffer of rest ! 

I hate the sins that made thee mourn, 
And drove thee from my breast. 

6 The dearest idol I have known. 

Whatever that idol be. 
Help me to tear it from thy throne, 

iuid worship oaly thee. 

t So shall my walk be close with God, 

Calm and serene my frame ; 
So purer lieht shall mark the road 

That leaos me to the Lamb. 


S£yO Faint, yet purnting. ^•^' 

A S pants the hart for cooling streams, 
•*-*■ When heated in the chase. 
So longs my soul, O God, for tnee, 
And thy refreshing grace. 

3 For thee my God. the living God, 
Mv thirsty soul doth pine ; 

O when shall I l>ehoId thy face, 
Thou Mi^esty divine! 

8 I sigh to think of happier days, 
When thou, O Lord, wast nigh ; 

When every heart was tuned to praise. 
And none more blest than I. 

4 Why restless, why cast down, my soul t 
Hope still, and thou shalt sing 

The praise of him who is thy God, 
Thy Saviour, and thy King. 


S51 c. M. 

Ood graeiotu to the contrite, 

riOME, let us to the Lord our God 
^^ With contrite hearts return ; 
Onr God is gracious, nor will leave 
The desolate to mourn. 

3 His voice commands the tempest forth. 

And stiils the stormy wave ; 
His arm, though it be strong to smite, 

U also strong to save. 

3 Our hearts, if God we seek to know. 
Shall know him and rejoice ; 

His coming like the morn shall be. 
Like morning songs his voice. 

4 As dew upon the tender herb, 
Diffusing fragrance round ; 

As showers that usher in the spring. 
And cheer the thirsty ground ; 

6 So shall his presence biess our souls. 

And shed a Joyful liEht; 
That hallowed mom snail ehase away 

The sorrows of the night. 


CJoS Zove to the Saviour. '^* 

TJARK, my soul ! it is the Lord ; 
^^ 'Tis thy Saviour,— hear his word: 
Jesus speaks, he spealcs to thee : 
"Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me! 

8 ** I delivered thee when bound, 
And, when bleeding, healed thy wound ; 
Sought thee wandering, set thee right. 
Turned thy darkness into light. 

3 " Can a mother's tender rare 
Cease toward the child she bare ? 
Yes, she may foT9:i&t<>\l Va,, 




4 " Mine is an 
Higher th«n the heights ab 
Deeper than the deplhs beneath. 
Free and fidthfol, strong as death. 

5 " Thon shalt see mj glorv soon. 
When the work of faith is done ; 
Partner of my throne shalt be ; 
Say, poor sinner, lov'st thoa me !" 

6 Lord, it is my chief complaint 
That my lore is weak and faint. 
Yet I love thee and adore : 
O for grace to love thee more ! 


r>33 s. M. 

God*» ab»eitee deprecated. 

/^ THOU, whoae mercy hears 
^^ Contrition's humble sigh ; 
Whose hand, indulgent, wipes the 
From sorrow's weeping eye ; 

3 See, at thy throne of grace, 
A wretched wanderer mourn : 

Hast thon not bid me seek thy face I 
Hast thou not said, "Return! " 

3 Shall guilty fears prevail 
To drive me from thy feetl 

O let not this last refuge fail, 
This only safe retreat. 

4 Absent from thee, my Light, 
Without one cheering ray, 

Through dangers, fears, and gloomy 
How desolate my way I 

5 On this benighted heart 
With beams of mercy shine ; 

And let thy voice a^Iu impart 
A taste of joy divme. 

5S4ir S. M. 

Tk* vanderer returning. 

XTOW oft this wretched heart 
■■■^ Has wandered from the Lord ; 
How oft my roving thoughts depart. 
Forgetful of his word. 

2 Yet mercy calls, " Return ; " 
Saviour, to thee I come : 

Mv vile ingratitude I mourn ; 
O take the wanderer home. 

3 Thy love so free, so sweet, 
Blest Saviour, I adore ; 

O keep me at thy sacred feet. 
And let me rove no more. 


The warning voice of Jeetu. 

•ItHACIOUS Redeemer, shake 
^-^ This sJamber from my soul ! 
Say to me now, "Awake, awake ! 
Aad Christ sbsll make thee whole." 

S Lay to thy misfaty hand ; 

Alarm me in thisnonr ; 
And make me fully understand 

The thander of toy power. 

3 Give me on thee to call. 
Always to watch and pray. 

Lest I into temptation fall. 
And cast my shield away. 

4 For each assault prepared. 
And ready may I be ; 

Forever standhig on my guard. 
And looking up to th'ee. 

5 O do thon always warn 
My soul of evil near ; 

When to the right or left I tarn. 
Thy voice stiU let me hear : 

6 " Come back I this is the way ; 
Come back, and walk therein ; ** 

O may I hearken and ol>ey, 
And shun the paths of sin. 

CHABLca wnucT. 

^Q^ BBOOND FART. « j. 

Gnnmending tke mml to God, 

'T^HOU seest my feebleness; . 

-^ Jesus, be thon my power, 

Mv help and refbge in distress. 

My fortress aad my tower. 

9 Give me to trust in thee ; 

Be thou my sure abode : 
Mv horn, and rock, and bnckler be. 

My Saviour and my God. 

3 Myself I cannot save. 
Myself I cannot keep, 

But strength in thee I surely hare. 
Whose eyelids never sleep. 

4 My soul to thee alone, 
Now therefore I commend : 

Thon, Jesus, love me as thine own, 
And love me to the end. 



Retttore mf peace. 


r\ JESUS, full of grace, 
^^ To thee I make toy moan : 
Let me again behold thy face, 
Call home thy banished one. 

S Again my pardon seal. 

Again my soul restore. 
And freely my backslidings heal. 

And bid me sin no more. 

8 Wilt thou not bid me rise! 

Speak, and my soul shall live ; 
" Foreive," my stricken spirit criea, 

" Aoundantly forgive." 

4 Thine utmost mercy show ; 

Say to my drooping soul, 
" In peace and full assurance go ; 

Th; fidth hath made thee idiole." 


55^ 7,6,8. 

HumUUf and contrition, 

JESUS, let thy pitTing eye 
Call back a wmndeiing theep ; 
Fain to thee, like Peter, I 

Would fidn, like Peter, weep. 
Let me be by grace restored ; 

On me be all long-taffering shown ; 
Tnm, and look opon me, Lord, 
And break my neart of stone. 

S Savlonr, Prince, enthroned above, 

Repentance to impart. 
Give me, throogb tnv dving love. 

The humble, contrite heart ; 
Give what I have long implored, 

A portion of thy grief unknown ; 
Tnm, and look upon me, Lord, 

And break my neart of stone. 

i See me. Saviour, fhnn above, 

Nor suffer me to die ; 
Life, and happiness, and love 

Drop firom thy gracious eye : 
Speak the reconciling word. 

And let thy mercy melt me down ; 
Tnm, and look vpon me, Lord, 

And break my neart of stone. 

4 Look, as when thy languid eye 
Was closed that we might live; 

« Father," at the point to die 
My Saviour prayed, " forgive 1 •' 

Surely, with that dying word, 
He turns, and loots, and cries, ** Tis 

O my bleeding, loving Lord. 
Thon break^t my heart of stone ! 


5S& 7,6,8. 

n« tUeeit/ulnen of tin. 

JESUS, Friend of sinners, hear 
•^ Yet once again, I pray ; 
FVom mv debt of sin set clear, 

For I nave naneht to pay : 
Speak, O speak the kind release ; 

A poor backslidinsr soul restore ; 
Love me freely, seal my peace. 

And bid me sin no more. 

5 For mv selfishness and pride 
Thon nast withdrawn thy grace ; 

Left me long to wander wide. 

An outcast from thy fac«) ; 
Bat I now my sins confess, 

And mercy, mercy, I implore ; 
Love me f^ely, seal my peace, 

And bid me sin no more. 

i Sin's deceitfulness hath spread 

A hardness o'er my heart ; 
But if thou thy Spirit shed, 

The stony shall depart : 
Shed thy love, thy tenderness. 

And let me feel thy softening 
Love me finely, seal my peace, 

And bid me sin no mora. 




Zeal implored. 

L. M. 

r\ THOU who all thinn canst control, 
^^ Chase this dread slumber from my snui ; 
With joy and fear, with love and awe, 
Give me to keep thy perfect law. 

S O may one beam of thy blest light 
Pierce tnrouKh, dispel, the shade of night : 
Touch mv cold breast with heavenly fire ; 
With holy, conquering seal inspire. 

3 For leal I sigh, for seal I pant; 
Yet heavy i> my coul, and nint : 
With stros unwavering, undismayed, 
Give me in all thy patns to tread. 

4 With outstretched hands, and streaming 

Oft I begin to graxp the prize ; 
I groan. I strive. I watch, I pray; 
Bat ah ! my zeal soon dies away. 

5 The deadly slumber then I feel 
Afresh .upon my spirit steal : 

Rise, Lord, stir up thy quickeninjr power, 
And wake me that I sleep no more. 


S€J1 L. M. 

/Voee in tkefavrr i^ God. 

r\ WHERE is now that glowing love 
^-^ That mai ked our union with the Lord I 
Our hearts were fixed on things above, 
Nor could the world a joy afford. 

S[ Where is the seal that led us then 
To make our Saviour's giorv known t 

That freed us fh>m the fear oT mm. 
And kept our eye on him alone ! 

3 Where are the happy seasons, sneut 
In fellowship with nim we loved t 

The sacred joy, the sweet content, 
The blessedness that then we proved I 

4 Behold, t^rain we turn to thee ; 
O cast us not away, though vile : 

No peace we have, no joy we see, 
O Lord our God, but in thy smile. 


503 L. M. 

For the fire of divine love. 

r\ THOU who earnest from above, 
^^ The pure celestial fire to impart, 
Kindle a flame of sacred love 
On the mean altar of my heart. 

1? There let it for thy glory bum. 
With inextinguishable blaze; 

And trembling to its source return. 
In humble prayer and fervent praise. 

3 Jesus, confirm my heart's desire 

To work, and speak, and think for thee ; 
Still let me guard the holv fire. 
And still stir up thy gift in me. 

4 Ready for all thy perfect will. 
My acts of faith »nd love repeat. 

Till death thy endless mercies seal. 
And make the tacrifloe complete. 



' ^TSlii^'"^'™' 

Tin M^ >*S^' PfcL)^ 








Br >h. ^i, ll... 1..™ tin. 

QolDJ r,B her.r-. 

(B. il.r W 1» .hm-l = 

! 11 fl.; .te" °f S|°?|'' 


On *tt^', ChLlin »l^.n, 




L™1 yair .nUira. nW. 







Thill.i^, nS™il Ibllh.r, 



B« lie Ob=id. o[ J»lt 

■nxiir iuomii. 


°^Miin UiUCh^prinl ; 

V< ll>'> Cbri.fl IXI promCu, 

""" jr^,»«,. ' ' ' 




"wSlk'S ^°rlapl«» nKSI'r"' 


Mn «>d ..^1. ilni. 

9 Worti, tnt !).• mill !• c™li,. 




f«l. U.ritloi™ Won u. 



wis XuT™,''o'Ni;riol-n,, 

w«k.(b,d^lvl.iili». • ^" 


Wotk till It. lUL bom fidilb. 


•ais.fcstS—' ■ 

"■— ^S"*^ 



see 7.7.7,«. 

Tkt apiritual wxrfwn. 

SOLDIERS of th« croM, uriM ! 
Lo ! yoar Leader from the lUe* 
Wmves before yoa glory's prize, 

The prize of victory. 
Seize your armor, (rird it on ; 
Now tiie battle will be won ; 
See, the strife will soon be done; 
llien straggle manfully. 

S Now the fight of faith begin. 
Be no more the slaves of sin. 
Strive the victor's palm to win. 

Trusting in the Lord : 
Gird ye on the armor bright, 
Warriors of the King of fight, 
Never yield, nor lose by flight 

Your divine reward. 

3 Jeeuz conquered when he fell. 
Met and vanquished earth and nell ; 
Now he leads you on to swell 

The triumphs of his cross. 
Though all earth and hell appear, 
Who will doubt, or who can fear t 
God, our strength and shield, is near ; 

We cannot lose our cause. 

4 Onward, then, ye hosts of God I 
Jesus points the victor's rod ; 
Follow where your Leader trod ; 

Yoa soon shall see his face. 
Soon, your enemies all slain, 
Crowns of glory you shall gain. 
Soon you '11 join that glorious train 

Who shout their Saviour's praise. 




Btamd up for Jetua, 

STAND np, stand up for Jesus, 
Ye soldiers of the cross ; 
Lift high his royal banner, 

It most not suffer loss : 
Trom victory unto victory 
His army shall he lead. 
Till vrery foe is vanquished 
And CTnrist is Lord indeed. 

t Stand np, stand up for Jesus, 

The trumpet call obey ; 
Forth to the mighty conflict, 

In this his glorious d^y : 
** Ye that are men, now serve hint," 

Against unnumbered foes ; 
Your courage rise with danger, 

And strength to strength oppose. 

8 Stand up, stand up for Jesus, 

Stand in his strenirth alone ; 
Hie arm of flesh will fail you ; 

Ye dare not trust your own : 
Pnt on the gospel armor. 

Each piece put on witn prayer; 
Where duty calls, or danger, 

Be never wanting there. 

4 Stand np, stand up for Jesus, 
The strife will not be long; 

This day tiie noise of battle. 
The Boct ^ vfotorlr loagi 

To him that overoometh, 
A crown of life shall be ; 

He with the King of glory 
Shall reign eternally. 


see 7,«. 

Enduring iardneu a* good aoldiert. 

/Zj.0 forward. Christian soldier, 
^^ Beneath His banner true : 
The Lord himself, thy Leader, 

Shall all thy foes subdue. 
His love foretells thy trials. 

He knows thine hourly need ; 
He can, with bread of heaven, 

Thy fainting spirit feed. 

9 Go forward. Christian soldier. 

Fear not the secret foe ; 
Far more are o'er thee watching 

Than human eyes can know. 
Trust only Christ, thy Captain, 

Cease not to watch and pray ; 
Heed not the treacherous voices. 

That lure thy soul astray. 

8 Go forward. Christian soldier. 

Nor dream of peaceful rent. 
Till Satan's host is vanquished, 

And heaven is all possessed ; 
Till Christ himself shall call thee 

To lay thine armor by, 
And wear, in endless glory, 

The crown of victory. 


r>e9 c. p. M. 

BcUtle-ktfmn of tkt Reformation. 

l^EAR not, O little flock, the foe 
•*• Who madly seeks your overthrow ; 

Dread not hfa rage and power ; 
What though your courage sometimes 

faints ! 
This seeming tnnmnh o'er God's saints 

Lasts but a little nour. 

S Fear not. be strong ! your cause belongs 
To him who can avenge your wrongs ; 

Leave all to him, your Lord : 
Though hidden yet from mortal eyes, 
Salvation shall for you arise ; 

He girdeth on his sword ! 

3 As true as God's own promise stands. 
Not earth nor hell with all their bands 

Against us shall prevail ; 
The Lord shall moek them ttoia. hi 

throne ; 
God is with us ; we arc hia own ; 

Our victory caimot fail I 

4 Amen, Lord Jesits, grant our prayer! 
Great Captain, now thine arm make Dare, 

Thy Church with strength defend ; 
So shall thy saints and martyrs raise 
A joyful cborus to thy praise. 

Through ages without end. 


^'^O Looting unto JtBua, C. P. M. 

A RE there not in the laborer's day 
"^*- Twelve hours, in which he safely may 

His calling's work pursue ! 
Though sin and Satan still are near, 
Nor sin nor Satan can I fear, 

With Jesus in my view. 

8 Light of the world I thy beams I blesa ; 
On thee, bright Sun of righteousness, 

My faith hath fixed its eye : 
Guided by thee, through all I go, 
Nor fear the ruin spread below. 

For thou art always nigh. 

3 Ten thousand snares my paths beset, 
Yet will I, Lord, the work complete, 

Which thou to me hast given ; 
Regardless of the pains I feel. 
Close by the gates of death and hell, 

I urge my way to heaven. 



Loving gratitrtd*. 

C. P. M. 

BE it my only wisdom here, 
To serve the Lord with filial fear, 
With loving gratitude : 
Superior sense may 1 display, 
By shunning every evil way, 
And walkmg in the good . 

3 may I still from sin depart ; 
A wise and understanding heart, 

Jesus, to me be given : 
And let me through thy Spirit know 
To glorify my GJod below, 

^d find my way to heaven. 

CHAKLM •wva.zr, 

SyS 7.6,6,4. 

One more dap't vori/or Jhtut, 

/^NE more day's work for Jesus, 
^^ One less of life for me ! 
But heaven is nearer, 
And Christ it dearer 
Than yesterdav, to me ; 
His love and light 
Fill all my soul to-night. 
One more day's work for Jesus, etc. 

S One more day's work for Jesus I 
How sweet the work has been. 

To tell the story, 

To show the glory. 
Where Christ's flock enter in ! 

How it did shine 

In this poor heart of mine I 

3 One more day's work for Jesus I 
O yes, a weary day ; 
But heaven shines clearer 
And rest comes nearer. 
At each step of tbo way ; 
Aad Christ ia jiii. 
Before hJe face I /aJi. 


4 O blessed work for Jesus I 

O rest at Jesus' feet ! 

There toil seems pleasure. 

My wants are treasure. 
And pain for him is sweet. 

Lord, if I may, 

I '11 serve another day ! 


B'T'S c. p. M. 

For the head of a family. 
T AND my house will serve the Lord : 
-*- But first, obedient to his word 

I must myself appear ; 
By actions, words, and tempers, show 
That I my heavenly Master know, 

And serve with heart sincere. 

5 I must the fair example set ; 
From those that on my pleasure wait 

The stumbling-block remove ; 
Their duty by my life explain. 
And still in all my works muln^i n 

The dignity of love. 

3 Easy to be entreated, mild. 
Quickly appeased and reconciled, 

A follower of my Gted, 
A saint indeed I long to be. 
And lead my faithful Cuuily 

In the celestial road. 

4 Lord, if thou didst the wish infusa, 
A vessel fitted for thy use 

Into thy hands receive : 
Work in me both to will and do ; 
And show them how believers true. 

And real Christians, live. 



o. M. 

For teatekfulneae. 

A CHARGE to keep I have, 
A God to glorify ; 
A never-4ying soul to save. 

And fit it for the sky. 
To serve the present age. 
My calling to fulfill,— 
O may it all my powers engage. 
To do my Master's will. 

9 Arm me with jealous care. 

As in thy sight to live; 
And O, thy servant. Lord, prepare, 

A strict account to give. 
Help me to watch and pray. 

And on thyself rely. 
Assured, if I my trust betray, 

I shall forever die. 




Sow beride all watere. 


OW in the mom thy seed ; 
At eve hold not thy band ; 
To doubt and fear give thou no heed. 
Broadcast it o'er the land. 

2 Thou know'st not which shall thrive. 

The late or early sown ; 
Grace keeps tb£ precious germ alive. 

When and w^CTever ctrown : 


8 And duly dull appear, 
In yerdnre, beaatv, strength, 

The tender blade, the sUlk, the ear, 
And the fall com at lengfth. 

•I Thoa canst not toil in vain : 
Cold, heat, and moist, and dty, 

Shall foster and mature the gnm 
For gamers in the sky. 

5 Then, when the glorious end, 
The dav of God, shall come, 

The ansel reapers shall descend, 
And heaven shoot, *' Harvest nome I " 


S7'& IfaieUtUtoKve. ^'^^ 

jifAKE haste, O man, to live, 
■"*• For thou so soon must die ; 
Time hurries past thee like the breeie ; 
How swift its moments fly ! 

t Make haste, O man, to do 

Whatever must be done ; 
Thoa hast no time to lose in sloth, 

Thy day will soon be gone. 

S Up, then, with speed, and work ; 

Fung ease and self away ; 
This is no time for thee to sleep, 

Up, watch, and work, and pray I 

4 Make haste, O man, to live, 

Thy time is almost o'er ; 
O sleep not, dream not, but arise. 

The Jadge is at the door. 


syy 8.M. 

VUtcTf on tit Zord*t tide, 

A RISE, ye saints, arise I 
-^*- The Lord our Leader is ; 
The foe before his banner flies, 
And victory is hb. 

9 We follow thee, our Guide, 

Our Saviour, and our King ; 
We follow thee, through grace sni^lied 

Fhun heaven's eternal spring. 

S We soon shall see the day 
When all our toils shall cease ; 

When we shall cast our arms away. 
And dwell in endless peace. 

4 This hope supports ns here ; 

It makes our burdens light ; 
'Twill serve our drooping nearts to cheer. 

Till faith shaU end in sight : 

6 Till, of the price possMsed, 

We hear of war no more ; 
And ever with our Leader rest, 

Oa yonder peaceful shore. 


^•S Rteomptrue of toil. S. M. 

T ABORERS of Christ, arise, 
■^^ And gird you for the toil ! 
The dew of promite from the skies 
Already cheers the soil. 

S Go where the Rick recline, 
Where mourning hearts deplore ; 

And where the sons of sorrow pine. 
Dispense your hallowed store. 

8 Be faith, which looks above. 
With prayer, your constant guest: 

And wrap toe Saviour's changeless love 
A mantle round your breast. 

4 So shall you share the wealth 
That earUi may ne'er despoil, 

And the blest gospel's saving health 
Repay your arduous toil. 

uss. LYDiA a. siaouBNxr. 

sy© S.M. 

Sowing in ttari, reaping injey. 

'T'HE harvest dawn is near, 
-■■ The year delays not long ; 
And he who sows with many a tear, 
Shall reap with many a song. 

i Sad to his toil he goes, 
His seed with weeping leaves ; 

But he shall come at twilight's close, 
And bring his golden sheaves. 



On guard. 


T ET us keep steadfast guard 
•^ With lighted hearts all night, 
That when Christ comes, we stand prepared. 
And meet him with delight. 

9 At midnight's season chill 

Lay Paul and Silas bound.— 
Bound, and In prison sang tney still. 

And singing, freedom found. 

3 Our prison is this earth. 
And yet we sing to thee : 

Break sm's strong fetters, lead as forth. 
Set us, believing, free ! 

4 Meet fbr thy realm in heaven. 
Make us, O holy Khug! 

That through the ages it be given 
To us thy praise to sing. 





"MT soul, be on thy guard ; 
•"■^ Ten thousand foes arise ; 
The hosts of sin are pressing hard 
To draw thee from the skies. 

S O watch, and fight, and pray ; 

The battle ne'er give o'er ; 
Renew it boldly every day. 

And help divine implore. 

3 Ne'er think the victory won. 
Nor lay thine armor down : 

The work of faith will not be done. 
Till thou obtain the crown. 

4 Fight on, my soul, till death 
Shall bring thee to thy God ; 

He '11 take thee, at thy parting breath. 
To his divine abode. 




SS2 s. M. 

The ttandard of the erota. 

HARK, how the watchmen crv ! 
Attend the trampet's sound ; 
Stand to your arms, the foe is nigh. 

The powers of hell surround. 
Who bow to Christ's command, 
Your arms and hearts prepare ; 
The day of battle is at hand- 
Go forth to glorious war. 

S See on the mountain top 

The standard of your God ; 
In Jesus' name I lut it up, 

All stained with hallowed blood. 
His standard-bearer, I 

To all the nations call : 
Let all to Jesus' cross draw nigh ; 

He bore the cross for all. 

8 Gh> up with Christ your Head ; 

Your Captain's footsteps see ; 
Follow your Captain, and be led 

To certain victory. 
All power to him is given ; 

He ever reigns the same : 
Salvation, happiness, and heaven, 

Are all in Jesus' name. 



Couragt — vietorp. 


TTRQE on your rapid course. 
^ Ye blooa-besprinltled banos ; 
The heavenly Icingdom suffers force ; 

'Tis seized by violent hands : 
See there the starry crown 

That glitters through the skies ; 
Satan, the world, and sin, tread down, 

And take the glorious prize. 

S Through much distreu and pafn, 

Through many a conflict here, 
Through blood, ye must the entrance gain, 

Yet, O disdain to fear : 
** Courage I " your Captain cries. 

Who all your toil foreknew ; 
" Toil ye shall have, yet all despise ; 

I have o'ercome for you." 

8 The world cannot withstand 
Its ancient Conqueror ; 

The world must sink beneath the band 
Which arms us for the war : 

This is the victory,— 
Before our faith they fall ; 

Jesus hath died for you and me ; 
Believe, and conquer all. 


BS4: Wttghnotth^U/t, ^•^• 

Iti'Y soul, weigh not thy life 
■*'-'■ Aninat thy heavenly crown ; 
Nor suffer Satan's deadliest strife 
To beat thy courage down. 

9 With prayer and crying strong, 
Hold oa the fearful tight, 

And let the breaking day prolong 
The wreetliug of Uie night. 

3 The battle soon will yield. 
If thou thy part fulfill : 

For strong as is the hostile shield, 
Thy sword is stronger still. 

4 Thine armor is divine, 
Thy feet with victory shod ; 

And on thy head shall quickly shine 
The diadem of God. 


585 Victory. S. M. 

" T THE good fight have fought," 

-•■ O when shall I declare ! 
The victory by my Saviour got, 

I long with Paul to share. 

9 O may I triumph so. 
When all my warfare 's past ; 

And, dying, find my latest foe 
Under my feet at last ! 

8 This blessed word be mine. 

Just as the port is gained, 
" Kept by the power of grace divine, 

I have the faith maintained." 

4 The apostles of my Lord, 

To whom it first was given. 
They could not speak a greater word. 

Nor all the saints in heaven. 


SS6 S.M. 

The mind that was in Chriit. 

T^QUIP me for the war, 
-^ And teach my hands to fight ; 
My simple, upright heart prepare. 
And guiae my words aright. 

2 Control my every thought, 
My whole of sin remove ; 

Let all my works in thee be wronght. 
Let all be wrought in love. 

3 O arm me with the mind. 
Meek Lamb, that was in thee ; 

And let my knowing zeal be joined 
With perfect charity. 

4 With calm and tempered zeal 
Let me enforce thy call ; 

And vindicate thy gracious will, 
Which offers life to alL 

5 O may I love like thee ; 
In all thy footsteps tread ; 

Thou hatest all iniquity, 
But nothing thou bast made. 

S O may I learn the art. 

With meekness to reprove ; 
To hate the sin with all my heart. 

But still the sinner love. 


riRar pa.rt. 
^^'^ The whole armor of God. ^* ^* 

COLDIERS of Christ, arise, 
^ And put your armor on. 
Strong in the strength which Gk>d suppliM 
TlirougYi M» ttt»TTi«l Sob *, 


Stnmc in th« Lord of boats, 

And in hia miglity power, 
Wlio in th« ttrengtb ot Jetna tnuU 

It man thu oonqaeror. 

t Stand, thra, in bit m»t mlgbt, 

With all his strengtn endacd: 
Bat talco, to arm yon for the figot, 

Th« panoply of God : 
That, havinf all things done, 

And all your conflicts passed, 
Ye may o'eroome throagh Christ alone, 

And stand entire at last. 

8 Leave no nngoarded place, 

No weakneu of the soul ; 
Take every virtae, every grace. 

And fortify the whole : 

Indissolubly joined, 
To battle all 

ves witn all the mind 
That wu in Christ, your Head. 


SSS Tkt tAUU offaxik. S. M. 

COLDIERS of Christ, lay hold 
1^ On faith's victorioos shield; 
Armed with that adanrunt and gold. 

Be snre to win the field : 
If faith surround your heart, 

Satan shall be subdued ; 
Repelled his every fiery dart, 

And quenched wiih Jesus' blood. 

S Jesus hath died for you ! 

What can his love withstand ! 
Believe, hold fast your shield, and who 

Shall pluck you from his hand ! 
Believe that Jesus reigns ; 

All power to him is given : 
Believe, till freed ftx)m sin's remains ; 

Believe yourselves to heaven. 



£»8& TU wttt-foutht day. ^' ^' 

PRAY, without ceasing pray, 
Your Captain gives the word ; 
His summons cheerfully obey, 

And call upon the Lord : 
To Ood your every want 

In instant prayer display ; 
Pray always ; pray, and never faint ; 
iHray, without ceasing pray. 

S In fellowship, alone, 

To CM with faith draw near ; 
Approach his courts, besiege his throne 

With all the power of prayer : 
His mercy now Implore, 

And now show forth his praise ; 
In shouts, or silent awe, aiiore 

His miracles of grace. 

t From strength to streneth go on ; 

Wrestle, and fight, and pray; 
Tread all the powers of darkness down, 

And win the well-fought da} : 

Stai let the Spirit cry 
In all his soldiers, « Come ! " 

Till Christ the Lord descend from high, 
And take the conquerors home. 


oOO Bearing ikt erou. ^- ^ 

T ORD, as to thy dear cross we flee, 
•^ And pray to be foririven, 
So let thy life our pattern l>e, 
And form our souls for heaven. 

5 Help us. through good report and ill. 
Our daily cross to bear ; 

Like thee, to do our Father's will, 
Our brother's griefs to sliare. 

8 Let grace our selfishness expel, 

Our earthliness refine ; 
And kindness in our borams dwell 

As free and true as thine. 

4 If joy shall at thy bidding fly, 
And grieHs dark dav come on. 

We, in our turn, would meelclv cry, 
"Father, thy will be done ! '' 

6 Kept peaceful in the midst of strife. 
Forgiving and forgiven, 

O mav we lead the pilgrim's life. 
And follow thee to heaven ! 

^OH.N H. Ul-RNKV. 

SOX Christian eouragt, ^' ^^• 

"VCrORKMAN of God ! O lose not heart, 
V * But learn what God is like ; 
And in the darkest battle-field 
Thou shalt know where to strike, 

5 Thrice blest is he to whom Is given 
The instinct that can tell 

That Qod is on the field, when he 
Is most invisible. 

8 Blest too is he who can divine 

Where real right doth lie, 
And dares to take the side that seems 

Wrong to man's blindfold eye, 

4 Then learn to scorn the praise of men, 

And learn to lose with God ; 
For JesMs won the world throngh sh.<tm<>, 

And beckons thee his road. 



Toil tanctified. 


OON of the carpenter, receive 
^ This humble work of mine ; 
Worth to my meanest labor give. 
By joining it to thine. 

S Servant, at once, and Lord of all. 
While dwelling nere below. 

Thou didst not scorn our aartnly toil 
And weariness to know. 

8 Thy bright example I pursue, 

To thee in all things rise. 
And all I think, or speak, or do, 

\» oua «%e9l «aictS%LC%. 


4 Careless through oatward cares I go, 
From all distraction free : 

My hands are bat engaged below, 
My heart is still with thee. 

6 O when wilt thou, my life, appear! 

Then gladly will I cry, 
*« 'Tls done, the work thou gar'st me 

>TU finished, Lord," and die ! 


B93 c. M. 

I'aitk tee$ the final triumph. 

AM I a soldier of the cross, 
A follower of the Lamb, 
And shall I fear to own his cause, 
Or blush to speak his name f 

5 Most I be carried to the skies 
On flowery beds of ease. 

YHille others fought to win the prise, 
And sailed through bloody seas ! 

8 Are there no foes for me to face t 

Must I not stem the flood ! 
Is this Tile world a friend to grace, 

To help me on to God ! 

4 Sure I must -fight, If I would reign ; 

Increase my courage. Lord ; 
1*11 bear the toil, endure the pain, 

Supported by thy word. 

8 Thy saints in all this glorious war 
Shall conquer, though they die : 

They see the triumph from afar, 
By faith they bring it nigh. 

6 When that illustrious day shall rise, 
And all thy armies shine 

I» robes of victory through the skies, 
The glory shall be thlue. 


BO^ TAt rae4 for ghrv, C- M. 

AWAKE, my soul, stretch every nerve. 
And press with vigor on ; 
A heavenly race demands thy «eal. 
And an immortal crown. 

8 A cloud of witnesses around 

Hold thee In full survey ; 
Forget the steps already trod, 

And onward urge thy way. 

8 'TIS God's all-animating voice 
That calls thee from on high ; 

'Tis his own hand presents the prise 
To thine aspiring eye :— 

4 That prize, with peerless arlorles bright, 
Which shall new luster boast, 

When victors' wreaths and monarehs' 
Shall blend in common dust. 

5 Blest Saviour, Introduced by thee, 
Have I my race beeun ; 

Ajad. crowned with victory, at thy feet 
/ *Il Imy my boaora down. 



505 c. M. 

Not (ukamed of the Qoepel. 

I'M not ashamed to own my Lord, 
Or to defend his cause ; 
Maintain the honor of his word. 
The glory of his cross. 

S Jesus, my God ! I know his name ; 

His name Is all my trust ; 
Nor will he put my soul to shame, 

Nor let my hope be lost. 

8 Firm as his throne his promise standi. 
And he can well secure 

What I 've committed to his hands. 
Till the decisive hour. 

4 Then will he own my worthless name 

Before his Father's nee. 
And in the New Jerusalem 

Appoint my soul a place. 


SOe To doubt, diehyat. ^' ^ 

OIT Is hard to work for God, 
To rise and take his part 
Upon this battle-field of earth. 
And not sometimes lose heart I 

9 He hides himself so wondronsly. 
As though there were no God ; 

He Is least seen when all the powan 
Of 111 are most abroad ; 

8 Or he deserts us In the hour 

The fight is all but lost ; 
And seems to leave us to ourselvM 

Just when we need bim most. 

4 It Is not so, but so It looks ; 
And we lose courage then : 

And doubts will come If Goa hath kq>t 
His promises to men. 

5 But right Is right, since God is God ; 
And right the day must win ; 

To doubC would be disloyalty, 
To falter would be sin ! 



5&V Wede-day worehip. 

BEHOLD us. Lord, a little space 
From daily tasks set fl-ee. 
And met wlthm thy holy place 
To rest awhile with thee. 

S Around us rolls the ceaseleu tide 

Of business, toil, and care. 
And scarcely can we turn aside 

For one brief hour of prayer. 

3 Yet these are not the only walls 
Wherein thou mayst be sought ; 

On homeliest work thy blessing falls 
In truth and patience wrought. 

4 Thine Is the loom, the forge, the mart, 
The wealth of land and sea ; 

The worVds of science and of art, 
BAvealad and Tu\«d. V} >^««. 


5 Then let as prove our heavenly birth 
In all we do and know ; 

And claim the kingdom of the earth 
For thee, and not thy foe. 

6 Work ihall be prayer, if all be wrought 
A» thoQ wonldst have it done ; 

And prayer, by thee inspired and taught, 
Itself witn work be one. 




^ CM. 

Jior< reapers. 

STILL in accents sweet and strong 
^^ Sounds forth the ancient word. 
** More reapers for white harvest fields, 
More laborers for the Lord ! *' 

S We hear the call ; in dreams no more 

In selfish ease we lie. 
But girded for oar Father's work, 

Go forth beneath his sky. 

8 Where prophets' word, and martyrs* 

And prayers of saints were sown. 
We, to their labors entering in, 

Woold reap where they have strown. 


3&& TktCArutian warrior. ^^' 

T>EHOLD the Christian warrior stand 
-'-' In all the armor of his God ; 
The Spirit's sword is in his hand, 
EUs feet are with the gospel shod; 

t In panoply of truth complete, 
Salvation's helmet on his head ; 

With righteousness a breast-plate meet. 
And fiiith's broad shield before htm 

8 Undannted to the field he goes : 
Yet vain were skill and rtdor there. 

Unless, to foil his legion foes, 
He takes the trustiest weapon, prayer. 

4 Thus, strong in his Redeemer's strength, 
Sia, death, and hell, he tramples down ; 

Fights the good fight, and wins at length, 
llirough metey, an immortal crown. 


600 L. M. 

Timr K/e u iid wi^ Ckritt in God. 

"VTE faithfnl souls who Jesus know, 
■^ If risen indeed with him ye are, 
Saperior to the joys below. 
His resurrection's power declare. 

J Your ftiith by holy tempers prove. 
By actions snow your sins forjfiven. 

Ana seek the dorious things above. 
And follow Christ, your Head, to heaven. 

8 There your exalted Saviour see, 
Seated at God's right hand again. 

In all his Father's majesty, 
In everiasW'ag pomp to reign. 

4 To him continually aspire, 
Contending for your native place : 

And emulate the angel choir, 
And only live to love and praise. 

6 For who by faith your Lord receive, 
Ye nothing seek or want beside ; 

Dead to the world and sin ye live. 
Your creature-love is crucified. 

ft Your real life, with Christ concealed. 
Deep in the Father's bosom lies ; 

And i^orious as your Head revealed. 
Ye soon shall meet him in the skies. 


eOl Take np Ay erou. ^- ^^ 

u nPAKEup thy cross," the Savioursaid, 

-*- ** If tnon wouldst my disciple be ; 
Deny thyself, the world forsake. 
And humbly follow after me." 

5 Take up thy cross ; let not its weight 
Fill thy weak spirit with alarm ; 

His strength shall bear thy spirit np, 
And brace thy heart and nerve thine arm. 

8 Take op thy cross, nor heed the shame ; 

Nor let thy foolish pride rebel ; 
Thv Lord for thee the cross endured. 

To save thy soul from death and hell. 

4 Take up thy cross, then, in bis strength. 
And calmly every danger brave ; 

'Twill raide thee to a better home. 
And lead to victory o'er the grave. 

6 Take np thy cross, and follow Christ ; 
Nor think till death to lay it down ; 

For only he who bears the cross 
May ikope to wear the glorious crown. 


eOS Tk* sure reward. ^^' 

IT may not be our lot to wield 
The sickle in the ripened field ; 
Nor ours to hear, on summer eves, 
The reaper's song among the sheaves. 

2 Yet where our duty's task is wrought 
In unison with God's great thought. 
The near and future blend in one. 
And whatsoe'er is willed, is done. 

3 And ours the grateful service whence 
Comes, day by dsy, the recompense ; 
The hope, the trust, the purpose stayed. 
The fountain, and the noonday shade. 

4 And were this life the utmost span. 
The only end and aim of man. 
Better the toil of fields like these 
Than waking dream and slothful ease. 

5 But life, though felling like our grain. 
Like that revives and springs again ; 
And, early called, how blest are they 

1 Who Vi*M Vu \)A»N«a., NJskfeKx V'kt^'wX «sa.>j\ 



Zeal in labor. 

L. M. 

/IJ.O, labor on } spend and be spent, 
^■^ Thy joy to do the Father's will ; 
It is the way the Master went ; 
Shoold net the servant tread it still t 

9 Go, labor on ; 'tis not for nanght ; 
- Thine earthly loss is heavenly grain ; 
Men heed thee, love t^ee, praise thee not ; 
The Master praises, — wnat are men t 

8 Go, labor on ; your hands are weak ; 

Yonr knees are faint, your soul cast down ; 
Yet fklter not. the prize you seek 

Is near, — a kingdom and a crown ! 

4 Toil on, faint not ; keep watch, and pray I 
Be wise the erring soul to win ; 

Go forth into the world's highway ; 
Compel the wanderer to come in. 

6 Toil on, and in thy toil reioice ; 

For toil comes rest, for exile home ; 
Boon shalt thon hear tne Bridegroom's voice, 

The midnight peal, <* Behold, 4 come ! " 



JVot athamtd o/Jenu. 


JESUS, and shall it ever be. 
*' A mortal man ashamed of thee ! 
Ashamed of thee, whom angels praise, 
Whose glories shine through endless days t 

9 Ashamed of Jesns I sooner far 
Let evenine blush to own a star ; 
He sheds the beams of light divine 
O'er this benighted soul of mine. 

8 Ashamed of Jesus ! just as soon 
Let midnight be ashamed of noon ; 
'Tis midnight with my soul till he, 
Bright Morning Star, bid darkness flee. 

4 Ashamed of Jesus I that dear Friend 
On whom mv hopes of heaven depend I 
No; when I blush, be this my shame, 
That I no more revere his name. 

fi Ashamed of Jesus 1 yes, I may. 
When I 've no guilt to wash away ; 
No tear to wipe, no good to crave. 
No fears to quell, no soul to save. 

ft Till then — nor is my boasting vain — 
Till then I boast a Saviour slain ; 
And O, may this my glory be. 
That Christ is not ashamed of me ! 


006 lAnngtoCkrUt. L.M. 

ILfY gracious Lord, I own thy right 
-"A »pq «yeiy lervice I can pay. 
And call it my supreme delight 
To hear thy dictates, and o1>ey. 

5 What Is my belns but for thee. 
Its Mure Mapport, its noblest end f 

rrtm my delight tby fytce to see, 
-And urv9 the cmuMe ofaacb a Friend. 

8 I would not sigh for worldly joy. 
Or to increase my worldly good; 

Nor future days nor powers employ 
To spread a sonnding name abroad. 

4 'Tis to my Saviour I would live. 
To him who for my ransom died ; 

Nor could all worldly honor give 
Such bliu as crowns me at nis side. 

5 His work my hoary age shall bless, 
When youthful vieor is no more ; 

And mv last hour of life confeu 
His oying love, his saving power. 


eo6 L. M. 

Beginning the labort of tie day. 

T^ORTH in thy name, O Lord, I go, 
-^ My daily labors to pursue ; 
Thee, only iltee, resolvra to know, * 
In all I think, or speak, or do. 

9 Thee will I set at my right hand. 
Whose eyes mine inmost substance see ; 

And labor on at thy command. 
And offer all my works to thee. 

8 Give me to bear tby easy yoke, 
And every moment watch and pray ; 

And still to things eternal look. 
And hasten to thy glorious day. 

4 For thee delightfully employ 
Whate'er thy bounteous grace hath 

And run my course with even joy. 
And closely walk with thee to neaven. 


OOy The Matter eMing. ®« ''• 

HARK, the voice of Jesus calling, 
« Wlio will go and work to^y t 
Fields are white, and harvests waiting, 
Who win bear the sheaves away t '^ 
Loud and long the Master calleth, 

Rich reward he offers free ; 
Who will answer, gladly saying, 
" Here am I, send me, send me t ** 

9 Let none hear yon idly sa\ 
" There is nothing I can do, 

While the souls of men are dying. 
And the Master calls for you : 

Take the task he gives you gladly ; 
Let his work yonr pleasure be; 

Answer quickly when he calleth, 
« Here am I, send me, send me." 



FaWi cf our fatkert. 


l^AITH of our fathers ! living atlll 
•■- In spite of dungeon. Are, and sword : 
O how our hearU beat high with joy 

Whene'er we hear that glorious word i 
Faith of onr fathers t holy faith I 
We will \m traa to \:bM \,\W 4MSi<Clk\ 


S Our fathers, ckitlned in prUoos dMrk, 
Ware still in heart and conscience free : 

How sweet woald be their children's fate, 
If they, like them, could die for thee I 

Faith of oar fathers I holy faith I 

We will be tme to thee till death I 

8 Faith of our fathers I we will love 
Both friend and foe in all onr strife : 

And preach thee, too, as love knows how, 
By kindly wonls and vlrtaous life : 

Faith of our fathers ! holy faith ! 

We will be tme to thee till death ! 


eOO 7,6,8. 

Tkjf ttrvie* it pttftet frtedom. 

LO 1 I coma with joy to do 
The Master's blessed will ; 
Him in outward works pursue, 
And senre his pleasure still. 
Faithful to mv Lord's commands, 

I still would choose the better part. 
Sore with careful Martha's bands, 
And loving Mary's heart. 

t Careful, without care I am, 

Nor feel my happy toil, 
Kept in peace by Jesus' name, 

Supported bynis smile: 
Joyful thus my faith to show, 

I find his service my reward ; 
Every work I do below, 

I do it to the Lord. 

t O that all the art might know 

Of living thus to thee. 
Find their heaven begun ImIow, 

And here thy giorv see I 
Walk In all the works prepared 

By thee, to exercise toeir grace. 
Till they gain their full reward, 

And see thy glorious face ! 



eio c. M. 

A ealm and tiank/ul heart, 

'CtATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss 
^ Thy sovereign will denies. 
Accepted at thy throne of grace. 
Let this petition rise : 

S Give me a calm, a thankful heart. 

From every murmur free ; 
The blessings of thy grace impart, 

And make me live to thee. 

8 Let the sweet hope that thou art mine 

My life and death attend ; 
Thy presence through my journey shine, 

And crown my journey's end. 


®11 Tk4 only tolaet in aorrow. ^•^* 

r\ THOU who driest the mourner's tear, 
^^ How dark this world would be, 
If^hen deceived and wounded here, 
We could not fly to thee ! 

5 The friends who in our sunshine live, 
When winter comes, are flown ; 

And he who has but tears to give, 
Must weep those tears alone. 

8 But thou wilt heal that broken heart. 
Which, like the planU that throw 

Their fh^^rance from the wounded part. 
Breathes sweetness out of woe. 

4 O who could bear life's stormy doom. 

Did not thy wing of love 
Come brightly wafting through the gloom. 

Our peace-branch from alwve! 

6 Then sorrow, touched by thee, grows 

With more than rapture's ray ; 
As darkness shows us worlds of light 
We never saw by day. 


® 13 CoH*olation in tielneu. ^' ^• 

TXTHEN languor and disease invade 
* ' This trembling house of clay, 
'TIS sweet to look beyond my pains. 
And long to fly away ; 

9 Sweet to look inward, and attend 
The whispers of His love ; 

Sweet to look upward, to the place 
Where Jesus pleads above ; 

8 Sweet to look back, and see my naaaa 

In life's fair book set down ; 
Sweet to look forward, and behold 

Eternal joys my own ; 

4 Sweet to reflect how grace divine 
My sins on Jesus laid ; 

Sweet to remember that his blood 
My debt of suffering paid ; 

5 Sweet to rejoice in lively hope. 
That, when my change shall come, 

Angels shall hover round my l>ed, 
And waft my spirit home. 

S If such the sweetness of the stream, 

What must the fountain be. 
Where saints and angels draw their bliss 

Directly, Lord, Arom thee ! 




Friend of touU. 

O FRIEND of souls ! how blest the time 
When in thy love I rest. 
When from my weariness I climb 
E'en to thy tender breast I 

9 The night of sorrow endeth there. 

Thy rays outshine the sun, 
And in thy pardon and th^ eax« 


019 CM 

'fl.110. lih^.uinl! gAt"^ 


4 Br thy iiM«k Spirit, thon. of all 
Tbat e'wt have monmed the chief. 

Ble«t Savioar, if the stroke mast fall, 
Hallow this whelming grief. 


61© Renumber me/ ^^^' 

OTHOU from whom all goodness (lows, 
I lift my soal to thee ; 
In all oiy sorrows, conflicts, woesj 
1>ear Lord, remember me. 

5 If, for thy sake, upon my name 
Reproach and sname shall be, 

I '11 hail reproach, and welcome shame. 
If thon remember me. 

8 When worn with pidn, disease, and grief. 

This feeble body see ; 
Grant patience, rest, and kind relief; 

Hear, and remember me. 

4 When, in the solemn honr of death, 

I wait thy just decree, 
Sayioor, with my last jmrtins breath, 

I 'U cry, " Remember me." 

8 And when before thy throne I stand. 

And lift mr soul to thee. 
Then, with tne saints at thy right hand, 

O Lord, remember me. 


eaO Ligki at evening. ^'^' 

WE joomey through a vale of tears, 
By many a cloud o'ercast ; 
And worldly cares and worldly fears. 
Go widi us to the last. 

t Not to the last I Thy word hath said. 

Could we but read aright, 
'' Poor pilgrim, lift in hope thy head, 

At eve it shaU be Ught ! " 

8 Thoagh eartbboni shadows now may 

Thy thorny path awhile, 
God's blessed word can part each cloud, 

And bid the sunshine smile. 

4 Only believe, in living faith. 

His love and power divine ; 
And ere thy sun shall set in death, 

His light shall round thee shine. 

6 When tempest clouds are dark on high. 
His Iww or love and peace 

Shines sweetly in the vaulted sky, 
A pledge tliat storms shall cease. 

6 Hold on thy way, with hope nnchilled, 

By faith and not bv sight. 
And thou shalt own nis word fulfilled, 

"At eve it shall be light." 


esi c. M. 

Orate/ul aehnowledgment. 

I LOVE the Lord : he heard my cries, 
And pitied every groan ; 
Long as I live, when' troubles rise, 
111 haetea to his throne. 

9 I love the Lord : he bowed his ear, 
And chased my grief away ; 

O let my heart no more despair. 
While I have breath to pray. 

3 The Lord beheld me sore distressed ; 

He bade my pains remove : 
Return, my soul, to Gtod, thy rest. 

For tnon hast known his love. 


633 Be leadetk me. ^ ^ 

XJE leadeth me! O blessed thought! 

■*"'■ O words with heavenly comfort fraught 1 

Whate'er 1 do, where'er I be, 

Still 'tis God's hand that leadeth me. 
He leadeth me, he leadeth me. 
By his own hand he leadeth me: 
ms faithful follower I would be. 
For by his hand he leadeth me. 

S Sometimes 'mid scenes of deepest gloom. 
Sometimes where Eden's bowers bloom. 
By waters still, o'er troubled sea, — 
Still 'tis his band that leadeth me ! 

3 Lord, I would clasp thy hand in mine, 
Nor ever murmur nor repine, 
Content, whatever lot I see, 

Since 'tis my God that leadeth me ! 

4 And when my task on earth is done, 
Wlien, by thy grace, the victory 's won. 
E'en death's cold wave I will not flee, 
Since God through Jordan leadeth me. 


ess L. M. 

Patient thank/alneea €md trutt. 

INTERNAL Beam of light divine, 
-'^ Fountain of unexhausted love, 
In whom the Father's glories shine, 
Through earth beneath, and heaven 
above ; 

8 Jesus, the weary wanderer's rest. 
Give me thy easy yoke to bear ; 

With steadfast patience arm my breast. 
With spotless love and lowly fear. 

3 Thankful I take the cup from thee. 
Prepared and mingled by thy skill ; 

Though bitter to the taste it be. 
Powerful the wounded soul to heal. 

4 Be thou, O Rock of ages, nigh ! 

So shall each murmuring thought be gone, 
And grief, and fear, and care shall fly. 
As clouds before the midday sun. 

5 Speak to my warring passions. " Peace ; " 
Say to my trembling heart, '' Be still ; " 

Thy "power my strength and fortress is. 
For all things serve thy sovereign will. 

6 O Death! where is thy sting! Where 

Thy boasted victory, O Grave ! 
Who shall contend with God f or who 
Can hurt whom God delights to save ! 


034 F„ auitaining graee, ^ *** 

MY hope, my all, my Ssvloar thou. 
To thee, lo, now my >onl I bow ! 
I feel the bliu thy woundi impart, 
I find thee, Savioar, in my heart. 

9 Be thou mv strength, be thou my way ; 
Protect me taroofh mv life's short day : 
In all my acts may wisdom guide, 
And keep me, Savioar, near thy side. 

3 In fierce temptation's darkest hour, 
Save me from sin and Satan's power ; 
Tear every idol from thy throne, 
And reign, my Savioar, reign alone. 

4 My safTering time shall soon be o'er ; 
Then shall I sigh and weep no more : 
My ransomed soul shall soar away, 
To sing thy praise in endless day. 


ess L.M. 

Fritnd •/ the fnendUta. 

GOD of my life, to thee I call ; 
Afflicted, at thy feet I fall ; 
When the great water-floods prevail. 
Leave not my trembling heart to fail. 
9 Friend of the friendless and the faint, 
Where should I lodge my deep complaint! 
Where, but with thee, whose open door 
Invites the helpless and the poor ! 
8 Did ever mourner plead with thee. 
And thou refase that mourner's plea! 
Does not the promise still remain. 
That none shall seek thy face in vain ! 
4 Poor I may be, despised, forgot, 
Tet God, my God, forgeU me not; 
And he is safe, and must succeed. 
For whom the Saviour deigns to plead. 


ese L. M. 

Jn koptf Mitving agaifut kope. 

AWAY, my unbelieving fear ! 
Fear shall in me no more have place ; 
My Saviour doth not yet »PP«»'.. 

He hides the brightness of his face ; 
But shall I therefore let him go, 

And basely to the tempter yield! 
No, in the strength of Jesus, no, 

I never will give up my shield. 
8 Although the vine its fruit deny. 

Although the olive yield no oil. 
The withering fijg-trees droop and die. 

The fields elude the tiller's toil, 
The empty stall no herd afford, 

And perish all the bleating race, 
Yet win I triumph in the Lord,— 

The God of my salvation praise. 


0f37' Bleating for mourfurt. ^' ^' 

T-JEEM not that they are blest alone 
-'^ IVboM 4aJB • MMsful tenor keep ; 
ne Mooiattd 9oB <uQod nakM kaovn 
A hUHfitia^ ibitho »y9$ tJbsi wnp. 

3 The light of smiles shall fill again 
The lids that overflow with tears ; 

And weary hours of woe and pain 
Are promises of happier years. 

3 There is a day of sunny rest 

For every dark and troubled night ; 

And grief may bide an evenine guest. 

But joy shall come with early light. 

4 Nor let the good man's trust depart, 
Though life Its common gifts denv. 

Though with a pierced and broken heart. 
Ana spumed of men, he goes to die. 

5 For God has marked each sorrowing day, 
And numbered every secret tear ; 

And heaven's long age of bliss shall pay 
For all his chilou«n suffer here. 


6/s*8 BerigruUion. 

THY will be done ! I will not fear 
The fate provided by thy love ; 
Though clonos and darkness ahrond me 
I know that all is bright above. 

S The stars of heaven are shining on, 
Though these frail eyes are dimmed with 

The hopes of earth indeed are gone. 
But are not ours the immortal years ! 

8 Father, forgive the heart that clings, 
Thus trembling, to the things of uine ; 

And bid my soul, on angel wings, 
Ascend into a purer dime. 

4 There shall no doubts disturb ita tmat, 
No sorrows dim celestial love ; 

But these afflictions of the dust. 
Like shadows of the night, remove. 

5 E'en now, above, there 's radiant day. 
While clouds and darkness brood balow i 

Then, Father, joyful on my way 
To drink the bitter cup I go. 


OSd 8ympath«t{c love. ^ **' 

GLOVE divine, that stooped to ahare 
Our sharpest pang, our oitterest tear! 
On thee we cast each earthbom care ; 
We smile at pain while thou art near. 

2 Though long the weary way we tread, 
And sorrow crown each lingering yur. 

No path we shun, no darkness dread. 
Our hearte still whispering, " Thou art 

3 When drooping pleasure turns to grief. 
And trembling faith is chanji^ to fear. 

The murmuring wind, the quivering leaf, 
Shall softly tell us, " Thou art near 1 " 

4 On thee we fling our burdening woe, 
Love divine, forever dear ; 

Content to suffer while we know, 
Living and dying, thou «rt naar ! 




630 L.M. 

JH»T;htiict afraid.— HUtt. 14 : 97. 

vyUBN Powtr dMne. in mortal form, 
*" Hiuhed with awora the ragliiji storm. 
In wiothlnK •ocent* Jetna mid, 
"Lo! ftial; be not afraid." 

S So when In tllenee nature sleepc, 
And lonely watch the monmer keepe, 
One thonsnt shall everv pang remove, — 
Tnut, feeble man, thy Makers lore. 

8 God calms the tnmnlt and the storm ; 
He mlea the seraph and the worm : 
No ereatore b by him forgot 
Of those who know, or know him not. 

4 And when the last dread hoar is come, 
And shadderinr nature waits her doom. 
This Toiee shall wake the ploos dead, 
«LoI itUI; benotafMd." 

•IK J. X. SXTm. 

®31 IMtntM and pati«»e«. ^^* 
'pHOU Lamb of God, thon Prince of 

For thee my thirsty soal doth pine : 
My loncing heart Implores thy craoe ; 
O nu&e me In thy likeness shine. 

S When pain o'er my weak flesh prerails, 
With lamb-like patience arm my breast ; 

When grief my wounded soul aesMls, 
In lowly meekness may I rest. 

S Cbse by thy side still may I keep, 
Howe'er life's Tarlous currents flow ; 

With steadfast eye mark eTerv step, 
And follow thee where'er tnou go. 

4 Thon, Lord, the dreadful fight hast won ; 
Alone thou hast the wine-press trod ; 

In me thy strengthening grace be shown : 
O may I conquer through thy blood. 

5 So, when on Hon thou shalt stand. 
And all heaven's host adore their King, 

SMI I be found at thy right hand, 
And, trte ftom pain, thy frlories sing. 

C r. miCBTBK. TR. BY /. WBSLBT. 

e32 L. M. 

Ctmfvti i% A* pnnnuet. 

OGOD, to thee we raise our eyes ; 
Calm resignation we implore; 
O let no murmuring thought arise. 
But humbly let us still adore. 

S With meek snlmiiHlon may we bear 
Each needful cross thou shalt ordain ; 

Nor think our trials too severe, 
Nor dare thy justice to arraign. 

S For though mysterious now thy ways 
To erring mortals may appear. 

Hereafter we thy name shall praise, 
Ftor all our keiraest suiTerings here. 

4 Thy needful kelp, O God, afford. 
Nor let m jrisk & deep despair ; 

Aid OS to tavt-thy sacred word, 
And flajl 9W sweetest oomfort there. 

' ttUniXftTX KICHAKDSOlt. 

B33 JMie^t eneomrmged, *' **• 
'Y'OUR harps, ye trembling si^ts, 
■'■ Down from the willows take ; 
Loud to the pralae of love divine 
Bid every string atndte. 

S Though In a foreign land. 

We are not far from home ; 
And nearer to our house above 

We every moment come. 

3 His grace will to the end 
Stronger and brighter shine ; 

Nor present thinn, nor things to come. 
Shall quench the spark divine. 

4 When we in darkness walk, 
Nor feel the heavenly flame, 

Then is the time to trust our God, 
And rest upon his name. 

5 Soon shall our doubts and fears 
Subside at his control ; 

His loving-kindness shall break through 
The midnight of the soul. 

6 Blest is the man, O God, 
That stays himself on thee ; 

Who wait for thy salvation, Lord, 
Shall thy salvation see. 



®3'ir wUk CkriM, *• **• 

JESUS, one word from thee 
Fills my sad soul with peace : 
My griefs are like a tossins sea ; 
They hear thy voiee ana cease. 

9 Soon as thy pitying fsoe 
Shone through my stormy fears, 

The storm swept by, nor iMt a traoe, 
Save the sweet dew of tears. 

5 And when thou oall'st me, Lord, 
Where thiolust dangers be. 

Even the waves a path aifora ; 
I walk the waves with thee. 

4 With thee within my bark 
I '11 dare death's threatening tide. 

Nor count the passage strange or dark 
With Jesus by my side. 

6 Dear Lord, thy faithful grace 
I know and I adore : 

What shall it be to see thy faee 
In heaven, for evermore ! 


63S /„ th« SaviourU eare. ** ^ 
ItCY spirit, on thy care. 
^^ Blest Saviour, I recline ; 
Thon wilt not leave me to despair, 

For thou art Love divine. 
9 In thee I place my trust. 

On thee I calmly rest ; 
I know thee good, I know thee just. 

And count thy choice the iiest. 

8 Whate'er events betide, 

Thv will they all perfbrm : 
Safe in thy braast my head I hid«^ 

^CT ttsax ^« cncsiaft^tan^ 


4 Let Rood or ill befall, 

It muat be cood for me ; 
Secure of ha^ng thee in all, 

Of having all in thee. 


636 Walking Iff faith. ^ ^* 

TF, on a quiet sea, 
-'■ Toward heaven we calmly lall. 
With erateful hearts, O Gk>d, to thee, 
We ^11 own the favoring gale. 

8 But should the surges rise, 
And rest delay to come. 

Blest be the tempest, kind the storm, 
Which drives us nearer home. 

S Soon shall our doubts and fears 

All yield to thy control^ 
Thv tender mercies shall illume 

"fhe midnight of the soul. 

4 Teach ns, in every state. 

To make thy will our own ; 
And when the joys of sense depart, 

To live by faith alone. 


ear S.M. 

JTjT (iNMf ar« in Tkf kand.—P%. 31 : 15. 

U IVfY times are in thy hand : " 
■"^ My God, I wish them there ; 

My life, my friends, my soul, I leave 
Entirely to thy care. 

9 " My times are in thy hand," 
Whatever they may ne ; 

Pleasing or painful, dark or bright, 
As best may seem to thee. 

3 " My times are In thy hand :'* 
Why should I doubt or fear! 

My Father's hand will never cause 
His child a needless tear. 

4 " My timet are in thy hand," 
Jesus, the crucified 1 

The hand my cruel sfna had pierced 
Is now my guard and guide. 

5 " My times are in thy hand ;*' 
I '11 always trust in thee ; 

And, after death, at thy right hand 
I shall forever be. 


638 Tkrouoh death to life. ^'^' 

r\ WHAT, ii we are Christ's, 
^^ Is earthly shame or loss! 
Brisrht shall the crown of glory be, 
When we have borne the cross. 

S Keen was the trial once, 

Bitter the cup of woe. 
When martyred saints, baptised In blood, 

Christ's sufferings shared below. 

3 Bright is their glory now. 
Boundless their joy above. 
When, on the bowa ot their God, 
Thy real /a perfect Wn. 

4 Lord, may that grace be ours. 

Like them in faith to bear 
All that of sorrow, grief, or pain. 

May 1t>e our portion here. 

6 Enough, if thou at last 

The word of blessing give. 
And let us rest before thy tnrone, 

Where saints and angels live. 





JVb cause for fear, 

GOD is my strong salvation ; 
What foe have I to fear! 
In darkness and temptation, 

My light, my help, is near : 
Though nosts encamp around me. 

Firm in the fight I stand ; 
What terror can confound me. 
With God at my right hand! 

9 Place on the Lord reliance ; 

My soul, with courage wait ; 
His truth be thine afllaooe. 

When faint and desolate ; 
His might thy heart shall strengtheD, 

His love thy joy increase ; 
Mercy thy days snail lengthen ; 

The Lord will give thee peace. 


640 7.8. 

The pilgrims of Jesus. 

HAPPY band of pilgrims, 
If onward ye will tread. 
With Jesus as your Fellow, 

To Jesus as your Head I 
O happy, if ye labor 

As Jesus dfid for men ; 
O happy, if ye hunger 
As Jesus hungered then ! 

9 The cross that Jesus carried 

He carried as your due : 
The crown that Jesus wearetb 

He weareth it for you. 
The faith by which ye see htm. 

The hope in which ye yearn. 
The love that through all trouble 

To him alone will turn, — 

8 What are they but foremnner* 

To lead you to his sight! 
What are they save the effloenoe 

Of uncreated Light ! 
The trials that beset you. 

The sorrows ye endure. 
The manifold temptations 

That death alone can cure,— 

4 What are they but his jewels 

Of right celestial worth ! 
What are they but the ladder, 

Set up to heaven on earth ! 
O happy band of pilgrims. 

Look upward to the ikies. 
Where such a light afflirtioa 

Shall win so great a prise. 


n. SY J. M. iriAta. 



Place and jof. 


COBCBTIMES a light sarpriui 
^ The Chrittian while he sings 
It is the Lwd who rises 

With healing on his wings ; 
When comf<»rt8 are declining, 

He grants the soul again 
A season of clear shining, 

To cheer it after rain. 

9 In holy contemplation, 

We sweetly then pursue 
The theme of €K>d's salvation, 

And find It ever new : 
Set free fh>m present sorrow. 

We cheerfully can say, 
Let the unknown to-morrow 

Bring with it what it may. 

S It can bring with it nothlns 

But he wIlT bear ns tii rough : 
Who gives the lilies clothing. 

Will clothe his people too : 
Beneath the spreading heavens 

No creatore but is fed ; 
And he who feeds the ravens 

WiU give his children brewL 

4 Thoogh vine nor flg-tree neither 

Their mmted fruit should bear. 
Though dU the fields should wither, 

Nor flocks nor herds be there ; 
Yet Qod the same abiding, 

Mis praise shall tune my voice ; 
For wbile In him confiding, 

I cannot bat njolce. 

WILLIAM oowrsm. 

e48 7.8. 

I will fear no change. 

TN heavenly love abldine, 

-■- No change my heart soaU fear; 

And safe is such confiding, 

For nothing changes here. 
The storm may roar without me, 

My heart may low be laid. 
But God is round about me. 

And can I be dismayed ! 

8 Wherever he may guide me, 

No want shall turn me back; 
My Shepherd is beside me. 

And nothing can I lack. 
His wisdom ever waketb. 

His sight is never dim. 
Me knows the way he taketh. 

And I will walk with him. 

S Green pastures are liefere me. 
Which yet I have not seen 4 

Bright skies will soon be o'er me* 
Where darkest clouds have been, 

Mv hope I cannot measure. 
My path to life is free, 

My Saviour has mv treasure, 
alx with me. 


And he will 


043 Tkf erou accepted. ®» ''• 

JESUS, I my cross have taken, 
*' All to leave, and follow thee; 
Naked, poor, despised, forsaken, 

Thou, from hence, my all shalt be : 
Perish every fond ambition, 

All I 've sought, and hoped, and known ^ 
Yet how rich is my condition, 

God mnd heaven are still my own ! 

3 Let the world despise and leave me. 
They have left mv Saviour, toe ; 

Human hearts and looks deceive me ; 

Thou art not, like man, untrue ; 
And, while thou shalt smile upon me, 

Qod of wisdom, love, and mijrht, 
Foes may hate, and friends may shun me; 

Show thy face, and all is bright. 

S Go, then, earthly fame and treasure! 

Come, disaster, scorn, and pain ! 
In thy service, pain is pleasure ; 

With thy &vor, loss is gain. 
I have called thee, « Abba, Father ; " 

1 have stayed my heart on thee : 
Storms may nowl, and clouds may gather. 

All must work tor good to me. 

4 Man may trouble «nd distress me, 
'Twill but drive me to thy breast; 

Life with trials hard may press me, 
Heaven will bring me sweeter resL 

O 'tis not in grief to harm me. 
While thy love is left to me ; 

O 'twere not in joy to charm me. 
Were that joy unmixed with thee. 

5 Kn«w, ray soul, thy full salvation ^ 
Rise o'er sin, and fear, and care ; 

Joy to find in every station 

Something still to do or bear. 
Think what {Spirit dwelU within thee; 

What a Father's smile is thine ; 
What a Saviour died to win thee : 

Child of heaven, shouldst thou repine! 

C Haste thee on from grace to glory, 

Armed by faith, and winged by prayer; 
Heaven's eternal day 's before thee, 

God's own hand snail raide thee there. 
Soon shall close thy earthly mission, 

Swift shall pass thy pilgrim days, 
Hope shall change to glad fruition. 

Faith to sight, and prayer to praise. 


®"*^ Only rcaiting. *» ''• 

r)NLY waiting, till the shadows 
^^ Are a little longer grown ; 
Only waitinfc, till the Rlimmer 

Of the day's last beam is flown ; 
Till the light of earth is faded 

From the hearts once full of day ; 
Till the stars of heaven are breaking 

Through the twilight soft and gray/ 

2 Only waiting, till the reapers 
Have the last sheaf gathered home.; 

For the summer-time u <«A«d^ 

And \,\iL« auXxvoOk 'Wv\A\ Vv)« cntoA. 


QaieUy, reapers, nther quickly 
TheM last ripe nours of my heart, 

For the bloom of life it withered, 
And I hasten to depart. 

8 Only waiting, till the shadows 
Are a little longer gro^"^ ; 

Onir waitinKi till the glimmer 
Of the day's last l>eam is flown. 

Then, from out the gathered darkness 
Holy, deathless stars shall rise, 

Bv whose light my soul shall gladly 
Tread ita pathway to the skies. 

nuufcsa l. uace. 

®'*S /„ fU^ afiittion, ®» ^* 

Xf^ULL of trembling expectation, 
-*- Feeling much, and fearing more, 
Mighty God of my salvation, 
I thy timely aid implore. 

9 Suffering Son of man, be near me, 
In my suflbrings to sustain ; 

By thy sorer griefs to cheer me, 
By thy more than mortal pain. 

8 By thy most severe temptation 

In that dark Satanic hour. 
By thy last mysterious passion, 

Screen me from the adverse power. 

4 By thy fainting in the garden, 
Bt thy dreadful death, I pray. 

Write upon my heart the pardon ; 
Take my sins and fears away. 


04B (7enr/y lead ut. ®» ^» *• , 

riENTLY. Lord, O genUy lead ns 
^^ Through this gloomy vale of tears ; 
And, O Lord, in mercy give us 

Thy rich grace in all onr fears. 
O refresh ns. 

Traveling through this wildemees. 

8 When temptation's darts assail us. 
When in devious paths we stray. 

Let thv goodness never fail ns. 
Lead ns in thy perfect way. 

5 In the hour of pain and anguish. 

In the hour when death draws near, 
Suffer not our hearts to languish, 
Suflsr not our souls to fear. 

4 When this mortal life is ended, 
Bid us in thine arms to rest, 

TiiL by angel-bands attended. 
We awake among the blest. 


O^y 8.7. 

Worldly plnturen renounced. 

TTAIN are all terrestrial pleasures ; 
^ Mixed with dross the purest gold ; 
Seek we, then, for heavenly treasures. 

Treasures never waxing old. 
Let our beat affections center 
Oa the thlttffB aroood the throne : 
There no thiefcma ever enter: 
Moth mnd ru»t are there unknown. 

9 Earthly joys no longer please ns : 

Here would we renounce them all; 
Seek our only rest in Jesns, 

Him onr liord and Af aster call. 
Faith, our languid spirits cheering, 

Points to brighter worlds above ; 
Bids us look for his appearing ; 

Bids us triumph in his love. 

3 May our light be always burning. 

And our loins be girded round. 
Waiting for our Loin's returning, 

Lonnng for the welcome sound. 
Thus tbe Christian life adorning. 

Never need we be afraid. 
Should he come at night or morning. 

Early dawn, or evening shade. 


B^i^ The pilgrinW Guide. I*M.«/. 

LEADER of fiUthfnl souls, and Onlda 
Of all that travel to the skv. 
Come and with us, e'en ns, abule. 
Who would on wee alone rely ; 
On thee alone onr spirits stay. 
While held in lifSs's uneven way. 

9 Strangers and pilgrims here below. 
This earth, we know, is not our pboe ; 

But hasten through the vale of woe. 
And. restless to behold thy face. 

Swift to our heavenly conntr]| move. 

Our everlasting home atwve. 

3 We 've no abiding city here. 
But seek a city out of sight ; 

Thither our steady course we steer. 

Aspiring to the plains of light, 
Jerusalem, the saints' abode. 
Whose founder is the living Ood. 

4 Patient the appointed race to run. 
This weary world we cast behind ; 

From strength to strength we travel on. 

The New Jerusalem to find : 
Our latwr this, onr only aim. 
To find the New Jemsalem. 

5 Through thee, who all our sins hast 


Freely and graciously forgiven, 
With sonss to Zion we return, 

Cotttending for our native heaven ; 
That palace of our glorious King, — 
We find it nearer wnlle we sing. 

6 Raised by the breath of love divine. 
We urge our way with strength renewed; 

The church of the first-born to join. 

We travel to the mount of God ; 
With joy upon our heads arise. 
And meet our Saviour in the skies. 


040 auadftutrtliattee. L.M.8I. 

'TfHOUGH waves and storms go o'er my 
■*■ head. 

Though strength, and health, and friends 
be gone; 
Though ioys be withered all, and dead, 

Thoogn every comfort be withdrawn ; 
On this my steadfast soul relief— 
Faihvr, thy m«tcy n«5et &.\«%. 


9 Fixed on thU ground will I remain, 
Though my heart fail, and flesh decay ; 

This anchor shall my lool sostain, 
When earth's fonndations melt away ; 

Mercy's foil power I then shall prove, 

Loved with an everlasting love. 


eSO L. M. 6 2. 

The tvtr-pru«nt Saviour. 

TESUS, to thee oar hearts we lift, — 

•^ Oar hearts with love to thee overflow, — 

With thanks for thy continued g:ift. ' 

That still thy gracious name we know, 
Retain our sense of sin forgiven, 
Aud wait for all our inwara heaven. 

2 What mighty troubles hast thou shown 
Thy feehn, tempted followers here ! 

We have through fire and water gone, 

But savr thee on the floods appear. 
And felt thee present in the flame, 
And shouted onr Deliverer's name. 

3 Thou who' hast kept oa to thi« hoar, 
O keep us faithful to the end. 

When, robed in miyesty and power, 

Onr Jesus shall from heaven deacMid, 
His friends and witnesses to own. 
And seat us on his glorious throne I 



li. fli. 6 1, 

Tvitt/tar no Mt7.— Ps. 93: 4. 

PEACE, doubting heart 1 my God's I am ; 
Who formed me man forbida my fear ; 
The Lord hath called me by my name ; 

The Lord protects, forever near : 
His blood for me did once atone. 
And still he lores and guards his own. 

9 When, passing through the watery deep, 
I ask In faith nis promised aid. 

The waves an awful distance keep. 
And shrink from my devoted bead : 

Fearleea, their violence I dare ; 

They cannot harm, for God is there I 

3 To him mine eyes of faith I turn. 
And through the Are pursue my way ; 

The fire forgets its power to bum. 

The lambent flames around me play : 
I own his power, accept the sig^n. 
And shout to prove the Saviour mine. 

4 Still nigh me, O my Saviour, stand. 
And guard in fierce temptation's hour ; 

Hide in the hollow of thy hand ; 

Show forth in m« thy saving power ; 
Still be thy arms my sure defence, 
Nor earth, nor bell, shall pluck me thence. 


SSQ Rat/orth«veary. H* l®. 

COME unto me, when shadows darkly 
When the sad heart is weary and dis- 
Seeking for comfort from your heavenly 
Come onto me, and I will give you rest. 

9 Large are the mansions in thy Father's 
Glad are the homes that sorrows never 
dim ; 
Sweet are the harps in holy music swelling, 
Soft are the tones which raise the heaven- 
ly hymn. 

3 There, like an Eden blossoming in glad- 
Bloom tlie fair flowers the earth too rudely 
pressed ; 
Come unto me all ye who droop in sadness, 
Come unto me, and I will give you rest. 




TlU prteiout name. 

^AKE the name of Jesus with yon, 
-*■ Child of sorrow and of woe ; 
It will joy and comfort give yon ; 
Take it, then, where'er you go. 
Precious name, O how sweet I 
Hope of earth and joy of heaven. 

9 Take the name of Jesus ever. 

As a shield from every snare ; 
If temptations round you gather. 

Breathe that holy name in prayer. 

8 O the precious name of Jesus 1 
How it thrills our souls with joy. 

When his loving arms receive us. 
And his songs our tongues employ t 

4 At the name of Jesus bowing, 

Falling prostrate at his feet. 
King of kings in heaven we '11 crown him« 

When our journey is complete. 



Juu$, at thou vnU. 



MY Jesus, as thou wilt: 
O may thy will be mine ; 
Into thy hand of love 

I would my all resign. 
Through sorrow or through joy, 

Conduct me as thine own. 
And help me still to say, 
" My Lord, thy will be done.'» 

9 My Jesus, as thou wilt: 

Though seen through many a tear, 
Let not my star of hope 

Grow dim or disappear. 
Since thou on earth hast wept 

And sorrowed oft alone. 
If I must weep with thee. 

My Lord, tby will be done. 

3 My Jesus, as thou wilt : 

All shall be well for me ; 
Each changing future scene 

I eladly trust with thee. 
Straight to my home alwve, 

I travel calmly on. 
And sing in life or aeath, 

" My Lord, thy will be done." 




e55 e. 

Ckrittia* trials auferintf, amd aub- 

rpHY way, not mine, O Ixnrd, 
-*• However dark it be ! 
Lead me by thine own hand ; 

Choose oat the path for me. 
I dare not choose my lot ; 

I would not if I mi|;ht ; 
Choose thou for me, my God, 

So shall I walk aright. 

S The kingdom that I seek 

Is thine ; so let the way 
That leads to it be thine, 

Else I must surely stray. 
Take thou my cup, and it 

WiUi joy or sorrow fill, 
As best to thee may seem ; 

Choose thou my good and ill. 

3 Choose thon for me my friends. 

My sickness or my health ; 
Choose thou my cares for me, 

My poverty or wealth. 
Not mine, not mine the choice. 

In things or great or small ; 
Be thon mv guide, my strength, 

My wisdom, and my all. 


G5e Tis on/y r«fuge. ''^ 

JESUS, Lover ot my soul, 
Let me to thy bosom fly. 
While the nearer waters roll. 

While the tempest still is high t 
Hide me, O my Saviour, hide. 
Till the storm of life is past ; 
Safe into the haven guide, 

receive my soul at last I 

8 Other refuge have I none ; 

Hangs my nelplesa soul on thee: 
Leave, O leave me not alone, 

Still support and comfort me : 
All my trust on thee is stayed. 

All my help from thee I oring; 
Cover my defenseless head 

With the shadow of thy wing t 

3 Thou, O Christy art all I want; 
More than all m thee I find ; 

Raise the fallen, cheer the faint, 

Heal the sick, and lead the blind. 
Just and holy is thy name, 

1 am all unrighteousness : 
False and full of sin I am. 

Thou art full of truth and grace. 

4 Plenteous grace with thee is found, 
Urace to cover all my sin : 

Let the healing streams abound ; 

Make and keep me pure within. 
Thou of life the fountain art, 
Freely let me take of thee : 
Spring thou up within my heart, 
Jl/ee to all euraity. 





Bliaa-ifupiring Hope. 
/^OME on, my partners in distress, 
^^ My comraoes through the wilderness. 

Who still your bodies feel ; 
Awhile forget your griefs and fears, 
And look beyond this vale of tears. 

To that celestial hill. 

2 Beyond the bounds of time and space. 
Look forward to that heavenly place, 

The saints' secure abode : 
On faith's strong eagle pinions rise. 
And force your passage to the skies, 

And scale the mount of God. 

3 Who suffer with our Master here, 
We shall before his face appear 

And by his side sit down ; 
To patient faith the prize is sure, 
And all that to the end endure 

The crou, shall wear the crown. 

4 Thrice blessed, bliss-inspiring hope ! 
It lifts the fainting spirits up. 

It brings to life the dead : 
Our conflicts here shall soon be past. 
And yon and I ascend at last. 

Triumphant with onr Head. 

6 That great mysterious Deitv 
We soon with open face shall see { 

The beatific sight 
Shall fill the heavenly courts with praise. 
And wide diffuse the golden blaze 

Of everlasting light. 


OSS The aged pilffrim. ^''^^^^^ 

'T'HY mercy heard my infant prayer ; 
-*- Thy love| with all a mother's care. 

Sustained my childish days : 
Thy goodness watched my ripening yonth. 
And formed my heart to love thy truth, 

And filled my lips with praise. 

9 And now, in age and grief, thy name 
Doth still my languid heart inflame. 

And bow my faltering knee : 
O yet this bosom feels the fire ; 
This trembling hand and drooping lyre 

Have yet a strain for thee ! 

8 Yes ; broken, tuneless, still, O Lord, 
This voice, transported, shall record 

Thy goodness, tried so long ; 
Till, sinking slow, with calm decay. 
Its feeble murmurs melt away 

Into a seraph's song. . 


060 c. M. 

Heavenly reat anticipated. 

TTTHEN I can read my title clear 
^^ To mansions in the skies, 
I bid farewell to every fear, 
And wipe my weeping eyes. 

S Should earth against my soul engage. 

And fiery darts be hurled. 
Then I can smile at Satan's ra^^e. 
And {ace a ftowuVu^ '«ot\4. 


S Let eartf like s wild deluge eome, 

Let storm* of torrow fall, 
So I bnt Mfely reach my home, 

My God, my heaven, my all. 

4 There I shall bathe my weary sonl 

In seas of heavenly rest. 
And not a wave of troable roll 

Across my peaeefol breast. 


^GO Ood*$ pavaum. ^^^' 

rjlRANT me within thy courts a place, 
^^ Amonff thy saints a seat, 
Forever to oehold thy face, 
And worship at thy feet ;— 

8 In thy pavilion to abide, 
. When storms of trouble blow, 
And in tbv tabernacle hide. 
Secure from every foe. 

8 "Seek ye my face ! " Without delay, 
When thus 1 hear Aee n>eak, 

My heart would leap for jby, and say, 
''Thy face. Lord, will 1 seek." 

4 Then leave me not when griefs assail. 
And earthly comforts flee ; 

When father, mother, kindred fail. 
My God, remember me 1 


eei CM. 

FuUfuu ofjof in Hit preienee. 

THY gracious presence, O my Sod. 
All that I with oonteins : 
With this, beneath afllictionU load. 
My heart no more complains. 

5 This can my every care control, 
(3ild each mtrk scene with lieht : 

This is the sunshine of the soul ; 
Without it all is night. 

8 O happy scenes above the sky, 
Where thy full beams impart 

Unclouded beauty to the eye. 
And rapture to the heart ! 

4 Her portion in those realms of bliss, 
My spirit longs to know ; 

Mv wishes terminate in this. 
Nor can they rest below. 

5 Lord, shall the breathings of my heart 
Aspire in vain to thee 1 

Ckmffrm my hope, that where thou art 
I shall forev«r be. 

6 Then shall my cheerful spirit sing 
The darksome hours away. 

And rise, on faith's expanded wing, 
To everlasting day. 


ees c. M. 

Vanity of earthly enjoyments. 

TTOW vain are all things here below! 
■■•■■• How false, and yet how fair ! 
Each pleasure oath Its poison too. 
And every sweet a snare. 

5 The brightest things below the sky 
Give but a flattering light ; 

We should suspect some danger nigh. 
Where we possess delight. 

8 Our dearest joys, and nearest friends. 

The partners of our blnod, — 
How they divide our wavering minds, 

And leave bnt half for God 1 

4 The fondness of a creature's love, — 
How strong it strikes the sense I 

Thither the warm affections move, 
Nor can we call them thence. 

6 My Saviour, let thy l>eauties be 
My soul's eternal food ; 

And grace command my heart away 
From all created good. 


003 Radiant hope. ^' ^' 
r\ WHO, in such a world as this, 
^^ Could l>ear his let of pain. 

Did not one radiant hope of bliss 
Unclouded yet remain ! 

8 That hope the sovereign Lord has given 

Who reigns above the skies ; 
Hope that unites the soul te heaven 

By faith's endearing ties. 

8 Each care, each ill of mortal birth, 

Is sent in pitying love. 
To lift the lingering heart from earth. 

And speed its flight above. 

4 And every pang that wrings the breast, 
And every Joy that dies. 

Bid us to seek a purer rest. 
And trust to holier ties. 




Deliverance at hand. 


FY span of life will soon l>e done, 
-^^^ The passing moments say ; 
As lengthening shadows o'er tlie mead 
Proclaim the close of day. 

8 0-that my heart might dwell aloof 

From all created things. 
And learn that wisdom from above. 

Whence true contentment springs I 

8 Courage, my soul ! thy bitter crou. 

In every truil here, 
Shall bear thee to thy heaven above, 

But shall not enter there. 

4 The sighing ones, that humbly seek 

In sorrowtne paths below. 
Shall in eternity rejoice, 

Where endless comforts flow. 

6 Soon will the toilsome strife be o'er 

Of sublunary care. 
And life's dull vanities no more 

This anxious breast ensnare. 

6 Courage, my soul ! on God rely ; 

Deliverance soon will come ; 
A thousand ways has Providenee 

To bring believers home. 



C. M« 

f\lJT of the depths to thee I cry, 
^^ Whose fainting fooUteps trod 
The pftths of our humanity, 
Incarnate Son of God ! 

i Thoa Man of grief, who once apart 
Didst all our sorrows bear, — 

The trembling hand, the fainting heart, 
The agony, and«prayer ! 

8 Is this the consecrated dower, 

Thy chosen ones obtain. 
To know thv resurrection power 

Through fellowship of pain t 

4 Then) O mv soul, in silence wait ; 

Faint not, O faltering feet ; 
Press onward to that blest estate, 

In righteousness complete. 

i Let faith transcend tlie passing bonr, 
The transient pain and strife, 

Upmised by an immortal power, — 
The power of endless liie. 

MSB. B. B. MAJtcr. 



JVo eroes, no erowii. 
'M'UST Jesus bear the croes alone, 
■"^ And aU the world go free 1 
No, there 's a cross for erery one, 
And there 's a cross for me. 

9 How happy are the saints above. 
Who once went sorrowinir here ! 

Bat now thw taste onmingled Iot*, 
And joy without a tear. 

8 The consecrated cross I '11 bear, 
Till death shall set me free ; 

And then go home my crown to wear. 
For there 's a crown for me. 


OOy f^ viotorumt/aitk. C. M. 

r\ FOR a faith that will not shrink, 
^^ Though pressed by every foe. 
That will not tremble on Uie brink 
Of any earthly woe ! 

S That will not murmur nor complain 

Beneath the chastening rod. 
But, in the hour of grief or pain. 

Will lean upon ita God; 

t A &ith that shines more bright and dear 
When tempests rage without; 

Thai when in danger knoWs no fear. 
In darkness feels no doubt ; 

4 That bears, unmoved, the world's dread 

Nor heeds its scornful smile ; 
That seas of trouble cannot drown, 

Nor Satan's arts b^ruile ; 

A A /Mith that keeps the narrow wav 
rUJ life*, last hour Is fled, 
'^'f ^tb M pun mad bernvsnly ray 
Illumes a dying bed. 

6 Lord, give ns such a faith as this, 
And then, whate'er may come, 

We '11 taste, e'en here, the hallowed bliss 
Of an eternal home. 


008 c. M. 

Strength rtnsmd in ysaiting upen tks Lord. 

T ORD, I believe thy every word, 
■^ Thy every promise true ; 
And lo ! I wait on thee, my Lord, 
Till I my strength renew. 

S If in this feeble flesh I may 
Awhile show forth th;^ praise, 

Jesus, support the tottenng clay, 
And lengthen out my days. 

8 If snch a worm as I can spread 
The common Saviour's name. 

Let him who raised thee from the dead, 
Quicken my mortal frame. 

4 Still let me live thy blood to show. 

Which purges every stain ; 
And gladly ifnger out below 

A nw more yean in pain. 



O. Aft* 

To live is Christ, and to die is gain. 
Phil. 1 : 21. 

LORD, it belongs not to my care 
Whether I die or live ; 
To love and serve thee is my share. 
And this tity grace must give. 

5 If life be long, I will be glad 
That I may fong obey ; 

If short, yet why should I be sad 
To soar to endlett day ! 

8 Christ leads me through no darker 

Than he. went through before; 
He that onto God's kingdom comes - 

Must enter by bis door. 

4 Come, Lord, when grace hath made 
me meet 

Thv blessed t»c« to see ; 
For, if thv work on earth be tweet. 

What will thy glory be! 

S. Then I shall end mv sad complaints. 

And weary, sinful days. 
And join wito the triumpnant saints 

Who sing Jehovah's praise. 

6 My knowledge of that life Is small ; 
The eye of faith Is dim ; 

But 'tis enough that Christ knows all. 
And I shall be with hiu. 


aro CM. 

Christ strengthening ths weak. 

OTHOU, whose filmed and failing eye. 
Ere vet it closed in death. 
Beheld thy mother's agony, 
Tbe shameful cross beneath I 


5 Remember them, like her, through whom 
The sword of grief is driren, 

And O, to cheer their cheerless gloom, 
Be thy dear mercy given. 

8 Let thine own word of tenderness 
Drop on them from above ; 

Its music shall the lone heart bless, 
Its tonch shall heal with love. 

4 O Son of Mary, Son of God, 

The way of mortal ill, 
By thy blest feet in triumph trod, 

Our' feet are treading still. 

6 Bnt not with strength like thine, we go 
This dark and dret^ful way ; 

As thou wert strengthened in thy woe, 
So strengthen us, we pray. 


en CM. 

Bletaed are tJkey that mourit.— Matt. 6 : 4. 

FROM lips divine, like healing balm 
To hearts oppressed and torn. 
The heavenly consolation fell, 
" Blessed arc they that mourn." 

9 Unto the hopes by sorrow crushed 
A noble faith succeeds ; 

And life, by trials furrowed, bears 
The frait of loving deeds. 

8 How rich, how sweet, how fnll of strength 

Oar haman spirits are. 
Baptised into the sanctities 

6f suffering and of prayer ! 

4 Yes, heavenly wisdom, love divine. 
Breathed through the lips which said, 

** O blessed are the hearts that mourn ; 
They shall be comforted." 


Wkoto puttetk kit trutt in the Lord ehall 
be eafe. 

I^OMMIT thou all thv griefs 
^ And ways into His nands. 
To bis snre trust and tender care 
Who earth and heaven commands ; 

9 Who points the clouds their course, 
Whom winds and seas obey : 

He shall direct thy wandering feet, 
He shall prepare thy way. 

8 Thoa on the Lord rely, 

So, safe, shalt thou go on ; 
Fix on his work thv steadfast eye, 

So shall thy work be done. 

4 No profit canst thou gain 

By self-consoming care ; 
T« film commend thy cause ; his ear 

Attends the softest prayer. 

6 Thou every-where hast sway, 
And all things serve thy might ; 

Thy every act pure blessing is. 
Thy path, unsullied light. 



^^3 BKOONDPABT. gj^^ 

He ruUth all thingt veell. 

rVE to the winds thy fears ; 
Hope, and be undismayed ; 
God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears ; 
God shall lift up thy head. 

3 Through waves, and clouds, and storms. 
He gently clears thy way ; 

Wait thou his time, so shall this night 
Soon end in joyous day. 

8 Still heavy is thy heart! 

Still sink thy spirits down f 
Cast off the weight, let fear depart, 

And every care be gone. 

4 What though thou rulest not 1 
Yet heaven, and earth, and hell, 

Proclaim, " God sitteth on the throne, 
And ruleth all things well." 

6 Leave to his sovereign sway 

To choose and to command : 
So shalt thou, wondering, own his way, 

How wise, now strong his hand I 

6 Far, far above thy thought 

His counsel shall appear. 
When fully he the work hath wrought 

That caused thy needless fear. 


©•74 The eouVe only refuge. ^' ^' 

rpHOU Refuge of my soul, 
-*- On thee, when sorrows rise, 
On thee, when waves of trouble roll. 
My fainting hope relies. 

3 To thee I tell my grief. 
For thou alone canst heal ; 

Thy word can brlnir a sweet relief 
For every pain I feel. 

8 But O when doubts prevail, 

I fear to call thee mine ; 
The springs of comfort seem to fail, 

Ana all my hopes decline. 

4 Yet, Lord, where shall I fleet 
Thou art my only triut ; 

And still my soul would cleave to thee, 
Though prostrate in the dust. 


5 Thy everlasting truth. 

Fauer, tby ceaseless love, 
Sees all tby children's wanU, and knows 

What best for each will prove. 


Contented piety. 


FATHER, I know that all my life 
Is portioned out for me ; 
And t'ue changes that are sure to come 

I do not fear to see ; 
But I ask thee for a present mind 
Intent on pleasing thee. 


9 I aak thee for a thoughtful love, 
Through constant watching wise, 

To meet the glad with joyfiil smiles, 
And wipe the weeping eyes ; 

And a heart at leisure rrom itself, 
To soothe and sympathize. 

3 I would not hare the restless will 
That hurries to and fro, 

Seeking for some great thing to do, 

Or secret thing to know j* 
I would be treated as a child. 

And guided where I go. 

4 Wherever in the world I am, 
In whatsoe'er estate. 

I have a fellowship with hearts. 

To keep and cultivate ; 
And a work of lowly love to do 

For the Lord on whom I wait. 
6 So I ask thee for the daily strength. 

To none that ask denied. 
And a mind to blend with outward life, 

While keeping at thy side ; 
Content to ml a little space, 

If thou b« glorified. 

6 And if some things I do not atk 

In my cup of blessing be, 
I would have my spirit filled the more 

With grateful love to thee ; 
More careful, not to serve thee much, 

But to please thee perfectly. 


ore 8.6. 

Oo not far from nu, O »y Strength. 

GO not far from me, O my Strength, 
Whom all my times obey ; 
Take from me any thing thou wilt, 

But go not thou away ; 
And lei the storm that does thy work 
Deal with me as it may. 

S No suffering, while it lasU, is joy, 

How blest soe'er it be ; 
Yet may the chastened child be glad 

His Father's face to see ; 
And 0, it is not hard to bear 

What must be borne in thee. 

8 Safe in thy sanctifying grace, 

Almighty to restore; 
Borne onward, sin and death behind, 

And love and life before, 
O let my soul abound in hope, 

And praise thee more and more ! 

4 Deep unto deep may call, but I 
WitA peaceful heart will say, 

" Thy loving-kindness hath a charge 
No waves can take away ; " 

And let the storm that speeds me home, 
Deal with me as it may. 

▲MNA L. WABme. 

err 7.e,7. 

FearUu in the fumaee of affiittion. 

GOD of Israel's faithful three, 
Who braved a tyrant's ire, 
Nobly scorned to bow the knee, 
Aad wnlked. oalinrt, fn fire ; 

Breathe their faith into my breast, . 

Arm me in this fiery hour ; 
Stand, O Son of man, confessed 

In all thy saving power ! 

2 For while thou, my Lord, art nigh. 

My soul disdains to fear ; 
Sin and Satan I defy, 

Still impotently near; 
Earth and hell their wars mav wage; 

Calm I mark their vain design. 
Smile to see them idly rage 

Against a child of thine. 


Oy© 7,6,8. 

The ehadow of a great Rock. 

rpO the haven of thy breast, 
-*■ O Son of man, I fly ; 
Be my refuge and my rest, 

For O the storm is high I , 

Save me from the furious blast ; 

A covert from the tempest be : 
Hide me, Jesus, till o'erpast 

The storm of sin I see. 

S Welcome as the water-spring 

To a dry, barren place, 
O descend on me, and bring 

Thy sweet, refreshing grace ; 
O'er a parched and weary land. 

As a great rock extends its shade. 
Hide me, Saviour, with thy hand, 

And screen my naked hmid. 

8 In the time of my distress 

Thou hast my succor been ; 
In my utter helplessness. 

Restraining me from sin ; 
O how swiftly didst thou more 

To save me in the trving hour I 
Still protect me with thy love. 

And shield me with thy power. 


CyO The firm fonndation. ^^' 

HOW firm a foundation, ye saints of the 
Is laid for your faith in his excellent word ! 
What more can he say, than to you be hath 

To you, who for refuge to Jesus have fled ! 

S " Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dis- 

For I am thy Ood, I will still give thee aid ; 

I'll strengthen tliee, help thee, and cause 
thee to stand, 

Upheld by my gpracious, omnipotent hand. 

3 "When through the deep waters I rail 

thee to go, 
The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow ; 
For I will be with thee thy trials to bless, 
And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress. 

4 " When through fiery trials thy pathway 

shall lie, 
My grace, all-sufficient, shall be thy supply, 
The ilame shall not hurt thee ; I only decig:a 
Thy drou to consume, and thy gold to refine 


6 " E'en down to old age all my people shall 

My sovereign, eternal, nnehangeable love ; 
And when noary hairs shall their temples 

Like lambs they shall still in my bosom be 


6 " The soal that on Jesns hath leaned for 

I will not, I will not desert to his foes ; 
That soul, though all hell should endeavor 

to shake, 
I '11 never, no never, no never forsake * " 


eSO 7,8,7. 

FearUm in tribulation. 

TTEAD of the Church triumphant, 

■*■■'■ We joyfully adore- thee; 

Till thou appear, thy members here 

Shall sing like those in glory : 
We lift oar hearts and voices 

With blest anticipation; 
And cry aloud, and give to God 

The praise of our salvation. 

S Thou dost conduct thy people 

Through torrents of temptation ; 
Nor will we fear, while thou art near. 

The fire of tribulation : 
The world, with sin and Satan, 

In vain our march opposes ; 
. Bythee we shall break through them all, 

And sing the song of Moses. 

8 By faith we see the glory 

To which thou shalt restore us : 
The cross despise for that high prise 

Which thou hast set before us : 
And if thou count us worthy, 

We each, as dying Stephen, 
Shall see thee stand at God's right hand, 

To take os up to heaven. 


esi 8. 

PumionaU longing for Itavan. 

QSTILL out of the deepest abyss 
'^ Of trouble, I mournfully cry : 
And pine to recover my peace, 

And see my Redeemer, and die. 
I cannot, I cannot forbear, 

These passionate longings for home ; 
O when shall mv spirit be there ! 

O when will the messenger come ! 

S Thy nature I long to put on, 

Thine image on earth to regain ; 
And then in the grave to lay down 

This burden of body and pain. 
O Jesus, in pity draw near, 

And lull me to sleep on thy breast. 
Appear, to my rescue appear, 

And gather me into thy rest! 

8 To take a poor fugitive in, 

The arms of thy mercy display. 
And give me to rest from all sin, 

And bear me triumphant away ; 
Away from a world of distress, 

Away to the mansions above ; 
The heaven of seeing thy face, 

The heaven of feeling thy love. 



10, 4, 10. 

Lead, kindly Light. 

T EAD, kindly Light, an\id the encircling 
•*^ gloom. 

Lead thou me on ! 
The night is dark, and I am far from home ; 

Lead thou me on ! 
Keep thou my feet ; I do not ask to see 
The distant scene ; one step enough for me. 

8 I was not ever thus, nor prayed that thou 

Shonldst lead me on ; 
I loved io choose and see my path ; but now 

Lead thou me on ! 
I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears. 
Pride ruled my will. Remember not past 
years I 

3 So long thy power hath blest me, sure it 
Will lead me on 
O'er moor and fen, o'er crag and torrent, till 

The night is gone, 
And with the mom those angel faces smilo 
Which I have loved long since, and lost 
awhile ! 



ConUf ye diaeonaolate. 


/~10ME, ye disconsolate, where'er ye lan- 
^ guish ; 

Come to the mercy-seat, fervently kneel ; 
Here bring your wounded hearts, hero tell 
your anguish ; 
Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot 

3 Joy of the desolate, light of the straying, 
Hope of the penitent, fadeless and pure. 

Here speaks the Comforter, tenderly saying, 
" EUirth has no sorrow that Heaven can- 
not cure." 

8 Here see the bread of life; see waters 
Forth from the throne of God, pure from 
above ; 
Come to the feast of love; come, ever 
Earth has no sorrow but Heaven can re- 




^^. ^ WITH GOD. 

O^M: -« _, L.M. 

T^ROM every stormv wind that bl*fvs, 
■*- From erery swelling tide of woes, 
There is a calm, a sure retreat : 
'Tis fouad beneath the mercy-seat. 

9 There is a place where Jesns sheds 
The oil of ^adness on our heads ; 
A place than all besides more sweet : 
It IS Ihe blood-bouf^ht mercy-seat. 

8 There is a scene where spirits blend, 
Where friend holds fellowship with friend : 
Though sundered ftu-, by faith they meet 
Around one common mercy-seat. 

4 Ah ! whither could we flee for aid. 
When tempted, desolate, dismayed I 
Or how the hosts of hell defeat. 
Had sufTering taints no mercy-seat t 

6 There, there on eagle wing* we soar, 
And sin and sense molest no more ; 
And heaven comes down our souls to greet, 
While glory crowns the mercy-seat. 

Hca« nowMix. 

OSS BtdicationiotktLord. ^^ 
r\ LORD, thy heavenly grace impart, 
^^ And fix my frail, inconstant heart; 
Henceforth ray chief desire shall be 
To dedicate myself to thee. 

5 Whate'er pursuits my time emplojr. 
One thought shall fill mv soul with joy : 
That silent, secret thougnt shall be. 
That all my hopes jure ttzed on thee. 

8 Thy glorious eye pervadeth space ; 
Thy presence. Lord, fills every place ; 
And wheresoe'er my lot may be. 
Still shall my spirit cleave to thee. 

4 Renouncing every worldly thing. 
And safe boneatb tny spreading wine. 
My sweetest thought henceforth shall be. 
That aU I want I ibd in thee. 


086 nt Sptrk'i guidance. ^ ^* 
TBSUS, my Saviour, Brothor, Friend, 
*' On whom I cast my every care, 
On whom for all things I depend, 
Inspire, and then accept, my prayer. 

5 If I have tasted of thy grace, 

The grace that sure salvation bringi ; 
If with me now thy Spirit stays. 
And, hovering, hides me in his wings ; 

8 Still let him with my weakness stay, 
Nor for a moment's space depart ; 

Evil and danger turn away. 
And keep till he renews my heart. 

4 If to the right or left I stray. 

His voice behind me may I bear, 
"Retara, mad walk in Christ, thy Way; 
Fly back to Cbriat, for jfn Is near ! ''^ 


e87 L.M. 

The pure Light of aoult. 

r\ THOU pure Light of souls that love, 
^^ True Joy of every human breast. 
Sower of life's immortal seed, 
Our Saviour and Redeemer blest ! 

S Be thou our guide, 1>e thou our goal ; 

Be thou our pathway to the skies ; 
Our joy, when sorrow fills the soul ; 

In death our everlasting prize. 



Sweet hour of prayer. 

L. M. 

QWEET hour of prayer, sweet hour of 
^ prayer, 

That calls me fh>m a world of care, 
And bids me, at my Father's throue. 
Make all my wants and wishes known ! 
In seasons of distress and grief. 
My soul has often found relief. 
And oft escaped the tempter's snare. 
By thy return, sweet hour of prayer. 

S Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of 

ngs shall my petition bear 
To 'Him, whose truth and faithfulness 
Engage the waiting soul to bless : 
And since he bids me seek his face. 
Believe his word, and trust his graioe, 
I '11 oast on him my every care. 
And wait for thee, sweet nour of prayer. 

8 Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of . 

May I thy consolation share, 
Till, from Mount Pisgah's lofty height, 
I view my heme, and take mv flight: 
This robe of flesh I '11 drop, and rise. 
To seise the everlasting prize ; 
And shout, while passing through the air. 
Farewell, farewell, sweet hour of prayer f 



Deeign of prayer. 


"DRAYER is appointed to convey 
■*• The blessings Qod designs to give : 
Long as they live should Cluistlans pray ; 
They learn to pray when first they liVe. 

9 If pain afflict, or wrongs oppress ; 

If cares distract, or fears dismay ; 
If guilt deject, if sin distress : 

In every case, still watch and pray. 

8 'Tisprayersupportsthesonlthat'sweak, 
Though thought be broken, languagj 

Pray, if thou canst or canst not speak ; 
But pray with faith in Jesus' name. 

4 Depend on him ; thou canst not fail ; 

Make all thy wants and wishes known ; 
Fear not ; his merits must prevail : 

Ask but in faith, it shall be done. 




L M 

BUtaingi of prayer. 

TX7"HAT Tarioos hindrances we meet 
' " In coining to « mercy-Beat I 
Yet who that knows the worth of prayer, 
But withes to be often there ! 

S Prayer makes the darkened cloud wtth- 

Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob taw ; 
6ive« exercise to faith and lore ; 
Brings every blessing from abore. 

8 Restraining prayer, we cease to fight ; 
Prayer keeps the Christian's armor bright ; 
And Satan trembles when he sees 

The weakest saint upon his knees. 

4 Were half the breath that 's vainly spent, 
To heaven in supplication sent. 
Our cheerful song would oftener be, 
"Hear what the Lord has done for me." 


0Q1 L.M. 

7JU /oy of loving heartt. 

JESUS, thou Joy of loving hearts ! 
Then Fount of^life I thou Light of men ! 
From the best bliss that earth imparts, 
We turn unfilled to thee again. 

9 Thy truth nnehanged hath ever stood ; 
Thou savest those that on thee call ; 

To them that seek thee, thou art good. 
To them that find thee, all in all. 

8 We taste thee, O thou Living Bread, 
And long to feast upon thee still ; 

We drink of thee, the Fountain Head, 
And thirst our souls from thee to fill ! 

4 Onr restless spirits yearn for thee, 
Where'er our changeful lot is cast ; 

Glad, when thy gracious smile we see, 
Blest, when our £aith can bold thee fact. 

6 O Jesus, ever with us star ; 

Make all our moments calm and bright ; 
Chase the dark night of sin awav. 

Shed o'er the world thy holy light 1 




0O3 L.M. 

OodU ftraitea erotm etemitif, 

.OD of my life, through all my davs 
My grateAil powers shall sound thy 

The song shall wake with opening light. 
And warble to the silent nignt. 

S When anxious cares would break my 

And griefs would tear my throbbing breast. 
Thy tuneful praises, raised on high, 
Shall check tne murmur and the sigh. 

8 When death o'er nature shall prevail. 
And all my powers of language fail. 
Joy throagk my swimming eyes thall break, 
And mcBB the tlMUiks I canuut speak. 

4 But O, when that last conflict 's o'er, 
And I am chained to earth no more, 
With what glad accents shall I rise 
To join the music of the skies 1 

5 Soon shall I learn the exalted strains 
Which echo o'er the heavenly plains ; 
And emulate, with joy unknown. 
The glowing seraphs round thy throne. 

6 The cheerful tribute will I Rive, 
Long as a deathless soul can live : 
A work so sweet, a theme so high, 
Demands and crowns eternity ! 


e03 L.M. 

Uis loving kindneu better than life. 

OGOD, thou art my God alone ; 
Early to thee my soul shall cry ; 
A pilgrim in a land unknown, 
A thirsty land, whose springs are dry. 

3 Thee, in the watches of the night. 
When I rememlier on my bed, 

Thv presence makes the darkness light; 
llty guardian wings are round my head. 

3 Better than life iUelf, thy love ; 
Dearer than all beside to me ; 

For whom have I In heaven above. 
Or what on earth, compared with theet 

4 Praise with my heart, my mind, i^y 

For all thy mercy I will give ; 
My soul shall still In God rejoice. 
My tongue shall bless thee while I live. 


eo^ L. M. 

/ Aall U tatitfied. when I awake, wUh Tkf 

LORD Jesus Christ, my Life, my Light, 
My strength by day, my trust by night. 
On earth I 'm but a passing guest. 
And sorely with my »in8 oppressed. 

2 O let thy sufferings give me power 
To meet the last and darkest hour, 
Thy cross, the staff whereon I lean. 

My couch, the grave where thou hast beau. 

3 Since thou hast died, the pure, the just, 
I tajce my homeward way in trust ; 

The gates of heaven, Lord, open wide, 
When here I may no more abide. 

4 And when the last great day is come. 
And thou, our Judge, shalt speak the doom 
Let me with joy behold the light. 

And set me tnen upon thy right. 

5 Renew this wasted flesh of mine, 
That like the sun it there may shine 
Among the angels pure and bright. 
Yea, like thyself, in glorious light. 

6 Ah, then I have my heart's desire. 
When, singing with the angels' choir, 
Among the ransomed of thy grace, 
Forever I behold thy face 1 





Tke /aireat of tke fair. 

rPHOUGH all the world my choice 
-■- deride, 

Tet Jesus shall mv portion be : 
For I am pleased wfta none beside ; 

The fairest of the fair Is he. 

S Sweet is the yision of thy face, 
And kindness o'er thy lips h shed ; 

Lorelv art thou, and full of grace, 
And glory beams around thy head. 

3 Thy sufferings I embrace with thee, 
Thy poverty and shameful cross ; 

The pleasures of the world I flee. 
And deem ita treasures only dross. 

4 Be daily dearer to my heart. 
And ever let me feel thee near ; 

Then willingly with all I 'd part. 
Nor count it worthy of a tear. 



eoe L.M. 

At iome with God anywhere. 

Lord, how fall of sweet content, 
■^■^ I pass my years of banishment ! 
Wherever I dwell, I dwell with thee, 
In heaven, in earth, or on the sea. 
To me remains nor place sor time ; 
My country is in every clime : 
I can be aum and free from care 
Ob any shore, since God i> there. 

8 While place we seek, or place we shun. 
The soul finds happiness in none ; 
But with a God to guide our way, 
'Tis equal joy, to go or stay. 
Could I be cast where thou art not, 
That were indeed a dreadful lot ; 
But regions none remote I call, 
Secure of finding, God in all. 

MAD. /. M. B.'l>B LA MOTTE OCYOIf . 


OOy Thou dtar Redeemer. ^'^' 

^HOU dear Redeemer, dying Lamb, 
-*- I love to hear of thee ; 
"So music 's like thy charming name, 
Nor half so sweet can be. 

9 O let me ever hear thy voice 

In mercy to me speak ; 
In thee, my Priest, will I reijoice. 

And thy salvation seek. 

S My JestH shall be still my theme, 

Wliile in this world I stay ; 
I Ml sing my Jesiu'. lovely name 

When all things else decay. 

4 When I appear in yonder cloud, 

With all thy favored throng, 
Tbeu will I aing more sweet, more loud, 
Aad Cbrlat aa»ll be my song. 



eos CM. 

Godf my aufficient Portion. 

TtiT €rod, my Portion, and my Love, 
^^ My everlasting All, 

1 've none but thee in heaven above, 

Or on this earthly ball. 

2 What empty things are all the skies. 
And this inlTerior clod ! 

Tliere 's nothing here deserves my jovs, 
There 's nothing like my God. 

5 To thee I owe my wealth, and friends, 
And health, and safe abode : 

Thanks to thy name for meaner things ; 
But they art not my God. 

4 How vain a toy is glittering wealth. 

If once compared to thee ! 
Or what's mv safety, or my health. 

Or all my friends to me 1 

6 Were I possessor of the earth. 
And called the stars my own, 

Without thy graces and thyself, 
I were a wretch imdone. 

6 Let others stretch their arms like sea*. 

And grasp in all the shore ; 
Grant roe the visits of thy grace. 

And I desire no more. 



C M« 

JPraiae delightful. 

fUTY Saviour, my almighty Friend, 
-"^ When I begin thy praUe. 
Where will the growing nnmoers end. 
The numbers of thy grace 1 

8 I trust In thy eternal word ; 

Thy goodness I adore : 
Send down thy grace, O blessed Lord, 

That I may 'love thee more. 

S Mv feet shall travel all the leng^ 

Oi the celestial road ; 
And march, with courage in thy strength. 

To see the Lord my God. 

4 Awake ! awake ! my tuneful powers. 

With this delightful song; 
And entertain the darkest hours, 

Nor think the season long. 



yOO j'j^g aweeteat 



TESUS, the very thought of thee 
** With sweetness fills th. breast ; 
But sweeter far thy face to see. 
And in thy presence rest. 

9 No voice can sing, no heart can frauie. 

Nor can the memory find 
A sweeter sound than Jesus' name. 

The Saviour of mankind. 

8 O Hope of every contrite heart, 

O Joy of all the meek. 
To those who ask, how kind thoa art t 

How f^ood, to those who Keek I 


4 Bai what to thoae who find ! Ah, thU 
Nor tongue nor pen can show : 

The lore of Jens, what it is, 
None tmt hia loved onea know. 

6 Jesus, our only Joy be thou. 

As thou our prize wilt l>e ; 
In thee l>e all our glory now, 

And through eternity. 




Tk« Conqueror renoumed. 

r\ JESUS, King most wonderful, 
^^ Thou Conqueror renowned. 
Thou sweetness most ineflable, 
In whom all Joys are found ! 

S When once thou vlsitest the heart, 
Then truth begins to shine. 

Then earthly vanities depart. 
Then kincQes love divine. 

8 O Jesus, Light of all below, 

C< M. 

Thou Fount of living fireV' 

the ioys we know, 

Surpassing all — „ 

And all we can desire ! 

4 Jesus, mav all confess thy name. 

Thy wondrous love adore. 
And, seeking thee, themselves inflame 

To seek thee more and more. 

i Thee, Jesus, may our voices bless ; 

Thee may we love alone ; 
And ever in our lives express 

The image of thine own. 
naaxMMD or olaiktavz. 


The King in kit heautf. 

r\ JESUS, thou the beauty art 
^^ Of angel-worlds above ; 
Thy name is music to the heart, 
Inflaming it with love. 

9 O Jesus, Saviour, hear the sighs 
Which unto thee we send ; 

To thee our inmost spirit cries, 
To thee our prayers ascend. 

8 Abide with us, and let thy light 
Shine, Lord, on every heart : 

IMspel the darkness of our night. 
And joy to all impart. 

4 Jesus, our love and joy I to thee. 

The Virgin's holy Son, 
All might, and praise, and glory be, 

While endless ages run ! 



•yOS The rapture of love. ^- ^' 

r\ 'TIS delight without alloy, 
^^ Jesus, to near thy name: 
My spirit leaps with inward joy ; 
I feel the sacred flame. 

2 My passions hold a pleasing reign. 
When love inspires mv breast, — 

Love, the divinest of the' train, 
The sovereign of the rest. 

8 This is the grace must live and sing. 
When faith and hope shall cease. 

And sound from every joyful string 
Through all the realms of bliss. 

4 Swift I ascend the heavenly place. 
And hasten to my home ; 

I leap to meet thy kind embrace : 
I come, O Lord, I come. 

5 Sink down, ye separating hills ! 
Let sin and death remove ; 

'Tis love that drives my chanot wheels, 
And death must yield to love. 


■^04 Triumpkantjoy. ^.M. 

IVf X_^^j *'*• «pring of all my joys, 
-•■"■ The life of iy (feltghts, ^ ' * 
The glory of my brightest days. 
And comfort of my nights ! 

5 In darkest shades, if thou appear. 
My dawning is begun : 

Thou art my soul's bright morning star. 
And thou my rising sun. 

8 The opening heavens around me shine 

With beams of sacred bliss, 
If Jesus shows his mercy mine, 

And whispers I am his. 

4 My soul would leave this heavy clay 

At that transporting woi-d. 
Run up with joy the shining way. 

To see and praise my Lord. 

6 Fearless of hell and ghastly death, 
I 'd break through every foe ; 

The wings of love and arras of faith 
Would bear me conqueror through. 


"^OS perpetual praiee. ^'^' 

VES, I will bless thee, O my God, 
■^ Through all my fleeting days ; 
And to eternity prolong 
Thy vast, thy boundless praise.. 

2 Nor shall my tongue alone proclaim 
The honors of my Gtod ; 

My life, with all its active powers. 
Shall spread thy praise abroad. 

3 Nor will I cease thy praise to sing 
When death shall close mine eyes ; 

My thoughts shall then to nobler heighU 
And sweeter raptures rise. 

4 Then shall my lips, in endless praise, 
Their grateful tribute pay ; 

The theme demands an angel's tongue, 
And an eternal day. 





PRAYER Is the breath of God In man, 
Returning whence it came ; 
Love is the sacred fire within, 
And prayer the rising fiame. 

9 It gives the burdened spirit ease, 

And soothes the troubled breast ; 
Yields comfort to the mourners here, 

And to the weary rest. 
8 When God inclines the heart to pray. 

He hath an ear to hear ; 
To him there 's music in a groan, 

And beauty in a tear. 

4 The humble suppliant cannot fail 

To have his wants supplied, 
Since He for sinners intercedes. 

Who onoe for sinners died. 



C. BI. 

JFVoyt r movM OnuiipcUnet. 
^HERE is an eye that never sleeps 
-'- Beneath tiic wing of night ; 
There is an ear that never snnts, 

When sink the beams of light. 
9 There is an arm that never tires. 

When human strength gives way ; 
There is a love that never fails. 

When earthly loves decay. 

3 That eye is fixed on seraph throngs ; 
That arm upholds the sky ; 

That ear is filled with angel songs ( 
That love is throned on high. 

4 But there 's a power which man caa 

When mortal aid is vain, 
That eye, that arm, that love to reach. 

That listening ear to gain, 
f That power is prayer, which soars oft 
Through Jesns, to the throne, 
And moves the band which moves the 
To bring salvation down. 


708 Tkttwcwnld: ^'^' 

UNVEIL, O Lord, and on us shine 
In gloiy and in grace ; 
The gaudy world grows pale before 
The beauty of thy face. 

9 Till thou art seen, it seems to be 

A sort of fairy ground, 
Where suns unsetting light the sky, 

And flowers and fruits alMund. 

3 But when" thy keener, purer beam 
Is poured upon our sight. 

It loses all its power to charm. 
And what was day is night. 

4 Its noblest toils are then the scourge 
Which made thy blood to flow ; 

Its joys nn bnt the treacherous thorns 
whleb circled round thy brow. 

f And thus, when we renounce for 

Its restless alms and fears. 
The tender memories of the past. 

The hopes of coming years,— 

6 Poor is our sacrifice, whose eyes 

Are lighted from above : 
We offer what we cannot keep, 

What we have ceased to love. 


T LOVE to steal awhile away 
-■■ Prom every cumbering care. 
And spend the hours of setting day 
In humble, grateful prayer. 

3 I love in solitude to shad 
The penitential tear. 

And all his promises to plead 
Where none bat God can heir. 

8 I love to think on mercies pact, 

And future good implore. 
And ail my cares and sorrows eait 

On him whom I adore. 

4 I love by faith to take a view 
Of brighter scenes in heaven ; 

The prospect doth my strength ranew. 
While here by tempests dnveu. 

6 Thus, when life's toilsome day b 

May its departing ray 
Be calm as tnU impressive hoar, 

And lead to endless day. 


no WhttUjtraftrf ^ **• 

PRAYER is the soal's sfaiecre detirt. 
Uttered or nnenressed ; 
The motion of a hidden fire 
That trembles in the breast. 

9 Prayer Is the burden of a sigh. 

The billing of a tear. 
The upward glancing of an eye, 

When none but God is near. 

8 Prayer Is the simplest (brm of a p e a eh 

That infant lips can try ; 
Prayer the sublfmest strains that raadl 

Tke Majesty on high. 

4 Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice, 

Returning from his ways ; 
While angels in their songs rejoice 

And cry, " Behold, he prays i " 

6 Prayer is the Christian's vital braath. 

The Christian's native air. 
His watchword at the gates of death ; 

He enters heaven with prayer. 

6 O Then, by whom we come to God, 
The LifB, the Truth, the Way ; 

The path of prayer thyself hast trod : 
Lord, teach us how to pray 1 



•Ml Communum vUk God. ^' ^* 

SWEET k tb« prayer wboM holy ttreftxn 
In earnaat vlmdin; flows ; 
Devotion dwells tipon the tbeme, 
And wann and warmer glows. 

5 Faith grasps the blessing she desires ; 
Hope points the apward gaze; 

And Love, celestial Love, inspires 
The eloquence of praise. 

8 But sweeter far the still small rolce, 
Unheard by human ear. 

When God has made the neart rejoice. 
And dried the bitter tear. 

4 No accents flow, no words ascend ; 

All atterance faileth there ; 
Bat God himself doth comprehend 

And answer silent prayer. 


•yiS Talking •ith Ood. ^' ^' 

rPALK with OS, Lord, thyself reveal, 
-*• While here o'er earth we rove : 
Speak to oar hearts, and let ns feel 
The kindling of thy love. 

9 With thee conversing, we forget 
All time, and toil, and care ; 

Labor is rest, and pain is sweet, 
If thou, my God^ art here. 

8 Here, then, my God, voachsafe to stay. 

And bid my heart rejoice ; 
My boondlng heart shall own thy sway. 

And echo to thy voice. 

4 Thou callest me to seek thy face,— 
rris all I wish to seek ; 

To attend the whispers of thy grace. 
And hear thee inly speak. 

6 Let this my every hoar employ. 
Till I thy ^rv see : 

Enter into my Master's jo7> 
And find my heaven in wee. 


"213 CM. 

SeUremeni and medittUion. 

FAR firom the world, O Lord, I flee. 
From strife and tumult far ; 
Ftom scenes where Satan wages still 
His most successful war. 

5 The calm retreat, the tilent shade. 
With prayer and praise agree. 

And seem by thy sweet bounty made 
For Uiose who follow thee. 

8 There, if thy Spirit touch the soul. 

And grace her mean abode, 
O with what peace, and ioy, and love, 

Does she commune witn Ood 1 

4 Author and Guardian of my life, 

SwaM Source of light divine. 
And all hannonious names in one, 

My Sariourl thou art mine ! 

5 The thanks I owe thee, and the love, 

A twundless, endless store. 
Shall echo through the realms above 

When time shall be no more. 


•M4 CM. 

Whom having not Men, y« love.— I Pet. 1 : 8. 

JE^TJS, these eyes have never seen 
That radiant form of thine ; 
The veil of sense hangs dark between 
Thy blessed face and mine. 

9 I see thee not, I hear thee not, 

Yet thou art oft with me ; 
And earth hath ne'er so dear a spot 

As where I meet with thee. 

8 Like some bright dream that comee m- 

When slambera o'er me roll. 
Thine image ever fills my thousht. 

And charms my ravished soul. 

4 Yet though I have not seen, and still 
Must rest in faith alone, 

I love thee, dearest Lord, and will. 
Unseen, but not unknown. 

5 When death these mortal eyes shall seal. 
And still this throbbing heart. 

The rending veil shall thee reveal. 
All-glorious as thou art. 


■yiS Ptitf without eeanng. ^'^' 

SHEPHERD Divine, our wants r«li«T« 
In this our evil day ; 
To all thy tempted followers give 
The power to watch and pray. 

2 Long as our fiery trials last, 
Long as the cross we bear, 

O let our souls on thee be east 
In never-ceasing prayer. 

3 Till thou thy perfect love imffart, 
Till thou thyself bestow, 

Be this the cry of every heart, 
« I will not let thee go ; 

4 " I will not let thee go, unless 
Thou tell thy name to me, 

With all thy great salvation bless. 
And make me all like thee. 

5 " Then let me on the mountain-top 
Behold thy open face. 

Where faith in sight is swallowed up. 
And prayer in endless praise." 


■yiO TAe Lord'9 Prayr. ^- ^^' 

/~\UR Father, God, who art In heaven, 
^^ All hallowed be thy name; 
Thy kingdom come ; thy will be dene 
In heaven and earth tne same. 

"l Give us this day our dally bread ; 

And as we those forgive 
Who sin avt.ln«\. >», i» xa*.-^ 'w* 


3 Into temptation lead aa not ; 

From evil set at ft>ee ; 
And thine the kingdom, thine the power 

And glory, ever be. 



God tverjf-where. 


HEY who seek the throne of grace, 
Find that throne in every place ; 


If we live a life of prayer, 
God is present every-wnere. 

8 Id our sickness or oar health, 
In our want or in our wealth. 
If we look to Ood in prayer, 
God is present every-where. 

3 When our earthly comforts fail. 
When the foes of life prevail, 
'Tis the time for earnest prayer ; 
Ood is present every-where. 

4 Then, my soul, In every strait 
To thv Fattier come and wait ; 
He will answer every prayer ; 
Ood is present every-where. 




EniouragetMiUa U pray. 

(^OME, my soul, thy suit prepare, 
^ Jesus loves to answer prayer ; 
He himself invites thee near. 
Bids thee ask him, waits to hear. 

9 Lord, I come to thee for rest ; 
Take possession of my breast ; 
There thy blood-bought right maintain. 
And without a rival reign. 

3 While I am a pilgrim here. 
Let thy love my spirit cheer ; 

As my g^ide, m^ guard, my friend. 
Lead me to my journey's end. 

4 Show me what I have to do ; 
Every hour mv strength renew ; 
lA9t me live a life of mith, 

I<et me die thy people's death. 


•MO 7. 

Partnertkip of tke taintt in light. 

JESUS is our common Lord, 
He our loving Saviour is ; 
By his death to life restored, 
'Misery we exchange for bliss ; 

5 Bliss to carnal minds unknown. 
O 'tis more than tongue can telll 

Only to believers shown. 
Glorious and unspeakable. 

3 Christ, our Brother and our Friend, 
Shows us his eternal love : 

Never shall our triumphs end, 
Till we take our seals above. 

4 Let us walk with him in white, 
For our bridal day prepare, 

J'hr our partnership In llj^ht, 
J'hr our glorioui meeting there. 




The pilgrinui' aong. 

pHILDREN of the heavenljLlHng, 
^^ As we journey let us sing ; 
Sing our Saviour's w%>rthT praise. 
Glorious in his works and ways. 

2 We are traveling home to God, 
In the way our fatnera trod ; 
They are nappy now, and we 
Soon their happiness shall see. 

3 O ye banished seed, be glad ; 
Christ our Advocate is mtuie : 
Us to save our flesh assumes. 
Brother to our souls becomes. 

4 Lift your eyes, ye sons of light; 
Zion's city is in sight ; 

There our endless nome shall be. 
There our Lord we soon shall see. 

5 Fear not, brethren, joyful stand 
On the borders of our land : 
Jesus Christ, our Father's Son, 
Bids us undismayed go on. 

6 Lord, obediently we '11 go, 
Gladly leaving all below : 
Only then oar Leader be. 
And we still will follow thee. 


'T'Sl 7. 

Chritt, the amrct of every bUeiing. 

(CHRIST, of all my hopes the ground, 
^ Christ, the spring of all my joy, 
Still In theo may I Iw found. 
Still for thee my powers employ. 

S Fountain of o'erflowing grace. 
Freely from thy fullness give ; 

Till I close my earthly race, 
May I prove It " Christ to live! »» 

3 Firmly trusting in thy blood, 
Nothing shall my heart confoand ; 

Safely I uiall pais the flood, 
Safely reach Immanuel's ground. 

4 When I touch the blessed shore. 
Back the closing waves shall roll. 

Death's dark stream shall nevermore 
Part from thee my ravished soul. 

5 Thus, O thus an entrance give 
To the land of cloudless sky ; 

Having known it " Christ to live," 
Let me know it " Gain to die."^ 


rss 7. 

For humility and proUetion. 

/^OD of love, who hearest prayer, 
^^ Kindly for thy people care. 
Who on thee alone depend : 
Luve us, save us to the end. 

2 Save us, in the prosperous hour. 
From the flattering tempter's power. 
From his unsuspected wiles. 
From lh« woT\d'« pernicious smiles. 


8 Save m from the great and wice, 
Till they cink in their own eye«, 
Tamely to thy yolie submit, 
Lay their honor at thy feet. 

4 Never let the world break in.; 
Fix a miffhtv gnlf between ; 
Keep ua little and nnknown, 
Prized and loved by Qod alone. 

5 Let ui still to thee look np, 
Thee, thy Israel's strength and hope ; 
Nothing know, or seek, beside 
Jesus, and him crucified. 



The Litany. 

Q AVIOUR, when, in dust, to thee 
*^ Low we bend the adoring knee ; 
When, repentant, to the skies 
Scarce we lift our weeping eyes; 
O by all the pains and woe 
Suffered once for man below, 
Bending from thy throne on high, 
Hear our solemn litany! 

S Bv thv helpless infant years; 
By thy life oi want and tears ; 
By thy days of sore distress, 
In the savage wilderness ; 
By the dread mysterious hour 
Or the insulting tempter's power ; 
Turn, O turn, a favoring eye, 
Hear our solemn litany! 

3 By the sacred griefs that wept 
O'er the grave where Laxarus slept ; 
By the boding tears that flowed 
Over Salem's loved abode ; 

By the anguished sigh that told 
Treachery lurked within thy fold ; 
From thy seat above the sky 
Hear our solemn litany ! 

4 By thine hour of dire despair ; 
By thine agony of prayer ; 

Br the cross, the nail, the thorn, 
Piercing spear, and torturing soom ; 
Bv the gloom that veiled the skies 
O'er the dreadful sacrifice ; 
Listen to our humble cry. 
Hear our solemn litany I 

5 By thy deep, expiring groan ; 
By the sad sepulchral stone ; 

Sthe vault whose dark abode 
Id in vain the rising Ood ; 
O from earth to heaven restored. 
Mighty, re-ascended Lord, 
Listen, listen to the cry 
Of our solemn litany ! 


'^'34 6.4.6. 

Nearer, my God, to thee, 
"WpEARER, my Qod, to thee ! 
-*-^ Nearer to thee. 
E'en though it be a crov 

That raiseth me : 
Still all my song snail be. 
Nearer, my Qod, to thee, 
Nearer to thee I 

S Though like the wanderer, 

The sun gone down. 
Darkness t>e over me. 

My rest a stone, 
Yet m my dreams I 'd be 
Nearer, my God, to thee. 

Nearer to thee ! 

3 There let the way appear. 
Steps unto heaven ; 

All tnat thou sendest me. 

In mercy given ; 
Angels to beckon me 
Nearer, my Gtod, to thee. 

Nearer to thee ! 

4 Then, with my waking thoughts 
Bright with thy pfaie^^ 

Out or my stony griefs 

Bethel I '11 raise : 
So by my woes to be 
Nearer, my Qod, to thee. 

Nearer to thee ! 

6 Or if, on joyful wing 

Cleaving the sky, 
Sun, moon, and stars forgot, 

Upward I fly. 
Still all my song shall lie, 
Nearer, my God, to thee, 

Nearer to thee ! 


ySS jf„g i^^ to nee. ®« *» ®* 

"IVf ORE love to thee, O ChrUt, 
-*■"• More love to thee ! 
Hear thou the prayer I make, 

On bended knee ; 
This is my earnest plea, 
More love, O Christ, to thee» 

More love to thee! 

2 Once earthly jey I craved^ 
Sought peace and rest; 

Now tnee alone I seek^ 

Give what is best: 
This all my prayer shall be. 
More love, O Christ, to thee^ 

More love to thee f 

3 Then shall my latest brtalh 
Whisper thy praise ; 

This be the parting cry 

My heart shall raise. 
This still its prayer shall be. 
More love, O Christ, to thee. 

More love to thee I 


yse 8.7, 

Jlitkerto hatk the lord helped ue. 
1 Sam. 7:13. 
/^OME, thou Fount of every blessings 
^^ Tune my heart to sing thy grace; 
Streams of mercy, never ceasmg, 

Call for songs of loudest praise. 
Teach me some melodious sonnet. 

Sung by flaming tongues above ; 
Praise the mount — I'ov fLx«d. >k^'«l Vw — 


S Here I Ml miae mine Ebeneier ; 

Hither by thy help I 'm come ; 
And I hope, by thy sood plemaore, 

Safely to arrive at nome. 
Jesus sonjrht me when » ttntnger, 

Wandering from the fold of Qod ; 
He, to rescue me from danver, 

Interposed his precious blood. 

8 O to grace how great » debtor 

Daily I 'm constrained to be 1 
Let thy goodness, like a fetter, 

Bind my wandering heart to thee : 
Prone to wander. Lord, I feel it, 

Prone to leave the God I lore ; 
Here 's mv heart, O take and seal it ; 

Seal it ior thy courts above. 



Tie kormomiomt ekonu. 



[ERE on earth, where foes surround us, 

^ While our trembling souls within 
Feel the fetters which hare bound us. 

Feel the burden of our sin ; 
Lord, on thee alone relying. 

Strength we crave to burst our chain, 
Ever pleading, ever crying, 

" Lord, for us the Lamb was slain." 

S In those high and holy regions 

Where the blest thy praise prolong, 
Cherubs and seraphic legions 

Know no theme of nobler song ; 
White-robed saints, who there More thee 

Throned above the glassy main, 
Sinjr. and cast their crowns before thee, 

''Lord, for us the Lamb was slain." 

8 Thus thy Church, whatever her dwelling, 

Heaven above or earth below, 
One harmonious chorus swelling. 

Loves her Saviour's praise to show : 
Here in trial, there in glory, 

Changeless rinn the immortal strain, 
Changeless sounos the wondrous storv, 

*' Lord, for us the Lamb was slain.'' 


y38 8,7. 

Whmt m Friend we A«v« tn Jenu I 
"llirHAT a Friend we have in Jesus, 
** All onr sins and griefs to bear! 
What a privilege to carry 

Every thing to Gtod in praver 1 
O what peace we often forfeft, 

O what needless pain we bfuur, 
All because we do not carry 
Every thing to QoA in prayer I 

9 Have we trials and temptations! 

Is there trouble anywhere f 
We should never be discouraged. 

Take it to the Lord in prayer. 
Can we find a friend so faithful 

Who will all our sorrows share! 
Jesus knows our every weakness. 

Take It to the Lord in prayer. 

S Are w» weak and heavy laden. 
Cumbered rritb a 7oad of care f — 
■Pfeehae Smviour, §tlll oar refuge, — 
TMke It to the Lord tn prmyer. 


Do thy friends despise, forsake theel 
Take it to the Lord in prayer ; 

In his arms he '11 take and sbield thee, 
Thou wilt find a solace there. 


"721^ PraiutotktDntf. 8,7. 
f\ MY God, how thy salvation 
^^ Fills my soul with peace and joy, 
Patience gives, and consolation 

Which the world cannot destroy I 
Praise to God, the glorious giver, 

Christ, the Saviour of the lost. 
And the Comforter forever. 

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 1 

9 For that love whose tender merciee 

Purest jojrs do daiW bring, 
I will in my life confess thee. 

With my month thy praises sing : 
Praise to God, the glorious giver, 

Christ, the Saviour of the lost. 
And the Comforter forever. 

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost ! 




Before Bi$ eroea. 
Q WEET the moments, rich In blessinf, 
^ Which before the cross I spend : 
Life, and health, and peacepoeseseing. 
From the sinner's dying Friend. 

9 Truly blessed Is this station, 

Low before his cross to lie ; 
While I see divine compassion 

Beaming in his gracious eye. 

3 Here it is I find my heavea 
While upon the cross I gase : 

Love I much t I 're much forgiven ; 
I 'm a miracle of grace. 

4 Love and grief my heart dividing. 
With my iears his feet I '11 bathe: 

ConsUnt still, in Ikith abldinr, 
Life deriving; fh>ra his death. 

5 Here in tender, gratefbl sorrow 
With mr Saviour will I sUy : 

Here new nope and strength will borrow ; 
Here will love my fears away. 


^31 8.7. 

Ze, / am witk fou eiwf. 

A LWAYS with as, always with as;~ 
-^^ Words of cheer and words of love ; 
Thus the risen Savlonr whispen. 

From his dwelling-place above. 
With us when we toil In sadness. 

Sowing much, and reaping none ; 
Telling us that in the future 

Golden harvests shall be won. 

2 With us when the storm Is sweeping 

O'er our pathway dark and drear; 
Waking hope within our boeonu. 

Stilling evary anxioos fear. 
With usln the lonely valley, 

When we eroes the efaiUing stream ) 
Lighting up the stapt to glory 

WUYk ■a\va\.\on?%TiA\«nV\MMiu 


y3S Xi/. *//./«. 8,7. 

LABORING and heary laden, 
Wanting help in time of need, 
Fainting by the way from hanger, 
*' Bread of life I " on thee we feed. 

2 Thirating for the tpringt of waters 
That, by love'c eternal law, 

From tne stricken Rock are flowing, 
" WeU of life ! " from thee we draw. 

3 In the land of cloud and shadow, 
Where no human eye can see, 

Li^ht to those who sit in darkness, 
'* Light of UfeP' we walk in thee. 

4 Thou the grace of life supplying. 
Thou the crown of life wilt give ; 

Dead to sin, and daily dying, 
'< Life of life ! " in thee we live. 

JOHN a. B. M01VSU.L. 

•^33 Hallelujak. 8.7.4. 

r\ THOU Ood of my salvation, 
^^ My Redeemer from all sin ; 
Moved by thv divine compassion, 

Who hast died my heart to win, 
I will praise thee ; 

Where shall I thy praise begin t 

3 Though unseen, I love the Saviour ; 

He hath brought salvation near ; 
Manifests his pardonine favor; 

And when Jesus doth appear, 
Soul and body 

Shall his glorious image bear. 

3 While the angel choirs are crying, 
" Glorv to the great I AM," 

I with them will still be vying— 
Glory I glory to the Lamo I 

O how precious 
Is the souna of Jesus' name ! 

4 Angels now are hovering round us, 
Unperoeived amid the throng; 

Wondering at the love that crowned ns, 
Glad to join the holy song: 

Love and praise to Christ belong! 


y34 8,7. 

King of ileawn, (hd of grae*. 

PRAISE, my soul, the King of heaven ; 
To his feet thv tribute bring : 
Ransomed, heated, restored, fotgiven, 
Svermore his praises sing: 
Hallelujah! Halleluiah! 
Praise the ererlasting King. 

9 Praise him for his grace and fisvor 

To our fathers in distress ; 
Praise him, stiil the samd'as ever, 

Slow to chide, and swift to bless : 
Hallelujah! Halleluiah! 

Glorious fu his faithfulness. 

3 Father-like, he tends and spares us. 
Well our feeble frame he knows ; 

In his hands he gently bears us, 
Rescues us from all our foes : 

Halleltuah ! Hallelqiah ! 
Praise with us the God of grace. 



7'35 Th« power <^prafer, L«M.6/. 

ri WONDROUS power of faithful praverl 
^^ What tongue can tell the almighty 

God's hands or bound or open are, 

As Moses or Elijah prays : 
Let Moses in the Spirit groan. 
And God cries out, " Let me alone ! 

S " Let me alone, that all my wrath 
May rise the wicked to consume ; 

While justice hears thy praying faith. 
It cannot seal the sinner's doom : 

My Son is in my servant's prayer, 

And Jesus forces me to spare.'' 

3 Father, we ask in Jesus' name, 
In Jesus' power and spirit pray ; 

Divert thy vengeful thunder's afm, 

O turn thy threatening wrath away ! 
Our guilt and punishment remove. 
And magnify tny pardoning love. 

4 Father, regard thy pleading Son I 
Accept his all-availing praver. 

And send a peaceful answer down, 

In honor of our Spokesman there, 
Whose blood proclaims our sins forgiven. 
And speaks thy rebels up to heaven. 


^S0 jt^ all, and in all ^' *'••'• 

'T^HOU hidden Souroe of calm repose, 
-*- Thou all-sufficient Love divine. 
My help and refnsre from my foes. 
Secure I am while thou art mine : 
And lo ! from sin, and grief, and shame, 
I hide me, Jesus, in thy name. 

9 Thy mighty name salvation is, 
And keeps my happy soul above : 

Comfort it Drings, ana power, and peace, 
And joy, and everlasting love : 

To me, with thy great name, are given 

Pardon, and holiness, and heaven. 

8 Jesus, my all in all thou art ; 

My rest m toil, my ease in pain ; 
The medicine of my broken heart ; 

In war, my peace ; in loss, my gain ; 
My smile beneath the tyrant's frown ; 
la shame, my glory and my crown : 

4 In want, my plentiful supply ; 

In weakness, my almighty power ; 
In bonds, my perfect liberty ; ' 

My light, in Satan's darlient hour ; 
In grief, my joy unspeakable ; 
My life in deata, my all in alU 


*-' WMa >1DI°I ^tli, Inl «nn« 

> I DHd Bot Ml lb» wb 1 •m, 
Mr ilD u< lOHrT dHinn; 

trt ttMi lilt Uin Ibm 1^ tDf'mi 

5.3g ..■,o»B,.KT. L.H..I. 

S|»Mli tv mr be^n, In blHilnr tpttk. 

'H/SlfaI°RE'S!^j[''™i^^* ' 


Periihiiig thing* of clay, 
Born but for one bHet day, 
Pau from my heart away ; 
Jetoi ia mine. 

8 Farewell, ye dreamt of night ; 

Jeim ia mine. 
Loet in thic dawning bright, 

Jesos ic mine. 
All that my sool hai tried 
Left bat a dismal void ; 
Jesot has satisfied ; 

Jesus is mine. 

4 Farewell, mortality ; 

Jesos is mine. 
Welcome, eternity; 

Jesos is mine. 
Welcome, O loved and blest, 
Welcome, sweet scenes of rest, 
Welcome, my Saviour's breast ; 

Jesos is mine. 


T'^S e,e,4. 

J five myulf to Thee, 

Q AVIOUR, who died for me, 
^ I ffive myself to thee ; 
Thy love, so full, so fk«e, 

Claims all my powers. 
Be this my purpose high. 
To serve tnee till I die, ' 
Whether my path shall lie 

'Mid thorns or flowers. 

9 But, Lord, the flesh Is weak ; 
Thy gracious aid I seek, 

For thoo the word must speak, 

ThiU makes me strong. 
Then let me hear thv voice. 
Thou art my only cnoice ; 

bid mv heart rejoice. 

Be tnott my song. 

5 Mav it be joy to me 
To follow only thee ; 
Thy faithful servant be, 

Thine to the end. 
For thee, I '11 do and dare, 
For thee, the cress 1 11 bear. 
To thee direct my prayer. 

On thee depend. 

4 Saviour, with me abide ; 
Be ever near my side ; 
Support, defend, and guide ; 
1 look to thee. 

1 lay my hand in thine. 
And fleeting jovs resign. 
If I may call thee mine 


•y^rS C. P. M. 

Make Hi$ pratM gloriotu, 

f\ COULD I speak the matchless worth, 
^^ O could I sound the glories forth, 

Which in my Saviour shine, 
I'd- soar and touch the heavenly strings, 
And vie with Qabriel while he sings 

In notes almost divine. 

9 I 'd sing the precious blood he spilt. 
My ransom from the dreadful guilt 
Of sin, and wrath divine ; 

1 'd sine his glorious righteousness, 
In which all-perfect, heavenly dress 

My soul shall ever shine. 

3 I 'd sing the characters he bears. 
And all the forms of love he weart. 

Exalted on his throne ; 
In loftiest songs «t sweetest praise, 
I would to everlasting days 

Make all his glories known. 

4 Well, the deliehtfnl dav will come 
When my dear Lord will bring me home. 

And I shall tee his faee ; 
Then with my Saviour, Brother, Friend, 
A blest etemitv I '11 spend. 

Triumphant in his grace. 


*y^4. Ml • • • C.P. M. 

TTOW happy, gracious Lord, are we« 
-'"'- Divinely drawn to follow thee 1 

Whose hours divided are 
Betwixt the mount and multitude ; 
Our day is spent in doing good, 

Our night m praise and prayer. 

9 With us no melancholy void, 
No moment lingers unemployed. 

Or unimproved, below : 
Our weariness of life is eone. 
Who live to serve our Gnod alone. 

And only thee to know. 

8 The winter's night, the tummer'i day* 
Glide imperceptibly away, 

Too short to sing thy praise ; 
Too few we find the happy hours. 
And haste to join those heavenly powen 

In everlatting layt. 

4 With all who chant thy name on high. 
And, " Holy, holy, holy," cry, — 

A bright, narmoniout uirongl 
We long thy praises to repeat. 
And ceaseless sing around thy seat 

The new, eternal song. 

r^5 "R"PABT. ^^^ 

My help eonutk/rom the Lord.—T%. 191 : 9. 

TO the hills I lift mine eyes. 
The everlasting hills ; 
Streaming thence in fresn supplies, 

Mv soul the Spirit feels : 
Will he not his nelp aflbrdt 

Help, while yet I ask, is given : 
GU>d comes down ; the God and Lord 
Who made both earth and heaven. 

2 Faithful soul, pray always ; prav. 
And still in God confide ; 

He thy feeble steps shall stay, 

Nor suffer thee to slide ; 
Lean on thy Redeemer's breast; 

He thv quiet spirit keeps ; 
Rest in nim, securely rest ; 


3 Naither sin, nor earth, nor hell, 

Thy Keeper can curpriie ; 
Careless slumbers cannot steal 

On his all-seeing ejta ; 
He is Israel's sure defense ; 

Israel all his care shall proye ; 
Kept by watchful providence. 

And eTer-waking love. 

^40 •WOND PART. ^g,y 

The Lord it Ay keeper.— ?». 121 : 5. 

QBE the Lord, thy Kiwper, stand 

*^ Omiiipotently near : 

Lo ! he holds thee bv thy hand. 

And banishes thy fear : 
Shadows with his wings thy head ; 

Onards from all impendinir bamts; 
Round thee and beneath are spread 

The everlasting arms. 

S Christ shall bless thy going oat, 

Shall bless thy oomuig in ; 
Kindly compass thee about, 

Till thou art saved from sin ; 
Like thv spotless Master, thou, 

Filled with wisdom, love, and power. 
Holy, pure, and perfect now, 

Henceforth, ana evermore. 





J\«euHun*$i of Jetu*. 

OW tedious and tasteleu the hoars 
When Jesus no longer I see ! 



sweet birds, and sweet 

Have all lost their sweetness to me ; 
The midsummer sun shines but dim, 

The fields strive in vain to look gay ; 
But when I am happy in him, 

December 's as pleasant as May. 

S His name yields the richest perfume. 

And sweeter than moslc his voice ; 
His presence disperses my gloom, 

And makes all within me rqoice ; 
I should, were he always thus nigh. 

Have nothing to wish or to fear ; 
No mortal so happv as I, 

My summer wonld last all the year. 

8 Content with beholdteg his face. 

My all to his pleasure resigned. 
No changes of season or place 

Would make any change In my mind : 
While blest with a sense of his love, 

A palace a toy would appear ; 
And prisons would palaces prove. 

If Jesus would dwell with me there. 

4 My Lord, If Indeed I am thine. 
If thoa art rav can and my song. 

Say, why do I langvisb and pine 1 
And why are my winters so longt 

O drive these dark clouds f^om my' sky, 
7% I' jooj-ebeerlng presence restore ; 
OrUJtt me to tbee up on lifgh. 

When winter mad elood* are do more. 



■^'48 ^ 8. 

Longing for cheer eommunion. 

T^HOU Shepherd of Israel, and mine, 
-■■ The joy and desire of my heart, 
For closer communion I pine, 

I long to reside where thou art : 
The pasture I languish to find, 

Where all, who their Shepherd obey. 
Are fed, on thr bosom reclined. 

And screened from the heat of the day. 

S Tis there, with the Umbs of thy fluck. 

There only, I covet to rest ; 
To lie at the foot of the tttck. 

Or rise to be hid in thy breast : 
'TIS there I would alwajrs abide. 

And never a moment depart, 
Concealed in the cleft of tny side. 

Eternally held in thy heart. 


y40 s. M. 

Tkt tender merey of tke Lord. 

BLESS the Lord, my soul ! 
His grace to thee proclaim ; 
And all that is within me, join 
To bless his holy name. 

S The Lord forgives thy sins. 

Prolongs thy feeble breath ; 
He healeth thine infirmities. 

And ransoms thee from death. 

8 He clothes thee with his love. 
Upholds thee with his truth ; 

And like the eagle he renews 
The vigor of thy youth. 

4 Then bless his holy name 

Whose grace hath made thee whole ; 
Whose loving-kindnese crowns thy days : 

O bless the Lord, my soul I 


ySO iVay evermore. ^ **• 
riOME at tiie morning hoar, 
^^ Come, let as kneel and pray ; 
Prayer is the Christian pilgrim's ttaff 
To walk with God all day. 

9 At noon, beneath the Rock 
Of ages, rest and pray ; 

Sweet IS that shelter from the ran 
In weary heat of day. 

8 At evening, in thy home, 

Around its altar, pray ; 
And finding there the house of God, 

With heaven then cloee the day. 

4 When midnight veils oar eyes, 

O it is sweet to say, 
" I sleep, but my heart waketh, Lord, 

With thee to watch and pray." 



Heaeen upon eartk. 


MY God, my Life, my Love, 
To thee, to the^ I Mil; 
I cannot live if thon remove. 
For thou an aW \u »\l. 


5 Thv thiniiig grace can cheer 
ThU dongeoQ where I dwell ; 

TU parmdite when thon art here : 
If Oioo depart, 'tie heU. 

3 The nnilinn of thy face, 
How amiable thev are ! 

Tie heaven to reet in thine embrace, 
And nowhere elae but there. 

4 Not all the harpi above 
Can malce a heavenly place, 

If God hit residence remove, 
Or bat conceal hia face. 

6 Thoa art the tea of love, 
Where all my pl«uarei roll : 

The circle where my pauions nwve, 
And center of my tool. 


'752 8,8,8,4. 

Th4 hour of pray t. 
ILTY Ood, ii any hour to aweet, 
^**- From blnsh of mom to evening star, 
Aa that which calls me to thy feet. 
The hoar of prayer t 

t Blest is that tranquil hoar of mom. 
And blest that solemn hour of eve, 
When, on the wings of prayer upborne. 
The world I leave. 

S Then is my strength by thee renewed ; 

Then are my sins by taee forgiven ; • 
Then dost thou cheer my solitude 
With hopes of heaven. 

4 No words can tell what sweet relief 
Here for my every want I find ; 

What strength for warfare, balm for grief, 
What peace of mind. 

5 Hashed is each doubt, gone every fear. 
My spirit seems In heaven to stay ; 

And e'en the penitential tear 
Is wipea away. 

e Lord, till I reach that blissful shore. 

No privilege so dear sliall be, 
As thus my mmost soul to pour 
In prayer to thee. 


ySS S.M. 

TA* •pivit f^ ptaytr. 
npHE praying spirit breathe, 
-■• The watching power impart. 
From all entanglements beneath 

Call oiT my peaceful heart ; 
My feeble mind sustain, 

By worldly thoughts oppressed ; 
Appear, and bid me turn again 

To my eternal rest. 

9 Swift to my rescue come, 

Thine own this moment seise ; 
Gather my wandering spirit home. 

And keep In perfect peace : 
SuiTered no more to rove 

O'er all the earth abroad ! 
Arrest the prisoner of thy love. 

And shnt me np in God. 


•^54 7.6. 

/ lay mf m'im on Juua, 

T LAY my sins on Jesus, 
-'The spotless Lamb of God ; 
He bears them all, and frees us 

From the. accurst load: 
I bring my guilt to Jesus, 

To wash my crimson stains 
White in his blood most precious. 

Till not a stain remains. 

S I lay my wants on Jesus ; 

All fullness dwells in him ; 
He healeth my diseases, 

He doth my soul redeem : 
I lav my griefs on Jesus, 

Mv bur«)ens and my cares ; 
He from them all releases, 

He all my sorrows shares. 

8 I rest my soul on Jesns, 

This weary soul of mine ; 
His right hand me embraces, 

I on his breast recline : 
I love the name of Jesus, 

Immanuel, Christ, the Lord ; 
Lilce Avgranoe on the breeies. 

His name abroad is poured. 

4 I long to be like Jesus, 

Meek, loving, lowly, mild ; 
I long to t>e like Jesus, 

The Father's holy child : 
I long to be with Jesus 

Amid the heavenly throng, 
To sing with saints ois praises. 

And learn the angels' song. 


ySS 7,6. 

Nntr teparaUdfrom Ckriat. 

T KNOW no life divided, 
-'- O Lord of life, from thee ; 
In thee is life provided 

For all mankind and me : 
I know no death, O Jesus, 

Because I live in thee ; 
Thv death it is which fl-eee n« 

From death eternally. 

9 I fear no tribulation. 

Since, whatsoe'er it be. 
It makes no separation 

Between my Lord and me. 
If thou, my God and Teacher, 

Voucnsafe to t>e my own, 
Though poor, I shall be richer 

Than monarch on his throne. 

8 If, while on earth I wander. 

My heart is light and blest. 
Ah, what shall I l>e yonder. 

In perfect peace and rest t 
O blessed thought! in dying 

We go to meet the Lord. 
Where there shall be no sighing, 

A kingdom our reward. 




yse 7.6. 

/ love to tell the etory. 

T LOVE to tell the ttory, 
-'- Of unseen things above, 
Of Jesut and hit glory, 
Of Jesus and his love. 
I love to tell the story, 

Because I know 'tis true ; 
It satisfies my longings. 
As nothing else can do. 
I love to tell the story, 

Twill be my theme In glory, 
To tell the ola, old story 
Of Jesus and his love. 

S I love to tell the story ; 

More wonderful it seems 
Than all the golden fancies 

Of all our golden dreams. 
I love to tell the story. 

It did so much for me ; 
And that is just the reason 

I tell it now to thee. 

3 I love to tell the story ; 
'TIS pleasant to repeat 

What seems, each time I tell it. 

More wonderfully sweet 
I love to tell the story ; 

For some have never heard 
The message of salvation 

From God's own holy word. 

4 I love to tell the story ; 
For those who know it best 

Seem hungerint; and thirsting 

To hear it like the rest. 
And when, in scenes of glory, 

I sing the new. new song. 
Twill be the old, old story 

That I have loved so long. 


VSV 11. la. 

The forekute of endloet blitt. 

IVTY God, I am thine; what a comfort 

•^'-'- divine. 

What a blessing to know that my Jesus 

is mine ! 
In the heavenly Lamb thrice happy I 

And my heart doth rejoice at the sound 

of his name. 

S True pleasures abound in the rapturous 

And whoever hath found it, hath paradise 

found : 
My Redeemer to know, to feel his blood 

This Is life everlasting — 'tis heaven below. 

8 Yet onward I haste to the heavenly feast ; 
That indeed is the fullness, but this is the 

And this 1 shall prove, till with Joy I remove 
To tie hearea of beaveas in Jesus's love. 



rSS 10.11. 

Worldly vanity renounced. 

OTELL me no more of this world's vaio 
The time for such trifles with me now is o'er ; 
A country I've found where true joyt 

To dwell I 'm determined on that happy 

2 The souls that believe in paradise live, 
And me in that number will Jesus receive : 
My soul, don't delay ; he calls thee away : 
Rise, follow thy Saviour, and bless the glad 


8 No mortal doth know what he can bestow. 
What light, strength, and comfort— go after 

him, go; 
Lo, onward I move to a city above, 
None guesses how wondrous my journey will 


4 Great spoils I shall win from death, hell, 

and sin, 
'Midst outward afBictiona shall feel Christ 

within : 
And when I 'm to die. '* Receive me," I >1I 

For Jeans hath loved me, I cannot tell why : 

6 But this I do find, we two are so joined. 
He '11 not live in glory and leave me behind : 
So this is the race I'm running through 

Heiiceforth, till admitted to see my Lord's 

6 And now I 'm in care my neighbors may 

These blessings : to seek them will none of 

you daret 
In bondage. O why, and death will yon lie, 
When one here assures yon fre* grace is so 


ySO jfy Beloved. ^^» ^' 

OTHOU, In whose presence my soal takes 
On whom in affliction I call. 
My comfort by day, and my song in the 
My hope, my salvation, my all ! 

5 Where dost thou, dear Shepherd, resort 

with thy sheep. 
To feed them in pastures of love? 
Say, why in the valley of death should I 

Or alone in the wilderness rove I 

3 O why should I wander an alien f^m thee. 

Or cry in the desert for bread t 
Thy foes will rejoiee when my sorrows they 
And smile at the tears I ha%'e shed. 

4 Ye daughters of Zion, declare, have yon 

The stajr that on Israel shone ! 
Say, if in your tents my Beloved has been, 
And where with his flocks he is gone. 


fi He looki I and ten thoaeandB of angels re- 
And myriad* wait for his word ; 
He speaks f and eternity, filled with his 
Re-echoes the praise of the Lord. 

e Dear Shepherd, I hear, and will follow 
thy call ; 

I know the sweet sound of thy voice ; 
Restore and defend me, for thoa art my all, 

And in thee I will ever rejoice. 


reo e.4.7. 

/ need Thee every ktmr. 

I NEED thee every hour, 
Most gracious Lord ; 
No tender voice like thine 
Can peace afford. 
I need thee, O I need thee ; 
Every hour I need thee ; 
O bless me now, my Saviour, 
I come to thee I 

9 I need thee every honr ; 

Stay thou near by : 
Temptations lose their power 

"Wnen thou art nigh. 

8 I need thee every hour, 

In joy or pain ; 
Come quickly and abide, 

Or life is vain. 

4 I need thee every honr ; 
Teach me thy will ; 

And thy rich promises 
In me fulfill. 

5 I need thee every hour, 
Most Holy One ; 

O make me thine indeed, 
Thou blessed Son ! 




ExuhatU trutt. 


MY Shepherd's mighty aid, 
His dear redeeming love, 
His all-protecting power displayed, 

I joy to prove : 
Led onward by my guide, 

I view the verdant scene. 
Where limpid waters gently glide 
Through pastures green. 

S In error's mase my soul 
Shall wander now no more ; 

His Spirit shall, with sweet control. 
The lost restore ; 

My willing steps shall lead 
In paths of righteousuess ; 

His power defend ; his bounty feed ; 
His mercy bless. 

8 Affliction's deepest gloom 

Shall but his love display* ; 
He will the vale of death illume 

With living rav : 
Mv failing flesh his rod 

Shall thankfully adore ; 
My heart shall vindicate my God 

For evermore. 

4 His goodness ever nigh, 

His mercy ever free, 
Shall while I live, shall when I die, 

Still follow me ; 
Forever shall my soul 

His boundless blessings prove ; 
And while eternal ages roll. 

Adore and love. 


V02 Before the eroat. ®'** 

MY faith looks up to thee. 
Thou Lamb of Calvary, 
Saviour divine : 
Now bear me while I pray, 
Take all my guilt away, 
O let me from this day 
Be wholly thine. 

9 May thy rich jp^ace impart 
Strength to my Utinting heart, 

My zeal inspire ; 
As thou hast died for me, 
O may my love to thee 
Pure, warm, and changless be, — 

A living fire. 

8 While life's dark maze I tread, 
And griefs around me spread, 

09 thou my guide ; 
Bid darkness turn to day, 
Wipe sorrow's tears away. 
Nor let me ever stray 

From thee aside. 

4 When ends life's transient dream, 
When death's cold, sullen stream 

Shall o'er me roll ; 
B^est Saviour, then, in love, 
Fear and distrust remove ; 
O bear me safe alwve, — 

A ransomed soul. 






Th4 Church immovable. 


r\ WHERE •» king! »nd empires now, 
^^ Of old that went and came f 
But, Lord, thy Church ii praying yet, 
A thousand years the same. 

9 We mark her §:oodly battlements, 

And her foumUtioni strong ; 
We hear within the solemn voice 

Of her unending song. 

8 For not like kingdoms of the world 

Thy holy Church, O God I 
Though earthquake shocks are threaten* 
ing her, 

And tempests are abroad ; 

4 Unshaken as eternal hills. 

Immovable she stands. 
A mountain that shall fill the earth, 

A hoose not made by bands. 




Founded on a Roek. 


'ITH stately towers and bulwarks 

' * strong, 

Unrivalra and alone. 
Loved theme of many a sacred song, 

God's holy city shone. 
9 Thus fair was Zion's chosen eeat, 

The glory of all lands ; 
Yet fairer, and in strength complete. 

The Christian temple stands. 

8 The faithful of each clime and age 
This glorious Church compose ; 

Built on a Rock, with idle rage 
The threatening tempest blows. 

4 Fear not ; though hostile bands alarm« 

Thy God is thy defense ; 
And weak and powerless every arm 

Against Oomfpotenoe. 


yOS T^^t hingdoma on*. ^' *** 

TTAPPY the souls to Jesns joined, 
-'--'- And saved by grace alone ; 
Walking in all his ways, they find 
Their neaven on earth begun. 

9 The Church triumphant in thy love. 
Their mighty joys we know : 

They sing tne Lamb in hymns above. 
And we in hymns below. 

3 Thee in thy glorious realm they praise, 

And bow before thy throne ; 
We In the kingdom of thy grace : 
The kingdoms we but one. 

4 The holy to the holiest leads, 
And thence our spirits rise ; 

For he that in thy statutes treads. 
Shall meet thee in the skies. 




The enr* FouudoHon. 

C M. 

EHOLD the sure Foundatlon-ttone 
Which God in ZIon lays, 
To bnild our heavenly hopes upon, 
And hi* eternal pnuse. 

9 Chosen of God, to sinners dear, 

We now adore thy name ; 
We trust oiir whole salvation here. 

Nor can we suffer shame. 

8 The foolish builders, scribe and priest, 
R^ect it with disdain ; 

Yet on this Rock the Church shall rest, 
And envy rage in val». 

4 What though the gates of hell with- 

Yet must this building rise ; 
'Tis thine own work. Almighty God, 

And wondrous in our eyes. 


'^^7' Good neue for Zion. *•''»*• 

(\S the mountain's top appearing, 
^^ Lo I the sacred herald standi. 
Welcome news to Zion bearing, 

Zion, long in hostile lands : 
Mourning; captive ! 

God himself shall loose thy bands. 

9 Has thy night been long and mournful t 
Have thv friends unfaubftil proved ! 

Have thy foes been proud and scornful, 
By thy sighs and tears unmoved ! 

Cease thy monmlng; . 
Zion sUU is well beloved. 

8 God, thy God, will now restore thee ; 

He himself appears thy FHend ; 
All thy foes shall fiee before thee ; 

Here their boasts and triumphs and : 
Great detiveranoe 

Zion's King will surely send. 

4 Peace and joy shall now attend thee ; 

All thy warfare now is past : 
God thy Saviour will defend thee; 

Victory Is thine at last: 
All thy conflicts 

End' in everlasting reel. 



yes 8.7.4. 

Jehovah, the de/eiue of Zion. 

ZION lUnds with hilU snrronnded, 
Zion, k«pt bv power divine : 
All her foes ahall be confounded, 
Thonch the world in lurm* combine : 

I&ppy Zion, 
What a favored h>t is thine ! 

9 Every human tie may perish ; 

Friend to friend unfaithful prove; 
Mothers cease their own to cherish ; 

Heaven and earth at last remove ; 
But no changes 

Can attend Jehovah's love. 

3 In the furnace €k>d may prove thee, 
Thence to bring thee forth more bright, 

But can never cease to love thee ; 
Thou art precious in his sight : 

6od is with thee, 
God, Uiine everlasting light. 


yeO Thetrrdyhle^ ^'^' 

HOVf lovelv are thy dwellings. Lord, 
From noise and trouble f^«e i 
How beautiful the sweet accord 
Of souls tiiat pray to thee I 

t Lord Ood of hosts that reign'st on high ! 

They are the truly blest 
Who only will on thee rely. 

In thee alone will rest. 

8 They pass refreshed the thirsty rale, 

The dry and barren ground. 
As through a fruitful, watery dale. 

Where springs and showers abound. 

4 They jonmey on ftrom strength to strength , 
With joy and gladsome cheer, 

Till all before our God at length 
In Zion's courts appear. 


"770 Lo9e for Zion. ^•^• 

I LOVE thy kingdom, Lord, 
The house of thine abode, 
The Church our blest Redeemer saved 
With his own precious blood. 

9 I love thy Church, O God I 
Her walls t>efore tnee stand. 

Dear as the apple of thine eye. 
And graven on thy band. 

8 For her my tears shall fall, 
For her my prayers ascend ; 

To her mv cares and toils be given, 
Till toils and cares shall end. 

4 Beyond my highest joy 

I prize her heavenly ways, 
Her sweet communion, solemn vows. 
Her hymns of love and praise. 

6 Sure as thy truth shall last. 

To Zion shall t>e given 
The brightest glories earth can yield. 

And brighter bliss of heaven. 



For a revival. 

S. M. 

OLORD, thy work revive, 
In Zion's gloomy boun 
And let our dying graces live 
By thy restoring power. 

9 O let thy chosen few 

Awake to earnest prayer ; 
Their covenant again renew. 

And walk in flfial fear. 

8 Thy Spirit then will speak 
Through lips of humble clay. 

Till hearts of adamant shall break. 
Till rebels shall obey. 

4 Now lend thy gracious ear ; 

Now listen to our cry : 
O come, and bring salvation near ; 

Oar souls on thee rely. 


772 S. M. 

The Chureh'a eonfidenee and eeeuritjf, 

'flTHO in the Lord confide, 
*^ And feel his sprinkled blood. 
In storms and hurricanes abide 

firm as the mount of God : 
Steadfast, and fixed, and sure, 

His Zion cannot move : 
His faith All people stand secure 

In Jesus' guardian love. 

9 As round Jerusalem 
The hilly bulwarks rise, 

So God protects and covers them 

From all their enemies. 
On every side he stands. 

And ior his Israel cares ; 
And safe in his almighty hands 

Their souls forever bears. 




Th*fortf-oixth Peahn. 

GOD is the refuge of his saints, 
When storms of sharp distress invade ; 
Ere we can oiTer our complaints. 
Behold him present witn his aid. 

9 Let mountains from their seats be hurled 
Dewn to the deep, and buried there. 

Convulsions shake tne solid world, — 
Our faith shall never yield to fear. 

8 Loud may the troubled ocean roar ; 

In saored peace our souls abide ; 
While every nation, every shore. 

Trembles, and dr««ds the swelling tide. 

4 There is a stream whose gentle flow 
Supplies the city of our God, 

Life, love, and joy, ttill gliding through. 
And watering our divine alrade. 

5 That sacred stream, thine holy word. 
Our grief allays, our fear eontrols ; 

Sweet peace thy premises afford, 
And ^v« TiL«N««us^^AWSis^^sk%,^KkM^v. 


6 Zion enjoys her Mouarch'c love, 
Secure RKninst a threatening hour; 

Nor can her firm foundation move, 
Built on bii truth, and armed with power. 


■yy^ The river of life. ^' ^' 

r3.REAT Source of being and of love! 
^^ Thou waterest all the worlds above ; 
And all the jovs which mortals know, 
From thine eznaustless fountain flow. 

8 A sacred spring, at thy command, 
From Zion's mount, in Canaan's land. 
Beside thy temple cleaves the gronnd, 
And pours its limpid stream around. 

3 Close by its banks, in order fair. 
The blooming trees of life appear ; 
Their blossoms fragrant odors give. 
And on their fruit the nations live. 

4 Flow, wondrous stream, with glory 

Flow on to earth's remotest bound ; 
And bear us, on thy gentle wave. 
To him who all thy virtues gave. 


rrs L.M. 

Awake, Jertualem, awake f 

A WAKE, Jerusalem, awake I 
■^^ No longer in thy sins lie down : 
The garment of salvation take ; 
Thy beauty and thy strength put on. 

9 Shake off the dust that blinds thy sight. 
And hides the promise from thine eyes ; 

Arise, and strugKle into light: 
The great Deliverer calls, ''Arise I " 

8 Shake off the bands of sad despair; 

Zion, assert thy liberty ; 
Look up, thy broken heart prepare, 

And God shall set the captive me. 

4 Vessels of mercy, sons of mce. 
Be purged from every sinful stain ; 

Be like your Lord, his word embrace. 
Nor bear his hallowed name in vain. 



Ood in the midet of her. 


ri LORIOUS things of thee are spok< 

^-^ Zion, city of our God ; 

He, whose word cannot be broken. 

Formed thee for his own abode ; 
On the Rock of ages founded, 

What can shake thv sure repose ! 
With salvation's walls surrounded, 

Thou mayst smile at all thy foes. 

8 See, the streams of living waters, 


Springing from eternal love, 
11 "uppl ' , " " _' 

And all fear of want remove : 

Still supply thy sons and daughters, 

Who ran faint while such a river 
Er0r Howa onr thirst to assuage t 
Onuse, which, tike the Lord, the giver, 
N»vw f»Ut from mge to ajte. 

3 Round each habitation hovering, 

See the cloud and fire appear. 
For a glory and a covering, 

Showing that the Lord is near ! 
He who gives us daily manna. 

He who listens when we cry. 
Let him hear the loud hosanna 

Rising to his throne on high. 



Ood her everlaaUng light. 

8, 7. 

TTEAR what God the Lord hath spoken : 
•'"'• O my people, faint and few, 
Comfortless, afflicted, broken. 

Fair abodes I build for yon. 
Scenes of heartfelt tribulation 

Shall no more perplex vour ways ; 
Yon shall name your walls " Salvation," 

And your gates shadl all be " Praise." 

S There, like streams that feed the garden. 

Pleasures without end shall flow. 
For the Lord, your faith rewarding. 

All his bounty shall bestow. 
Still in undisturbed possession. 

Peace and righteousness shall reign, 
Never shall you feel oppression. 

Hear the voice of war again. 

3 Ye, no more your suns descending. 

Waning moons no more shall see ; 
But. your griefs forever ending, 

Find eternal noon in me : 
Gk>d shall rise, and, shining o'er yon, 

Change to dav the gloom of night; 
He, the Lord, snail be your glory, 

God, your everlasting light. 


■y^S Dau^Uer of rum, ^^* 

T\AUGHTER of Zion, awake f^m thy 
■*-^ sadness; 
Awake, for thy foes shall oppress thea 
no more ; 
Bright o'er thy hills dawns the day-star of 
gladness ; 
Arise, for the night of thy sorrow is o'er. 

9 Strong were thy foes ; but the arm that 
subdued them. 
And scattered their legions, was mightier 
far ; 
They fled like the chaff from the scourge 
that pursued them ; 
Vain were their steeds and their chariots 
of war. 

8 Daughter of Zion, the power that hath 
saved thee 
Extolled with the harp and the timbrel 
should be ; 
Shout, for the foe is destroyed that en- 
slaved thee ; 
The oppressor is vanquished, and Zion la 



rro 7.6/. 

For tk* extennon of tke Chtireh. 

ON thy Charcli, O Power dlyine, 
Cause thy glorious face to shine, 
Till the nations, from afar, 
Hail ber as their guiding star ; 
Till her sons from zone to zone, 
Make thy great salvation known. 

2 Then shall God, with lavish hand, 
Scatter blessings o'er the land ; 
Earth shall yield her rich increase, 
Every breeze shall whisper peace, 
And the world's remotest bound 
With the voice of ptiUse resound. 





Tk« golden ekain. 

HOW sweet, how heavenlv is the sight, 
When those who love the Lord 
In one another's peace delight. 
And so fulfill his word! 

9 When each can feel his brother's sigh, 

And with him bear a part ! 
When sorrow flows from eye to eye, 

And joy from heart to heart I 

8 When, free trora envy, soom, and pride. 

Our wishes all above, 
Each can his brother's failings hide. 

And show a brother's love! 

4 Let love, in one delightful stream, 

Through every bosom flow. 
And union sweet, and dear esteem. 

In every action glow. 

6 Love is (he golden chain that binds 

The happy souls above ; 
And he 's an heir of heaven who finds 

His bosom glow with love. 



CotM tnth ua. 


COME in, thou blessed of the Lord, 
Stranger nor foe art thou : 
We welcome thee with waian accord. 
Our Mend, our brother, now. 

9 The hand of fellowship, the heart 

Of love, we ofiFer thee : 
Leaving the world, thou dost but part 

From lies and vanity. 

8 Come with us ; we will do thee good. 

As God to us hath done ; 
Stand but in him, as those have stood 

Whose faith the victory won. 

4 And when, by turns, we pass away. 

As star by star grows dim. 
May each, translated into day. 

Be lost and found in him. 


rsS C M. 

United — thougk $eparate. 

BLEST be the dear uniting love. 
That will not let us part: 
Our bodies may far off remove. 
We still are one in heart. 

9 .Joined in one spirit to our Head, 

Where he appoints we go ; 
And still in Jesus' footsteps tread. 

And show his praise below. 

3 O may we ever walk in him, 
And nothing know beside ; 

Nothing desire, nothing esteem, 
But Jesus crucified. 

4 Closer and closer let us cleave 
To his beloved embrace ; 

Expect his fullness to receive. 
And grace to answer grace. 

5 Partakers of the Saviour's grace. 
The same in mind and heart. 

Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place, 
Nor life, nor death can part. 

6 Then let us hasten to the day 
Which shall our flesh restore ; 

When death shall all be done away, 
And bodies part no more. 


yss C M. 

Zove, tke teet of dUeipleship. 

f\VR God is love ; and all his saints 
^^ His image l>ear below : 
The heart with love to God inspired. 
With love to man will glow. 

9 Teach us to love each other. Lord, 

As we are loved by thee ; 
None who are truly born of God 

Can live in enmity. 

3 Heirs of the same immortal bliss. 
Our hopes and fears the same. 

With bonds of love our hearts unite. 
With mutual love inflame. 

4 So may the unbelieving world 
See how true Christians love ; 

And glorify our Saviour's grace. 
And seeK that grace to prove. 


7'S^ The law of Ckritt. ^- ^^• 

TRY us, O God, and search the ground 
Of every sinful heart ; 
Whate'er of sin in us is found, 
O bid it all depart. 

2 If to the right or left we stray, 
Leave us not comfortless ; 

But guide our feet into the way 
Of everlasting peace. 

3 Help us to help each other, Lord, 
Earn other's cross to bear ; 

I^t each his friendly aid afford, 


4 Help lis to build each other ap, 
Onr little stock improve ; 

lorresse our Mth^ confirm our hope, 
And perfect nt in love. 

5 Up into thee, oar llTinip; Head, 
Let us fn all things grow, 

Till thou hast made us free indeed, 
And spotless here below. 

6 Then, .when the mighty work is 

Receive thy ready bride : 
Give us in heaven a happy lot 
With all the SMtctifieid. 

•ySS CM. 

The lotubtofu of Hit low. 

JESUS, united by thy grace. 
And each to each endeared^ 
With confidence we seek thy ftce, 
Aud know our prayer is heard. 

S Stili let us own our common Lord, 

And bear thine easy yoke ; 
A band of love, a threefold cord, 

Which never can be broke. 

3 Make us into one spirit drink ; 
Baptise into thy name ; 

And let us always kindly think. 
And sweetly speak, the same. 

4 Touched by the loadstone of thy love. 
Let all our hearts agree. 

And ever toward each other move, 
And ever move toward thee. 


VS^ Rejoieing in hop«. ^' ^' 

LIFT up your hearts to things above. 
Ye followers of the Lamb, 
And join with us to praise his love, 
And glorify his name. 

5 To Jesus' name give thanks and sing, 
Wliose mercies never end : 

Rejoice ! rejoice 1 the I^rd is King ; 
The King is now our friend 1 

8 We for his sake count all things loss ; 

On earthly good look down ; 
And joyfully sustain the cress. 

Till we receive the crown. 

4 O let us stir each other up. 
Our faith by works to approve, 

Bv holy, purifying hope, 
'And 'the sweet task of love. 

5 Let all who for the promise wait, 
The Holy Ghost receive ; 

And, raised to our nnslnning state, 
With God in Eden live :— 

6 Live, till the Lord in glory come. 
And wait his heaven to share : 

He now U Siting up your home ; 
Oo oa, we 'U meet yon there. 



ySr CM. 

F« art eom» unto Mimnt /Ston.— Heb. 13 : 3S. 

NOT to the terrors of the Lord, 
The tempest, fire, and smoke ; 
Not to the thunder of that word 
Which God on Sinai apoke ; — 

9 But we are come to Zion's hill. 

The eity of our God ; 
Where milder words declare his will. 

And speak his love abroad. 

8 Behold the innumerable host 

Of aneels clothed in light! 
Behold the spirit»>of the just. 

Whose faith is turned to sight I 

4 Behold the blest assembly there. 
Whose names are writ in heaven. 

And God, the Judge of all, declare . 
Their vilest sins forgiven I 

5*The saints on earth and all the dead 

But one communion make ; 
All join in Christ, their living Head, 

And of his grace partake. 

6 In such society as this 

My weary soul would rest : 
The man that dwell* where Jesus is. 

Must be forever blest. 


■ySS TA* bond of low. ^' ^* 

THE glorious universe around. 
The heavens with all their train, 
Sun, moon, and stan, are firmly bound 
In one mysterious chain.- 

S In one fraternal bond of love. 

One fellowship of mind. 
The saints below and saints above 

Their bliss and glory find. 

3 Here, in their house of pilgrimage. 
Thy statutes are their song ; 

There, through one bright, eternal ag«. 
Thy praises they prolong. 

4 Lord, may onr union form a part 
Of that thrice happy whole ; 

Derive its pulse fW>m thee, the heart. 
Its life from thee, the soul. 


yso c M. 

Harmony and joy vnapeakabU. 

A LL praise to onr redeeming Lord, 
-"• Who joins us by his grace, 
And bids us, each to each restored. 
Together seek his face. 

5 He bids us build each other up ; 
And, gathered Into one. 

To our high calling's glorious hope. 
We hand in band go on. 

3 The gift which he on one bestows. 

We all delight to prove ; 
The grace through every vessel flowa, 

In 'potest tt(««m» ot \on«. 


4 E'en now we think and (peak the lame, 
And cordially acree. 

United all, throogn Jeans* name, 
In perfect harmony. 

5 We all partake the joy of one ; 
The common peace we feel ; 

A peace to Mnsual minds onlmowii, 
A joy unspeakable. • 

6 And if onr fellowship below 
In Jesns be so sweet, 

What height of rapture shall we know 
When round his throne we meet ! 


TOO SafOfin union. ^'^ 

JESUS, great Shepherd of the sheep, 
To thee for help we fly ; 
Thy little flock in safety keep, 
For O, the wolf is nigh ! 

S He comes, of hellish malice full, 

To scatter, tear, and slay; 
He seizes everv strangling soul 

As his own fawfulprey. 

S Us into thy protection take. 
And gather with thine arm ; 

Unless the fold we first forsake, 
The wolf can never harm. 

4 We laugh to scorn his cruel power 
While by our Shepherd's side ; 

The sheep he never can devour. 
Unless be first divide. 

5 O do not snifer him to part 
The souls that here agree ; 

Bat make us ot, one mind and heart, 
And keep «s one in thee. 

6 Together let us sweetly live, 
Together let us die ; 

And each a starry crown receive. 
And reign above the sky. 


yOl L. M. 

Welconu to Church f*llomMp, 

"DRETHREN in Christ, and well beloved, 
■'-' To Jesus and his servants dear. 
Enter, and show yourselves approved ; 
Enter, and find that God is here. 

9 Welcome from earth : lo, the right hand 

Of fellowship to you we give I 
With open hearts and hands we stand. 

And you in Jesus' name receive. 

8 Jesus, attend ; thyself reveal ; 

Are we not met in thy great name t 
Thee In the midst we wait to ftiel ; 

We wait to catoh the spreading flame. 

4 Truly our ffllowsbip below 
With thee and with the Father is : 

In thee eternal life we know. 
And heaven's unutterable ollss. 

t Though but in part we know thee here. 
We wait thy coming from above ; 

And we shall then behold thee near. 
And be forever lost in love. 


•703 »ia»T PART. L. M. 

Striving togtthtr/or the faith of the geepek 

UNCHANGEABLE, almighty Lord, 
Our souls upon thy truth we stay ; 
Accomplish now thy faithful word. 
And give, O give as all one way. 

S O let ns all join hand in hand, 
Who seek reoemption in thy blood ; 

Fast in one mind and spirit stand. 
And build the temple of our CkM* 

3 Thou only canst our wills control, 
Our wild, unruly passions bind, 

Tame the old Adam in our sonl. 
And make as of one heart ana mind* 

4 Sneak but the reconciling word, — 
Tne winds shall cease, the waves sabeide; 

We all shall praise our common Lord, 
Our Jesns, and him crucified. 




L. M* 

One fold tmd on* Shepherd. 

GIVER of peace and unity, 
Send down thy mild, pacific Dot« ; 
We all shall then in one acree, 
And breathe the spirit of thy love. 

S We all shall think and speak the same 
Delightful lesson of thy grace ; 

One undivided Christ proclaim. 
And jointly glory in thy praue. 

8 O let us take » softer mold. 
Blended and gathered into thee : 

Under one Shepnerd make one fold. 
Where all I9 love and harmony. 

4 Regard thine own eternal prayer. 
And send a peaceful answer down { 

To us th}' Father's name declare ; 
Unite and perfect us in one. 

5 So shall the world believe and "know 
That God hath sent thee from above. 

When thou art seen in us below, 
And every soul displays thy love. 

•yO^r L. M. 

The heavenly Otieet invited. 

•^AyIOUR of all, to thee we bow, 
'^ And own thee faithful to thy word; 
We hear thy voice, and open now 
Our hearts to entertidn our Lord. 

S Come in, come in, thou heavenlv Guest; 

Delight in what thyself hast given ; 
On thy own gifts and graces feast. 

And make the contrite heart thy heaven. 

8 Smell the sweet odor of our prayers ; 

Our sacrifice of praise approve ; 
And treasure up our gracious tears. 

Who rest in thy redeeming love. 

4 Beneath thy shadow let us sit; 

Call us th v friends, and love, and bride. 
And bid us rreely drink and eat 

Thy dainties, and be satisfied. 

CUAKI.C& vrvauvc. 


7'&5 Oloriout and MpotlMt. ^^' 

JESUS, from whom all blewing^ flow, 
Great Builder of thy Church below, 
If now thy Spirit move my breast. 
Hear, and fultill thine own request. 

S The few that truly call thee Lord, 
And wait thy sanctijfying word, 
And thee their utmost Saviour own, — 
Unite and perfect them in one. 

3 let them all thy mind express. 
Stand forth thy chosen witnesses, 
Thy power unto salvation show, 
And perfeet holiness below. 

4 In them let all mankind behold 
How Christians lived in days of old ; 
Mighty their envious foes to move, 
A proverb of reproach — and love. 


'V&& One now, one forever. ^'^' 

STILL one in life and one in death, 
One in our hope of rest above, 
One in onr joy, our trust, our faith, 
One in each other's faithful love ; 

9 Yet must we part, and parting weep ; 

What else has earth for us in store! 
Our farewell pangs, how sharp and deep ! 

Our farewell words, how sad and sore ! 

5 Yet shall we meet MffAin in peace. 
To sing th« song of festal joy. 

Where none shall bid onr gladness cease, 
And none our fellowship destroy : 

4 Where none shall beckon ns away, 
Nor bid our festival be done ; 

Our meeting-time the eternal day. 
Our meeting-place the eternal tnrone. 

5 There, hand in hand, firm-linked at last, 
And heart to heart enfolded all. 

We '11 smile upon the troubled past, 
And wonder why we wept at all. 


'79T s. M. 

SymfxUky and mvtual love, 

"DLEST be the tie that binds 
-^ Onr hearts in Christian love ; 
The fellowship of kindred minds 
Is lilie to that above. 

S Before our Father's throne. 
We pour our ardent prayers ; 

Our fears, our hopes, our aims are one. 
Our comforts and our cares. 

3 We share our mutual woes. 
Our mutual burdens bear ; 

And often for each other flows 
The sympathizing tear. 

4 Allien we asunder part, 
It gives us inward pain ; 

But we shall still be joined in heart, 
And hope to meet again. 

5 This glorious hope revives 
Our couroffe hy the way ; 

While each in expectation lives. 
And longs to see the day. 

6 From sorrow, toil, and pain, 

And sin we shall be free: 
And perfect love and friendship reign 

Through all eternity. 


ros & M. 

Meeting, after abeenee, 

A ND are we yet alire, 
■^^ And see each other's face! 
Glory and praise to Jesus give, 

For his redeeming grace. 
Preserved by power divine 

To full salvation here. 
Again in Jesus' praise we join. 

And in his sight appear. 

9 What troubles have we seen. 

What conflicts have we passed. 
Fightings without, and fears witiiin« 

Sinoe we assembled last 1 
But out of all the Lord 

Hath brought us by his love ; 
And still he doth his help afford. 

And hides our life above. 

3 Then let ns make oor boast 

Of his redeeming power, 
Which saves ns to tne uttermoat, 

Till we can sin no more : 
Let us take up the crou. 

Till we the crown obtain ; 
And gladly reckon all things loss. 

So we may Jesns gain. 



Blest eommunion. 

S. M. 

T>LEST are the sons of peace, 
-^ Whose hearts and hopes are one ; 
Whose kind designs to serve and pleas* 
Through all their actions ran. 

2 Blest is the pious bouse 
Where zeal and friendship meet ; 

Their songs of praise, their mingled tows 
Make their communion sweet. 

3 Thus on the heavenly hills 
The saints are blest alwve. 

Where joy like morning dew distills. 
And all the air is love. 


SOO H. M. 

One Lord, onefaitk, one baptism. 
Eph. 4 : 5. 

i^NE sole baptismal sign, 

^^ One Lord below, alwve. 

One faith, one hope divine. 
One only watchword, love: 
From diflTerent temples thoueh it ris«» 
One song ascendeth to the sEies. 

S Our Sacrifice is one ; 

One Priest before the throne. 
The slain, the risen Son, 
Redeemer, Lord alone : 
Thou who didst raise him fiom the dead. 
Unite thy peop\« Vn IheVr Head. 


8 O may that holy prayer, 

Hii tenderest and his last, 
His coastant, latest care 
Ere to his throne he passed, 
. No loager nnfulfllled remain, 
The vrorld's offense, his people's stain I 

4 Head '6f thv Charch beneath, 
'The catiiolic, the true, 
On all her members breathe. 
Her broken frame renew : 
Then shall thy perfect will be done. 
When Christians love and live as one. 


«01 H.M. 

Bear ye one atulker** bunUtu, 
rpHOU God of truth and love, 
-'■ We seek thy perfect way, 
Read}' thy choice to approve, 
Thy proTidence to ooey ; 
Enter into thy wise design. 
And sweetly lose oar will in thine. 
3 Why hast thoa cast our lot 
In tne same age and place t 
And why together brou^t 
To see each other's face ; 
To join with softest sympathy, 
And mix our friendly souls in theef 

3 Didst thou not make us one. 
That we might one remain ; 

Together travel on. 
And bear each other's pain ; 
Till all thy utmost goodness prove, 
And rise renewed in perfect love t 

4 Surely thou didst unite 
Our kindred spirits here, 

That all hereafter might 
Before thy throne appear ; 
Meet at the marriage of the Ijunb, 
And all thy gracious love proclaim. 

5 Then let us ever bear 
The blessed end in view, 

And join, with mutual care, 
To fight eur passage through ; 
And kindly help each other on. 
Till all receive the starry crown. 

6 O may thy Spirit seal 
Our souls unto that day, ° 

With all thy fullness fill, 

• And then transport away,— 

Away to our eternal rest, 

Away to dur Redeemer's breast ! - 


©OS Sweet eountel. 7. 

(^LORY be to God above, 
^^ God, from whom all blessings flow ; 
Make we mention of his love. 

Publish we his praise below : 
2 Called together by his grace. 

We are met in Jesas' name ; 
See with joy each other's face. 

Followers of the bleeding Lamb. 

8 Build we each the other up ; 

Pray we for our faith's increase ; 
Solid comfort, settled hope. 

Constant k>y, and lasting peace. 


4 More and more let love abound; 
Let us never, never rest, 

-Till we are in Jesus' found, 
' Of our 'paradise possessed. 


803 7. 

Love, the bond of union. 
'HILE we walk with God in light, 
God our hearts doth still unite ; 
Dearest fellowship we prove. 
Fellowship in Jesus' love : 
Sweetly each, with each combined. 
In the Donds of duty joined, 
Feels the cleansing blood applied, 
Daily feels that Christ hath died. 

5 Still, O Lord, our faith increase, 
Cleanse from all unrighteousness ; 
Thee the unholy cannot see, 
Make, O make us meet for thee ; 
Every vile affection kill. 

Root out every seed of ill, 

Utterly abolisn sin, 

Write thy law of love within. 

3 Hence may all our actions flow, 
Love the proof that Christ we know; 
Mutual love the token be. 
Lord, that we belong to tnee : 
Love, thine image, love impart ; 
Stamp it now on every heart : 
Only love to us be given ; 
Lord, we ask no other heaven. 




0/ one heart and mind, 
JESUS, Lord, we look to thee ; 
*^ Let us in thy name agree ; 
Show thyself the Prince of peace ; 
Bid our jars forever cease. 

5 By thy reconciling love, 
Every stuml^lingrblock remove ; 
Each ta-each unite, endear, 

' Cpme, and spread thy banner here. 

3 Make As of one heart and mind, - 
Courteous, pitiful, and kind, 
Lowly, meek, in thought and word, 
Altogether like oar Lord. 

4 Let us for each other care, 
Each the other's burden bear ; 
To thy Church the pattern give. 
Show how true believers live. 

6 Free from ansrer and from pride. 
Let ns thus in God abide ; 

All the depths of lore express, 
AH the heights of holiness. 
6 Let us then with joy remove 
To the family above ; 
On the wings of angels fly ; 
Show how true believers die. 


805 7. 

Witneuet for Jenu. 
plOME, and let us sweetly join, 
^^ Christ to praise in hymns divine) 
Give wo all, with one, accord, 
Glory to our common Lord t 


Hiuids, and hearts, and voices raise ; 
Sing as in the ancient days ; 
Antedate the joys above, 
Celebrate the feast of love. 

8 Strive we, in affection strive ; 
Let the purer flame revive, 
Such as in the martyrs glowed. 
Dying champions for their God : 
We Inte them may live aind love ; 
Called we are their joys to prove, 
Saved with them from future wrath, 
Partners of like precious faith. 

S Sing we, then, in Jesns' name, 
Now as yesterday the same ; 
One in every time and place. 
Full for all of truth and grace : 
yfe for Christ, our Master, stand, 
Lights in a benighted land : 
We our dying Lord confess ; 
We are Jesus' witnesses. 


S06 Many, but one. '^' 

CHRIST, from whom all blessings flow, 
Perfecting the saints below, 
Bear us, who thy nature share. 
Who thy mystic body are. 
Join us, in one spirit join. 
Let us still receive of thine ; 
Still for more on thee we call, 
Thou who fillest all in all. 

S Move, and actuate, and gnide^ 
Divers gifts to each divide : 
Placed according to thy will, 
Let us all our work fulfill ; 
Never from our office move ; 
Needful to each other prove ; 
Let us daily growth receive, 
More and more in Jesus live. 

3 Sweetly may we all agree. 
Touched with softest sympathy ; 
Kindly for each other care ; 
Every member feel its share. 
Many are we now and one. 
Wo who Jesus have put on ; 
Names, and sects, and parties fall : 
Thou, O Christ, art all in all. 


80*7 • 6,6. 

When tkall we meet again f 
TXTHEN shall we meet again, 
" " Meet ne'er to sever ! 
When will peace wreathe her chain 

Round us forever ! 
Our hearts will ne'er repose. 
Safe from each blast that blows, 
In this dark vale of woes, 
Never— no, never I 

9 When shall love freely flow 

Pure as life's river ! 
When shall sweet fHendship glow 

Changeless forever! 
tVbereJovB celestial thrill. 
Where blfss each benrt shaU fill. 
And fean ofpartiaff chill 
Never — nn, never I 

3 Up to that world of light 
Take us, dear SaWour ; 

May we all there unite, 

Happy forever ; 
Where kindred spirits dwell. 
There may our music swell. 
And time our joys dispel 

Never — no, never ! 

4 Soon shall we meet again. 
Meet ne'er to sever ; 

Soon shall peace wreathe her chain 

Round us forever ; 
Our hearts will then repose 
Secure from worldly woes : 
Our songs of praise shall close 

Never — ^no, never! 



808 mnietera* prayer. ''» ®' 

LORD of the livins: harvest 
That whitens o'er the plain, 
Where angels soon shall gather 

Their sheaves of golden grain ; 
Accept these hands to labor, 

These hearts to trust and love. 
And deign with them to hasten 
Thy kingdom from above. 

S As laborers in thy vineyard. 

Send us, O Christ, to be 
Content to 1>ear the burden 

Of weary days for thee ; 
We ask no other wages. 

When thou shalt call us home. 
But to have shared the travail 

Which makes thy kingdom come. 

3 Come down, thou Holy Spirit 1 

And fill our souls with light. 
Clothe us in spotless raiment. 

In linen clean and white ; 
Beside thy sacred altar 

Be with us. where we stand. 
To sanctify toy people 

Through all this nappy land. 


809 c.p.M. 

Entire dependence on Chritt. 
'C'XCEPT the Lord conduct the plan, 
^^ The best concerted schemes are vain. 

And never can snereed ; 
We spend our wretched strength for naoght; 
But if our works !n thee be wrought. 

They shall be blest indeed. 

2 Lord, if thou didst thyself inspire 
Our souls with this Intense desire 

Thy goodness to proclaim ; 
Thy glory If we now intend, 
O let our deeds begin and end 

Complete in Jesus' name. 

3 Now, Jesus, now thy love impart. 
To govern each devoted heart. 

And fit us for thy will ; 
l)e«*p founded in tiie truth of grace. 
Build up ihy T\s\nfr CAxutcU, and place 

Tl»c city «m V\ie V\\\. 


4 O let oor love and faith abonnd ; 
O l«i oar Utm, to all aronnd, 

With purest Inster shine ; 
That all aroand our worlu mav see, 
And give the Rlory. Lord, to tnee, 

The heavenly ligot divine. 


810 Herald* of tJueron. ^^^^ 

GO forth, ye heralds, in My name, 
Sweetly the Kospel trumpet sound ; 
The trloriouB jubilee proclaim. 
Where'er tne human race is found. 

S The joyful news to all impart, 
And teach them where salvation lies ; 

With care bind up the broken heart, 
And wipe the tears from weeping eyes. 

8 Be wise as serpents, where you go, 
But harmless as the peaceful dove ; 

And let your heaven-taught conduct show 
Te are commissioned from above. 

4 Freely tnm. me ye have received, 
Freely, in love, to others give ; 

Thus shall your doctrines be believed, 
And, by yonr labors, sinners live. 


TXIGH on his everlasting throne, 
-'"'' The King of saints his work surveys ; 
Marks the dear souls he calls his own, 
And smiles on the peculiar race. 

5 He rests well pleased their tolls to see ; 
Beneath his easy yoke they move ; 

With all their heart and strength agree 
In the sweet labor of his love. 

8 See where the servants of the Lord, 

A busy multitude, appear ; 
For /esus day and nignt employed. 

His heritage they toil to clear. 

4 The love of Christ their hearts constrains. 
And strengthens their unwearied hands ; 

They spend their sweat, and blood, and 
To cultivate Immanuel's lands. 

5 Jesus their toil delighted sees. 
Their industry vouchsafes to crown ; 

He kindly gives the wished increase, 
And sends the promised blessing down. 





The minittrif inatUuttd. 
''PHE Saviour, when to heaven he rose, 
■'• In splendid triumph o'er his foes, 
Scattered his gifts on men below. 
And still his royal bounties flow. 

8 Hence sprang the apostles' honored name, 
Sacred beyond neroic fame : 
In humbler forms, before our eyes, 
Pastors and teachers hence arise. 

3 From Christ they all their gifts derive, 
And, fed by Christ, their graces livp ; 
While, guarded by bis mightv hand, 
'Midst alJ Ihe rage of hell they sUnd. 

4 So shall the bright succession run 
Through ail the courses of the sun ; 
While unlwm churches, by their oare, 
Shall rise and flourish large and fair. 

5 Jesns, now teach our hearts (o know 
The spring whence all these blessings flow ; 
Pastors and people shout thy praise. 
Through the long round of endlesM days. 



Boldnaa in the goapel. ** 

CH ALL I. for fear of feeble man, 
^ The Spirit's course in me restrain! 
Or, undismayed in deed and word, 
Be a true witness of my Lord f 

3 Awed by a mortal's frown, shall I 
Conceal toe word of God most high t 
How then before thee shall I dare 
To stand, or how thine anger Ixwrf 

S Shall I, to soothe the unholy throng, 
Soften thy truth, or smooth my tongue, 
To gain earth's gilded toys, or flee 
The cross endured, my Lord, by thee f 

4 What, then, is he whose scorn I dread. 
Whose wrath or hate makes me afraid t 
A man I an heir of death 1 a slave 

To sin ! a bubble on the witve ! 

5 Yea. let men rage ; since thou wilt spread 
Thy snadowing wings around my head; 
Since in all pain thy tender love 

Will still my sure refreshment prove. 

814 8BOOND FART. j^^ 

Ckritl** eotutrainiug lov4. 

Q AVIOUR of men, thy searching eye 
^ Doth all mine inmost thoughts' desory; 
Doth anght on earth my wishes raise. 
Or the world's pleasures, or its praise! 

3 The love of Christ doth me consitrain 
To seek the wandering souls of men ; 
With cries, entreaties, tears, to save, — 
To snatch them from the gaping grava. 

3 For this let men revile my name ; 
No cross I rhun, I fear no sname : 

All hail, reproach^ and welcome, pain; 
Only thy terrors, Cord, restrain. 

4 My life, my blood, I here present, 
If for thy truth they may be spent ; 
Fulfill thy sovereign counsel. Lord ; 
Thy will be done, thy name adored. 

5 Give me thy strength, O God of power: 
Then litt winds blow, or thunders roar, 
Thy faithful witness will I be : 

'Tis fixed ; I can do all through thee. 


813 L.M. 

The angelt of the CKurehet. 

T\RAW near, O Son of God, draw near ; 
* -' Us with thy flaming eye l>eh(>lil ; 


S still hold the stars in thy ri^ht hand, 
And let them In thy luster plow, 

The lights of a benighted land, 
The angels of thy Church below. 

8 Make good their apostolic boast ; 

Their high commission let them prove ; 
Be temples of the Holy Ghost, 

And filled with faith, and hope, and love. 

4 Give them an ear to hear thy word ; 

Thou speakest to the churches now : 
And let all tongues confess their Lord ; 

Let every knee to Jesus bow. 


S16 s. M. 

Lahoren tn ike vineyard, 

AND let our bodies part, 
To diflferent climes repair ; 
Inseparably joined in heart 
Tiie friends of Jesus are. 

S O let us still proceed 

In Jesus' work below ; 
And, following our triumphant Head, 

To further conquests go. 

8 The vineyard of the Lord 

Before his laborers lies ; 
And lo I we see the vast reward 

Which waits us in the skies. 

\ O that oar heart and mind 

May evermore ascend, 
That naven of repose to find, 

Where all our labors end ; 

5 Where all our toils are o'er, 
Our suffering and our pain I 

Who meet on that eternal shore 
Shall never part again. 

6 O happy, happy place, 
Where saints ana angels meet I 

There we shall see each other's face, 
And all our brethren greet : 

7 The Church of the first-bom, 
We shall with them be blest. 

And, crowned with endless joy, return 
To our eternal rest. 


Siy Sueeeu certain. ^' ^' 

LORD, if at thy command 
The word of life we sow. 
Watered by thy almighty hand, 

The seed shall surely grow : 
The virtue of thy grace 

A large increase shall give, 
And multiply the faithful race 
Who to thy glory live. 

5 Now, then, the ceaseless shower 

Of gospel blessings send. 
And let the soul-converting power 

Thy ministers attend. 
On .multitudes confer 

Tie beHrt-renew\ng love, 
And by the joy of grace preptire 
for fuller joya above. 


8 18 The laborers are few. S. M. 

T ORD of the harvest, hear 
-^ Thy needy servants' cry ; 
Answer our faith's effectual prayer, 
And all our wants supply. 

2 On thee we humbly wait ; 
Our wants are in thy view ; 

The harvest, truly, Lord, is great. 
The laborers are few. 

3 Convert and send forth more 
Into thy Church abroad, 

And let tnern speak thy word of power, 
As workers with their G(od. 

4 O let them spread thy name, 
Their mission fully prove ; . 

Thy universal grace proclaim, 
f hine all-redeeming love. 




For the tueeeta of minittert. 

■p^ATHER of mercies, bow thine ear, 
-■■ Attentive to our earnest prayer: 
We plead for those who plead for thee ; 
Successful pleaders may they be. 

3 O clothe their words with power divine. 
And let those words be ever thiqe ; 

To them thy sacred truth reveal ; 
Suppress their fear, inflame their seal. 

8 Teach them to sow the precious seed ; 
Teach them thy chosen flock to feed ; 
Teach them immortal souls to gain. 
Nor let them labor. Lord, in vain. 

4 Let throneing multitudes around 
Hear from uieir lips the joyful sound ; 
In humble strains thy grace implore. 
And feel thy Spirit's living power. 



The eomtnisnon. 



/^O, preach my gospel," saith the Lord, 
^^ " Bid the whole world my grace re- 
ceive ; 
He shall be saved who trusts my word ; 
He shall be damned who won't believe. . 

9 " I 'U make your great commission known; 

And ye shall prove my gospel true. 
By all the works that I nave done, 

By all the wonders ye shall do. 

3 " Teach all the nations my commands, 
I 'm with you till the world shall end ; 

All power is trusted in mv hands, 
I can des'troy, and I de/end." 


821 The joyful tound. S. M. 

HOW beauteous are their feet 
Who stand on Zion's hill, 
Who bring salvation on their tongnes, 
And words of peace reveal I 

9 How charming is their voice, 

How sweet the tidings are! 
" Z\on, behoVd l\x7 ^iJ^-vvoxn i^vnat 

He Te\g;n* *tvA VtVuTOifVv* Vw*?» 


8 How happy are our ears, 
That bear the joyful sound, 

Which kines and prophets waited for, 
And sought, but never found ! 

4 How blessed are our eyes, 
That see this heavenly lif^ht! 

Prophets and kings desired it long, 
But died without the sight. 

6 The watchmen join their voice, 
^nd tuneful notes employ ; 

Jerusalem breaks forth in songa, 
And deserts learn the joy. 

6 The Lord makes bare his arm 
Through all the earth abroad; 

Let every nation now behold 
Their Savk)ur and their God. 


9S3 CM. 

The minitler'9 only butineu. 

JESUS I the name high over all, 
In hell, or earth, or sky ; 
Angels and men before it fall, 
And devils fear and fly. 

5 Jesus 1 the name to sinners dear, 
The name to sinners given ; 

It scatters all their guilty fear ; 
It turns their hell to heaven. 

8 Jesas the prisoner's fetters breaks. 

And bruises Satan's head ; 
Power into strenethless souls he speaks, 

And life into toe dead. 

4 O that the world might taste and Me 
The riches of his grace ! 

The arms of love that compass me 
Would ail mankind embrace. . 

5 His onlv righteousness I show, 
His saving truth proclaim : 

'Tis all my Dusiness here l>elow. 
To cry, " Behold the Lamb I " 

6 Happy, if with my latest breath. 
I may but gasp his name ; 

Preach him to all, and cry in death, 
*' Behold, behold the Lamb ! " 


833 T\9 pattoral office. ^•^• 

LET Zion's watchmen all awake. 
And take the alarm they give ; 
Now let them hma the mouth of God 
Their solemn charge receive. 

S 'Tls not a cause of small import 

The pastor's care demands ; 
But what might fill an angel's heart, 

And filled a Saviour's hands. 

8 They watch for souls for which the Lord 

Did neavenly bliss foresfo; 
For souls which most forever live 

In raptures or in woe. 

4 May they that Jesus, whom they preach. 

Their own Redeemer see ; 
And watch thou daily o'er their souls. 

That they may watch for thee. 


^24^ Clothed with itahatton. ^'^' 

JESUS, the word of mercy give. 
And let it swiftly run ; 
And let the priests themselves believe. 
And put salvation on. 

2 Jesus, let all thy servants shine 
Illustrious as the sun ; 

And, bright with borrowed rays divine. 
Then glorious circuit run. 

3 As giants mav they run their race, 
Exulting in their might ; 

As burning luminaries, chase 
The gloom of hellish night. 

4 As the bright Sun of righteousness. 
Their heahng wings display ; 

And let their luster still increase 
Unto the perfect day. 


835 L.M.6/. 

Training ihe aoldiera of Chriet. 

/CAPTAIN of our salvation, take 
^ The souls we here present to thee. 
And fit for thy great service make 

These heirs of immortality ; 
And let them in thine imag« rise. 
And then transplant to paradise. 

S Unspotted f^om the world, and pnre. 
Preserve them for thy glorious cause. 

Accustomed daily to endure 
The welcome burden of thy cross ; 

Inured to toil and patient pain, 

Till all thy perfect mind tney gain. 

8 Train up thy hardy soldiers, Lord, 
In all their Captain's steps to tread; 

Or send them to proclaim the word, 
Thy gospel through the world to spread; 

Freely as thev receive to give, 

And preach tue death by which we live. 







Baptitmal hymn. 

I AM baptized into thy name. 
O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost I 
Among thy seed a plaoe I claim, 
Among thy consecrated host ; 
Buried with Christ and dead to sin. 
Thy Spirit now shall live within. 

9 My loving Father, here dost thou 
Proclaim me as thy child and heir ; 

Thou, faithful Saviour, bidd'st me now 
The fruit of all thy sorrows share ; 

Thou, Holy Ghost, wilt comfort me 

When darkest clouds around I see. 

8 Hence, Prince of darkness ! hence, my foe I 
Another Lord hath purchased me; 

My conscience tells of sin, yet know. 
Baptized in Christ, I fear not thee : 

\ \«XtL ttwa. ■^'W.N Q»^V«xv\Es:^ x^-^* 



4 And never let me waver more, 
O Father, Son, and Holy Gboet ; 

Till at thy will this life is o'er, 
Still keep me in thy faithfnl host, 

So onto thee I live and die, 

And praise thee evermore on high. 


8sy CM. 

Suffer the littU otut to eouu unto Me, 

tL^ Israel's gentle Shepherd stands 
With all-engaeinff charms ; 
Hark, bow he calls the tender Iambi, 
And folds them iu his arms! 

S "Permit theiA to approach," he cries, 

" Nor scorn their hamble name ; 
For 'twas to bless such soals as tiiese 

The Lord of angels came." 
8 We brins them. Lord, In thankftil hands, 

And yield them up to thee ; 
Joyful that we ourselves are thine, 

Thine let onr offspring be. 


8S8 CM. 

Children in the mrma efJmue, 
"DEHOLD what condescending love 
-'-' Jesus on earth displays! 
To little children he extends 
The riches of his grace. 

9 He still the ancient promise keep*, 

To our forefathers given ; 
Onr infants in his arms he takes. 

And calls them heirs of heaven. 

8 Forbid them not, whom Jesos calls. 

Nor dare the claim resist. 
Since his own lips to us declare 

Of such will bearen consist. 

4 With flowing tears, and thankful 

We give tnem up to thee : 
Receive them, Lord, into thine arms ; 
Thine may they ever be. 


S2& CM. 

Sifpti^eante of baptUm. 

OLORD, while we confess the worth 
Of this the outward seal. 
Do thou the truths herein set forth 
To every heart reveal. 

5 Death to the world we here avow, 
Death to each fleshly lust ; 

Newness of life our calling now, 
A risen Lord our trust. 

3 And we, O Lord, who now partake 
Of resurrection life. 

With every sin, for thy dear sake. 
Would be at constant strife. 

4 Baptised into the Father's name, 
We 'd walk as sons of God ; 

Baptized in thine, we own thy claim 

As ransomed by thy blood. 
/! BapOted lata the Holy Ghost, 
fVe 'd keep bit temple pure, 
AoJ taste tby gnusm our only boMl, 
And by thy gtrength endure. 


83^ Ritea ineffleaeiout. ^' ^' 

"DITES cannot change the heart, 
-■-•' Undo the evil done, 
Or with the uttered name impart 
The nature of thy Son. 

S To meet our desperate want. 

There gushed a crimson flood : 
O from his heart's o'erflowlng font 

Baptise this soul with blood I 
8 Be grace from Christ onr Lord, • 

And love flrom God supreme, 
By the communing Spirit poured 

In a perpetual stream ! 


831 L.M. 

TXe taeramental teal. 

riOME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
^^ Honor the means ordained by thee j 
Make good onr apostolic boast, 

And own thy glorious ministry. 
S We now thv promised blessing claim ; 

Sent to dleclple all mankind. 
Sent to baptize into tby name. 

We now thy promised presence find. 
8 Father, in tJiese reveal thy Son ; 

In these, for whom we seek thy faoe, 
The hidden mystery make known. 

The inward, pure, baptizing graos. 

4 Jetus, with OS thou always art; 
Effiectual make the sacred sign ; 

The gift unspeakable Impart. 
And bless the ordinance divine. 

5 Eternal Spirit, fh>m on high, 
Baptizer of our spirits thou. 

The sacramental seal apply, 
And witness with the water now. 


83S AtmeAUd'tbaptitm. ^^ 
rpHIS cbild we dedicate to thee, 

-*- O God of grace and purity ! 
Shield it flrom sin and threatening wrong, 
And let thy love its life prolong. 

8 O maT thy S|pirit gentlv draw 
Its willuig soni to keep tny law ; 
May virtue, piety, ana truth, 
Dawn even with its dawning youth. 

3 We, too, before thy gradoos sightf 
Once shared the blest baptismal rite. 
And would renew its solemn vow 

With love, and thanks, and praises, now. 

4 Grant that, with true and faithful hrart, 
We still may act the Christian's part. 
Cheered by each promise thou hast idveii, 
And labonag for the prise in heaven. 



833 /f, inHUvtion. ^' M. 6 1. 
TN that sad, memorable night, 
-'- When Jesus was for us betrayed, 
He left his death -recording rite : 

H« took, «nd U«tl. and brake the bread | 
And gave \i\s owu \.W\t \mX \i«(\u««V^ 
And thut ^\i \o\«'% \uWuV «xvr«M«AiX 


S «♦ Take, eat, this is my body, given 
To purchase life and peace for you, 

Pardon, and holiness, and heaven : 
Do this, my dying love to show : 

Accept your precious legacy, 

And thus, my friends, remember me." 

3 He took into his hands the cop, 
To crown the sacramental feast, 

And, full of kind concern, looked up, 

And gave to them what he Iiad blest ; 
And, '^Drink ye all of this," he said, 
** In solemn memory of the dead. 

4 "This is my blood, which seals the new 
Eternal covenant of my grace ; 

My blood, so freely shed for you, 
For yoo and all the sinftil race : 
My blood, that speaks your sins forffiren. 
And jostlfies yoor claim to heaven." 


^^^ Tke invitation. ^' ^' 

rpHE King of heaven his table spreads, 
-*- And blessings crown the boara; 
Not paradise, with all its joys, 

Coald snch delight afford. 
8 Pardon and peace to dying men. 

And endless life are given, I 

Through the rich blood that Jeau shed 

To raise our souls to heaven. I 

S Millions of souls, in glory now, 

Were fed and feasted here : 
And millions more, still on me way, 

Around the board appear. 
4 All things are ready, come away, 

Nor weaK excuses frame ; 
Crowd to your places at the feast, 

And bless the Founder's name. 


®3^ Approaching tk« tablt. ^' ^ 
TESUS, at whose supreme comnuuuL 
•^ We now approach to God, 
Before us in thy vesture stand, 

Thy vesture dipped in blood. 
S The tokens of thy dying love 

O let us all receive. 
And feel the quickening Spirit move. 

And sensibly believe. 
8 The cup of blessing, blest by thee. 

Let it thy blood impart ; 
The bread thy mvstic body be. 

To cheer each languid heart. 
4 The living bread sent down ftx>m heaven, 

In OS vouchsafe to be : 
Thv flesh for all the world Is given, 

And all may live by thee. 


836 Grati/ul remembranee. ^* ^* 
A CCORDING to thy gracious word, 
■^*' In meek humility, 
This will I do, my dyins Lord, 

I will remember thee f 
2 Thy body, broken for my sake, 

My bread Arom heaven shall be ; 
Thy testamental cop I take. 

Aad thus remember thee I 

8 Gethsemane can I forget! 

Or there thy conflict see, 
Thine agony and bloody sweat. 

And not remember thee ? 

4 When to the cross I turn mine eyes. 

And rest on Calvary, 
O Lamb of God, my Sacrifice, 

I must remember thee ! 

6 Remember thee, and all thy pains, 

And all thy love to me : 
Yea, while a breath, a pulse remains. 

Will I remember thee I 

6 And when these failing lips grow dumb. 

And mind and memory (fee, 
When thou shalt in thy kingdom come, 

Jesus, remember me f 


83y . CM. 

RteA gtfU of gotpel gract. 

f\ LOVE divine ! matchless grace ! 
^ Which In this sacred rite 
Shines forth so full, so free, in rays 
Of purest living light. 

8 O wondrous death ! O precious blood I 

For us so freely spilt, 
To cleanse our sin-polluted souls 

From every stain of guilt. 

3 O covenant of life and peace. 
By blood and suffering sealed I 

AH the rich gifts of gospel grace 
Are here to faith revealed. 

4 Jesus, we bow our souls to thee. 
Our life, our hope, our all, 

While we. with thankful, contrite heartt. 
Thy dying love recall. 

6 O may thy pure and perfect love 

Be written on our minds ; 
Nor earth, nor self, nor sin obscure 

The ever-radiant lines. 


838 T\e taer«d ftatt. *'•**• 

TN memory of the Saviour's love, 
-■■ We keep the sacred feast. 
Where every humble, contrite heart 
Is made a welcome guest. 

8 ^ faith we Uke the bread of life. 
With which our souls are fed ; 

The cup, in token of his blood. 
That was for sinners shed. 

8 Under his banner thus we sing 

The wonders of his love. 
And thus anticipate by faith 

The heavenly feast above. 


830 (fratitudt and love. ^- ^• 

TF human kindness meets return, 
■■■ And owns the grateful tie ; 
If tender thoughts within us bum 
To feel a friend is nigh ; 

3 O shall not warmer accents tell 

The gratitude we owe 
To Him who died our feat* to <^^U.. 

KU^ «&\« \X0\TV «>\\^«»> NtVlftN 


3 While yet in anguish he surveyed 
Those panes he would not flee, 

What love his latest words displayed ! 
" Meet and remember me." 

4 Remember thee ! thy death, thy shame, 
The griefs which thou didst bear I 

O memory, leave no other name 
So deeply graven there. 


840 jie died for me, ^' *** 

n^HAT doleful night before hit death, 
-'- The Lamb, for sinners slain, 
Did. almost with his dying breath, 
This solemn feast ordain. 

9 To keep the feast, Lord^ we have met, 

And to remember thee : 
Help each poor trembler to repeat, 

"For me he died, for me ! " 

5 Thy sufferings. Lord, each sacred sign 
To our remembrance brings : 

We eat the bread, and drinE the wine, 
But thinlc on nobler things. 

4 O tune our tongues, and set In frame 
Each heart that pants for thee, 

To sing, " Hosanni^ to the Lamb, 
The Lamb that died for me I " 


®41 Univertal gladnen. S. M. 
(:;|.LORY to God on high, 
^^ Our peace is made with Heaven ; 
The Son of Giod came down to die. 
That we might be forgiven. 

5 His precious blood was shed. 
His body bruised, for sin : 

Remember this in eating bread. 
And this in drinking wiQe. 

S Approach his royal board. 

In nis rich garments clad ; 
Join every tongue to praise the Lord, 

And every heart be glad. 

4 The Father gives the Son ; 

The Son, his flesh and blood ; 
The Spirit seals ; and fkith puts on 

The righteousness of Ood. 


Q"*^ A fortttuU of glorf. S.M. 
r\ WHAT delight \% this, 
^^ Which now in Christ we know, 
An earnest of our glorlons bliss. 
Our heaven begun below 1 

t When he the table spreads, 

Hnw royal i& the cheer I 
With rapture we lift up our heads, 

And own that Ood is here. 

8 The Lamb for sinners slafn. 

Who died to die no more, 
Let all the ransomed sons of men. 

With all his hosts, adore. 

4 Lei earth and heaven be joined. 
His glorlea to dhpl&yf 
And byma the Saviour o/ mankind 
In oae eternal day. 



843 i 

Hia the pain — ours the joy. 

'M'O gospel like this fesist 
-'-^ Spread for Thy Church by 1 
Nor prophet nor evangelist 
Preach the glad news so free. 

3 All our redemption cost. 
All our redemption won ; 

All it has won for us, the lost ; 
All it cost thee, the Son. 

S Thine was the bitter price, 
Ours is the f^ee gift, pven ; 

Thine was the blood of sacrifice. 
Ours is the wine of heaven. 

4 Here we would rest midway. 
As on a sacred height. 

That darkest and that brightest 
Meeting before our sight. 

5 From that dark depth of woes 
Thy love for us has trod, 

Up to the heights of blest repose 
Thy love prepares with God ; 

6 Till from selfs chains raleased 
One sight alone we see, 

Still at the cross, as at the feast. 
Behold thee, only thee. 

J. c. BYue. 

844 7 

The memorial fetut maintained, 
lyTANY centuries have fled 
■^-■- Since our Saviour broke the 
And this sacred feast ordained. 
Ever bv his Church retained: 
Those nis body who discern, 
Thns shall meet till his return. 

9 Through the Church's long ecll 
When, from priest or pastor's li| 
Truth divine was never beard, — 
'Mid the famine of the word, 
Still these symbols witness gave 
To his love who died to save. 

8 All who bear the Saviour's nat 
Here their common faith proclain 
Though diverse in tongue or rite, 
Here, one body, we unite ; 
Breaking thus one mystic bread. 
Members of one common Head. 

4 Come, the blessed emblems sh 
Which the Saviour's death decla 
Come, on truth immortal feed; 
For his flesh Is meat indeed : 
Saviour, witness with the sign. 
That oar ransomed souls are thin 



Till He come. 


u 'piLL He come : " O let the ^ 
-■- Linger on the trembling ch 
Let the little while between 
In their golden light be seen: 
Let us think how tieaven and hon 
Lie beyond that—" Till he come. 

8 When ihe weary one* w« love 
Enter on ttxeW xvA lAwte, 


Seems the earth to poor and vast. 
All our life-joy overcast! 
Hush, be every murmnr dumb ; 
It is only—" till he come." 

8 See, the feast of love is spread, 
Drink the wine, and break the bread ; 
Sweet memorials, — till the Lord 
Call us round his heavenly board ; 
Some from earth, from glory some, 
Severed only — " Till be come." 



Our Piuekal Lamb. 


T ET all who truly bear 
^■* The bleeding Saviour's name. 
Their faithful hearts with us prepare, 
And eat the Paschal Lamb. 

9 This eucharistic feast 

Our every want supplies. 
And still we by his aeath are blest, 

And share his sacrifice. 

8 Who thus our Cslth employ, 

His sufferings to record, 
E'en now we moumfnlly ei^oy 

Communion with our Lord. 

4 We too with him are dead. 

And shall with him arise ; 
The cross on which he bows his Iiead 

Shall lift us to the skies. 




iVatM to ovr vtttorioiu King. 

A T the Lamb's high feast we sing 
■^^ Praise to our victorious King, 
Who hath washed us in the tide 
Flowing ftwn his piero6d side ; 

S Praise we him, whose love divine 
Gives his sacred blood for wine, 
Gives his body for the feast, 
Christ the Victim, Christ the Priest. 

8 Where the paschal blood is poured, 
DMkth's dafk angel sheathes nis sword ; 
Israel's hosts triumphant go 
Through the wave that drowns the foe. 

4 Praise we Christ, whose blood wat shed. 
Paschal Victim, paschal Bread; 

With sincerity and love 
Eat we manna troai above. 

5 Mighty Victim firom the skv I 
Hell's tierce powers beneath tnee lie ; 
Thou hast conquered in the fight. 
Thou hast brought us life and- light : 

6 Now no more can death appall. 
Now no more the grave enthrall ; 
Thou hast opened paradise. 

And in thee thy saints shall rise. 


848 7. 

DiMeming the Zord*t body. 

TESUS, all-redeeming Lord, 

•^ Magnify thy dying word ; 

In thine ordinance appear ; 

Come, and meet thy foUowera 'hem. 

2 In the rite thou hast enjoined. 
Let us now our Saviour find ; 
Drink thy blood for sinners shed, 
Taste thee in the broken bread. 

3 Thou our faithful hearts prepare; 
Thou thy pardoning grace aeclare ; 
Thou that hast for sinm-rs died, 
Show thyself the Crucified ! 

4 All the power of sin remove ; 
Fill us wiui thy perfect love ; 
Stamp us with the stamp divine ; 
Seal our souls forever thine. 


84© Angela' food. ''»®* 

O BREAD to pilgrims given, 
O Food that angels eat, 
O Manna sent from heaven. 

For heaven-bom natures meet ; 
Give OS, for thee long pining, 

To eat till richlv filled ; 
Till, earth's delighU resigning, 

Our every wish is stilled. 
2 O Water, life bestowing. 

From out the Saviour's neart, 
A fountain purely flowing, 

A fount of love thou art : 
O let us, freely tasting, 

Our burning thirst auuaa;* ; 
Thv sweetness, never wasting, 

Avails from age to age. 
8 Jesus, this feast receivings* 

We tnee unseen adore ; 
Thy faithful word believing, 

We take, and doubt no more; 
Give us, thou true and loving. 

On earth to live in thee ; 
Then, death the veil removing. 

Thy glorious face to see. 


8SO Until He eume. 8,8,8,4. 

"DT Christ redeemed, in Christ restored, 
-^ We keep the memory adored. 
And show tne death of oar dear Lord, 
Until he come. 

5 His body broken in onr stead 
Is here, in this memorial bread ; 
And so our feeble love is fed. 

Until he oome. 

8 His fearful drops of agony. 
His life-blood shed for us we see : 
The wine shall tell the mystery. 

Until he come. 
4 And thus that dark betrayal night, 
With the last advent we unite — 
The shame, the glory, by this rite. 

Until he come. 

6 Until the trump of God l>e heard. 
Until the ancient graves be stirred. 
And with the great commanding word. 

The Lord shall come. 
6 O blessed hope ! with this elate 
Let not our hearts be desolate. 
But strong in faith, in patience wait. 


851 L. M. 

Figvre and meatu qf fating grace. 

AUTHOR of oar salvation, thee, 
With lowly, thankful hearts, we praise ; 
Anthor of this great mystery. 
Figure and means of saving grace. 

9 The sacred, true, effectual sien, 

Thy body and thy blood it snows ; 
The glorious instrument divine, 

Thy mercy and thy strength bestows. 
8 We see the blood that seals our peace ; 

Thy pardoning mercy we receive ; 
The bread doth visibly express 

The strength through which oar ipirits 

4 Our spirits drink a fresh supply, 
And eat the bread so freely given, 

Till, borne on eagle wings, we fly, 
' And banquet with our Lord in neaven. 


8S3 Refoieing at the table. ^ ^* 

110 Jesus, our exalted Lord, 
■ The name by heaven and earth adored, 
Fain would our nearts and voices raise 
A cheerful song of sacred praise. 

5 But all the notes which mortals know, 
Are weak, and laneuishing, and low ; 
Far, far above our humble songs, 

The Uieme demands immortal tongnes. 
8 Yet while around his board we meet, 
And humbly worship at his feet, 
O let our warm affections move. 
In glad returns of grateful love. 
4 Let humble, penitential woe, 
In tears of godly sorrow flow ; 
And thy forgiving smiles impart 
Life, hope, and joy tOi every heart. 


853 yj^ kem*entf banquet. ®» ''' 

JESUS spreads his banner o'er us. 
Cheers our famished souls with food ; 
He the banquet spreads before us, 

Of his mystic flesh and blood. 
Precious banqnet ; bread of heaven ; 

Wine of gladness, flowing free ; 
May we taste it, kindly given, 
In remembrance. Lord, of thee. 

8 In thy holy Incarnation, 

When the angels sang thy birth ; 
In thy fasting and temptation ; 

In thy labors on the earth ; 
In thy trial and rejection ; 

In thy sufl!erings on the tree ; 
In thy glorious resurrection ; 

May we, Lord, remember thee. 


854 8,7. 

The Spirit'e quickening infiutneea. 

f^OME, thou everlasting Spirit, 

^^ Bring to every thankful mind 

AJl the Savlour'a dying merit, 

AJJ hie eafferiufgs for inaukind : 


Tme Recorder of his passion. 

Now the living faitn impart ; 
Now reveal his great salvation 

Unto every faithful heart. 
S Come, thou Witness of his dying ; 

Come. Remembrancer divine ; 
Let as feel thy power applying 

Christ to every soul, and mine : 
Let as groftn thy Inward groaning ; 

Look on him we pierced, and grieve ; 
All partake the grace atoning, 

AU the sprinkled blood receive. 


855 Bleuu$i%fHing. ®»''»*- 
'M'O^ln parting, Father, bless us; 
■»-'' Saviour, still thy peace bestow ; 
Oracions Comforter, oe with us, 

As we from thy table go. 
Bless as, bless us, 

Father, Son, and Spirit now. 
9 Bless us here, while still as strangers 

Onward to oar home we move ; 
Bless us with eternal blessings. 

In our Father's house above, 
Ever, ever 

Dwelling ia the light of love. 




856 8,7. 

CMat the Head and Omur Stone. 

CHRIST Is made the sure Foundatton, 
Christ the Head and Comer Stone, 
Chosen of the Lord, and precious. 

Binding all the dhorch In one, 
Holy Zlon's help forever. 

And her confidence alone. 
9 To this temple, where we call thee. 

Come, O Lord of hosts, to-day : 
With thy wonted loving-kindness, 

Hear tny servants as they pray ; 
And thy mllest benedlctiofa 

Shed within Its walls alway. 

8 Here voachsafe to all thy servanta 
What they ask of thee to gain, 

What they gain f^m thee forever 

With the blessed to retain. 
And hereafter In thy glory 

Evermore with thee to reign. 


QS'V Chritt,thtComer-itone. "'* 

ON this stone, now laid with prayer, 
Let thy church rise, strong and fair ; 
Ever, Lord, thy name be known. 
Where we lay this comer-stone. 

9 Let thy holy Child, who came 
Man from error to reclaim. 
And for sinners to atone, 

Bless, with thee, this corner-stone. 
8 May thy Spirit here give rest 
To the heart by sin oppressed, 
And the seeds ot VraXn >m «o^nu> 
Where we Xay VVv\& coTu«it-«Xau«. 


4 Open wide, O God, thy door, 
For the outcast and the poor, 
Who can call no house tneir own, 
Where we lay this corner-stone. 

5 By wise master-builders squared, 
Here be livine stones prepared 
For the temple near thy throne, — 
Jesus Christ its Comer-stone. 



8^8 Praytr and praite. 

LORD of hosts I to thee we raise 
Here a house of praver and praise : 
Thou thy people's hearts prepare. 
Here to meet for praise and prayer. 

S Let the liTing here be fed 
With thy word, the heavenly bread : 
Here, in hope of glory blest, 
May the dead be laid to rest. 
8 Here to thee a temple stand. 
While the sea shall ^rd the land: 
Here reveal thy mercy sure, 
While the sun and moon endure. 

4 Halleli^ah ! earth and sky 
To the joyful sound reply : 
Hallelujah ! hence ascend 

Prayer and praise till time shall end. 


S50 L.M. 

Laying lA« fimndatitm. 

OLORD of hosts, whose glory fills 
The bounds of the eternal hills, 
And yet Tonchsafes, tn Christian Umds, 
To dwell in temples made with hands ; 

5 Grant that all we who here to-day 
Rejoicing this foundation lay. 

May be Tn very deed thine own, 
Built on the precious Corner-stone. 

8 Endue the creatures with thy grace 
That shall adorn thy dwelling-place ; 
The beauty of the oak and pine, 
The gold and silver, make them thine. 

4 To thee they all pertain ; to thee 
The treasures of the earth and sea : 
And when we bring them to thy throne 
We but present thee with thine own. 

6 The heads that guide endue with skill ; 
The hands that work preserve from ill ; 
That we, who these foundations lay. 
May raise the topstone in iU day. 


"KTOT heaven's wide range of hallowed 
J-^ space 

Jehovah's presence can confine ; 
Nor angels' claims restrain his grace. 

Whose glories through creation shii 
2 It beamed on Eden's guilty days. 

And traced redemption 's wondrous plan j 
From Calvary, in brightest rays. 

It glowed to guide benighted man. 

8 IU sacred shrine it fixes there, 
When two or three are met to raise 


Their holy hands in humble praver. 
Or tune their hearts to grateful praise. 

4 Be this, O Lord, that honored place. 
The house of God, the Mte of heaven ; 

And may the fullness of tny frrace 
To all who here shall meet be given. 

6 And hence, in qtirit, may we soar 
To those bright courts where seraphs 

With awe like theirs, on earth adore, 
Till with their anthems ours shall blend. 


S61 L.M. 

Ood^t ffuardian pretence, 

npHIS stone to thee in faith we lay ; 

■*- To thee this temple. Lord, we build ; 

Thy power and goodness here display, 

And be it with thy presence filled. 

5 Here, when thy people seek thy fSaoe, 
And dying sinners pray to live. 

Hear thou in heaven, thy dwelling-pUMe. 
And when thou hearest. Lord, lorigive I 

8 Here, when thy messengers proelaim 

The blessed gospel of thy Son, 
Still, bv the power of his great name, 

Be mighty signs and wonders don«. 

4 Bat will indeed Jehovah deign 
Here to abide, no transient guetit 

Here will the world's Redeemer reign 1 
And here the Holy Spirit rest! 

5 Thy glory never hence depart ; 

Yet choose not. Lord, this nonse alone ; 
Thy kingdom come to every heart. 
In every bostmi fix thy throne. 


S63 L.M. 

The earthly and the heavenly temph. 

ENTER thy temple, glorious King I 
And write thy name upon its shrine, 
Thy peace to shed, thv joy to bring. 
And seal its courts forever thine. 

S Abide with us, O Lord, we pray. 
Our strength, our comfort, and our light ; 

Son of our joy's unclouded day I 
Star of our sorrow's troubled night I 

3 If from thy paths our souls should stray, 
Yet turn to seek thy pardonhig grace, 

Cast not our contrite prayer awav, 
But hear from heaven, tny dwelling-place. 

4 Grant us to walk In peace and love. 
And find, at last, some humble place 

In that great temple built above, 
Where dwell thy saints before thy fsce. 


S63 L. M. 

A knnMe offering to Jekovah. 

THE perfect world, by Adam trod. 
Was the first temple, built by Qod ; 
His Hoi laid the eomer-stone. 
And heaved its pillars one by one. 
9 He hung its starry roof on high. 
The broad expanse of aaure sky ; 

\1\ ^ 


Till all heftven and earth resounding, 
Echo with thv glorious name ; 

Halleltgah to tne Lamb ! 


The Chrittian ekild. 


^Y cool Siloam's shady rill 
' How sweet the lily grows ! 
How sweet the breath, beneath the hill, 
Of Sharon's dewy rose I 

S Lo! such the child whose early feet 

The paths of peace have trod ; 
■Whose secret heart, with influence sweet. 
Is upward drawn to Gk>d. 

3 Bv cool Siloam's shady rill 
Tne lily must decay ; 

The rose that blooms Iteneath the hill 
Must shortly fade away. 

4 And soon, too soon, the wintry hour 
Of man's maturer age 

Will shake the soul with sorrow's power, 
And stormy passion's rage. 

5 O Thon, whose infant feet were found 
Within thy Fatiier's shrine, 

Whose years, with changeless virtue 
Were ail aUke divine; 

6 Dependent on thy bounteous breath, 
We seek thy grace alone. 

In childhood, manhood, age, and death, 
To keep us still thine own. 


sre . CM. 

Children prainng ChrUH. 

/^OME, Christian children, come, and raise 
^^ Your voice with one accord ; 
Ceme, sing^ in joyful songs of praise 
The glories of your Lord. 

2 Sins of the wonders of his love. 
Ana loudest praises give 

To him who left his throne above, 
And died that you might live. 

3 Sing of the wonders of his truth, 
And read in every page 

The promise made to earliest youth 
Fulfilled to latest age. 

4 Sing of the wonders of his power, 
Who with his own right arm 

Upholds and keeps you hour by hour. 
And shields from every harm. 


Syy C M. 

BUnednete of inttruetinff the young. 

■pvELIGHTFUL work ! young souls to win, 
•'--' And turn the rising race 
From the deceitful paths of sin. 
To seek redeeming grace. 

8 Children our kind protection claim ; 

And God will well approve 
When infisnts learn to lisp his name, 

And their Redeemer love. 
.7 /«? ours the hUss, In wisdom's way 
7h euide untutored youth. 

The Wmy, the Lif^ the Irutb. 

4 Almlghtv God, thine influence shed, 

To aid tnis blest design ; 
The honors of thy name be spread. 

And all the glory thine. 


SrS 7.5. 

Sunday-aekool annivertary. 

WILT thou hear the voice of praise 
Which the little children raisa, 
Thou who art, from endless days. 

Glorious God of all ! 
While the circling year has sped, 
Thou hast heavenly blessings shed. 
Like Uie dew, upon each hMd ; 

Still on tnee we call. 
3 Still thy constant care bestow ; 
Let us each in wisdom grow, 
And in favor while below, 

With the God above. 
In our hearts the Spirit mild. 
Which adorned the Saviour-child, 
Gently soothe each impulse wild 

To the sway of love. 

8 Thine example, kept In view, 
Jeans, help us to pursue ; 
Lead us all our journey through 

By thy guiding hand ; 
And when life on earth is o'er. 
Where the blest dwell avermore, 
May we praise thee and adore. 

An unbroken band. 


JJiUie travelers ZioHward, 
T ITTLE travelers Zionward, 
-^ Each one entering into rest, 
In the kingdom of your Loni, 

In the mansions of the blest ; 
There, to welcome, Jesus waits. 

Gives the croMms his followers win ; 
Lift your heads, ye golden gates I 

Let the little travelers in! 

9 Who are they whose little feet, 
Pacing life's dark ioumey through, 

Now have reached tnat heavenly seat. 

They had ever kept in view f 
"I, from Greenlandrs frozen land:" 

" I. from India's sultry plain ; '* 
" I. from Afric's barren sand ; " 

*' I, from islands of the main." 
3 " AH our earthly journey past, 

Every tear and pain gone by, 
Here together met at last. 

At the portal of the sky ! '* 
Each the welcome " Come " awaits, 

Conquerors over death and sin I 
Lift your heads, ye frolden gates I 

Let the little travelers in f 


880 11,8,12,9. 

That tweet ttor^ of old, 

I THINK, when I read that sweet story 
of old, 
When Jesus was here among men, 
IIow he called little children as lambs to 
his fold, 
I should like lo have \>een viW^vVXtsv^wi, 


9 I wish that his hands had been placed on 
my head, 
That his arms had been thrown aroond 
That I might have seen his kind look when 
he said, 
" Let the little ones come unto me." 

3 Yet still to his footstool in prayer I may 

And ask for a share in his. love: 
And if I thus earnestly seek him below, 
I shall see him and hear him above : 

4 In that beautiful place he has gone to 

For all who are washed and foi^ren ; 
And many dear children are gathering 

" For of such is the kingdom of heaven." 


®81 A hUmngfor Uadt^t. ^' 

TtllGHTY One, before whose ftwe 
-^'•*- Wisdom had her glorious scat, 
When the orbs that people space 

Sprang to birth beneath thy feet ; 
3 Source of truth, whose beams alone 

Light the miffhty world of mind ; 
6od of love, who trora thy throne 

Kindly watchest all mankind ; 

3 Shed on those who in thy name 
Teach the way of truth and right, 

Shed that love's undying flame, 
Shed that wisdom's guiding light. 


883 Tk€ ekUdrm'rjubilt. ^' *** 

HOSANNA ! be the children's song, 
To Christ, the children's King ; 
His praise, to whom our souls belong, 

Let ail the children sing. 
9 Hosanna! sound from hill to hill, 

And spread from plain to plain. 
While louder, sweeter, clearer still. 
Woods echo to the strain. 

3 Hosanna ! on the wings of light, 
O'er earth and ocean ny. 

Till mom to eve, and noon to night, 
And heaven to earth, reply. 

4 Hosanna! then, our song shall be; 
Hosanna to our King ! 

This is the children's jubilee ; 
Let all the children sing. 


883 . 7,6. 

The Lord'a Jove to children, 
■\XTHEN, his salvation bringing, 
'^^ To Zion Jesus came, 
The children all stood singing 

Hosanna to his name : 
Nor did their zeal offend him, 

But as he rode along. 
He let them still attend him. 
And smiled to hear their song. 

5 And since the TiOrd retaincth 
His love to children still, 

Though now as King he reigneth 

On Zion's heavenly hill. 
We '11 flock around nis banner, 

We '11 bow before his throne. 
And cry aloud, " Hosanna 

To David's royal Son." 

3 For should we fail proclaiming 

Our great Redeemer's praise, 
The stones, our silence snamliig. 

Would tneir hosannas raise. 
But shall we only render 

The tribute of our words t 
No: while our hearts are tender. 

They too shall be the Lord's^ 


884r Orateful praiee. ''•®* 

T^E bring no glittering treasures, 

* ^ No gems from earth's deep mine ; 
We come, with simple measures. 

To chant Thy love divine. 
Children, thy favors sharing. 

Their voice of thanks would raise ; 
Father, accept our offering. 

Our song of grateful praise. 

9 The dearest gift of Heaven, 

Love's written word of truth, 
To us is early given, 

To guide otMr steps in- youth ; 
We hear the wondrous story, 

The tale of Calvary ; 
We read of homes in glory, 

From sin and sorrow free. 
3 Redeemer, grant thy bleulngl 

O teach us now to pray, 
That each, thy fear possessing. 

May tread life's onward way ; 
Then, where the pure are dwelling 

We hope to meet again. 
And, sweeter numbers swelling. 

Forever praise thy name. 


885 6,4. 

Shepherd of tender yotUh, 

SHEPHERD of tender youth, 
Guiding in love and truth 
Through devious ways ; 
Christ our triumphant King, 
We come thy. name to sing ; 
Hither our cnildren bring 
To shout thy praise. 

9 Thou art our holy Lord, 
The ali-subduing Word, 

Healer of strife : 
Thou didst thyself abase. 
That from sin's deep disgraee 
Thou mightest save our race, 

And give us life. 

3 Thou art the great High Priest; 
Thou hast prepared the feast 

Of heavenly love ; 
While in our mortal pain 
None calls on thee in vain ; 
Help thou dost not disdain, 

Help from above. 

4 Ever be .thou our guide. 
Oik *K«^Vv«v^ «,\\4. »s>\\t \<(\^^ 

Vi\xx »N».^ «»^ «s\v?j\ 


Jesus, tbon Chrtst of God, 
By thy perenninl word 
Lead as where thou hast trod, 
Make onr faith strong. 

5 So now, and till we die. 
Sound we thv praises hign. 

And joyful sing : 
• Infants, and the gUd throng 
Who to thy Church belong, 
Unite to swell the song 

To Christ our King. 



SS6 Early pietf. ''»®* 

I LOVE to hear the story 
Which angel voices ten. 
How once the King of gloiy i 

Came down on earth to dwell. 
I am both weak and sinful. 

But this I surely know. 
The Lord came down to save me, 

Because he loved me so. 
S I 'm glad my blessed Saviour 

Was once a child like me. 
To show how pure and holy 

His little ones may be ; 
And if I try to follow 
> His footsteps here below, 
He never will forget me, 

Because ha loves me so. 
8 To sing his love and mercy 

My sweetest songs I '11 raise; 
And though I cannot see him 

I know ne hears my praise ; 
For he has kindly promised 

That even I may go 
To sing among his angels. 

Because be loves me so. 


ssr 8,7. 

For a bJetaing on children. 

HOLY Father, send thv blessing 
On thy children gatnered here ; 
Let them all, thy name confessing. 

Be to thee forever dear. 
Holy Saviour, who in meekness 

Didst vouchsafe a child to be'i 
Guide their steps and help their weakness. 

Bless, and make '{hem like to thee. 
2 Bear the lambs, when they are weary, 

In thine arms and at thy breast;- 
Through life's desert dark and dreary . 

Bring them to thy heavenly rest. 
Spread thy wings of blessing o'er them, 

Holy Spirit, ffom above ; 
Guide, and lead, and go before them, 

Give them peace, and joy, and love. 


888 The lamht enfolded. ®' "'* 

SAVIOUR, who thy flock art feeding 
With the shepherd's kindest care. 
All the feeble gently leading, 

While the lambs thy bosom share ; 
A'oir, these little ones receiving, 
Fo/d them In thy gnciona arm ; 
There, we know, tby word believing, 
Only there, secure from harm. 

2 Never, from thy pasture roving, 
Let them be the lion's prey ; 

Let thy tenderness, so loving, 
Keep them all life's dangerous way : 

Then, within thy fold eternal, 
Let them find a resting-place,' 

Feed in pastures ever vernal. 
Drink the rivers of thy grace. ° 


880 8.7. 

' He tkaJl gather the lambt with hit arm. 

ri RACIOUS Saviour, gentle Shepherd, 
^-^ Little ones are dear to thee ; 
Gathered with thine arms, aqd carried 

In thy bosom may we be ; 
Sweetly, fondly, safelv tended, 
From all want and danger free. 

3 Tender Shepherd, never leave us 
From thv fold to go astray ; 

By thy look of love directed 
May we walk the narrow way ; 

Thus direct us, and protect us, 
Lest we fall an easy prey. 

8 Tan^ht to lisp the holy praises 
Which on earth thy children «ing. 

Both with lips and hearts unfeigned 
May we our thank-offerings bring ; 

Then with all thy saints in glory 
Join to praise onr Lord and King. 



800 s. M. 

7%e evilt of intemperance. 

lyrOURN for the thousands slain, 
•^■^ The youthful and the strong ; 
Mourn for the wine-cup's fearful reign. 
And the deluded throng. 

3 Mourn for the tarnished gem — 

For reason's light divine, 
Quenched from the soul's bright diadem, 

Whei-e God had bid it shine. 

3 Mourn for the ruined soul — . 
Eternal life and light] 

Lost by the fiery, nvddening bowl. 
And turned td nopeless night. ■ 

4 Mourn for the lost, — but call. 
Call to the strong, the free ; . 

Rouse them to shun tl^at dreadful fall. 
And to the refuge flee 

5 Mourn for the lost. — ^but pray, . 
Pray to our God above, 

To break the fell destroyer's sway. 
And show his saving love. 


801 Chrittiantfmpathy. ^'^' 

r\ PRAISE our God to-day, 
^^ His constant mercy bless, 
Whose love hath helped us on our way. 
And granted us success. 

3 H\i arav tihe ^trenetb imparts 
Out d&Wy \o\\ V) Wx \ 



His gnc« alone inspires our heart*, 
EMh other's load to share. 

5 O happiest worlt below, 
Earnest of joy above, 

To sweeten many a cup of woe. 
By deeds of holy lore ! 

4 Lord, may it be oor choice 

This blessed rule to keep, 
*' Rejoice with them that do r^oice. 

And weep with them that weep." 

6 God of the widow, hear. 
Our work of mercy bless ; 

God of the fatherless, be near, . 
And grant us good success. 


S02 Ye have done it unto Me. ^' ^ 

WEgive thee but thine own, 
Whate'er the gift may be : 
All that we have is thine alone, 
A trust, O Lord, from thee. 

S May we thy bounties thus 

As stewards true receive, 
And gladly, as thou blessest ns, 

To thee our first>fruit« give. 

5 O, hearts are bruised and dead. 
And homes are bare and cold, 

And lambs for whom the Shepherd bled, 
Are straylnf from the fold ! 

4 To comfort and to bless, 

To find a balm for woe, 
To tend the lone and fatherless 

Is angels' work below. 

6 The captive to release. 
To Goa the lost to bring, 

To teach the way of life and peac0| — 
It is a Christ-like thing. 

6 And we believe thy word, 
Though dim our faith may be ; 

Whate'ar for thine we do, O Lord, 
We do it unto thee. 


803 AeU of charity. ^'^• 

JESUS, my Lord, how rich thv grace. 
Thy iMunties how complete f 
How shall I oount the matchless sum f 
How pay the mighty delitt 

i High on a throne of radiant light 

Dost thou exalted shine ; 
What can my poverty bestow. 

When all the worlds are thme! 

8 But thou hast brethren here below. 

The partners of thv grace. 
And wflt confess thetr humble names 

Before thy Father's face. 

4 In them thou mayst be clothed and fed, 

And visited and cheered ; 
And in their accents of distress 

My Saviour's voice Is heard. 

6 Thy face with reverence and with loya, 

I in thy poor would see ; 
O rather let me beg my bread, 

ThM hold it back from thee. 



S&^ C. M. 

Stfmpitihif vith the affiietod. 

FATHER of mercies, send thy grace, 
All-powerful, from above. 
To form in our ol>edient souls 

The image of thy love. 
9 O may our sympathizing breasts 

That generous pleasure know, 
Kindlv to share in others' joy, 

Ana weep for others' woe. 
8 When poor and helpless sons of grief 

In deep distress are laid, 
Soft be our hearts their pains to feel. 

And swift our hands to aid. 
4 So Jesus looked on dying man, 

When, throned above the skies. 
And in the Father's bosom blest. 

He felt compassion rise, 
fi On wings of love the Saviour flew. 

To bless a ruined race ; 
We would, O Lord, thy steps pursue. 

Thy bright example trace. 


S03 c. M. 

Prayer for the intemperate. 
^rpiS thine alone, almighty Name, 

-*- To raise the dead to life. 
The lost inebriate to reclaim 
From passion's fearful strife. 

S What ruin hath intemperance wrought I 

How widely rpU it* waves ! 
How many myriads hath It brought 

To fill dishonored graves ! 

8 And see. O Lord, what numbers still 

Are maddened by the bowl. 
Led captive at the tyrant's will 

In bondage, heart and soul. 

4 Stretch forth thy hand, O God, oor King, 
And break the galling chain ; 

Deliverance to the captive bring. 
And end the usurper's reign. 

5 The cause of temperance is thine own ; 
Our plans and efforts bless ; 

We trust, O Lord, in thee alone 
To crown them with success. 


8dO The box of epikenard. ^' ^' 

SHE loved her Saviour, and to him 
Her costliest present brought ; 
To crown his head, or grace his name. 
No gift too rare she thought. 

3 So let the Saviour be adored. 
And not the poor despised ; 

Give to the hungry from your hoard. 

But all, give all to Christ. 
8 Go, clothe the naked, lead the blind, 

Give to the weary rest ; 
For sorrow's children comfort find, 

And help for all distressed ; 

4 But give to Christ alone thy heart. 
Thy »ith, thy love supreme ; 

Then for his sake thine alms impart. 




Y* kavt iJu poor alwaya with yon. 
Matt. 86: II. 

T ORD, lead the way the Sarionr went, 
-*-' Bv lane and cell obscare, 
And let love's treasares still be spent, 
Like bis, upon the poor. 

S Like bim, through scenes of deep distress, 
Who bore the world's sad weignt. 

We, in their crowded loneliness, 
Would seek the desolate. 

3 For thou hast placed us side by side 
In this wide world of ill ; 

And that thy followers may be tried. 
The poor are with us still. 

4 Mean are all offerings we can make ; 
Yet thou hast taught us, Lord, 

If given for the Savk>ur's sake. 
They lose not their reward. 


808 TkynHghhor. ^•^• 

''HO is thy neighbor! He whom ibon 
Hast power to aid or bless ; 
Whose aching heart or burning brow 
Thy soothing hand may press. 

5 Thy neighbor t Tis the fainting poor. 
Whose eye with want is dim ; 

O enter thou his humble door. 
With aid and peace for him. 

3 Thy neighbor t He who drinks the cup 
When sorrow drowns the brim ; 

With words of high, sustaining hope, 
Cto thou and comfort him. 

4 Thy neighbor ! Pass no mourner by j 
Perhaps thou canst redeem 

A breaking heart from misery ; 
OtOi share thy lot with him. 





For the ituhriatt. 
T IFE from the dead. Almighty God. 
-'-' 'Tis thine alone to give; 
To lift the poor inebriate up, 
And bid the helpless live. 

S Life from the dead ! For those we plead 
Fast bound in passion's chain, 

That, from their iron fetters freed. 
They wake to life again. 

3 Life from the dead! Quickened by thee. 
Be all their powers inclined 

To temperance, truth, and piety, 
And pleasures pure, refined. 

4 And may they by thy help abide. 
The tempter's power withstand ; 

By grace restored and purified. 
In Christ accepted stand. 



For merey on the drunkard. 
"pprrrSJV, doomed to death, the apostle 

^ j/Ii.^/'^u' ^° fferod'M daaeeon cell, 
JnJtff '*°^,'^,'^°'^ ^^'" '^e the day. 
-*«dyyom bh JimbM the fitter, fell, 


2 A messenger from God was there, 
To break bis chain and bid him rise ; 

And lo ! the saint, as free as air, 
Walked forth boneath the open skies. 

3 Chains yet more strong and cruel bind 
The victimj of that deadly thirst 

Which drowns the soul, and from the mind 
Blots the bright image stamped at first. 

4 O God of love and merer, deign 

' To look on those with pitying eye 
Who struggle with that fatal chain. 

And send them succor from on high 1 
6 Send down, in its resistless might, 

Thy gracious Spirit, we Implore, 
And lead the captive forth to light, 
A rescued soul, a slave no more I 


OOl Ttmperane« kymn. ^ ^ 
"DONDAGE and death the cup contains : 
-^ Dash to the earth the poisoned bowl! 
Softer than silk are iron chains. 

Compared with those that chafe the soul. 
S Hosannas, Lord, to thee we sing. 

Whose power the giant fiend obeys ; 
What countless thousands tribute bring. 

For happier homes and brighter days ! 

3 Thon wilt not brAk the bruised reed, 
Nor leave the broken heart unbound : 

The wife regains a husband freed ! 
The orphan clasps a father found ! 

4 Spare. Lord, the thoughtless, guide the 

Till man no more shall deem it just 
To live by fowing chains to bind 
His weaker brother in the dust. 


902 x>Md« of love rewarded. ^- ^' 
TTOW blest the children of the Lord. 
J-A Who, walkfaig in his sight. 
Make all the precepts of his word 
Their study and delight I 

9 That precious wealth shall be their 

Which cannot know decay ; 
Which moth or rust shall ne'er devour, 

Or spoiler take away. 

8 For them that heavenly light shall 

Whose cheering ravs illume 
The darkest hours of'life, and shed 

A halo round the tomb. 

4 Their works of piety and love, 
Performed through Christ, their Lord, 

Forever registered above, 
Shall meet a sure reward. 


®^3 Treaeuree in heaeen. ^- *'• 

RICH are the joys which cannot die. 
With God laid up in store ; 
Treasures b«yonL& l\ie c\iatv^% i^-^^ 
Brighter tAui golden ore. 


S Th« seeds which piety and lore 

Have scattered here below, 
In the fair fertile fields above 

To ample harvests grow. 

8 All that my willing hands can give 
At Jesos' feet I lay ; 

Grace shall the humble gift receive, 
Abounding grace repay. 


004 L.M. 

Mart hinted to giw than to reeeivt. 
Acta SO: 35. 
TTELP us, O Lord, thy yoke to wear, 
-"■ Delighting in thy perfect will ; 
Each other's burdens learn to bear. 
And thus thy law of love fulfill. 

9 He that hath pity on the noor 
Lendeth his substance to the Lord ; 

And, lo I his recompense is sure, 
For more than all shall be restored. 

8 Teach us, with glad, ungrudging heart. 
As thou bast blest our various store, 

From our abundance to impart 
A liberal portion to the poor. 

4 To thee our all devoted be, 

In whom we breathe, and move, and 
live ; 
Freely we have received from thee j 

Freely may we rejoice to give. 


005 i*M. 

For a ekaritable oeeation. 

DEAR ties of mutual succor bind 
The children of our feeble race, 
And if our brethren were not kind. 

This earth were but a weary place. 
S We lean on others as we walk 

Life's twilight path, with pitMls strewn ; 
And 'twere an idle boast to talk 

Of treading that dim path alone. 
8 Amid the snares misfortune lays 

Unseen, beneath the steps of all. 
Blest is the love that seeks to raise, 

And sUy, and strengthen those who fall ; 
4 Till, Unght by Him who for our sake 

Bore every form of life's distress. 
With every passing year we make 

The sum of human sorrow less. 




4 He can heal thy bitterest wound, 
He thy gentlest prayer can hear j 

Seek him, for he may be found ; 
Call upon him ; he is near. 


OOy n* guiding dar. ^' ^' 

AS shadows, cast by cloud and sun. 
Flit o'er the summer grass, 
So, in thy sight, Almighty One, 

Earth's generations pass. 
8 And as the years, an endless host, 

Come swiftly pressing on. 
The brightest names that earth can boMi 

Just glisten and are gone. 
8 Yet doth the star of Bethlehem shed 

A luster pure and sweet ; 
And still it leads, as once it led, 

To the Messiah's feet. 
4 O Father, may that holy star 

Grow every year more briglit, 
And send ita glorious beams afar 

To fill the world with lighu 



00» Ckritt,the Conqueror. ^'^ 

JESUS, immortal King, arise ; 
Assert thy rightful sway. 
Till earth, subdued, ita tribute brtBgt, 

And distant lands obey. 
8 Ride forth, victorious Conqueror, ride, 

Till all thy foes submit. 
And all the powers of hell resign 

Their trophies at thy feet 
8 Send forth thy word, and let it fly 

The spacious earth around. 
Till every soul beneath the sun 

Shall hear the joyful sound. 
4 O may the great Redeemer's nam* 

Through every clime be known, 
And heathen gods, forsaken, fall. 

And Jesus reign alone. 
6 From sea to sea. from shore to shore. 

Be thou, O Christ, adored, 
And earth, with all her millions, shout 

Hosannas to the Lord. 


OOO c. M. 

Raurning to Zion vitl kynmt of joy. 
TiAUGHTER of Zion, from the dust 
^ Exalt thy fallen head ; 
Again in tliy Redeemer trust : 

He calls thee from the dead. 
8 Awake, awake, put on thy strength. 

Thy beautiful array } 
The day of freedom dawns at length, 

The lord's appointed day. 
3 Rebuild thy walls, thy bounds enlarge, 

And send thy herald* CQtth.\ 

OOo XJU wanderer e*korted. 

"DROTHER, hast thou wandered fi 
A> From thy Father's happy home, 
With thyself and God at war! 
Turn thee, brother ; homeward come. 

f Hast thou wasted all the powers 

God for noble uses gave ! 
Squandered life's most golden hours! 

Turn thee, brother ; Qod can save 1 
8 Is a mighty famine now 

In thy heart and in thy soul ! I aho «»°«>"y^'iv*Sv,r4v^^ eN««kV" 

Discontent upon thy browl \ ^V^^^t^^^^S^^^'*'^^ 


4 They come, they come; tbine exiled 

Where'er they rest or r«»m, 
Have heard thy Toiee in distant lands, 

And hasten to their home. 

6 Thtts, though the nniTcrse shall bum, 

And God his works destroy. 
With songs thy ransomed shall return, 

And erwlasting joy. 


OlO _, , . „ . CM. 

GREAT God, the nations of the earth 
Are by creation thine ; 
And in thy worics, by all beheld, 
Thy radiant glories shine. 

i Bat, Lord, thy greater Iotc has sent 

Thy gaqpel t« mankind, 
Unreiling what rich stores of graoe 

Are treasured in thy mind. 

3 Lord, when shall these glad Mings 

The spacious earth around^ 
Till every tribe and every soul 
Shall hear the joyful sound! 

4 Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt 
To spread the gospel's rays, 

And build on sin's demolished throne 
nie temples of thy praise. 


Oil 6. 

Tke »Md of Uu Ckttrck 

FLUNG to the heedleu winds, 
Or oc the waters cast. 
The martyrs' ashes, watched. 

Shall gathered be at lut ; 
And from that scattered dust, 

Around us and abroad. 
Shall spring a plenteous tied 
Of witnesses for God. 

9 The Father hath if^Ived 

Their latest living breath | 
And vain is Satan's boast 

Of victory in their death : 
Still, still, though dead, they speak, 

And, trumpet-tongued, proclaim. 
To many a wakening land, 

Tlie one availing name. 


013 Zion.*t glad morning. "tlO* 

HAIL to the brightneu of ZIon's glad 
morning I 
Jov to ibe lands that in darkness have 
' lain ! 
Hushed be the accents of sorrow and 
mourning ; 
Zion In triumph begins her mild reign. 

t Hail to the brightness of ZIon's glad 
Long- by the prophets of Israel foretold ; 
Majy to tbe mtlliona trom bondnge return- 

^«at/j0s mad J«vn tbe bleU rkioa be- 


3 Lo, in the desert rich flowers are spring- 

Streams ever copious are gliding along ; 
Loud from Uie mouutain-tbps echoes are 
Wastet rise in verdure, and mingle in 

4 See, from all lands, from the isles of the 

Praise to Jehovah ascending on high ; 
Fallen are the engines of war and commo- 
Shouts of salvation are rending the sky. 



Let there be light. 


T^HOU, whose almighty word 
-^ Chaos and darkness heard. 

And took their flight; 
Hear ns, we humbly pray, 
And where the gospel day 
Sheds not its glorious ray, 

« Let there be light.'' 

9 Thou, who didst come to bring 
On thy redeeming wing, 

Healing and sight, 
Health to tne sick in mind, 
Sight to the inly blind ; 
O now, to all mankind, 

<<Let there be light." 

3 Spirit of truth and love. 
Life-giving, holy Dove, 

Speed forth thy flight; 
Move o'er the waters' ftuM 
By thine almighty grace ; 
And in earth's darkest idaae, 

«Let there be light." 

4 Blessed and holy Three, 
Glorious Trinity, 

Wisdom, Love, Mlsht ; 
Boundless as ocean's tide 
Rolling In fullest pride. 
O'er the world far and wide, 

"Let there be light." 



Tke Morning Star. 

C. M« 

LIGHT of the lonely pilgrim's heart, 
Star of the coming day, 
Arise, and with thy momine beams 
Chase all our griefs away ! 

9 Come, blessed Lord, let every shore 

And answering island sing 
The praises of thy royal name. 

And own thee as their King. 

8 Bid the whole earth, responsive now 

To the bright world above. 
Break forth in sweetest strains of joy. 

In memory of thy love. 

4 Jesus, thy hit creation (croans. 
The air, the earth, the sea, 

In nnison w^Qi «\\ «nx VicaxU^ 
And eaVU aloud lot ^Sbae. 


» Tbine waa the cross, with all its fruiU 

Off^race and peace divine: 
Be tliTne the crown of plory now, 

The palm of victory thine I 


Ol^ RtignofChridforeUM. ^'^' 
n'^HE Lord will come, and not be slow; 
-^ His footsteps cannot err ; 
Before him RiKhteousness shall go. 

His royal harbinger, 
t Mercy and Truth, that long ware missed, 

Nowjoyfnlly are met ; 
Sweet Peace and Righteousness have kissed, 

And hand in hand are set. 
8 The nations all whom thon hast made 

Shall come, and all shall frame 
To bow them low before thee, Lord ! 

And glorify thy name. 
4 Truth from the earth, like to a (lower, 

Shall bud and blossom then. 
And Justice, from her heavenly bower, 

Look down on mortal men. 
« Thee will I praise, O Lord, my Qod I 

Thee honor and adore 
With my whole heart ; and blase abroad 

Thy name for evermore 1 


oie CM. 

Tkt earth renewed in rigkteouaneu. 

ALMIGHTY Spirit, now behold 
A world by sin destroyed : 
Creating Spirit, as of old. 

Move on the formless void, 
t Give thon the word ; that healing sound 

Sliall Quell the deadly strife ; 
And earth acain, like Eden crowned, 

Bring forth the tree of life, 
t If sang the morning stars for joy. 

When nature rose to view, 
What strains will anfrel-harps employ, 

When thou shalt all renew ! 

4 And if the sons of God rejoice 
To hear a Saviour's name. 

How will the ransomed raise tbeir voice, 
To whom that Saviour came I 

5 Lo, every kindred, every tribe, 
Assembling round the throne, 

The new creation shall ascribe 
To sovereign love alone I 



The time to favor Zion. 



That glorioua anihtm. ^' ^' 

SOON" may the last glad song arise. 
Through all the millions of the skies ; 
That song of triumph which records 
That all the earth is now the Lord's. 

9 Let thrones, and powers, and kingdoms be 
Obedient, mighty God, to thee; 
And over land, and stream, and main, 
Now wave the scepter of thy reign. 

8 O let that glorious anthem swell ; 
Let host to host the triumph tell, 
Till not one rebel heart remains. 
But over all the Saviour reigns. 

COVEREION of worlds! dUplay thy 

^ power : 

Be this thy Zion's favored hoar ; 

O bid the morning star arise, 

O point the heathen to the skies. 

i Set up thy throne where Satan reigns, 

In western wilds and eastern plains ; 

Far let the gospel's sound be known ; 

Make thou the universe thine own. 

3 Speak, and the world shall hear thy voice ; 
Speak, and the desert shall rejoice : 
Impel the gloom of heathen night ; 
Bid every nation hail the light. 

MKS. von. 

019 L. M. 

Chriat'a aU-tmbtcuiing empire, 

JESUS shall reign where'er the sun 
Does his successive journeys run ; 
His kingdom spread from shore to shore. 
Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 
8 From north to south the princes meet, 
To pay their homage at his feet ; 
While western empires own their Lord, 
And savage tribes attend his word. 

3 To him shall endless prayer be made, 
And endless praises crown his head ; 
His name like sweet perfume shall rise 
With every morning sacrifice. 

4 People and realms of every tongne 
Dwell on his love with sweetest song, 
And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on his name. 


92\3 TriumfJit of mereff, ' 

A RM of the Lord, awake, awake I 
-^^ Put on thy strength, the nations shake. 
And let the world, adoring, see 
Triumphs of mercy wrought by thee. 

8 Say to the heathen, from ihy throne, 
" I am Jehovah, God alone : '' 
Thy voice their idols shall confound, 
And cast their altars to the ground. 

3 No more let creature blood be spilt. 
Vain sacrifice for human guilt I 

Rut to each conscience be applied 
The blood that flowed from Jesus' side. 

4 Almighty God. thy grace proclahn. 
In every land, of every name ; 

Till adverse powers before thee fall. 
And crown tne Saviour, Lord of all. 


031 The triumph near. ^- ^' 

INTERNAL Father, thou hast said, 
^ That Christ all glory shall obtain ; 
That he who once a sufferer bled 
Shall o'er the world a conqueror reign. 

2 We wait thy triumph. Saviour King; 
Long ages have prepared thy way ; 


8 Thy hosts are mastered to the field ; 

" The Cross I the Cross I " the battle-cull ; 
The old {Trim towers of darkness yield, 

And soon shall totter to their fall. 
4 On moantain tops the watch-fires (tIow, 

Where scattered wide the watchmen 
Voice echoes voice, and onward flow 

The joyous shouts from land to land. 
6 O till thv Church with faith and power. 

Bid her long nifi^ht of weeping cease; 
To Kroaning nations haste the hour 

Oi life and f^dom, light and peace. 
6 Come, Spirit, make thy wonders known, 

Fulfill the Father's high decree ; 
Then earth, the might of hell overthrown. 

Shall keep her last great jubilee. 

BAY fAiaan. 

02Q MuHonary meting. ^' ^' 
A SSEMBLED at thy great command, 
-^'- Before thy face, dread King, we stand; 
The Toice that marshaled every star 
Has called thy people from afar. 

3 We meet through distant lands to spread 
The truth for which the martyrs bled ; 
Along the line, to either pole, 

The anthem or thy praise to roll. 

8 Our prayers assist ; accept our praise ; 
Our hopes revive ; our couri^;e nuse ; 
Our counsels aid : to each impart 
The single eye, tne faithful heart. 

4 Forth with thy chosen heralds come ; 
Recall the wandering spirits home ; 
From Zion's mount send forth the sound, 
To spread the spacious earth around. 


OS3 The latt«r-day fft»ry. ^'^' 

BEHOLD, the heathen waits to know 
The joy the gospel will bestow ; 
The exiled captive, to receive 
The freedom Jesus has to give. 

8 Come, let us, with a grateful heart, 
In this blest labor share a part : 
Our pravers and offerings gladly bring 
To aid tne triumphs of our King. 

8 Our hearts exult in songs of praise 
That we have seen these latter days. 
When our Redeemer shall be known 
Where Satan long hath held his throne. 

4 Where'er his hand hath spread the skies, 
Sweet incense to his name shall rise ; 
And slave and freeman, Greek and Jew, 
By sovereign grace be formed anew. 


034 For Jew* and QeiUiU*. '^^' 

HEAD of the Church, whose Spirit fills 
And flows through every faithful soul, 
Unites in mystic love, and seals 
Them one, and sanctifies the whole ; 

g "Come, Lord," thy g\oi\oM* Spirit cries, 
And toalt beoeatb the aJUir groan ; 
"Come, Lord," the bride on earth replies, 
-And perfect all our totdt in one." 

8 Pour out the promised gift on all ; 

Answer the universal "Come! " 
The fullness of the Gentiles call. 

And take thiue ancient people home. 

4 To thee let all the nations flow ; 
Let all obev the gospel word ; 

Let all their bleeding Saviour know. 
Filled with the glory of the Lord. 

fi O for thy truth and mercy's sake 
The purchase of thv passion claim ; 

Thine heritage, the Gentiles, take, 
And cause the world to know thy name. 


OSS L. M. 

Light for thou who tit in darinesi. 

rpHOUGH now the nations sit beneath 
-^ The darkness of o'erspreading death, 
God will arise with light divine. 
On Zion's holy towers to shine. 

5 That light shall shine on distant lands. 
And wandering tribes, in joyful bands. 
Shall come, thy glory, Lord, to see. 
And in thy courts to worship thee. 

8 O light of Zion, now arise ! 
Let the glad morning bless our eyes ; 
Ye nations, catch the kindling ra'y. 
And hail the splendors of the day. 


036 L.M. 

Prepare ye the way of ike Zor<?.— Matt. 3 : 8. 
pOMFORT, ye ministers of grace, 
^^ Comfort the people of your Lord ; 
O lift ye up the fallen rac«, 

And cheer them by the gospel word. 
9 Go into every nation, go ; 

Speak to their trembling hearts, and cry, — 
Glad tidings unto all we show : 

Jerusalem, thy God is nigh. 
8 Hark ! in the wilderness a crv, 

A voice that loudly calls,— Prepare I 
Prepare your hearts, for God is nigh. 

And waits to make his entrance there. 
4 The Lord your God shall quickly come ; 

Sinners, repent, the call obey : 
Open vour hearts to make him room ; 

Ye desert souls, prepare the way. 
fi The Lord shall clear his way through all ; 

Whate'er obstructs, obstructs in vain ; 
The vale shall rise, tne mountain fall. 

Crooked be straight, and rugged plain. 
6 The glory of the Lord displayed 

Shall all mankind together view ; 
And what his mouth in truth hath said, 

His own almighty hand shall do. 


OQr L.M. 

SouU petiehing for lack of tvowhdge. 
QHEPHERD of souls, with pitying eye 
•^ The thousands of our Israel see ; 
To thee in their behalf wa cry, 

Ourselves but newly found in thee. 
8 See where o'er desert wastes they err. 

And neither food nor feeder have. 
Nor fold, nor p\ace ol T«tvi«« Tk«Kt^ 

For no man c»T«t xYvaVi w>uV\ \o w<%. 


t Thj people. Lord, are lold for naught, 
Nor (now they their Redeemer nigh ; 

They perish, whom thyaelf haat bought ; 
Their souls for lack of knowledge die. 

4 The pit ite mouth hath opened wide, 
To swallow up its careless prey : 

Why should they die. when toou hast died, 
Haet died to bear their sins away t 

5 Why should the foe thy purchase seiie t 
Remember, Lord, thy dying groans : 

The meed of all thy sufferings these ; 
O claim them for thy ransomed one* I 


i^2S L.M. 

Tk« Saviour't wnung atniittd, 
TKSUS. thy Church, with longing eyes, 
** For tnine expected coming waits : 
TThen will the promised light arise. 
And glory beam on Zion's gates 1 

t E'en now, when tempests round us fall. 
And wintry clouds o'ercait the sky, 

Thy words with pleasure we recall, 
And deem that our redemption 's nigh. 

S O come, and reign o'er every land ; 

Let Satan from his throne be hurled. 
All nations bow to thy command. 

And grace revire a dying world. 

4 Teach us. in watchfulness and prayer. 
To wait for thine i4)pointed hour ; 

And lit us, by thy grace, to share 
The triumphs of thy conquering power. 


OSO j^ ioau muttoiM. ^ ^• 
T OOK from thy sphere of endless day, 
-^ O God of mercy and of might I 
la pity look on those who stray. 

Benighted, in this land of light. 
9 In peopled rale, in lonely glen, 

In crowded mart, by stream or sea, 
How many of the sons of men 

Hear not the message sent from thee ! 

5 Send forth thy heralds. Lord, to call 
The thoughtless young, the hardened old, 

A scattered, homeless flock, till all 

Be gathered to thy peaceful fold. 
4 Send them thv mighty word to speak, 

Till faith shall dawn, and doubt depart. 
To awe the bold, to sUy the weak. 

And bind and heal the broken heart. 
B Then all these wastes, a dreary scene. 

That make us sadden as we gaze, 
8^11 grow with living waters green. 

And lift to heaven the voice of praise. 


^^^ ITuHonarif ipmn. 7,6. 
T^ROM Greenland's icy mountains, 
-"- From India's coral strand ; 
Where Afric's sunny fountains 

Roll down their golden sand ; 
From many an ancient river. 

From many a palmy plain, 
Thev call us to deliver 

Tneir land from error's ohftla. 

8 What though the spicv breexes 

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle ; 
Though every prospect pleasee, 

And onlv man is vile I 
In vain with lavish kindness 

The gifts of God are strown ; 
The heathen in his blindness 

Bows down to wood and stone. 

t Shall we, whose souls are lighted 

With wisdom from on high, 
Shall we to men l>enighted 

The lamp of life deny t 
Salvation ! O salvation ! 

The jovful sound proclaim. 
Till earth's remotest nation 

Has learned Messiah's name. 

4 Waft, wait, ye winds, his story, 

And you, ve waters, roll, 
Till, like a lea of glory. 

It spreads from pole to pole : 
Till o'er our ransomed nature. 

The Lamb for sinners slain. 
Redeemer, King, Creator, 

In bliss returns to reign. 





JkpaHing miuUmaritt. 
>OLL on, thou mighty ocean I 
^ And, as thy billows flow, 
Bear messengers of mercy 

To every land below. 
Arise^ ye gales, and waft them 

Safe to the destined shore ; 
That man may sit in darkness. 

And death's black shade, no more. 
9 O thou eternal Ruler, 

Who boldest in thine arm 
The tempests of the ocean. 

Protect them from all harm I 
Thy presence. Lord, be with them. 

Wherever they may be: 
Though far from us who love them, . 

sun let them be with thee. 


03Q 7.6. 

Tk« morning Ugkt u breaking. 
npHB morning light is breaking ; 
-*- The darkness disappears ; 
The sons of earth are waking 

To penitential tears ; 
Each hreeie that sweeps the ocean 

Brings tidings from afar, 
Of nations in commotion, 

Prepared for Zion's war. 

S See heathen nations bending 

Before the Grod we love, 
And thousand hearts ascending 

In gratitude above ; 
While sinners, now confessing. 

The gospel call obey. 
And seek the Saviours blessing, 

A nation in a day. 

S Blest river of salvation. 

Pursue thine onward way; 
Flow thou to every nation^ 


SUv noi till all the lowly 
Triumphant reach their home : 

Stay not tUl all the holy 
mclaim, " The Lord !■ come ! " 
■AJiiTSL F. SMrra. 


JDomeatie mianoiu. 


kUR coantry'c Toice la pleading, 
Ye men of God, arise l 
Hia providence is leadine, 

The land before you 1ms : 
Day-eleams are o'er it brigateninf , 

And promise clothes the soil ; 
Wide nelds, for harvest whitening. 

Invite the reaper's toil. 

8 Gk> where the waves^are breaking 

On California's shore, 
Christ's precious gospel taking, 

More rich than golden an ; 
On Alleghany's mountains, 

Through aU the western vale. 
Beside Missouri's fountains 

Rehearse the wondrous tale. 

3 The love of Christ unfolding, 

Speed on from east to west, 
TUl all, his cross beholding. 

In him are fully blest. 
Great Author of salvation, 

Haste, haste the glorious day. 
When we, a ransomed nation. 

Thy scepter shall obey ! 




^IIC^HEN shall the voice of singing 
' ' Flow joyfully along, 
When hill and valley, ringing 

WHh one triumphant song. 
Proclaim the contest ended. 
. And him who once was slain. 
Again to earth descended, 

In righteousness to reign 1 

i Then from the craggy mountains 

The sacred shout snail fly ; 
And shady vales and fountains 

Shall ecno ths reply. 
Hlsh towOT and lowly dwelling 

Shall send the chorus round, 
All halleli^iahs swelling 

In one eternal sound! 


03S 7. 

The leeUcktnitn't report. 

WATCHMAN, tell us of the night, 
* ' What its signs of promise are. 
Traveler, o'er yon mountain's height 

See that glory-beaming star I 
Watchman, does its beauteous ray 

Aught of^hope or joy foretell t 
Traveler, yes ; it brings the day. 

Promised day of Israel. 

^ WittcAautn, teJ} tu ot the night ; 
,-Jfl)Cb«r vet tbat Mtar aacends. 
TnieJer, bJestedneu and light, 

J'eace aod tratb, ftt coune portends ! 

Watchman, will its beams alone 
Gild the spot that gave them birth t 

Traveler, ages are its own, 
See, it bursts o'er all the earth i 

8 Watchman, tell us of the night, 

For the morning seems to dawn. 
Traveler, darkness takes its flight ; 

Doubt and terror are .withdrawn. 
Watchman, let thy wandering caaa* ; 

Hie thee to thy quiet home! 
Traveler, lo I the Prince of peaoe, 

Lo 1 tlw Son of Giod is oome 1 


036 The word glorified. ''• 
^EE how great a flame aspires, 
^ Kindled by a spark of grace 1 
Jesus' love the nations fires. 

Sets the kingdoms on a bUM. 
To bring fire on earth he came ; 

Kindled in some hearts it is : 
that all might catch the flame, 

All partake the glorious bliss I 
8 When he first the work began, 

Small and feeble was his <My : 
Now the word doth swiftly run ; 

Now it wins its widening way: 
More and more it spreads and grows. 

Ever mighty to prevail : 
Sin's strongholds it now o'erthrows. 

Shakes the trembling gates of hell. 

8 Sons of God, your Saviour praise I 

He the door hath opened wide ; 
He hath given the word of grace ; 

Jesus' word is glorified. 
Jesus, mighty to redeem. 

He alone tne work hatn wrought ; 
Worthy la the work of him. 

Him who spake a world from naught. 

4 Saw ye not the cloud arise. 

Little as a human hand T 
Now it spreads along the skies. 

Hangs o'er all the thirsty land ; 
Lo t the promise of a shower 

Drops already from above ; 
But the Lord will shortly pour 

All the Spirit of his love. 

CHAXLBS waaunr. 

o3r . 7. 

CAriit'e univertal reign, 
TTASTEN, Lord, the glorious time, 
-'-'- When, beneath Messiah's sway. 
Every nation, every clime, 
Shall the gospel call obey. 

8 Mightiest kings his power shall own ; 

Heathen tribes his name adore ; 
Satan and his host, o'erthrown. 

Bound in chains, shall hurt no more. 

3 Then shall wars and tumults cease ; 
Then be banished grief and pain ; 

Ri^hteoasness, and joy, and peace, 
Undistmrbed, shall ever re^. 

4 Bless we, then, our gracious Lord ; 
Ever praise his glorious name ; 

All his mighty acts record, 
AU )iU wondtout love proclaim. 



OSS TU t(mg of iubUtt. 7. 

tARK ! the song of jubilee ; 
Lood M mightV thunden roar. 
Or the fnllneM of tne ws, 

When it break* npon the shore : 
Halleliqah I for the Lord 

God omnipotent shall reign ; 
Halleli^ah I let the word 
Echo roand the earth and main. 

8 Hallelmah !— hark ! the ■onnd. 
From the center to tfii Aiea, 

Wakes above, beneath, arotmd, 

All creation's harmonies : 
See Jehovah's banner f^led, 

Sheathed his sword : he speaks— 'tis done. 
And the kingdoms of this world 

Are the kingdoms of his Son. 

3 He shall reign from pole to pole 

Witii illimitable sway ; 
He shall reign, when, like a scroll, 

Yonder heavens have passed away : 
Then the end ; — beneath his rod, 

Man's last enemy shall fall : 
Halleligah ! Christ in God, 

God in Christ, is all in all. 


009 Tkthanner of th« crou. 7. 
f^Oj ve messengers of God ; 

^■^ Like the beams of morning, fly ; 
Take the wonder-working rod : 
Wave the banner-cross on high. 

t Where the loftv minaret 
Gleams along tne morning skiee, 

Wave it till the crescent set. 
And the "Star of Jacob" rise. 

3 Go to many a tropic isle 
In the bosom of tne deep. 

Where the skies forever smile. 
And the oppressed forever weep. 

4 O'er the pagan's night of care 
Poor the livins light of heaven ; 

Chase away his aark despair. 
Bid him nope to be forgiven. 

5 Where the golden gates of day 
Open oo the palmy Bktst, s 

Higb the bleeding cross displapr ; 
Spread the gospel's richest fea 

< Bear the tidings round the ball. 

Visit every soil and sea ; 
Preach the cross of Christ to all, 

Christ, whose love is ftill and free. 


&40 8,7.4. 

Tk« eonquut of the gotpel. 
/~i'ER the gloomy hills of darkness, 
^^ Cheered by no celestial ray. 
Sun of righteousness, arisins. 
Bring tne bright, the glorious day ! 

Send the gospel 
To the earth's remotest bound. 

9 Kingdoms wide that sit in darkness,— 
Grant them, Lord, the glorious light : 

And, from eastern coast to western. 
May the morning chase the night ; 

And redempnon. 
Fred/ porohaMd, ina th« dsy. 

3 Flv abroad, thou mighty Gospel I 
win and conquer, never cease ; 

May thy lasting, wide dominion 
Multiply and still increase ; 

Sway thy scepter. 
Saviour, all the world around I 


04rl Tht Macedoman ery. 8t7,4. 

COULS in heathen darkness lying, 
^ Where no light has broken through, 
Souls that Jesus bought by dying, 
\ Whom his soul in travail uew, — 
Thousand voice* 
Call us, o'er the waters blue. 

9 Christians, hearken: none has taught 
Of his love so deep and dear: 
Of the precious prioe that bougnt them ; 
Of the nail, the thorn, the spear ; 

Ye who know him. 
Guide them tram their darkness drear. 

8 Haste, O haste, and spread the tidings 
Wide to earth's remotest strand ; 

Let no brother's bitter chidings 
Rise against us when we stand 

In ihe judgment. 
From some far, forgotten land. 

4 Lo ! the hills for harvest whiten, 
All along each distant shore ; 

Seaward far the islands brighten ; 
Light of nations, lead us o'er I 

When we seek them. 
Let thy Spirit go before. 


043 8.7.4. 

Fitld* wktU to th4 larvett. 

O but thou, almighty Spirit, 
Can the heathen worl'd reclaim! 

^^ C 

Men may preach, but till thou favor, 
Heathens will be still the same : 

Mighty Spirit! 
Witness to the Saviour's name. 

9 Thou hast promised by thy prophets 
Glorious light in latter days : 

Come, and bless bewildered nations. 
Change our prayers and tesurs to prabe t 

I^mlsed Spirit ! 
Round the world diffuse thy rays. 

S All our hopes, and prayers, and labors 
Must be vain without ihine aid : 

But thou wilt not disappoint us, 
All is true that thou hast said : 

Faithful Spirit! 
O'er the world thine influence shed. 


043 The Light of the leorld. ^» '^• 
T IGHT of those whose dreary dwelling 
-^ Borders on the shades of death, 
Come, and, by thyself revealing. 

Dissipate the clouds beneath. 
Thou, new heaven and earth's Creator, 

In our deepest darkness rise ; 
Scatietlii^ *u. ^Va t^^n. «A v»^.xlx«^ 


S Still we wait for thine appearing : 

Life and joy thy beams Impart, 
Chasing: all our fears, and cheering 

Every poor, benighted heart. 
Come, and manifest thy favor 

To our rained, guilty race ; 
Come, thou universal Saviour ; 

Come, and bring the gospel grace. 
8 Save us in thy great compassion, 

O thou mild, pacific Prince ; 
Give the knowledge of salvation, 

Give the pardon of our sins : 
By thine alt-atoning merit, 

Every burdened soul release { 
Every weary, wandering spirit. 

Guide into thy perfect peace. 

044r 8. 7. 

So thall Heipriniitnumynati<nu.-lM.M:l5. 

SAVIOUR, sprinkle many nations, 
Fruitful let thy sorrows be ; 

By thy pains and consolations, 

Draw the Gentiles unto thee : 
Of thy cross the wondrous story, 

Be It to the nations told : 
Let them see thee in thv glory, 

And thy mercy manifold. 

i Far and wide, though all ankaowing. 

Pants for thee each mortal breast ; 
Human tears for thee are flowing. 

Human hearts in thee would rest ; 
Thirsting, as for dews of even, 

As the new-mown grass for rain. 
Thee they seek, as God of heaven. 

Thee, as Man for sinners slain. 

8 Saviour, lo I the isles are waiting 

Stretched the hand, and strained tne sight. 
For thy Spirit, new creating 

Love's pure flame and wisdom's light ; 
Give the word, and of the preacher 

Speed the foot, and touon the tongua. 
Till on earth by every creature 

Glory to the Lamb be sung. 




O^^S CM. 

je«ii«iMn^ tk4 eowenant. 

COME, let us use the grace divine. 
And all, with one accord, 
In a perpetual covenant join 

Ourselves to Christ the Lord ; 
9 Give up ourselves, through Jesns' power. 

His name to glorify ; 
And promise, in this sacred hoar. 

For God to live and die. 
8 The covenant we this moment nuk« 

Be ever kept in mind ; 
We will no more our God forsake, 

Or oast his words behind. 

4 We never will throw off his fear 

Who hears our solemn vow ; 
And if thou art well pleased to hear. 

Come down, and meet us now. 

B Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

Let all our hearts receive ; 
Present with the celestial host. 

The peaceful answer {^ve. 

6 To each the covenant blood apply. 

Which takes our si°n« away ; 
And register onr names on high. 

And keep us to that day. 


o4e c. M. 

Praiae and thanksgiving. 
Cr/yG to the grent Jehovah's praise; 
*^ All pniae to him belongs ; 
Who kindly lengthena out our days, 
VemandM oar cboiceat songs : 

8 His providence hath brought as throngh 

Another various year; 
We all, with vows and anthems new. 

Before our God appear. 
8 Father, thy mercies past we own, 

Thy still continued care ; 
To thee presenting, throngh thy Son, 

Whate'er we have or are. 

4 Our lips and lives shall gladly show 
The wonders of thy love. 

While on in Jesus' steps we go 
To seek thy face above. 

5 Our residue of days or hours 
Thine, wholly thine, shall be ; 

And all our consecrated powers 
A sacrifice to thee : 

6 Till Jesus In the clouds appear 
To saints on earth forgiven, 

And bring the grand Sabbatic year. 
The jabUee of heaven. 


O^T' A mUnigkt long. ^' ^ 

JOIN, all ye ransomed sons of grace. 
The holy joy prolong. 
And shout to the Redeemer's pr»ls« 
A solemn midnight song. 

8 Blessing, and thanks, and love, and might, 

Be to our Jesus given. 
Who turns our darkness into light. 

Who turns onr hell to heaven. 
8 Thither our fisithful souls he leads ; 

Thither he bids us rise, 
WUh crowns of ^oy upon our heads, 

To BiMl ViVa ux ^llM ldL\«i. 


048 dote of tht year. ^•^' 
A WAKE, ye saints, and raise yonr eyes, 

-'^ And raise j-our voices hiirh : 
Awnke, and praise that sovereign love, 

That shows salvation nigh. 
S Ofl all the winn of time it flies, 

Each moment brinn it near ; 
Then welcome each declining day, 

Welcome each closing year. 

S Not many years their rounds shall ran, 

Nor many mornings rise. 
Ere all it« glories stand revealed 

To our admiring eyes. 

4 Ye wheels of nature, speed your coarse ! 

Ye mortal powers, decay I 
Fast as ye bnng the night of death. 

Ye bring eternal day. 


049 T\e opening year. ^' ^' 

THE year is gone, beyond recall, 
With all iU hopes and fears, 
With all its bright and gladdening smiles, 
With all its mourners' tears ; 

9 Thy thanlcful people praise thee. Lord, 

For countless gifu received ; 
And pray for gra^e to lieep the faitli 

Which saints of old believed. 

8 To thee we come, O gracious Lord, 

The newborn year to bless ; 
Defend our land from pestilence ; 

Give peace and plenteousness ; 

4 Forgive this nation's many sins; 
The growth of vice restrain ; 

And help us all with sin to Ctriye, 
And crowns of life to gain. 

5 From evil deeds that stain the past 
We now desire to flee ; 

And pray that future years may all 
Be spent, good Lord, for thee. 

< O Father, let thv watchful eye 

Still loolt on us in love. 
That we may praise thee, year by year, 

With angel-nosts above. 


0£>0 Beginning a new yew. ^' ^ 

/^UR few revolving years, 
^-^ How swift they glide away ! 
How short the term of life appea|;s 

When past — ^but as a day I— > 
9 A darlt and cloudy day. 

Clouded by grief and sin ; 
A host of enemies wHhoat, 

Distressing fears within. 

8 Lord, through another year 

If thou permit our stay. 
With diligence mav we pursue 

The true and living way. 


051 A living eaerifiee. ^- **' ' '* 

"Xl^ISDOM ascribe, and might, and praise, 
^ * To Ood, who lengthens out our days ; 
Who spares us yet another year, 
▲ud mlakes us see his foodaeu har« : 

O may we all the time redeem. 
And lienceforth live and die to him ! 

3 How often, when his arm was bared, 
Hath he our sinful Israel spnred ! 
" Let me alone I" his mercy cried. 
And turned the vengeful bolt aside ; 
Indulged another kind reprieve, 
And strangely suflisred ns to live. 

8 Merciful Gk>d, how shall we raise 
Our hearts to pay thee all thy praise 1 
Our hearts shall beat for thee alone ; 

Our lives shall make thy goodness known; 
Our souls and bodies shall be thine, 
A living sacrifice divine. 


©53 A eoiemn vigil. ^- ^' * '• 

rrOW many pass the guilty night 
'■^ In revelmg and frantic mirth I 
The creature ii their sole delight. 

Their happiness the things of earth : 
For us suffice the season past ; 
We choose the better part at last. 

9 We will not close our wakeful eyes. 
We will not let our eyelids sleep, 

But humbly lift them to the skies. 

And all a solemn vieil keep ;. 
So many years on sin bestowed. 
Can we not watch one night for GU>d t 

3 We can, O Jesus, for thy sake. 
Devote our every hour to thee ; 

Speak but the word, our souis shall wake. 

And sing with cheerful melody : 
Thy praise shall our prlad tongues employ. 
And every heart shall dance lor joy. 

4 Blest object of our faith and love, 
We listen for thy welcome voice ; 

Our persons and our works approve, 

And bid us in thy strength rejoice ; 
Now let us hear the mighty cry, 
And shout to find the Bridegroom nigh. 
6 Shout in the midst of os, O King 

Of saints, and let our joys abound ; 
Let us rejoice, give thauKs, and sing. 

And triumph in redemption found: 
We ask in faith for every soul ; 
O let our glorious joy be full ! 
6 O majr we all triumphant rise ; 

With joy upon our heads return ; 
And, far above these nether skies. 

By thee on eagle wings upborne. 
Through all yon radiant circles move. 
And gain the highest heaven of love ! 


Tke barren fig-tree. 

'T'HE Lord of earth and sky, 
-*■ The God of ages, praise, 
Who reigns enthroned on high. 
Ancient of endless davs ; 
Who lengthens out our trials here. 
And spares us yet another year. 
9 Barren and withered trees. 

We cumbered long the ground; 
No fruit of holiness 
On our dead souls was found ; 
. Yet doth V\« ^% \tv xrktc:^ «^f«%.« 



S When jnstice bared the sword 

To cot the fig-tree down, 
The pity of the Lord 
Cried, "Let It itlll •lone:" 
The Fftther mild incline* his ear, 
And ipKtet ut yet another year. 

4 Je«ns, thy ipeakine blood 
From Ood obtained the graee. 

Who therefore hath bestowed 
On OS a longer space; 
Thon didst in oar behalf appear. 
And, k), we see another yearl 

5 Then dig abont the root. 
Break ap our fallow ground. 

And let our gracious fmit 
To thy great praise abound ; 
O let us ali thy pnUse declare, 
And Irnit unto perfection l>ear. 


OS4 H.M. 

nt Bridegroom eanutk. 
"ITE virgin souls, arise, 
^ With all the dead, awake I 
Unto salvation wise. 
Oil in your vessels take ; 
Upstarting at the midnight cry, 
« Behold the heavenly Bridegroom nigh 1 " 

S He comes, he comes to call 

The nations to his bar, 
And take to glory all 
Who meet for glory are ; 
Made ready for your full reward. 
Oo forth with joy to meet yonr Lovd. 

8 Qo, meet him in the sky, 
Your everlasting Friend ; 
Your Head to glorify. 
With all his sainU ascend : 
Ye pun in heart, obtain the grace 
To see, without a veil, his face. 
4 The everlasting doors 

Shall soon the saints receive, 
With seraphs, thrones, and powers, 
In glorious toy to live ; 
Far from a world of grief and sin, 
With God eternally shut in. 

fi Then let ns wait to hear 

The tmmpet's welcome sound ; 
To sc« our Lord appear. 
May we be watching fonnd ; 
And when thon dost the heavens bow, 
Be foond— as, Lord, thou find'st us now. 


3 O that each in the day of his coming maj 

** I have fought my way through ; 
I have finished tlie work*thou didst give m* 

to do ! " 
O that each from his Lord may receive the 
glad word, 
" Well and faithfnlljr done ! 
Enter into my jov, and sit down on my 

' * CHsKi.Ka WKaLcr. 



R«newed dewtedntu. 


COME, let us unpw our journey pursue, 
Roll round with the year, 
And never stand still till theMaster u>pear. 
His adorable will let us gladly fulfill, 

And our talents improve. 
By the patience of hope, and the labor of love. 
8 Our life is a dream ; our time, as a stream, 

Glides swiftly away, 

And the furitive moment refuses to stay. 

The arrow fa Aown. — the moment is gone ; 

The mHJenniBl year 

Ruabet on to our view, and «t«rnity 't here. 



Setrotpett of tie ytmr. 


WHILE, with ceaseless course, the sua 
Hasted through the former year. 
Many souls their race have run. 
Never more to meet us here« 
Fixed in an eternal state, 

They have done with all below; 
We a little longer wait, 
But how little — none can know. 

f As the wingM arrow flies 

Speedily the mark to find ; 
As the lightning trom the skies 

Darts, and leaves no trace behind ^ 
Swiftly thus our fleeting days 

Bear ns down life's rapid stream ; 
Upward, Lord, our spirits raise ; 

All below is but a dream. 

S Thanks for mercies past receive ; 

Pardon of our sins renew ; 
Teach us henceforth how to live 

With eternity in view: 
Bless thy word to young and old ; 

Fill us with a Saviour's love ; 
And when life's short tale is told. 

May we dwell with him above. 



9S7 JTearxng the eml, ^ ^• 

A FEW more years shall roll, 
A few more seasons come ; 
And we shall be with those that rest, 
Asleep within the tomb. 

i A few more storms shall beat 

On this wild rocky shore ; 
And we shall be wliere tempests ceWft, 

And surges swell no more. 

8 A few more struggles here, 

A few more partings o'er, 
A few more tous, a nw more lean. 

And we shall weep no mora. 

4 Then, O my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that blest day : 

O wash me In thy precious blood. 
And take my sins away 1 


05S s. M. 

Our fathera; vkare are tAeyt 

HOW swift the torrent rolls 
That bears us to the sea. 
The i\&e WM. hviTrxes thonghtlecs ■oak 
I To vaa\i«\«Tn\l>j\ 


8 Oar fathers, where are thej. 
With all they called their own t 

Their jops and griefs, and' hopes and cares, 
And wealth and honor gone. 

8 Gk>d of our fathers, hear, 
Thoa 'everlasting f'riand ! 

While we. as on life's utmost Terge, 
Our souls to thee commend. 

4 Of all the pious dead 
May w(> the footsteps trace, 

Till with them, in the land of light, 
We dwell before thy face. 


050 s. M. 

Flea for tpmring meref. 
T ORD, let me know mine end, 
■*-^ My days, how brief their date ; 
That I mav timely comprehend 
How fraU my best estate. 

5 Mt life is but a span ; 

Mine age is naught with thee; 
And, in ms highest honor, man 
Is dust and vanity. 

3 At thy rebuke the bloom 
Of earth Iv beanty flies ; 

And grief snail like a moth eoninxM 
All that delights our eyes. 

4 Have pity on my fears ; 
Hearken to my reauest ; 

Turn not fn silence lirom my tears. 
But give the mourner rest. 

6 O snare me yet, I pray ; 
Awnile my strengtn restore. 

Ere I am summoned hence away, 
And seen on earth no more. 


060 L.M. 
BarMf tklnft vain and trantttory, 

TTOW vain is all beneath the skies! 
■■"■• How transient every earthly bliss 1 
How slender all the fondest ties 
That bind us to a world like this ! 

5 The evening cloud, the morning dew, 
The withering grass, the fading flower, 

Of earthly hopes are emblems true, 
The glory of a passing hour. 

3 But though earth's fairest blossoms die, 
And all beneath the skies Is vain, 

There is a' brighter world on high, 
Beyond the reach of care and pain. 

4 Then let the hope of joys to come 
Dispel our cares, and chase our fears : 

]f God be ours, we 're traveling home. 
Though passing through a vale of tears. 

DAVID s. roRD. 

061 L.M. 
A ptaeeful death be»aught, 

SHRINKING from the cold baud of death, 
^ I soon shall gather up my feet ; 
Shall soon resign this fleeting breath, 
And die, my fathers' God to meet. 

9 Numbered among thy people, I 
Expect with toy thy &ce to see : 

BeransA thon didst for sinnen die, 
JesDs, io death reinetaber me\ 

8 O that without a lingering groan 
I may the welcome word receive ; 

My body with my charge lay down. 
And cease at oncb to work and live I 

4 Walk with me through the dreadful shade. 
And. certified that thou art mine, 

My spirit^ calm and undismayed, 
I shall into thy hands resign. 

6 No anxious doubt, no guilty gloom. 
Shall damp whom Jesus' presence cheer* : 

My Light, mv Life, my God is come, 
And glory m his face appears. 


OSQ Tit soW't bett portion. ^' ^• 
A LMIGHTY Maker of my frame, 
•"- Teach me the measure of my days ; 
Teach me to know how frail I am. 
And spend the remnant to th^' pniee. 

9 My days are shorter than a span ; 

A little point my life appears ; 
How frail, at best, is dying man ! 

How vain are all his nopes and fears 1 

8 Vain his ambition, noise, and show ; 
Vain are the cares which rack his mind : 

He heaps up treasures mixed with woe. 
And dies, and leaves them all behind. 

4 O be a nobler portion mine t 
My God, I bow before thy throne } 

Earth's fleeting treasures I resign, 
And fix my hope on thee alone. 


063 L.M. 

Tke tMf of all tit tairtk. 
T>ASS a few swiftly fleeting yean, 
-*- And all that now in bodies live 
Shall quit, like me, the vale of tears. 
Their righteous sentence to receive. 

9 But all, before they hence remove. 
May mansions for themselves prepare 

In that eternal house above ; 
And, O my God, shall I be there t 


004 C.M. 

Man frail — God eternal. 
r\ GOD, our help in ages past, 
^-^ 'Our hope for yean to come. 
Our shelter from the stormy blast. 
And our eternal home I 

9 Under the shadow of thy throne 

Still mav we dwell secure ; 
Sufficient IS thine arm alone, 

And our defense is sure. 

8 Before the hills in order stood. 
Or earth received her frame. 

From everlasting thou art God, 
To endleu years the same. 

4 A thousand ages, in thy sight. 
Are like an evening gone ; 

Short as the watch that emu the night. 
Before the rising sun. 

5 The busy tribes of flesh and blood. 
With all their cares and fears, 

Are cvried downward h^ tk« 4L<m4^ 


6 Time, like an eyer-roUing stremm, 
Bears all its ions avray ; 

Tbe^ fly, forgotten, as a dream 
Diet at tlie opening day. 

7 O God, oar help in ages past, 
Our hope for years to come : 

Bo thou onr guide while life snail last. 
And our perpetual home ! 


&eS FraiUy of lift. ^'^ 

fT^HEE we adore, eternal Name, 
■*• And humbly own to the« 
How feeble is our mortal frame, 
What dying worms are we. 

9 Our wasting lives grow shorter still, 
As days and months increase ; 

And every beating pulse we tell 
Leaves out the number less. 

8 The year rolls round, and steals away 
The breath that first it gave : 

Whate'er we do, where'er we be, 
We 're traveling to the grave. 

4 Dangers stand thick through all the 

To push us to the tomb; 
And nerce diseases wait around, 
To hurry mortals home. 

5 Infinite joy, or endless woe, 
Attends on every breath ; 

And yet how unconcerned we go, 
Upon the brink of death I 

6 Waken. O Lord, our drowsy sense 
To walk this dangerous road ; 

And if our souls are hurried hence. 
May they be found with God 1 



Tke brink offaU. 

C. P. M. 

npHOU Ood of fflorions majesty. 
-*- To thee, agamst myself, to tnee, 

A worm of earth. I cry ; 
A half-awakened cnild of man. 
An heir of endless bliss or pain, 

A sinner bom to die. 

S Lo I on a narrow neck of land, 
'Twizt two unlMunded teas, I stand, 

Secure, insensible : 
A point of time, a moment's space. 
Removes me to that heavenly place, 

Or shuts me up in hell. 

S O God, mine inmost soul convert, 
And deeply on my thoughtful heart 

Eternal thines impress: 
Give me to feel their solemn weight, 
And tremble on the brink of fate, 

And wake to righteousness. 

4 Before me place in dread array. 
The pomp of that tremendous day. 

When thon with clouds shalt come 
To judge the nations at thy bar ; 
And tell me, Lord, shall I be there 

To meet a joyful doomf 

S Be tbU my one great business here, 
W/tb Meriotu Induitry and fear 
Etenud bltu to Insure t 

Thine utmost counsel to fulfill. 
And sufier all thy riehteoos will. 
And to the 'end endure. 

6 Then, Saviour, then mv soul reoetrs. 
Transported from this vale, to liva 

Ana reign with thee above. 
Where fiaith is sweetly lost in sight, 
And hope in full, supreme delight, 

And everlasting love. 



©^■y D*atk of a friend. ^' ^' ^ 

TF death my friend and me divide, 

-*- Thou dost not. Lord, my sorrow chide. 

Or frown my tears to see ; 
Restrained from passionate excess, 
Thou bidd'st me mourn in calm distoess 

For them that rest in thee. 

S I feel a strong immortal hope, 
Which bears my mournful spirit up. 

Beneath its mountain load : 
Redeemed from death, and grief, and pain, 
I soon shall find my triend again 

Within the arms of God. 

8 Past a few fleeting moments more. 
And death the blessing shall restore 

Which death has snatched away: 
For me thou wilt the summons sena. 
And give me back my parted friend. 

In tnat eternal day. 


068 C.P.M. 

!%• miomtntout queatum, 
A ND am I only bom to die f 
-^^ And must I suddenly comply 

With nature's stem decree t 
What after death for me remains! 
Celestial joys, or hellish pains. 
To all eternity ! 

9 How then ought I on earth to live. 
While God prolongs the kind reprieve. 

And props the house of clay t 
My sole concern, my single care, 
To watch, and tremble, and prepars 

Against that fatal day. 

8 No room for mirth or triflhiK here. 
For worldly hope, or worldly fear. 

If life so soon is gone : 
If now the Judge is at the door, 
And all mankind must stand before 

The Inexorable throne 1 

4 No matter which my thoughts employ, 
A moment's misery or Jot ; 

But Q I when both shall end. 
Where shall I find my destined place 1 
Shall I my everlasting days 

With fiends, or angels spend ! 

5 Nothing Is worth a thought beneath, 
JSut how I may escape the death 

That never, never diet ; 
How make mine own election sure ; 
And, wVen I fall on earth, secure 
A mantXou Vn \3ii% ilt\iHu 


6 Jmos, Touchaaft a pityinj^ rmy ; 
Be tLoQ my guide, be thoa my way 

To glorious bspplneu. 
Ah I write the pardon on my heart, 
And wbenaoe'er I hence depart, 

Let me depart in peace. 




Tk4 dying Chrittian to hi$ tout. 

TTITAL sperk of heavenly flame, 

* Quit, O quit thi* mortal frame ; 
Trembling, hoping, lineerinn, flying, 
O the pain, the bllsi ofdying I 
Cease, fona nature, cease thv strifei 
And let me languish into life. 

9 Hark I they whisper : angels say, 
" Sister spirit, come away I " 
What is uis absorbs me quite — 
Steals my senses, shuts my sight, 
Drowns my spirit, draws mv breath t— > 
Tell me, my soul» can this be death 1 

8 The world recedes — it disappears ; 
Heaven opens on my eyes ; my ears 

With sounds seraphic ring ! 
Iiend, lend your wings ! I mount I I fly ! 
** O Grave, where is thy victory ! 

O Death, where is thy sting t" 


OTO C. M. 

We mourn not as tko$e without kope. 

WHY do we mourn for dying friends, 
Or shake at death's alarms! 
'TIS but the voice that Jesus sends, 
To call them to his arms. 

S Are we not tending upward too, 

As fast as time can move t 
Nor should we wish the hours more slow. 

To keep us from oar love. • 

5 Why should we tremble to convey 
Their bodies to the tomb ! 

There once the flesh of Jesos lay. 
And left a long perfome. 

4 The graves of all his saints he blest. 

And softened every bed : 
Where should the dying members rest. 

But with their dyfaig Headt 

6 Thence he arose, ascending high, 
And showed our feet the way : 

Up to the Lord our flesh shall fly. 
At the great rising-day. 

6 Then let the last loud trumpet sound, 

And bid our kindred rise : 
Awake, ye nations under ground ; 

Ye saints, ascend the skies I 


Oyi To die ie gain. ^' ^' 

WHY should our tear* in sorrow flow 
When Ood recalls his own. 
And bids them leave a world of woe. 
For an immortal crown I 

9 Is not e'en death a gain to those 
Whose life to God was given f 

Gladly to earth their eyes they close, 
To open them in henTen. 

3 Their toils are past, their work is dona. 
And they are fully blest ; 

They fongnt the flgnt, the victory won. 
And entered into rest. 

4 Then let our sorrows cease to flow ; 
God has recalled his own ; 

But let our hearts, in everv woe, 
StiU say, "Thy will be done.'* 


9V2 A toiee from the tombt. C. M. 

TJARK I from the tombs a doleful sound ; 
^-*- My ears, attend the cry : 
" Ye living men, come view the ground 
Where you must shortly lie. 

9 ** Princes, this clay must be your bed, 

In spite of all yonr towers ; 
The tall, the wise, the reverend head, 

Must lie as low as ours." 

3 Great God I is this our certain doom! 
And are we still secure! 

Still walking downward to the tomb, 
And yet prepared no more ! 

4 Grant os the power of quickening grace 
To fit our souls to fly ; 

Then, when we drop this dying flesh. 
We '11 rise above the sky. 


9V3 Through death to life. ^' ^ 
'pHROUGH sorrow's night, and danger's 


Amfd the deepening gloom. 
We, followers of our suflbring Lord, 
Are marching to the tomb. 

9 There, when the turmoil is no more, 

And all oar powers decav. 
Our cold remains in solitnae 

Shall sleep the years away. 

8 Our labors done, securely laid 
In this our last retreat. 

Unheeded, o'er our silent dust. 
The storms of earth shall beat. 

4 Yet not thus buried, or extinct. 

The vital spark shall lie ; 
For o'er life's wreck that spark shall rise 

To seek its kindred sky. 

6 These ashes, too, this little dust 

Our Father's care shall keep. 
Till the last angel rise and httak 

The long and dreary sleep. 


9'^^ rtaee/ul departure. C. M. 
OEHOLD the western evening light I 
-^ It melts in deepening gloom : 
So calmly Christians sink away, 
Descending to the tomb. 

9 The winds breathe low. the withering leaf 
Scarce whispers from the tree : 

So gently flows the parting breath. 
When good men cease to be. 

8 How beautiful on all the hills 
The crimson light is shed ! 

I TU U%» \.Vl« ^MJCft ^« ^^'CdiSHb. ^ 


4 How mildly on th« wandering oload 
The Boniet beam Is east I 

'Tis like the xnemory left behind 
When loved onesoreathe their last. 

5 And now above the dews of night 
The risine star appears : 

So faith springs in the heart of those 
Whose eyes are bathed in tears. 

6 Bat soon the morning's happier light 
Its glory shall restore ; 

And eveUds that are sealed In death 
Shall wake to close no more. 


ors c. M. 

Tkou art vUk m«.— Ps. 93 : 4. 

THAT solemn hour will come for me, 
When, though their charms I own, 
All human ties resigned mast be ; 
For I mnst die alone. 

8 All earthly pleasures will be o'er. 

All earthly Ia1>ors done, 
And I shall tread the eternal shore, 

And I must die alone. 

3 But O, I will not view with dread 
That shadowy vale unknown : 

I see a light within it shed; 
I shall not die alone ! 

4 One will l>e with me there, whose voice 
I long have loved and known : 

To die IS now my wish, my choice : 
I shall not die alone f cnknown. 

©ye L. M. 

CkrUt*$ prttenee makes dying easy. 

WHY should we start, and fear to die 1 
What timorous worms we mortals are ! 
Death is the gate to endless jov, 
And yet we dread to enter there. 

S The pains, the groans, the dying strife. 
Fright our approaching souls away ; 

And we shrink back'ag«n to life, 
Fond of our prison and our clay. 

8 O would my Lord his servant meet, 
My soul would stretch her wings in haste, 

Flv fearless through death's iron gate, 
Nor feel the terrors as she passel. 

4 Jesus can make a dying bed 
Feel soft as downy pillows are, 

While on his breast llean my head. 
Ami breathe my life out sweetly there. 


Orr L. M. 

Sown in ditkonor—raited in ghrit. 
f pHE morning flowers display their sweets, 
^ And gay their silken leaves nnfold. 
As careless of the noontide heats, 
As fearless of the evening cold. 
8 XIpned by the wind's unkindly blast. 

Parched by the sun's directer ray, 
The momentary glories waste. 

The short-lived beauties die away. 
S So blooma the human face divine. 
When youth it* pride o( beauty shows : 
Falter tbaa apriaff tbe colon tbiat. 
And tweeter tbmn^be virgin ros«. 

4 Or worn by slowly rolling years, 
Or broke bv sickness in a day, 

The fading glory disappears. 
The short-lived beauues die away. 

6 Yet these, new rising from the tomb. 
With luster brighter far shall shine, 

Revive with ever-4nring bloom. 
Safe from diseases and decline* 

6 Let sickness blast, let death devour. 
If heaven must recompense our pains ; 

Perish the gran, and fade the flower, 
1/ firm the word of God remains. 




Tk« mtfuoryof the juat i$ bleuedm 
Prov. 10:7. 

l^ARTH'S transitory things decay ; 
-^ Its pomps, its pleasures, pass away ; 
But the sweet memory of the good 
Survives in the vicissitude. 

3 As, 'mid the ever^roUing 
The eternal Isles established l>e, 
'Gainst which the surges of the main 
Fret, dash, and break themselves In vain ; 

3 As, in the heavens, the urns divine 

Of golden light forever shine ; 

Though clouds may darken, storms may 

They still shine on from age to age ; 

4 So, through the ocean-tide of years. 
The memory of the just appears ; 
So, through the tempest and the gloom, 
The good man's virtues light the tomb. 


OyO AsUep in Jetu,. ^ ^ 

A SLEEP in Jesus ! blessed sleep, 
■^^ From which none ever wakes to waept 
A calm and undisturbed repose, 
Unbroken by the last of foes. 

3 Asleep in Jesus t O how sweet 
To be for such a slumber meet! ^ 
With holy confidence to sing. 

That Death hath lost his venomed sting. 

8 Asleep in Jesus ! peaceful rest. 
Whose waking is supremely blest I 
No fear, no woe, shall dim that hour 
That manifests uie Saviour's power. 

4 Asleep in Jesus I O for me 
May such a blissful refuore be I 
Securely shall my ashes lie. 
Waiting the summons from on high. 

5 Asleep in Jesus ! far from thee 

Thy kindred and their graves may be ; 
But thine is still a blessed sleep, 
From which none ever wakes to weep. 



The CkriHian''$ parting kout. 
TTOW sweet the hour of closing day, 
'^ When all is peaceful and serene, 
Aa4 Whiftn t)&« VB^t ^^^ eloodless imy, 
Sheds m«iVi«w VuVm o^«t C^a wgwuI 


8 Such is the Chriatian's parting hour ; 

So peacefully be sinks to rest ; 
When faith, endaed from heaven with 

Snstains and cheers his languid breast. 

8 Mark but that radiance of his eye, 
That smile upon bis wasted cheek ; 

They tell us of^his glory nigh. 
In language that no tongue can speak. 

4 A beam from heaven is sent to cheer 
The pilgrim on bis eloomy road ; 

And angels are attending near, 
To tmir him to their bright abode. 

5 Who would not wish to die like those 
Whom God's own Spirit deigns to bless ! 

To sink into that soft repose. 
Then wake to perfect happiness f 



Thtvinono/faitk. ^^ 

SHALL man, O God of light and life. 
Forever molder in the grave ! 
Canst thou forget thy glorious work, 

Thy promise, and thy power to save! 
S In those dark, silent realms of nisrht, 
Shall peace and hope no more arise ! 
No future morning lieht the tomb, 
Nor day-star gild the darksome skies! 

8 Cease, cease, ye vain, desponding fears : 
When Christ, our Lord, from darkness 
- spranr, 

Peath, the last foe, was captive led, 
And heaven with praise and wonder rang. 

4 Faith sees the bright, eternal doors 
Unfoid, to make his children way ; 

They shall be clothed with endless life, 
And shine in everlasting day. 


&S2 L. M. 

Blnud art the dead vikieh die in the Lord. 

HOW blest the righteous when he dius ! 
When sinks a wearv soul to rest, 
How mildly beam the closing eyes. 
How gently heaves the expiring breast ! 

5 So fades a summer cloud away ; 

So sinks the gale when storms are o'er; 
So gently shuts the eye of dav, 
So dies a wave along the shore. 

8 A holy quiet reigns around, 
A calm which life nor death destroys ; 

And naught disturbs that peace profound 
Which his unfettered soul eiyoyt. 

4 Farewell, conflicting hopes and fears, 
Where lights and shades alternate dwell : 

How bright the unchanging mom appears I 
Farewell, inconstant world, farewell ! 

K Life's labor done, as sinks the clay, 
Light fVom its toad the spirit flies. 

While heaven and earth combine to say, 
*< How blest the righteous when he dies ! " 


083 DUembodiedeainU. ^^• 
rpHE saints who die of Chrirt possessed, 
-'- Enter into immediate rest; 

For them no further test remains. 
Of purging fires and torturing pains. 

9 Who trusting in their Lord depart. 
Cleansed from all sin, and pure in heart, 
The bliss unmixed, the glorious priie, 
They find with Christ in paradise. 

8 Yet, glorified by grace alone. 
They cast their crowns l>efore the throne. 
And fill the echoine courts above 
With praises of redeeming love. 


084r ReHing in peace. ^^^ 

UNVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb ; 
Take this new treasure to thy trust, 
And give these sacred relics room 
To slumber in the silent dust. 

8 Nor pain, nor grief, nor anxio«s fear 
Invade thv bounds ; no mortal woea 

Can reach the peaceful sleeper here. 
While angels watch the soft repose. 

8 So Jesus slept : God's dying Son 

Passed through the grave, and blest the 
Rest here, blest saint, till from his throne 

The morning break, and pierce the shade. 
4 Break from his throne, illustrious mom ! 

Attend. O earth, his sovereini word! 
Restore thy trast ; a glorious form 

Shall then ascend to meet the Lord. 


OSS naory oter deaOl. ^ ^' 

OFOR an overcoming faith, 
To cheer my dying hoursl 
To triumph o'er approaching Death, 
And all his frightful powers ! 

3 Joyful, with all the strength I have, 
Mv quivering lips should sing, 

" Wliere is thy boasted victory. Grave! 
And where, O Death, thy stmg! " 

8 If sin be pardoned, I 'm secure ; 

Death has no sting beside ; 
The law gives sin its damning power, 

But Christ, my ransom, died. 

4 Now to the God of victory 
Immortal thanks be paid, 

Who makes us conquerors, whil«t we die. 
Through Christ, our living Head. 


QSa C. M. 

Planted to bloom in paradiee. 

WHO shall forbid our chasUned woe. 
Our tears of love to start! 
There 's balm in theit assuaging flow. 
To heal the wounded heart ! 

9 This lovely child, thus early torn 
From our fond breasts away. 

With silent grief is gently bome 
To its lone bed of clay. 

3 Here sleep thou, till our longer race 

And heavier toils shall close ; 
Then shall w« seek tVj T«*.<ct»sk--^*R*> 


4 We plant thee here, with tenn bedewed, 

BrlKDt flower of heavenly dye ; 
And oftrn shall onr f^rieft renewed, 

These dowing founts snpply. 

6 But thou shalt yet in beauty bloom, 

A plant of pam'dise ; 
And gladden with thy sweet perfume 

Our mansion in the skies. 


OST Death of ekUdren. ^'^' 
'T'HY life I read, mv pracious Lord, 
^ With transport ail divine ; 
Thine ima(;e trace in every word, 
Thy love in every line. 

2 Methinks I see a thousand charmi 

Spread o'er thy lovely face, 
While infants in thy tender arms 

Receive the smilinfr gracv. 

8 <' I take these little lambs," said he, 
"And lay them in my breast; 

Protection they shall find in me, 
In me be ever blest. 

4 " Death may the bands of life tmloose. 
But can't dissolve my love ; 

Millions of infant souls compoea 
The fiunily above." 

SAifuXL BmraxTT. 

988 C. M. 

The »harptu»a ef tUtUk overeome, 

CALM on the bosom of thy God, 
Fair spirit, rest thee now ! 
E'en while with us thy footsteps trod. 
His seal was on thy brow. 

5 Dust, to its narrow house beneath I 
Soul, to its place 'on high ! 

They that have seen thy look In death, 

No more may fear to die. 
S Lone are the paths, and sad the bowers. 

Whence thy meek smile is gone ; 
But O, a brighter home than ours. 

In heaven is now thine own. 


08W Peatk vanquitked. C. M. 
"IX/'HEN the last trumpet's awfnl voice 

' " This rending earth shall shake ; 
When opening graves shall yield their 

And dust to life awake ; [charge, 

9 Those bodies that corrupted fell 

Shall incorrupt arise, 
Aad mortal forms shall spring to life 

Immortal in the skies. 

3 Behold, what heavenly prophets sung 
Is now at last fulfilled ; 

And Death yields up bis ancient reign. 
And, vanquished, quits the field. 

4 Let Faith exalt her joyful voice. 
And now in triumph sing. 

" O Grave, where Is thy victory? 
And where, O Death, thy sting f" 


0»0 S.M. 

X«fme tiit tAe death of the rtghteout. 
Q FOR the dMLth of those 
^ Who Mlumber In tha Lord I 

O be like theirs my last repose, 
Like theirs my last rewsird I 

S Their bodies in the ground. 

In silent hope may lie. 
Till the Inst trumpet's joyful sound 

Shall call them to the sky. 

8 Their ransomed spirits soar, 
On wings of faith and love, 

To meet the Saviour they adore. 
And reign with him above. 

4 O for the death of those 
Who slumber in the Lord I 

be like theirs my last repoee. 
Like theirs my last reward I 


001 8. M. 

Tk4 roHfueror er&tnud. 

OERVANT of God, well done 1 
^ Thy glorious warfare 's past ; 
The battle 's fought, the race is woDy 
And thoa art crowned at Utt ; 

8 Of all thy heart's desire 

Triumphantly possessed ; 
Lodged by the ministerial choir 

In thy Kegleemer's breast. 

8 In eondeseending love. 
Thy ceaseless prayer be heard ; 

And bade thee suddenly remove 
To thy complete reward. 

4 With saints enthroned on high,. 

Thou dost thy Lord proclaim. 
And still to God salvation cry. 

Salvation to the Lamb I 
6 O happy, happy soul! 

In ecstasies of^praise, 
Long as eternal ages roll. 

Thou seest thy Saviour's face. 

6 Redeemed from earth and pain. 
Ah I when shall we ascend. 

And all in Jesus' presence relL-n 
With oar tranalated friend t 




Dtatk tf a ptulor. 

REST fVom thy labor, rest, 
Soul of the just, set free ! 
Blest be thy memory, and blest 
Thy bright example be ! 

5 Now, toil and conflict o'er. 
Go, take with saints thy place; 

But go, as each has gone before, 
A sinner saved by grace. 

8 Saviour, into thy hands 

Onr pastor we resign, 
And now we wait thine own commands ; 

We were not his but thine. 

4 Thou art thv Church's Head ; 

And when the members die. 
Thou raisest others in their stead; 

To thee we lift our eye. 

6 On thee our hopes depend. 
We gather round our Rock ; 

Send whom thou wilt, hut condescend 
ThyiaU to Und. the flock. 



093 S.M. 

nUnat d4«tk to dU, 

r' if not death to die,— 
To leave this weary road, 
And. 'mid the brotherhood on high, 
To be at home with God. 

9 It ii not death to close 
The eve long dimmed by tears, 

And wake, in glorions reposa 
To spend eternal yean. 

8 It is not death to bear 
The wrench that seta as free 

From danseon chain, to breathe the air 
Of boundleu liberty. 

4 It is not death to fling 

Aside this sinful dast. 
And rise, on strons ejcnltlng wlag. 

To live among the jast. 

6 Jesus, thou Prinoe of life, 

Thy choeen cannot die ! 
Like thee, they conquer in the strife, 

To reign witn thee on high. 





Retting in kop«. 
"DEST for the toiling hand, 
■^*' Rest for the anxious brow. 
Rest for the weary, way-sore feet, 
Rest fh>m all labor now. 

9 Rest for the fevered brain, 
Rest for the throbbing eye ; 

Through these parched lips of thine no 
Shall pass the moan or sigh. 

S Soon shall the trump of Ood 
Give out the welcome sound. 

That shakes thv silent chamber-walls. 
And breaks tne turf-sealed ground.' 

4 Ye dwellers in the dust. 
Awake, come forth and sing! 

Sharp has your frost of winter been, 
But bright shall be your spring. 

C Twas sown in weakness here. 
Twill then be raised in power: 

That which was sown an earthly seed. 
Shall rise a heavenly flower. 


&&5 S.M. 

Beeante I lit*, ft thall live <Uw. 
A ND must this body die, 
■*^ This well-wrouffht frame decay! 
And must these active limbs of muie 
Lie moldering in the clay t 

8 God, my Redeemer, lives. 

And ever from the skies 
Looks down, and watches all my dost, 

TiU he shall bid it rise. 

8 Arraved in glorious grace 
Sbalf these vile bodies shine. 

And every shape, and every face. 
Be heavenly and divine. 

4 These lively hopes we owe. 
Lord, to thy dymg love : 

O mav we blese thy grace below, 
Ana sing thy grace above I 

6 Saviour, accept the praise 
Of these our numble songs. 

Till tunes of nobler sound we raise 
With our immortal tongues. 



S. M. 

Solemn thoughu of the future. 

AND am I bom to diet 
To lay this body dawn t 
And must mv trembling spirit fly 

Into a world unknown — 
A land of deepest shade, 

Unpierced by human thought. 
The areary regions of the dead. 
Where all things are forgot! 

3 Soon as from earth I go, 
What will become of met 

Eternal happiness or woe 

Must then my portion be : 
Waked by the trumpet's sound, 

I from myjn^ve shall rise. 
And see the Judtre, with glo^ crowned* 

And see the flaming skies t 

8 Who can resolve the donbt 

That tears my anxious breast! 
Shall I be with the damned cast OBt, 

Or numbered with the blest! 
I must from God be driven. 

Or with my Saviour dwell ; 
Must come at bis command to hesren^ 

Or else— depart to hell ! 

4 O thou who wonldst not have 
One wretched sinner die ; 

Who diedst.thyveif my sotU to save 

From endless misery ; 
Show me the way to shun 

Thy dreadful wrath severe. 
That when thou comest on thy tlirone 

I may with joy appear. 


&&'7 For vietoTf in death. ^'^ 

TJ^HRN on the brink of doath 
^^ My trembling soul 'hall stand, 
Waiting to pass that awful flood, 
Great Goo, at thy command,— 

5 When every scene of life 
Stands rftad^ to depart, 

And the last sigh that shakes the fhune 
Shall rend this bursting heart, — 

8 Thou Source of joy supreme. 

Whose arm alone can save, 
Dispel the darkness that snrronnds 

Tiie entrance to the grave. 

4 Lay thv supporting hand 
Beueatn my sinking head ; 

And with a fay of love divine 
Illume my dying bed. 

5 Leaning on Jesus' breast, 
Mav 1 res trn my breath : 

And In his kind embraces loee 
The bitterness of death. 

'WUW.wM. "^^ WA&n:««.« vast.. 




/ %oould not Hv« aluay, 
T WOULD not live alway ; 1 ask not to 
-*■ stay 
Where storm after storm rises dark o'er the 

The few 'lurid mornings that dawn on us 

Are enough for life's woes, full enough for 

its cheer. 

3 I would not live alway ; no, welcome the 

Since Jesus hath lain there, I dread not its 

gloom ; 
There sweet be my rest till he bid me 

To hail him In triumph descending the 


8 Who, who would live alway, away from 

his God ; 
Away from yon heaven, that bliuful 

Where the rivers of pleasure flow o'er the 

bright plains. 
And the noontide of glory eternally reigns t 

4 Where the saints of all ages in harmony 

Their Saviour and brethren transported to 

While the anthems of rapture unceasingly 

And the smile of the Lord is the feast of 

the soul. 


009 18, 11, 12. 

Thou tirt ffotu to tit grave. 
fT^HOU art gone to the grave ; but we will 
•*- not deplore thee, 
Though sorrows and darkness encompass 
the tomb ; 
Thy Saviour has passed through its portal 
before thee, 
And the lamp of his love is thy guide 
through the gloom. 

8 Thou art gone to the grave ; we no longer 
behold thee, 
Nor tread the rough path of the world 
by thy side : 
But the wide arms of mercy are spread to 
enfold thee, 
And sinners may die, for the Sinless hath 

8 Thou art gone to the grave; and, its 
mansion forsaking, 
Perchance thy weak spirit in fear lin- 
gered long: 
But the mild rays of paradise beamed on 
thy waking. 
And tl^e sound which thou heardst was 
the seraphim's song. 

4 Thou art gone to the grave ; but we will 
not deplore thee ; 
Whose God was thy ransom, thy guard- 
ian, and euide : 
He gave tbeu.De took thee, and he will 

restore thee; 
And death has ao atlafr, for the Saviour 
ias died. BKattiALD rkbbe. 


1000 7. 

Clothed mik immoriaiity, 

«< CPIRIT, leave thy house of clay; 

^ Lingering dust, resign thy breath I 
Spirit, cast thy chains away; 

Dust, be thou dissolved in death I " 
Thus tne mightv Saviour speaks. 

While the faithful Christian dies; 
Thus the bonds of life he breaks, 

And the ransomed captive flies. 

8 " Prisoner, long detained below. 

Prisoner, now with freedom blest, 
Welcome from a world of woe ; 

Welcome to a land of rest I" 
Thus the choir of angels *ing. 

As thev bear the soul on nigh, 
While with hallelmahs ring 

All the reg^ns of the sky. 

8 Grave, the guardian of our dnit, 

Grave, the treasury of the skies, 
Every atom of thy tmst 

Rests in hope again to rise : 
Hark ! the judgment-trumpet calls, 

" Soul, rebuild thy house of clay ; 
Immortality thy walls, 

And eternity thy day! " 


1001 Dying in the Lord. '^' 
TTARK ! a voice divides the sky,— 
■'"'- Happy are the faithful dead I 

In the Lord who sweetly die. 
They from all their toils are tntA ; 

Them the Spirit hath declared 
Blest, unutterably blest ; 

Jesus is their great reward, 
Jesus is their endless rest. 

S Followed by their works they go. 

Where their Head is gone before; 
Reconciled by grace below, 

Grace hath opened mercy's door ; 
Justified through faith alone, 

Here they knew their sins forgiven ; 
Here they laid their burden down, 

Hallowed and made meet for heaven. 

8 Who can now lament the lot 

Of a saint in Christ deceased? 
Let the world, who know ns not, 

Call us hopeless and unblest : 
When from flesh the spirit freed 

Hastens homeward to return, 
Mortals cry, " A man is dead ! " 

Angels sing, « A child is bom I " 

4 Bom into the world above. 

They our happy brother greet ; 
Bear him to the throne of love, 

Place him at the Saviour's feet : 
Jesus smiles, and says, " Well done I 

Good and faithful servant thou ! 
Enter, and receive thy crown ; 

Reign with me triumphant now." 


1003 8. 7. 

Bereavement and reeignation.. 

JESUS, while our hearts are bleeding 
O'er ihe t^Wi \kU &«aX\i V«a ^^u. 


We would, at this lolemn meeting, 
Calmly say, "Thy will be done." 

8 Though cast down, we 're not forsaken ; 

Though afflicted, not alone : 
Thon dMst tAre, and thou hast taken ; 

Blessed ijrd, '* Thy will be done." 

8 Though to-day we 're filled with mourn- 

Mercv still is on the throne ; 
With tny smiles of love returning. 

We can sing, " Thy will be done." 

4 By thy hands the boon was given ; 

Tnou oast taken but thine own : 
Lord of earth, and God of heaven. 

Evermore, " Thy will be done." 


1003 8.7. 

Qn^iet tndtl—erciw* waiting. 

HAPPY soul, thy days are ended, 
All thy mourning days below ; 
Go, by angel guards attended, 

To the sight of Jesus go! 
Waitins to receive thy spirit, 

Lo ! the Saviour stands above ; 

Shows the purchase of his merit. 

Reaches out the crown of love.* 

S Struggle through thy latest passion, 

To thy great Redeemer's breast; 
To his uttermost salvation, 

To his everlasting rest. 
For the joy he sets l>efore thee, 

Bear a momentary pain ; 
Die, to live a life or glory ; 

Suffer, with thy Lord to reign. 


1004 7. 

Tkt dying Mievtr. 

DEATHLESS spirit, now arise ; 
Soar, thon native of the skies I 
Pearl of price bv Jesns bought. 
To his glorious likeness wrought, — 

5 Oo, to shine before the throne ; 
Deck the Mediator's crown ; 
Go, his triumphs to adorn ; 
Made for God, to God return. 

8 Lo.! he beckons from on high; 
Fearless to his presence fly : 
Thine the merit of his blood. 
Thine the righteousness of God. 

4 Angels, joyful to attend, 
Hovering round thy pillow, bend ; 
Wait to catch the signal given. 
And convey thee quick to heaven. 

6 Shudder not to pass the stream : 
Venture all thy care on him, — 
Him, whose dying love and power 
Stilled its tosstngs, hushed its roar. 

6 Safe is the expanded wave, 
Gentle as a summer's eve ; 
Not one object of his care 
Ever suffered shipwreck there. 

7 See the haven full in view : 

Love divine shall bear thee through ; 
Tmat to that pixmitloat gale ; 
Wc^li tUiM MKBor^ iprmd thy mU. 


8 Saints in glory, perfect made. 
Wait thv passage through the shade ; 
Ardent for thy coming o'er, 

See, they throng the bliuful shore. 


X005 6.4. 

Our ttajf in death. 

LOWLY and solemn be 
Thy children's cry to thee. 
Father divine ! 
A hymn of suppliant breath. 
Owning that life and death 
Aliaeare thine. 

9 O Father, in that honr. 
When earth all helping power 

Shall disavow ; 
When spear, and shield, and crown. 
In faintness are cast down ; 

Sustain us, thou! 

S By Him who bowed to taka 
The death-cup for our sake. 

The thorn, the rod ; 
From whom the last dismay 
Was not to pass away ; 

Aid us, O God I 

4 Tremblers beside the grave. 
We call on thee to save. 

Father divine ! 
Hear, hear our suppliant breath. 
Keepjis in life and death, 

Thine, only thine. 


looe 7.«/. 

Death ef • ekUd. 
'TITHEREFORE should I make my 
• ' moan. 

Now the darling child la de«df 
He to early rest is gone. 
He to paradise is fled : 
I shall go to him, but he 
Never snail return to me. 

8 Gk>d forbids his longer stay ; 

God recalls the precious loan ; 
God hath taken him away. 

From my bosom to his own : 
Surely what he wills is best ; 
Happy in his will I rest. 

8 Faith cries out, " It is the Lord, 
Let him do as seems' him good I " 

Be thy holy name adored ; 
Take the gift awhile bestowed : 

Take the child no longer mine ; 

Thine he is, forever thine. 


lOOr 7.8.7. 

On the death of a little child. 

TENDER Shepherd, thou hast stilled 
Now thy little lamb's brief weeping : 
Ah, how peaceful, pale, and mild 
In its narrow bed 'tis sleeping ! 
And no sigh of anguish sore 
Heaves that little bosom more. 



Q.0 U Hit nU, Mr ohlld I 

Hill* mm l£h hL%liUw bl 






-p,«»). «. 



Win tin tall xo 






• blMlb, 

L>< Mill »<b"ld> ihi dvlD( h« 


™"^'' " "^"^n 

10I3 n.p,„di»wd. •■ 

MYnJ -W^ "l^SSYlMa 111. 
Hi> lmdr',''"liic°li M.°iSS Ib^HRb, 


8 No terror hM death, or the ptive, 

To those who believe in the Lord, 
Who know the Redeemer can save, 

And lean on the faith of hit word : 
While aahea to-ffshes, and dast 

We grive unto dust, in onr gloom, 
The li^ht of lalratioa we trust, ^' 

Which hangs like a lamp in the 

8 O Lord God Almiffht}' I to thee 

We turn, as onr solaoe above ; 
The waters may fail from the sea, 

Bnt nerer thy fountains of love : 
O teach as thv will to obey, 

And sing with one heart and accord, 
** He gave, and he taketh away, 

And praiaad be the name of tne Lord." 



1013 The Mwnd adtent. 8»''»*' 

T O ! He comes, with clonds descending, 
•*-' Once for favored sinners slain ; 
Thousand thousand saints attending, 

Swell the triumph of his train : 

Ood appears on earth to reign. 

t Every eye shall now behold him 

Robed in dreadful majesty ; 
Those who set at naught and sold him, 

Pierced and nailed him to the tree. 
Deeply wailing. 

Shall the true Messiah see. 

S All the tokens of his passion 
Still 4iis daxzling body bears, 

Cause of endless exultation 
To his ransomed worshipers; 

With what rapture 
Oaae we on those glorious scars I 

4 Yea. Amen I let all adore thee, 
HigD on thy eternal throne : 

Saviour, take the power and glory ; 
Claim the kingdom for thine own : 

Jah I Jehovah ! 
Everlasting God, come down ! 


1014 8.7.4. 

Judgttunt terrort—judgnurU rapturu. 
T IFT your heads, ye friends of Jesas, 
-'^ Partners in his patience here : 
Christ, to all believers precious, 
Lora of lords, shall soon appear: 

Mark the tokens 
Of his heavenly kingdom near. 

5 Son and moon are both confounded, 
• Darkened into endless night. 

When, with angel-hosts surrounded, 
Ityhis Father's elory bright, 

/ Beams the Saviour, 
Shines the everlasting light. 

S See the stars from heaven falling ; 

Hark, on earth the doleful cry, 
Men on rocks and mountains calling, 

While the frowning Judge draws uigh, 
«« Hide ns, hide n^ 

Modu and aaffairtalM, tnm Ikii «y«\ " 



4 With what different exclamation 

Shall the saitats his banner see ! 
By the tokens of his passion. 

By the marks received for me, 
All discern him: <* a- V. 

AH with shouts cry out, " 'Tie be ! ** 
B Lo ! 'tis he 1 our hearts' desire, 

Come for his espoused below ; 
Come to join ns with h!s choir. 

Come to make onr joys o'ernow ; 
Palms of victory. 

Crowns of glory, to bestow. ' 


1015 8,7.4. 

O'er the dtitant nutuntaitu breaking, 

'ER the distant mountains breaking. 
Comes the reddening dawn of day ; 
Rise, my sonl, Arom sleep awaking, 
Rise^and sine, and watch, and pray: 

'TIS thv Saviour. 
On his bright relumipg wny. 

8 O thon long-ezpected, weary 
Waits my anxious soul for uie«; 

Life is dark, and earth is dreary 
Where thy light I do not see : 

O my Saviour, 
When %ilt thon retnm to me t 

8 Long, too long, in sin and sadneity 
Far away from thee I pine ; 

When, O when, shall I the gladnen 
Of thy Spirit feel in mine! 

O my Saviour, 
When shall I be wholly thine! 

4 Nearer is mv soul's salvation. 
Spent the nfght, the day at hand } 

Keep me in mr lowly station, 
Watching for thee, till I stand, 

O my Saviour, 
In thy bright and promised land. 

6 With my lamp weU-trimmed aad bniB- 

Swift to hear, and slow to roam, 
Watching for tny glad returning 
To restore me to mv home ; 

Come, my Savfonr, 
O my Saviour, quickly come ! 


lOlO Chritt ie eotiUnff. ®»7»*» 
(CHRIST is coming ! let creation 
^ Bid her groans and travail cease ; 
Let the glorious proclamation 

Hope restore and faith increase; 
Christ is coming! 

Come, thou blessed Trince of peace I 

9 Earth can now but tell the story 
Of thv bitter cross and pain ; 

She shall yet behold thy glory 

When thon comest back' to reign ; 
Christ is coming! 

Let each heart repeat the strain. 
8 Long thy exiles have been pining, 

Far from rest, and home, and thee ; 
Bnt, in heavenly vesture shining. 

Soon they- shall thy glory see ; 

\Ua\A <U% \<vj wm V^JCkM. 


4 With that " bletMd hope " before oi, 
Let no harp remain nnitmng ; 

Let the mighty advent chorus 
.Onward roll from tongue to ton^e ; 

Ch'riiAU coming r 
Come, Lord' Jesna, quickly come! 


lOiy The dremdful day. ^' ^• 

npHE day of wrath, that dreadful day, 
-*- Whenneaven and earth shall pass away! 
What power shall be the sinner's stay 1 
How shall he meet that dreadful day t 

S When, shriveling like a parched scroll, 
The flaming heavens togetner roll ; 
And louder vet, and yet more dread. 
Swells the high trump that wakes the dead ! 

8 O, on that day, that wrathful day, 
When man to judgment wakes from clay. 
Be thou, O Christ, the sinner's stay. 
Though heaven and earth shall pass away ! 


1018 Tke Judge aevert. ^ ^* 
TTE comes I He comes I the Judge severe ! 
-'"^ The seventh trumpet speaks nim near ; 
His lightnings flash, his thunders roll ; 
How welcome to the faith fnl soul I 

S From heaven angelic voices sound ; 
See the almighty Jesus crowned. 
Girt with omnipotence and mce t 
And glory decks the Saviours face. 

S Descending on his great white throne, 
He claims the kingdoms for his own ; 
The kingdoms all obey his word. 
And hail him their triumphant Lord. 

4 Shout, all the people of the sky, 
And all the saints of the Most High ; 
Our Lord, who now his right obtains. 
Forever and forever reigns. 


lOlO L. M. 

Safttf amid geiural diaaolfUion. 

THE great archangel's trump shall sound, 
While twice ten thousand tnunders roar, 
Tear np the graves, and cleave the ground. 
And nu^e the greedy sea restore. 

5 The greedy sea shall yield her dead ; 
The earth no more her slain conceal ; 

Sinners shall lift their guilty head, 
And shrink to see a yawning hell. 

8 But we, who now our Lord confess, 
And faithful to the end endure, 

Shall stand in Jesus' righteousneu ; 
Stand, as the Rock of ages, sure. 

4 We. while the stars from heaven shall fall, 
An4 mountains are on mountains hurled. 

Shall stand unmoved amidst them all, 
And smile to see a burning world. 

4' Tie earth and all the workt therein 
^Diaaolre, by raging flames destroyed, 
*r7i/Je we earvejr the awtal scene. 

And mount abova the fiery void. 

6 By faith we now transcend the skies, 
And on that ruined world look down : 

By love above all heieht we rise, 
And share ih» everlasting throne. 

^AiitjBs wsaLxr. 



Tke ttwful temttnee, 
rphAT awful day will surely come, 
-*- The appointed hour makes haste, 
When I must stand b^ors my Judge, 
And pass the solemn test. 

S Jesus, thou Source of all my joys, 

Thou Ruler of my heart. 
How could I bear to hear thy voice 

Pronounce the word, " I>epart ! " 

8 The thunder of that awful word 
Would so torment my ear, 

'Twould tear my soul asunder. Lord, 
With most tormenting fear. 

4 What I to be banished from my Lord, 
And yet forbid to die I 

To linger in eternal pain. 
And death forever fly ! 

5 wretched state of deep despair. 
To see my God remove. 

And fix my doleful station where 
I must mot taste his love ! 


1031 The final aeemmt. *^-^- 

A ND must T be to judgment brought, 
•*^ And answer in that day 
For every vain and idle thought, 
And every word I say t 

9 Yes, every secret of my heart 
Shall shortly be made known. 

And I receive my just desert 
For all that I nave done. 

8 Upw careful, then, ought I to live, 

With what religious fear ! 
Who such a strict account must give 

For my behavior here. 

4 Thou awful Judge of quick and dead. 
The watchful power bestow ; 

So shall I to my ways take heed, — 
To all I speaK or do. 

5 If now thou standest at the door, 

let me feel thee near ; 

And make my peace with God, before 

1 at thy bar appear. 


1033 Be pitiful, OOod. ^ ^• 

OSON of God, in g)ory crowned. 
The Judge ordained of quick and dead I 
O Son of man, so pitying found 
For all the tears thy people shed! 

3 Be with us in this darkened placcL — 
This weary, restless, dangerous n^ht ; 

And teach, O teach us. by thy grace. 
To struggle onward into light! 

3 And since, in God's recording book, 

Oar sins are written, every one,^ 
The crime, the 'wnAif XYLt-waadannt; look. 


4 Lord, en the laat dread tramp be heard, 
And ere before thy face we stand, 

Look thoa on each accusing word, 
And blot it with thy bleeding hand. 

6 And by the love that brought thee here, 
And by the crou, and by the grave, 

Olve perfect love for conacioas fear. 
Ana in the day of judgment save. 


1033 J>ayo/wratk. *'* 

DAY of wrath, O dreadful day t 
When this world shall pass away. 
And the heavens together roll. 
Shriveling like a parchM scroll, 
Long foretold by saint and sage, 
David's harp, and sibyl's page. 

i Day of terror, day of doom, 
When the Jadge at last shall come t 
Through the deep and silent glo<Mn, 
Shrouding every buman tomb, 
Shall the archangel's' trumpet tone 
Summon all before the throne. 

5 Then the writing shall be read, 
Which shall judge the quick and dead ; 
Then the Lord of all our race 

Shall appoint to each his place ; 
Every wrong shall be set right. 
Every secret brought to light. 

4 O just Judge, to whom belongs 
Vengeance for all earthly wrongs, 
Oraot forgiveness. Lord, at last. 
Ere the dread account be past. 

Lo, my eighs, my guilt, my shame t 
Spare me Tor thine own great name. 

6 Thou, who bad'st the sinner cease 
From her tears and go in peace, — 
Thou, who to the dying thief 
Spakest pardon and relief, — 
Thou, O Lord, to me hast given. 
E'en to me, the hope of heaven. 



1034 S.M. 

7%e inexorable J[udge. 

THOU Judge of quick and dead. 
Before wnose bar severe. 
With holy joy or guilty dread, 

We all shall soon appear ; 
Our cautioned souls prepare 
For that tremendous oay, 
And fill us now with watchfbl care, 
And stir us up to pray : 

5 To pray, and wait the hour. 
That awful hour unknown. 

When, robed in majesty and power, 
Thou shalt from Leaven come down. 

The immortal Son of man. 
To judge the human race. 

With all thy Father's daxzling train. 
With all thy glorious grace. 

S O may we all be found 
Obedient to thy word, 
Attentive to the trumpet's waadi 

O may we thus insure 

A lot among the blest ; 
And watch a moment to secure 

An everlasting rest. 


1035 7,6.8. 

The omnipolttU decree, 

STAND the omnipotent decree 1 
Jehovah's will be done! 
Nature's end we wait to see. 
And hear her final groan. 
Let this earth dissolve, and blend 

In death the wicked and the just; 
Let those ponderous orbs descend. 
And grind us into dust : — 

9 Rests secure the righteous nun ; 

At his Redeemer's beck, 
Sure to emerge and rise again. 

And mount a1>ove the wreck : 
Lo I the heavenly spirit towers. 

Like flames o'er nature's funeral pyre, 
Triumphs in immortal powers, 

And claps his wings of fire I 

8 Nothing hath the just to lose. 
By worlds on worlds destroyed: 

Far beneath his feet he views, 
With smiles, the flaming void ; 

Sees this universe renewed, 
The grand millennial reign begun ; 

Shouts, with all the sons of God, 
Around the eternal throne. 


lose Day of life. ®»''* 

T O. the day, the day of life I 
-*^ Day of nnimagined light. 
Day when death itself shall die. 
And there shall be no more night I 

9 See the King desired for ages. 
By the iust expected long. 

Long implored, at length he hasteth, 
Cometn with salvation strong. 

8 O how past all utterance happy, 

Sweet and joyful it will be 
When they who. unseen, have loved him, 

Jesus face to face shall see I 

4 Blessed then, earth's patient mourners, 
' Who for Christ have toiled and died. 
Driven by the world's roueh pressure 

In those mansions to abide ! 

5 What will be the bliss and rapture 
None can dream and none cau tell. 

There to reign among the angels. 
In that heavenly home to dwell. 




Supplication, C« P« ^« 
HEN thou, my righteous Judge, shalt 
To take thy ransomed people home. 

Shall I among them stand! 
Shall such a worthless worm as I, 
W^Q «om«tlta«« «six «.tt«?A\A 4La« 


lose c. M. 

In tht detert—heaten htfvrt **. 

FORTH to tbe land of promiae bound, 
Our desert path we tread ; 
God's fiery pillar for our nid*, 

His Captain at our head. 
9 E'en now we faintly trace the billa. 

And catch their distant bine ; 
And the bright city's gleaming spires 

Rise dimly on our view. 
8 Soon, when the desert shall be crossed, 

The flood of death pas ->ed o'er, 
Our pilgrim hosts shall safely land 

On (^naan's peaceful shore. 
% There love shall have its perfect work, 

And prayer be lost in praise ; 
And all the serrants of our God 

Their endless anthems raise. 




Th* heavenljf Canaan. 

THERE is a land of pure delight, 
Where saints immortal reign ; 
Infinite day excludes the night. 
And pleasures banish pain. 

9 There everlasting spring abides, 

And never-withering flowers : 
Death, like a narrow sea, divides 

This heavenly land from ours. 

3 Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood 
Stand dressed in living green : 

So to the Jews old Canaan stood. 
While Jordan rolled between. 

4 Could we but climb where Moses stood, 
And view the landscape o'er, 

Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood, 
Should fright us from the shore. 


103S C. M. 

The promiud land. 

ON Jordan's stormy banks I stand, 
And cast • wishful eye 
To Canaan's fair and happy land, 

Where vxy possessions ue. 
9 O tbe transporting, rapturous scene, 

That rises to my sight I 
Sweet fields arrayed in living green, 
And rivers of delight. 

5 O'er all those wide-extended plain* 
Shines one eternal day ; 

There God the Son forever reigns, 

And scatters night away. 
4 No chilling winds, or poisonous breath, 

Can rea«-h that healthful shore ; 
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, 

Are felt and feared no more. 

6 When shall 1 reach that happy place. 
And be forever blest f 

When shall 1 see my Father's face. 

And in his bosom rest ! 
ft Filled with delisht, my raptured soul 
Would here no Joafrer stay : 
Thoagb Jordan't wave* around m« roll, 
Femrleau I'd iAimch nimy. 

HAUOKh wmmtvt. 

1030 The land of reM. ®»®* 

THERE Is an hour of peaceful rest, 
To mourning wanderers given ; 
There is a joj' for souls distressed, 
A balm for every wounded breast, 
Tis found above, in heaven. 

9 There is a home for weary souls 

By sin and sorrow driven. 
When tossed on life's tempestuous shoals. 
Where storms arise and ocean rolls, 

And all is drear ; 'tis heaven. 

8 There faith lifts up the tearless eye. 

To brighter prospects given ; 
And views the tempest passing by, 
The evening shadows quickly fly. 

And all serene in heaven. 

4 There fragrant flowers immortal bloom, 

And joys supreme are given; 
There rays divine disperse the gloom : 
Bevond the confines of the tomb 

Appears the dawn of heaven. 


1040 L.M. 

Tk« rtdetnud in keavtn. 

LO I round the throne, a glorious band. 
The saints In countless myriads staaa ; 
Of every tongue redeemed to Ood. 
Arrayed in garments washed in blood. 

9 Through tribulation great they came ; 
They bore the cross, despised the shame I 
But now from all their labors rest. 
In God's eternal glory blest. 

8 They see the Saviour face to face ; 
They sing the triumph of his grace ; 
And day and night, with ceaseless praise. 
To him their loud hosannas raise. 

4 O may we tread the sacred road 
That holy saints and martyrs trod; 
Wage to the end the glorious strife, 
And^win, like them, a crown of life ! 




Tkey tkaU behold tk* land that i» vtrjf/ar off. 

rpHERE is a land mine eye hath seen 
■'- In visions of enraptured thought, 
So bright, that all which spreads between 
Is with Its radiant glories fraught. 

9 A land upon whose blissful shore 
There rests no shadow, falls no stain ; 

There those who meet shall part no more, 
And those long parted meet again. 

3 Its skies are not like earthly skies. 
With varying hues of shade and light *, 

It hath no need of suns to rise 
To dissipate the gloom of night. 

4 There sweeps no desolatine wind 
Across that calm, serene abode; 

Tbe wanderer there a home may find 

10-43 t.M. 



1 .hJlW.ol'i'll^llll.ll.u'h-."""" "'' 


Tb. ubUmlun. lin'w ^it IhdrJDfi, 


How lirijil lliilr gloSe. ta. 

Axdnnbiid^. «.mon,n.ntffll 


1 My nok .tiUI il-nl-r 1. <h. n«ind, 

■nu m uu iru=p.i'. iorial «™d i 

Thn tiiT.1 U..i*.ln., -W. ™-l ™rpri.„ 

All Id ay 6..lHir-. Irwr ri". 

10-13 L, 11. 

"iL ■l'.i,,'"in','ni;,j „;""'''"'* 

A^i^^^^\tg}L™;^^ ' 

a^'Sh ttj"/™ .HlkVi^J *.^ 

1 BvtaU ud fadi pu«d m mn, 


i04e cu. 

ir.*i=fl-.ej« ».».*<, 







1044 L.JI. 




IWoi. tn 0., h>n^. w. .11 .h.11 Uu, 

tojci U. j'^ l^lt"" '° 

■ WHO ihdl U«'<ri> Ih^lnn^-Imn 

And t~p ibi' i"^J,",;|,;^-,^„ 


104,7 /.,i,„,^r,t 8,6. 








> ApiHtiB, miTlrn, jrnplirfi, Ibm 


Ai^i m, a.mmt u.i.d , 




Cbrittian, never tremble ; 

Never be downcast : 
Gird thee for tbe battle, 

Watfh, and pray, and fa«t! 

3 Chriitian, dost thou hear them, 
How thev speak thee fair I 

" Alwavs fast and vigil f 
AUvays watch and nrayerl" 

Christian, answer boldly : 
" While I breathe I pray 1 " 

Peace shall follow battle, 
Night shall end in day. 

4 " Well I know thy trouble, 

my servant true ; 
Thou art very weary, 

1 was weary too ; 
But that toil shall make tliM 

Some day all mine own, 
And the end of sorrow 
Shall be near my throne." 



104t6 s. M. 

The pilgrim't hame. 

TTTHILE through this world we roam, 
' ' From infancy to age. 
Heaven is the Christian pilgrim's home, 
His rest at every stage. 

S Thither his soul ascends, 

Eternal jovs to share ; 
There his adoring spirit bends. 

While here he kneels in prayer. 

S His freed affections rise. 

To fix on things above. 
Where all his hope of glory Ilea, 

Where all is perfect love. 

4 There we our treasure place ; 

There let our hearts be fonnd ; 
That still, where sin abounded, grace 

May more and more abound. 

6 Henceforth our converse be 
With Christ before the throne ; 

Ere long we eye to eye shall see, 
And know as we are known. 


1040 S. M. 

No night in heaven, 

THERE is no night in heaven ; 
In that blest world above 
Work never can bring wearineu, 

For work itself is love. 
8 There is no grief in heaven ; 

For life is one glad day, 
And tears are of those former things 
Which all have passed away. 

8 There is no sin in heaven : 
Behold that blessed throng. 

All holy in their spotless robes. 
All holy In their song. 

4 There is no death in heaven ; 
For they who gain that shore 
Have won their immortality, 
And they can die no more. 


1050 s. M. 

At homt in heaven. 

44 17<0REVER with tbe Lord 1 " 

^ Amen, so let it be ! 
Life from the dead is in that word, 

'Tls immortality. 

9 Here in the body cent. 

Absent from him I roam. 
Yet nightly pitch my moving ten! 

A day's march nearer home. 

8 " Forever with the Lord I " 

Father, if 'tis thy will. 
The promise of that faithful word. 

E'en here to me fulfill. 

4 So when my latest breath 

Shall rend the veil in twain. 
By death I shall escape from death, 

And life eternal gain. 

6 Knowing as I am known. 

How shall I love that word. 
And oft repeat before the throne, 

" Forever with the Lord ! " 


1051 The goodly land. ^'^ 

FAR from these scenes of night. 
Unbounded glories rise. 
And realms of joy and pure delight. 
Unknown to mortal eyes. 

S Fair land 1 could mortal eye* 

But half its charms explore. 
How would our spiriu long to rise, 

And dwell on earth no more I 

8 No cloud those regions know, 

Realms ever bright and fair ; 
For sin, the source of mortal wo«. 

Can never enter there. 

4 O may the prospect fire 
Our hearts with ardent love. 

Till wings of faith, and strong desire, 
Bear every thought above. 

5 Prepared, by grace divine, 
For thy bright courts on high. 

Lord, bid our spirits rise and join 
The chorus of the sky. 


10S3 s. M. 

The land of peace. 

COME to the land of peace ; 
From shadows come away ; 
Where all the sounds of weeping ceaae, 
And storms no more have sway. 

S Fear hath no dwelling here ; 

But pure repose and love 
Breathe through the bright, celestial air, 

The spirit of the dove. 
8 Come to the bright, and blest. 

Gathered from every land ; 
For here thy soul shall find its rest 

Amid the shining band. 
4 In this divine abode 

Change leaves no saddening trace ; 
Come, trusting spirit, to thy God, 

TYi7 \10\7 T«a\\Tvgr\^»ob, 


6 " Come to our peaoefnl bomo," 

The Mints and angeh lay, 
"Forsake tlie world, no lonffer roam ; 

O waadttrer, come away ! *' 



Jfearer Ikome, 

6. [Irrq^lar.] 

/^NE sweetly solemn thooirlit 
^^ Comes to me o'er and o'er, — 
I am nefirer home to-day 
Than I ever have been before. 

i Nearer my Father's honse. 
Where the many mansions be; 

Nearer the great white throne; 
Nearer the crystal sea ; 

5 Nearer the bonnd of life, 
Where we lay our hardens down; 

Nearer learlns: the cross ; 
Nearer gaining the crown. 

4 But lying darkly between, 
Winding down through the night, 

Is the deep and unknown stream, 
That leads at last to the light. 

6 Father, perfect mv trust ! 
Strengthen the might of my fslth: 

Let me feel as I would when I stana 
On the rock of the shore of death : 

6 Feel as I would when my feet 
Are slipping over the brink ; 

For it may be, I 'm nearer home— ^ 
Nearer now than I think ! 


1054 11. 

Home ! kmu t tveet, tweet iome. 

^ILfflD scenes of confusion and creature 
"*•"■ complaints, 
How sweet to the soul is communion with 

To find at the banquet of mercy there 's 

And feel in the presence of Jesus at home. 
Home I home ! sweet, sweet home ! 
Prepare me, dear Saviour, for glory, 
my home. 

9 Sweet bonds that unite all the children 
of peare! 

And, thrice precious Jesus, whose lore can- 
not cease I 

Though oft from thy presence in sadness I 

I long to behold thee in glory, at home. 

8 I siirh from this bod^ of sin to be free, 

Which hinders my joy and communion 
with thee; 

Though now my temptation like billows 
may foam, 
' AU, all will be peace, when I 'm with thee 
at home. 

4 While here fai the valley of conflict J 

O give me submission, and strength as my 

In all my afflictions to thee would I come, 
R^oicing in hope of my glorious h<mie. 

6 Whate'er thou deniest, O giva me thy 

The Spirit's sure witness, and smfles of thy 

Endue me with patience to wait at thy 

And find, even now, a sweet foretaste of 


6 I lonsr, dearest Lord, In thy baantles to 

shine ; 
No more as an exile in sorrow to pine : 
And in thy dear image arise from the 

With arlorifled millions to praise thee at 



loss XgpoM in heaven. ^ **• 

A ND is there. Lord, a rest, 
■^*- For weary souls designe<l. 
Where not a care shall stir the breattf 
Or sorrow entrance find I 

5 Is there a bllssfnl home. 
Where kindred minds shall meet. 

And live and love, nor ever roam 
From that serene retreat t 

3 Are there bright, happy fields. 
Where naught that blooms shall dfe: 

Where each new scene fresh pleasure yields^ 
And healthful breeses sign t 

4 Are there celestial streams, 
Where living waters glide. 

With murmurs sweet as angel-dreamSy 
And flowery hanks beside! 

6 Forever blessed they. 
Whose Jovfnl feet snail stand, 

While endless ages waste away, 
Amid that glorious land I 

8 My soul would thither tend. 
While toilsome years are given ; 

Then let me, gracious Ood, ascend 
To sweet repose in heaven. 


lose S.M. 

The hove not made with hande. 

*\X7E know, by faith we know, 
* * If this vile house of day. 
This tabernacle, sink below. 
In ruinous decay, — 

S We have a house above. 

Not made with mortal hands ; 
And firm as onr Redeemer's love 

That heavenly fabric stands. 

8 It stands secnrely high, 

Indissolnbly sure : 
Our glorious mansion in the sky 

Shall evermore endure. 

4 Fnll of immortal hope. 
We nnre the restless strife. 

And hacten to be swallowed up 
Of everlasting life. 

5 Lord, let ns put on thee 
In perfect honness. 

And rise prepared thy face to 



6 Tbv prac« with plory crown, 
WAo luMt the earnest fdvm, 

And then triumphantly come down, 
And take our souls to heaven I 


lOSy ne miffkty ekangt. ^^^' 
WHAT a mighty change 
Shall Jesus' safferera know. 
While o'er the happy plaint thay range. 

Incapable of woe 1 
No ill-requited love 

Shall there our spirits wonnd : 
No base ingratitude above, 

No sin in heaven is found. 
9 No slightest touch of pain, 

Nor sorrow's least alloy, 
Can violate oar rest, or stain 

Our purity of joy : 
In that eternal day 

No clouds or tempetta rise ; 
There gushing tears are wiped away 

Forever from our eyes. 

1058 7.6. 

tweet and hletnd eoutUtf. 

THE world is very evil. 
The times are waxing late : 
Be sober and keep vigil, 

The Judge is at the gate ; 
The Judge that comes In mercy. 

The Judge that comes with might, 
To terminate the evil. 
To diadem the right. 

5 Arise, arise, good Christian, 
Let right to wrong succevd ; 

Let penitential sorrow 

To heavenly gladness lead, 
To light that hath no evening, 

That knows no moon nor sun, 
The light »o new and golden, 

The light that is but one. 
8 O home of fadeless splendor. 

Of flowers that fear no thorn. 
Where they shall dwell as children 

Who here as exiles mourn ! 
'Midst power that knows no limit. 

Where wisdom has no bound. 
The beatific ^'ision 

Shall glad the taints aronnd. 

4 O happy, holy portion. 

Refection for the blest. 
True vision of true beauty, 

Sweet cure of all distressed I 
Strive, man, to win that glory; 

Toil, man, to gain that light; 
Send hope before to grasp it. 

Till hope be lost in sight. 

6 O sweet and blessed country, 
The home of God's elect ! 

O sweet and blessed country 
That eager hearts expect! 
Jesus, in mercy bring ut 

To that dear land of rest : 
Who art, with God the Father, 
Aad Spirit, ever bint 


TB. rr J. u. jntAin. 

1050 7.6. 

Britf tormrt—tUrnal rat. 

BRIEF life is here our porti«n ; 
Brief sorrow, short-lived care ; 
The life that knows no ending. 

The tearless life, is there. 
O happy retribution ! 

Short toil, eternal rett ; 
For mortals and for tinnen 
A mansion with the bleat I 

i And now we fight the Isattle, 

But then shall wear the crown 
Of full and everlasting 

And passionless renown : 
But He whom now we trutt in 

Shall then be teen and known ; 
And thev that know and tee him 

Shall nave him fbr their own. 

3 The morning thall awaken. 
The thadows shall decay. 

And each true-hearted servant 
Shall shine as doth the day. 

There God, our King and P<MiloB» 
In fullness of his grace, 

Shall we behold forever. 
And worship face to faiee. 

4 O sweet and bleated oonntoy. 
The home of God's elect ! 

O sweet and blessed country 
That eager hearts expect! 

Jetns, in mercy bring ut 
To that dear land of rett : 

Who art, with God the Father. 
And Spirit, ever blest. 



loeo 7.6. 

Paradite of joy. 

l^OR thee, O dear, dear country, 
-*- Mine eyet their vigils keq> ; 
For very love, beholding 

Thy happy name, they i 
The mention of thy glory 

It unction to the breatl. 
And medicine In sickness, 

And love, and life, and real. 

5 O one, O onlv mansion, 
O paradise o/ joy ! 

Where tears are ever banished. 

And smiles have no alloy ; 
The Lamb is all thy splendor. 

The Crucified thy praise; 
His laud and benediction 

Thy ransomed people raiie. 

8 With jasper glow thy bulwark*. 

Thy streets with emerald blase | 
The tardius and the topax 

Unite in thee their rays ; 
Thine ageless walls are Dondad 

With amethvst unpriced ; 
Thy saints build up its fabric, 

And the corner-stone Is Christ. 

4 Thou hast no shore, fair ocean ; 

Thou hast no time, bright day : 
Dear louniaVn o! t«tT«AiTO«i\\ 

To pUgrtmt far awa.^ •. 


Upon the Rock of aee> 
They raise thy holy tower ; 

Thine U the Tictor's laarel, 
And thine the golden dower. 

6 O sweet and blessed country) 
The home of GUmI's elect ! 

sweet and blessed country 
That eager hearts expect I 

Jesus, in mercy bring as 
To that dear land of rest : 

Who art, with Gk>d the Fatner, 
And Spirit, erer blest. 



loei 7.6. 

Th« home of OodU elect. 

JERUSALEM the golden, 
With milk and honey blest, 
Beneath thy oontemplation 
Sink heart and vomm oppressed : 

1 know not, O I know not 
What social joys are there ; 

What radiancy of glory. 
What light beyond compare. 

8 They stand, those halls of ifon, 

All Jubilant with song. 
And brirht with many an angel, 

And all the martyr throng: 
The Prince is ever in tiiem, 

The daylight is serMie ; 
The pastures of the blessed 

Are decked in glorious sheen. 

8 There is the throne of David : 

And there, from care released, 
The song of them that triumph. 

The shout of them that feast ; 
And they who, with their Leader^ 

Have conquered in the fight, 
Forever and forever 

Are clad in robes of white. 

4 O sweet and blessed country, 

The home of Ood's elect ! 
O sweet and blessed country 

That eager hearts expect! 
Jesus, in mercy bring us 

To that dear land of rest : 
Who art, with Ood the Father, 

And Spirit, ever blest. 





Tke armiee of the living God. 

npEN thousand times ten thousand, 
■^ In sparkling raiment bright, 
The armies of the ransomed saints 

Throng up the steeps of light : 
^s finished, all is finished. 

Their fight with death and sin : 
Fling open wide the golden gates, 

And let the victors in. 

8 What rush of hallelujahs 
Fill* all the earth and sky! 

What rlngluff of a thousand harps 
Bespeaks toe triumph nigh ! 

O joy, for all its former m 
A thousand fold repaid I 

O day, for which creation 
And all its tribes were made I 


S O then what raptured greetings 

On Canaan's happy shore. 
What knittlne severed friendships up. 

Where partings are no more ! 
Then eyes with joy shall sparkle. 

That brimmed with tears of late. 
Orphans no lonaer fatherless, 

Kor widows desolate. 


1063 8. 

The heavenly Jeruealem. 
A WAY with our sorrow and fear, 
■*^ We soon shall recover our home ; 
The dty of saints shall appear, 

The day of eternity come. 
From earth we dliall quickly remove, 

And mount to our native abode. 
The hoQse of our Father above. 

The palace of angels and God. 
8 By iaith we already behold 

That lovely Jerusalem here : 
Her walls are of jasper and gold. 

As crystal her bofldings are clear; 
Immovably founded in grace. 

She stands as she ever hath stood. 
And brightly her Builder displays. 

And names with the glory of God. 
3 No Heed of the sun in that day 

Which never is followed by night. 
Where Jesus's beauties display 

A pure and a permanent lignt : 
The Lamb is their light and thdr son. 

And lo ! by reflection they shine ; 
With Jesus Inefhbly on«, 

And bright in effulgence divine. 


1064 8. 

Deeiring to depart. 

T LONG to behold Him arrayed 
-'- With glory and light from above ; 
The King in nis beauty displayed. 

His beauty of holiest love : 
I languish and sigh to be there. 

Where Jesus hath fixed his abode ; 
O when shall we meet in the air, 

And fly to the mountain of God ! 
8 With him I on Zion shall stand. 

For Jesus hath spoken the word ; 
The breadth of Immanuel's land 

Survey by the light of my Lord : 
But when, on thy bosom reclined, 

Thy face I am strengthened to see. 
My fullness of rapture I find. 

My heaven of heavens in thee. 
8 How happy the people that dwell 

Secure In the city above ! 
No pain the inhabitants feel. 

No sickness or sorrow shall prove. 
Physician of souls, unto me 

Forgiveness and holiness give ; 
And then horn the body set free, 

And ^en to the city receive. 


1065 8. 

To bt vith Chrut it far better . 

OWHEN shall we sweetly remove, 
O when shnll we enter our rest, 
Retarn to Uie Zion above. 

The mother of spirits distressed 1 
That city of God the great King, 

Where sorrow and death are no more, 
But saints oar Immanael sing, 
And chenib and seraph adore. 

8 Not all the archangels can tell 
The joys of that holiest place. 

Where Jesus is pleased to reveal 

The light of his heavenly face : 
When, caught in the rapturous flame, 

The sight beatific they prove. 
And walk in the light of the Lamb, 

Enjoying the beams of his love. 
3 Thou know'st in the spirit of prayer 

We long thy appearing to see, 
Resigned to the burden we bear, 

But longing to triumph with thee : 
'Tls good at thy word to be here ; 

'Tis better in thee to be gone, 
And see thee In fflory appear. 

And rise to a share in Uky throne. 


1066 i^„KUe array. ''' 
TJITHO are these arrayed In white, 

V* Brighter than the noonday sun, 
Foremost of the sons of light. 

Nearest the eternal throne I 
These are they that bore the cross, 

Nobly for tnelr Master stood j 
Sufferers in his righteous cause, 

Followers of the dying Ood. 

9 Out of great distreu they came. 
Washed their robes by faith below, 

In the blood of yonder- Lamb, 

Blood that washes white as snow ; 
Therefore are thev next the throne. 

Serve their Maker day and night; 
God resides among his own. 

God doth in his sainU delight. 
8 More than conquerors at last. 

Here they find their trials o'er; 
They have all their sufferings passed. 

Hunger now and thirst no more. 
He that on the throne doth reign 

Them the Lamb shall always feed. 
With the tree of life susUin, 

To the living fountains lead. 


lOey jfiguheiinday. ^• 

HIGH in yonder realms of light. 
Dwell the raptured saints above ; 
Far beyond our feeble sight, 

Happy in Immanuel's love : 
Pilgrims in this vale of tears. 

Once they knew, like us below, 
Gloomy doubts, distressing fears. 
Torturing pain, and heavy woe. 
t Bat these daye of weeping o'er, 
Paeted tble tcene of toil and pain, 
J^ey abaU feel distreu no more, 
Iferer, never weep again : 

'Mid the chorus of the skies, 
'Mid the angelic lyres above. 

Hark, their songs melodious rise. 
Songs of praise to Jesus' love f 

3 All is traQquil and serene. 

Calm and undisturbed repose : 
There no cloud can intervene. 

There no angry tempest blows : 
Every tear is wiped away, 

Signs no more shall heave the breast, 
Nieht is lost in endless day, 

Sorrow, in eternal rest. 


1O08 7, e. 7. 

The better portion. 

RISE, my soul, and stretch thy wings, 
Thy better portion trace ; 
Rise from transitory things 

Toward heaven, thy native place : 
Sun. and moon, and stars decay ; 

Tune shall soon this earth remove ; 
Rise, my soul, and haste away 
To seats prepared above. 

3 Rivers to the ocean run. 

Nor stay in all their coarse ; 
Fire ascending seeks the sun ; 

Both speed them to their sonroe : 
So a soul that's bom4>f God, 

Pants to view his glorious face ; 
Upward tends to his abode, 

To rest in his embrace. 
3 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to moom. 

Press onward to the prize ; 
Soon ear Saviour will return 

Triumphant in the skies : 
There we '11 join the heavenly train. 

Welcomed to partake the bliss ; 
Fhr ttom. sorrow, care, and pain. 

To realms of endless peace. 


1069 7. 

Saintt and angett routid (A« tkrone. 
T IFT your eyes of faith, and see 
^ Saints and angels joined in one : 
What a countless company 

Stand before yon dazzling throne 1 
Each before his Saviour stands. 

All in whitest robes arraved ; 
Palms they carry in their hands, 

Crowns of glory on their head. 

9 Saints begin the endless song. 

Cry aloni in heavenly lays. 
Glory doth to God belong, 

GckI. the glorious Saviour, praise : 
All salvation from him came. 

Him, who reigns enthroned on high : 
Glory to the bleeding Lamb. 

Let Uie morning stars reply. 
8 Angel powers the throne surround. 

Next the saints in glory they ; 
Lulled with the transporting sound, 

They their silent homage pay : 
Prostrate on their face, before 

Ood and his Messiah fall ; 
Then in hymns of praise adors, 

Shout ins lAxaXk that died for all. 


loyo n, 10. 

Tke night u far ipent, the day it at hand. 
Rom. 13 : 12. 
TTARK, hark, mj soul ! ang^ellc songs are 
-'"■• awelling 
O'er earth's green fields and ocean's wave- 
beat shore : 
How sweet the tmth those blessed strains 
are telling 
Of that new life when sin shall be no 
Angels of Jesus, angels of light. 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the 
9 Onward we go, for still we hear them 
" Come, weary sools, for Jesus bids you 
come : " 
And throogn the dark, its echoes sweetly 
The music of the gospel leads us home. 
8 Far, far away, like bells at evening peal- 
The voice of Jesus sounds o'er land and 
And laden souls, by thousands, meekly 
Kind Shepherd, turn their weary steps to 

4 Rest comes at length, though life be long 

and dreary ; 
The day must dawn, and darksome night 

be past; 
All journeys end in welcome to the wear v. 
And heaven, the heart's true home, will 

come at last. 

5 Angels, sing on! your faithful watches 

keeping ; 
Sing us sweet fhigments of the songs 
Till morning's joy shall end the night of 
And life's long shadows break in cloud- 
leu love. 


lOri paradin. 8, 6. 6. 

f) PARADISE! O paradise! 
^^ Who doth not crave for rest ! 
Who would not seek the happv land 
Where they that loved are blest ; 
Where loyal hearts and true 

Stand ever in the light. 
All rapture throoeh and through, 
In God's most holy sight ! 
i O paradise I O paradise ! 

The world is growing old ; 
Who would not be at rest and free 
Where love is never cold 1 

8 O paradise ! O paradise 1 

Tis weary waitine here ; 
I long to be where Asus is, 

To feel, to see him near. 
4 O paradise ! O paradise I 

I want to sin no more, 
I want to be as pure on earth 

As on thy spotless shore. 

6 O paradise ! O paradise 1 

I greatly long to see 
The special place my dearest Lord 

In love prepares for me. 



L. SI. 

Th« h«av«nly hom«. 

lyfY heavenly home is bright and fair : 

•^^ Nor pain nor death can enter there ; 

Its glittenng towers the sun outshine ; 

That heavenly mansion shall be mine. 
I 'm going home, I 'm going home, 
I 'm going home to die no more ; 
To die no more, to die no more, 
I 'm going home to die no more. 

9 My Father's house is built on high. 
Far, far above the starry sky. 
When from this earthly prison free. 
That heavenly mansion mine shall be. 

is While here, a stranger far from home. 
Affliction's waves may round me foam ; 
Although, like Laxarus^ sick and poor, 
My heavenly mansion is secure. 

4 Let others seek a home below. 
Which flames devour, or waves o'erflow, 
Be mine the happier lot to own 
A heavenly mansion hear the throne. 

6 Then fail the earth, let stars decline, 
And sun and moon refuse to shine, 
All nature sink and cease to be. 
That heavenly mazuion stands for me. 


loys 12,9. 

Bapturout aiUieipaiion, 

pOME, let us ascend, 

^^ My companion and friend, 
To a taste of tne banquet above : 

If thy heart be as mine, 

If for Jesus it pine, 
Come up into the chariot of love. 

9 Who in Jesus confide, 

We are bold to outride 
The storms of affliction beneath ; 

With the prophet we soar 

To the heavenly shore. 
And outfly all the arrows of death. 

8 By faith we are come 

To our permanent home ; 
By hope we the rapture improve : 

By love we still rise. 

And look down on tne skies. 
For the heaven of heavens is love. 

4 Who on earth can conceive 

How happy we live. 
In the palace of Gk>d toe great King! 

What a concert of priUse, 

When our Jesus's grace 
The whole heavenly company sing ! 

6 What a rapturous song. 
When the glorified throne 
In the spirit of harmony jom ; 
Join all the glad choirs, 
Hearts, voices, anil lyres^ 




^OHE, IM u in*- our jonn 

And, ili^^i'T^Ui bl> uinU U llglil 

FpFIK and ibo rMim sD bli 
.^■AlBlgtiyKllif; '' 


9 Before the Saviour's face 

The raDsomed nationi bow ; 
O'erwhelmed at hit almighty grace, 

Forever new : 
He ihowi ht> prints of love, — 

They kindle to a flame, 
And sound through all the worlds above, 

The slaughtered Lamb I 
8 The whole triumphant host 

Give thanks to God on high ; 
" Hail, Father, Son, and Hdy Ghost," 

They ever cry : 
Hail, Abrah'm^B God, and mine I— 

I join the heavenly lays, — 
All might and majesty are thine. 

And endless praise. 


1^"^® C.P.M. 

Tke pilffrim't lot, 

TTOW happy is the pilgrim's lot, 

■'-'• How free from every anxious thought, 

From worldly hope and fear ! 
Confined to neither court nor cell. 
His soul disdains on earth to dwell, 

He only sojourns here, 
fi This happiness in part is mine, 
Already saved from low design. 

From every creature-love ; 
Blest with tne scorn of finite good. 
My soul is lightened of its load. 

And seeks the things above. 

8 There is my house and portion fair ; 
My treasure and my heart are then:, 
And my abiding Lome ; 

For me my elder brethren stay. 
And angels beckon me away. 
And Jesus bids me come. 

4 " I come," thy servant, Lord, replies, 
" I come to meet thee in the skies. 

And claim my heavenly rest ! 
Now let the pilgrim's journey end ; 
Now, O my Saviour, Brother, Friend, 

Receive me to thy breast ! '' 



The debt unknown. 


TTTHEN this passing world is done, 
* ' When has sunk yon glaring sun, 
When we sUnd with Christ in glory, 
Lookine o'er life's finished story ; 
Then, Lord, shall I fully know. 
Not till then, how mucn I owe. 

S When I stand before the throne, 
Dressed in beauty not my own ; 
When I see thee as thou art. 
Love thee with unsinning heart; 
Then, Lord, shall I fully know. 
Not till then, how mucn I owe. 

3 When the praise of heaven I hear, 
Loud as thunders to the ear, 
Loud as many waters' noise, 
Sweet as harp's melodious voice ; 
Then, Lord, shall I fully know. 
Not till then, how much I owe. 





lOSO c. M. 

TKt_ fruit of the tecuom, 
T ORD, in thy name thy servants plead, 
-'^ And thou nast sworu to hear ; 
Thine is the harvest, thine the seed. 

The fresh and fading year. 
9 Our hope, when autumn winds blew wild, 

We trusted, Lord, with thee ; 
And still, now spring has on us smiled. 

We wait on thy decree. 
8 The former and the latter rain, 

The summer sun and air. 
The green ear, and the golden grain. 

All thine, are ours by prayer. 
4 Thine, too, by right, and ours by grace. 

The wondrous growth unseen, 
The hopes that soothe, the fears that brace, 

The love that shines serene. 


lOSl Btmntiful goodneu. ^' **' 
■pOUNTAIN of mercy, God of love, 
■■- How rich thy bounties are 1 
The rolling seaeons, as they move, 
Proclaim thy constant care. 


S When in the bosom of the earth 

The sower hid the grain. 
Thy goodness marked its secret birth, 

And sent the early rain. 

3 The spring's sweet influence. Lord, was 

thine ; 
The plants in beauty grew ; * 

Thon gav'st refulgent suns to shine. 
And the refreshing dew. 

4 These various mercies from above 
Matured the swelling grain ; 

A kindly harvest crowns thy love. 
And plenty fills the plain. 

5 We own and bless thy gracious sway ; 
Thy hand all nature bails : 

Seed-time nor harvest, night nor day. 
Summer nor winter, fails. 


1083 L.M. 

Eternal Source of every jof. 

PTERNAL Source of every joy, 

*-* Well may thy praise our lips emi;)loYN 



2 The flowery sprintr, at thy command, 
Embalms the air and paints the laud ; 
The summer rays with vigor shiae, 

To raise the com and cheer the vine. 

3 Thv hand in autnmn richly pours 
Through all oar coasts redundant stores ; 
And winters, softened by thy care, 

No more a face of horror wear. 

4 Seasons, and months, and weelu, and 

Demand successive songs of praise ; 
Still be the cheerful homage paid, 
With opening light and evening shade. 
6 Here in thy house shall incense rise, 
And circling Sabbaths bless our ej-es. 
Till to those lofty heights we soar, 
Where days and years revolve no more. 


1083 ffarvett-hmu. '^* 
/^OME, ye thankful people, come, 
^ Raise the song of harvest-home : 
All is safely gathered in. 

Ere the winter storms begin ; 
Ood, our Maker, doth provide 
For our wants to be supplied : 
Come to (Sod's own temple, come, 
Raise the song of harvest-home. 
2 All the world is God's own field, 
Fruit unto his praise to yield ; 
Wheat and tares together sown, 
Unto joy or sorrow grown ; 
First the blade, and then the ear, 
Then the full com shall appear : 
Lord of harvest, grant that we 
Wholesome grain and pure may be. 

8 For the Lord our God shall come, 
And shall take his harvest home ; 
From his field shall in that day 
All oflTenses purge away ; 
Give his angels charge at last 
In the fire tne tares to cast ; 
But the fraitful ears to store 
In his gamer evermore. 
4 Even so, Lord, quickly come 
To thy final harvest-home ; 
Gather thou thy people in, 
* Free from sorrow, free from sin j 
There, forever purified. 
In thy presence to abide : 
Come, with all thine angels, come, 
Raise the glorious harvest-home. 


1084 7. 

TkanJugiving hymn, 

PRAISE to God, ImmorUl praine, 
For the love that crowns our days ! 
Bounteous Source of every joy, 
Let tby praise our tongues employ. 
2 For the blessings of the field, 
For the stores the gardens yield ; 
litr the fralts ia full supply, 
Ripened 'aeatb the aummer sky ; 

5 All that spring with bonnteous hand 
ScHtten o'er the tmiling Jaud ; 

All that liberal autumn pours 
From her rich, o'erflowing stores ; 

4 These to thee, my God, we owe, 
Source whence all our blessings flow ; 
And for these my soul shall raise 
Grateful vows and solemn praise. 

6 Should thine altered hand restrain 
The early and the latter rain ; 
Blast each opening bud of j«y. 
And the rising year destroy ; 

6 Yet to thee my soul should raitt 
Grateful vows and solemn praise ; 
And, when every blessing 's flown, 
Love thee for thyself alone. 


10S5 7.6. 

Praitt to the Lord of harvett. 

SING to the Lord of harvest I 
Sing songs of love and praise I 
With jovful hearts and voices 

Your nallelujahs raise : 
By him the rolling seasons 

In fruitful order move ; 

Sing to the Lord of harvest 

A song of happy love. 

8 Bv him the clouds drop fatness, 

Tne deserts bloom and spring. 
The hills leap up In gladness. 

The valleys laugh and sing: 
He filleth with his fullness 

All things with large increase, 
He crowns the year with goodneaa. 

With plenty, and with peace. 

8 Heap on his sacred altar 
The gifts his goodness gave. 

The golden sheaves of harvest. 
The souls he died to save : 

Your hearts lay down before hfm 
When at his feet ye fall, 

And with your lives adore him 
Who gave his life for all. 

4 To God, the gracious Father, 

Who made us " very good," 
To Christ, who, when we wandered, 

Restored us with his blood, 
And to the Holy Spirit, 

Who doth upon us pour 
His blessed dews and sunshine, 

Be praise for evermore ! 


lose 7, e. 

God^t giftt in nature. 
"VyE plow the fields and scatter 
* V The good seed on the land, 
But it is fed and watered 

By God's almighty band ; 
He sends the snow in winter, 

The warmth to swell the gfraln. 
The breezes and the sunshine, 
And soft refreshing rain. 

9 He only is the Maker 

Of all things near and far ; 
He paml* t.>ie '>Na,'s«,\A« ^ovjw^ 


The winds and waves obey hbn, 

By him the birds are fed ; 
Much more to us, his children, 

He gives our daily bread. 
8 We thank thee, then, O Father, 

For all things bright and good, 
The seed-time and the harvest. 

Our life, our health, our f»od ; 
Accept the gifts we offer 

For all thy love imparts, 
And, what thou most desirest, 

Our humble, thankful hearU. 


Pr^if t» th« God of harlot. 

npiHE God of harvest praise ; 
*■ In loud thanksgiving raise 

Hand, heart, and voice ; 
The valleys laugh and sing, 
Forests and mountains ring, 
The plains their tribute bring. 

The streams rejoice. 

S Yea, bless his holy name, 
And joyful thanks proclaim 

Through all the earth ; 
To glory In your lot 
Is comely, — ^Sut be not 
God's benefiU foreot. 

Amid your mtfth. 
8 The God of harvest praise ; 
Handa, hearts, and voices raise 

With one accord ; 
From field to gamer throng. 
Bearing your sheaves along, 
And in your harvest song 

Bless ye the Lord. 


1088 7.6. 

The pr*aeking Uem». 

THE leaves, around me felling. 
Are preaching of decay. 
The hollow winds are calling, 

" Come, pilgrim, come away I 
The day, in night declining. 

Says I must, too, decline ; 
The year, its life resigning,— 

lU lot foreshadows mine. 
« The light my path surrounding, 

The loves, to which I cling. 
The hopes within me bounding, 

The joys that round me wing,— 
All melt, like stars of even, 

Before the morning's ray, 
Pass upward unto heaven. 

And chide at my delay. 

3 The friends, gone there before me, 
Are calling from on high ; 

And joyous angels o'er me 
Tempt sweetly to the skv : 

"Why wait," they say, '^and wither 
'Mid scenes of death and sin 1 

O rise to glory, hither. 
And find true life begin." 

4 I hear the invitation, 

And fiiin would rUe and coma,— 

A sinner, to salvation ; 

An exile, to his home : 
But, while I here must linger. 

Thus, thus let all I see 
Point on, with faithful finger, 

To heaven, O Lord, and thee. 



1089 «»*• 

National hymn. 

"IVfY country ! 'tis of thee, 
-"A Sweet land of liberty. 

Of thee I sine: 
Land where my fathers died I 
Land of the pilgrims' pride! 
From every mountain side 

Let freedom ring t 

S My native country, thee. 
Land of the noble, free. 

Thy name I love ; 
I love tny rocks and rills. 
Thy woods and templed hills: 
My heart with rapture thrills 

Like that above. 

8 Let music swell the breese. 
And ring from all the trees 

Sweet freedom's song : 
Let mortal tongues awake : 
Let all that breathe parUke ; 
Let rocks their silence break, 

The sound prolong. 

4 Our fathers' God! to thee, 
Author of liberty. 

To thee we sing : 
Long may our land be br^ht 
with freedom's holy Iteht; 
I^tect us by thy might. 

Great God, our King! 

SAMCBI. F. sMrrH. 

1090 6.4. 

Our nMiv« land. 

GOD bless our native land ! 
Finn may she ever stand. 
Through storm and night : 
When the wild tempesU rave, 
Ruler of wind and wave, 
Do thou our country save 
By thy great might ! 

S For her our prayer shall rise 
To God, above the skies ; 

On him we wait : 
Thou who art ever nigh. 
Guarding with watchful eye. 
To thee aloud we cry, 

God save the SUte I 


lOOl 8. 7. 

Pardon for national nna. 
.READ Jehovah I God of nations 1 
— From thy temple In the skies, 
Hear thy people's supplications; 



9 Lo ! with de«p contrition turning, 

In thy holy place we bend ; 
Hear us, faatingr, praying, mourning ; 

Hear us, spare as, and defend. 

S Though our sins, our hearts confounding, 
Long and loud for vengeance call, 

Thou hast mercy more abounding ; 
Jesus' blood can cleanse them all. 

4 Let that mercv veil transgression ; 
Let that blood our guilt etbce : 

Save thy people firom oppression ; 
Save nrmn spoil thy holy place. 


GOD, the All-Terrible ! thou who ordain- 
Thunder thy clarion, and lightning thy 
Show forth thy pity on high where thou 
relgnest ; 
Give to us peace in our time, O Lord. 

9 God, the Omnipotent I mighty Avenger, 
Watching invisible, judging unheard ; 

Save us in mercy, O save us from danger ; 
Give to us peace in our time, O Lord. 

5 God, the All-Mercifol I earth hath for- 

Thy ways all holy, and slighted thy 
Let not thy wrath in its terror awaken ; 
Give to us pardon and peace, O Lord. 

4 So will thy people with thankful devo- 
Praise him who saved them firom peril 
and sword, 
Shouting in chorus, fh>m ocean to ocean, 
Peace to the nati<»is, and praise to the 


10d3 7. 

Thanksgiving choral. 

SWELL the anthem, raise the song; 
Praises to our God belong ; 
Saints and aneels join to sing 
Praises to the neavenly King. 

9 Blessingfs fi'om his lit>eral hand 
Flow around this happy land : 
Kept by him, no foes annoy ; 
Peace and freedom we eiyoy. 

S Here, beneath a virtuous sway 
May we cheerfully obey ; 
Never feel oppression's rod. 
Ever own and worship God. 

4 Hark ! the voice of nature sings 
Praises to the King of kings ; 
Let us join the choral song. 
And the grateful notes prolong. 


10&4t Merty implored. ^'^' 

/JJiEA T King of nmtiona, hear our prayer, 
y' While »t thy feet we fall, 
-*™ f ""*/JV vtth united cry. 
To tbee for mercy rail. 

9 The guilt is ours, but grace is thine, 

O turn us not away; 
But hear us from thy lofty thronei 

And help us when we pray. 

S Our Esthers' sins were manifoldi 

And ours no less we own. 
Yet wondrously from age to age 

Thy goodness hath beien shown. 

4 MHien dangers, like a stormy ae.*, 
Beset our country round. 

To thee we looked, to thee we cried, 
And help in thee was found. 

5 With one consent we meekly bow 
Beneath thy chastening hand. 

And, pouring forth confeuion meet. 
Mourn witn our mourning land. 

6 With pitying eye behold our need. 
As thus we fift our prayer ; 

Correct us with thy judgments. Lord, 
Then let thy mercy spare. 


10&5 c. M. 

For protection in pettiUnee. 
TN grief and fear to thee, O Lord, 
■*■ We now for succor fly ; • 

Thine awful judgments are abroad, 
O shield us, lest we die. 

9 The fell disease on every side 
Walks forth with tainted breath ; 

And pestilence, with rapid stride. 
Bestrews the land with death. 

S O look with pity on the scene 

Of sadness and of dread ; 
And let thine angel stand between 

The living and the dead. 

4 With contrite hearts, to thee, our King, 
We turn who oft have strayed ; 

Accept the sacrifice we bring. 
And let the plague be stayed. 



C M. 

Impending Judgmenta. 

/^OME, let our souls adore the Lord, 
^ Whose judgments yet delay ; 
Who yet suspends the lifted sword. 
And gives us time to pray. 

9 Great is our guilt, 'our fears are great. 

But let us not despair ; 
Still open is the mercy-seat 

To penitence and prayer. 

3 Kind Intercessor, to 'thy love 
This blessed hope we owe : 

O let thy merits plead above. 
While we implore below. 

4 Though instioe near thy awful throne 
Attends thy dread comnoand. 

Lord, hear thy servants, hear thy Son, 
And save a guilty land. 


lOQy CM. 

National deliverance aacrihed to Ood, 

OLOBD, OUT t»,Wv«T% QtV\um« VAd, 
la our aVi«ntW« «an. 


Thy wonders in their days performed, 

And in more ancient yean. 
S TwBs not their courage, nor their aword, 

To them salvation gave ; ^ ., 

rrwaanot their uamber,nor their itrengtb, 

That did their countiy Mtve. 
8 But thy right hand, thy powerful arm, 

Whose succor they implored ; 
Thyprovidence protected them. 

Who thy great name adored. 

4 As thee their God our fathers owned. 
So thou art still our King ; 

O, therefore, as thou didst to them. 
To us delirerance bring. 

5 To thee the glory we ascribe, 
From whom salvation came ; 

In Ood, our shield, we will rctjoioe. 
And ever bless tny name. 

109S C.M. 

Prayer for our native land. 

LORD, while for all mankind We pray, 
Of every clime and coast, 
O hear us for our native land, — 

The land we love the most. 
8 O guard our shores from every foe ; 

With peace our borders bless, 
Our cities with prosperity, 

Our fields with plenteousness. 
8 Unite us in the sacred love 

Of knowledge, truth, and thee ; 
And let our hills and valleys shout 

The songs of liberty. 
4 Lord of the nations, thus to thee 

Our country we commend ; 
Be thou her refuge and her trust. 

Her everlasting friend. 


1099 C.M. 

Strong to heal and eave. 
rnHINE arm, O^rd, in days of old 
-■■ Was strong to'heal and save ; 
It triumphed o'er disease and death. 

O'er (Urkness and the crave : 
To thee they went, the blind, the dumb. 

The palsied and the lame. 
The leper with his tainted life. 

The sick with fevered frame. 
8 And lo, thy touch brought life and 

Gave speech, and strength, and sfght; 
And youth renewed and frenzv calmed 

Owned thee, the Lord of light : 
And now, O Lord, be near to bless. 

Almighty as of yore, 
In crowded street, by restless couch. 

As by Gennesareth's shore. 
8 Be thou our zreat Deliverer still, 

Thou Lord of life and death ; 
Restore and quicken, soothe and bless 

With thine almighty breath. 
To hands that work, and eyes that see. 

Give wisdom's heavenly lore, 
That whole and sick, and weak and strong. 

May praise thee evermore. 

XOWA&D H. ruiuFnLK% 



NtUional bleaetnge. 

GREAT God of nations, now to thee 
Our hymn of gratitude we raise ; 
With humble heart, and bendiug knee. 

We. offer thee our song of praise. 
8 Thy name we bleu. Almighty God, 

For all the kindness thou hast shown 
To this fair land the pilgrims trod,— 

This land we fondly nil our own. 
8 Here f^-eedom spreads her banner wide. 

And casU her soft and hallowed ray ; 
Here thou our fathers' steps didst guide 

In safety through their dangerous way. 

4 We praise thee that the gospel's lleht 
Through all oar land Its radiance sheds ; 

Dispels the shades of error's night, 
And heavenly blessings round us spreads. 

5 Great God, preserve us In thv fear ; 
In danger still our guardian be ; 

O spread thy truth's bright precepts here ; 
Let all the people worship thee. 



Thankegiving for national peace. 

GREAT Ruler of the earth and skies, 
A word of thine almighty breath 
Can sink the world, or bid it rise : 
Thy smile Is life, thy frown Is death. 

8 When angry nations rush to arms, 
And rage, and noise, and tumult reign, 

And war resounds Its dire alarms, 
And slaughter dyes the hostile plain, — 

3 Thy sovereign eye looks calmly down, 
And marks their course, and bounds their 

Thy law the angry nations own. 
And noise and war are heard no more. 

4 Then peace returns with balmy wing; 
Sweet peace, with her what blessing! 

Glad plenty laughs, the valleys sing. 
Reviving commerce lifts her head. 

6 To thee we pay our grateful songs ; 

Thy kind protection still Implore : 
O may our hearts, and lives, and tongues, 

Confess thy goodness, ana adore. 




Give peaee, O God. ^'^• 

GOD of love, O King of peace. 
Make wars throughout the world to 

The wrath of sinful man restrain ; 

Give peace, O God, give peace again. 

2 Remember, Lord, thy works of old. 

The wonders that our fathers told ; 

Rememl>er not our sin's dark stain ; 

Give peace, O God, give peace again. 

8 Whom shall we trust but thee, O Lord I 

Where rest but on thv CbA*.W>s\ "ww^V 
\"Son% *N« «a\\«i\ w.vcw»*\\».-»*J^\ 



HlornllX MB, 

iilaJa,isii,i3b 4it, to. 4u 

-WKlkUw y 448 tS, H,IH 

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